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A Great Warlock Tmog Set

This is a great example of being evil incarnate. People will flee just from the site of you without ever needing to cast FEAR.

Hail and hello my shadowy fiends,

Now listen up.  This is important.  As your Dark Arts Motivational Speaker and having bolded and underline the previous sentence for greater effect, grab a piece of paper and pen and get ready to take notes.  Yes, it’s true.  Today, we are going to talk about Warlock Fashion.  I know some of my fellow undead and most members of the troll race don’t care about this subject but I tell you it IS important!

First off, Blizzard has put us in a box.  They have created a set in stone image of evil-incarnate for us to live up to.  Learn it, love it, live it – that will be our motto for today as we discuss the finer points in this post of what not to wear for warlocks.  If you play a female warlock toon I have one word I want you to think of when choosing an outfit and that word is “Emo”.   You can even conjure mental images in your mind of  “Punk Rockers”, “Lady Gaga” or even “Amy Winehaus” as a your gold standard to find your demonic fashion style and you will be correct in your thinking.  For true inspiration watch any episode of Miami Ink, pick out any of the female tattoo artists or a female customers and you’re gtg ftw! 

Before we move on I think it’s important for us all to agree, so there is no longer any confusion,  that we should always refer to of our female members with the title of Warlock. We should NOT to refer to them as witches because everyone knows if we go around calling female warlocks the title of witches either with a capitol “W” or with a “B” they tend to get cranky.  Now that that point is cleared up let’s move on…

If your warlock’s race is either a Belf or Human female (on rare occasions Female Trolls too), anything resembling a G-String, chaps, or leggings is your best choice and it really won’t matter what you match to it because it will still look good. Being scantily clad will be your safe zone until you find your true sense of style.  It’s the lower garment that ties everything together.  Now for Belf females and Human females as far as chest coverings are concerned always go with something low-cut. The more skin you can show the better.  As long as you stick to the word theme of “Emo” you’ll be just fine.  Never let your Succubus steal your spotlight.  How can the world see your true evil power if they are drooling over your minion instead?  If you can’t look better than your succubus then please dismiss her and bring out your voidwalker.  Don’t worry if you haven’t quite found the right look it will come in time. Until then, stick with your voidwalker and just tell other people you’re a mage. If they don’t believe you explain that your also a vanity-pet collector and then point at your voidwalker and ask them if they think your “water elemental” is cute.  Don’t worry because by then you will have them convinced.   As far as wearing your helmets or displaying your cape it won’t matter since no one will notice due to your almost naked lower half. Wear them or don’t wear them the choice is yours.  Trust me, no one will notice.  If you can’t make up your mind about helmets or capes then I say go for what’s most comfortable.  Also, since G-strings, chaps and leggings do tend to chaffe make sure to pick up some Fish Oil supplies at the local AH. It really does help if applied correctly and it will help speed-up working on a good tan.


This is Rhouge and she's doing a great job of looking good while being evil. Since she's a is the way to go. All the pieces tie together and very nicely done. This says outfit screams, "I'm hot but don't mess with me". I'll send her an ingame mail to find out what she was wearing so I can list. Thanks Rhouge!

Now,  if your female warlock’s race is anything other than a Belf or a human (and rare occasions for some Female Trolls), then your choices will be much different.  If you are any other race other than Belf or human then please do not and I repeat, DO NOT wear a G-String, Chaps or Leggings.  Doing so will make the rest of us look bad and the our threat and respect meters will drop like a mage without friends in a bg. Seriously. I know the temptation is there but just don’t do it. While you will still keep the “Emo” theme like your demonic sisters your goal is quite different. Cover everything up.  I know mistakes can happen and it’s tough to always find what’s best but here is a simple test to check yo’ self and not wreck yo ‘self.  First, look down at what you’re wearing.  If you can see any shade of green skin or fur then you’re doing it wrong.  The only skin or fur that should be allowed to be seen is your feet! Sometimes you might have to allow your fingers or neckline to show, but that is it. No exceptions!  Also, just in case you haven’t already done so, make sure you to always keep your “Show Cloak” and “Show Helm” options selected. The show cloak option is there for safety in case you have anything that might be exposed on your backside. The longer the cape the better and you won’t go wrong. The show helm option is extremely important, particularly for our sister’s who unfortunately were born as a smaller race. Wearing a helm will allow them to look more dangerous and be taken more seriously than they otherwise would be.  Not to point fingers but our female gnome sister’s really have an uphill battle to look good at being menacing or threatening.  Here’s an example.  Remember the Olsen twins when they were little babies on Full House?  Imagine them running at you with daggers yelling they are going to kill you.  When you stop laughing I’ll get to my point. You done yet? Okay, now imagine them wearing a Malefic or Corruptor helm doing the same thing.  Creepy I know.  See the difference?  So, keep your helm and cloak showing and you too will always be gtg ftw!

Troll Females are the exception to the “More Skin Is Good Rule” that Belf and Human females can get away with. I think there may be some justification with showing something more revealing for our trolls sisters but it really has to be perfect, spot on…brilliant.  Otherwise follow the rules in the paragraph above.  

Finally, as female representatives of the Dark Arts you are hereby forbidden from dancing on any mailbox no matter how great you look in your Tmog.  This is no joke.  Mailbox dancing is something the lower caste classes of the world do.  Mailbox dancing is be beneath your our dignity. You’re a warlock and not a Nightelf or cheap nightclub entertainer or or possibly a Draeni (Yes, horns do look good on warlocks). I know this might be disappointing for some of you like our Gnome and goblin members but it really is all about respect.  Now don’t be so disappointed.  I never said you weren’t allowed to dance.  Are you kidding? As warlocks should LOVE to dance especially when we look good in a great Tmog outfit!  What I am trying to express is that dancing, like a good Tmog outfit, like casting yummy DoT spells, or knowing when to use your demonic portal all takes good timing.  Like channeling fel-energies you will soon get a feel for it.  Until then, here is some suggestions as when it’s best for warlocks to dance.

  1. If you are standing on an enemy’s corpse
  2. When you have cannibalized an enemy’s corpse
  3. When you killed a new batch or newly rezzed enemies at their GY
  4. After you’ve Soulstoned yourself when grouped with a mage or Spriest
  5. All Hallow’s Eve – Anywhere just not on a mailbox

 See what I mean? It’s all about timing.  Now enough with the dancing questions and let’s get back to talking about how hot and sexy imposing we can look while still being hot and sexy.       

Bad Belf Fashion Choice

Did a Chip-N-Dale dancer get lost and find his way to Ogrimmar. Really? I guess his strategy is to "Kill'em with laughter". He starts off nice with the staff and shoulders, after that it's truly sad and pathetic. Had I waited long enough I'm sure he would have summoned his White Kitten. For the love of Hellfire and green flames don't do this! If you look like this then go read the selected works of Edgar Allen Poe...then visit the AH.

Now, if you rolled a male warlock and you’re not of the Belf race, then there is a whole list famous names that should spring to your mind.  Think “Ozzy Osbourne”, “Alice Cooper” or any member of the bands including “Kiss”, “Slipknot” or the “Insane Clown Possee”.  For any of our male members who play the Belf class then there is not much hopechoice for you other than stealing ideas from any of the 1980’s big-hair Glam Bands like “Poison” or “Twisted Sister”. For Belf male warlocks it’s also an important reminder to never, under no circumstances should you ever buy a G-String, Chaps or Leggings. I know you think you look good and in some cases you might but honestly it just doesn’t work no matter how well it matches the rest of your gear.  I don’t think I should explain why.

For our Worgen bretheren you have two big No-No’s when it comes to fashion.  First, never wear a top hat.  Not ever!  If you have to ask why then please give up the Dark Arts and head to the back of the mage line.  If you don’t know how to get to the back of the mage line then just click here WWW.MYPRETTYPONY.COM.  Second, you are no longer allowed to click on your Running Wild ability. Just tear it from your action bar now and forget it ever existed. How can you strike fear or impose your will against an enemy when running around on all fours like your felhound?  Plus, in battlegrounds if you have any enemies with any sense (usually an Alt of a Warlock) they will go after your felpuppy pet first and you don’t want there to be any confusion between it and you. The other reason comes back to the respect factor again.  As male warlocks you really do have it easy when it comes to fashion, there really is no set theme or rules so have fun with your mogging.

Omg Wtf Goblin Warlock

This person shall remain nameless. Where do I begin? OMG really? Wtf? This pic looks like a Felguard with a vanity pet out. But I digress...On the positive side this warlock being a goblin is covering everything up. So they get an "A" for effort there. Don't be this clown er...warlock. Give your enemies a sense of foreboding and fear and not Youtube material to lololololololololo! Never!

Tips for what not to wear when shopping on the AH. As warlocks in general, when you go shopping on the AH or if you get lucky and the RNG gods smile down and grace you with winning a nice drop then there is a set list we need to follow to make sure we are upholding to the Warlockery Way.  (This is another good spot where you should be taking notes) Let’s play pretend that we’re at the AH and we happen across a good-looking Tmog piece that is being sold at a decent price and not by a player who has an insane markup value.  (Remember this for the future reference, when the warlock revolution starts – all AH players and market manipulators are the first to burn and will remain marked as KOS!).  But, before you click the “buy” button we need ask ourselves what I like to call the  “Is it Warlock Gear” Checklist:

  • Is this something a mage would wear?
  • Is this is something a Spriest who dreams of SWTOR and rolling a Jedi would wear?
  • Is this item any color other than black, dark black, light black, dark red or dark purple or dark green?
  • Does this item have more than 25% of any other color besides dark black, dark red or dark purple or dark green?
  • Did this item have +Spirit on it?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions then your doing it wrong  This is NOT acceptable!  Now,  if you are still gandering at the said item and were able to honestly answer “No” to the above questions then start by asking yourself if it would then fall under the “Is It Important For A Warlock Checklist”:

  • Would this item conceal blood stains?
  • Does this item have enough pocket space for any daggers, sharp objects, poisons, soulshards, your cookies and all of your gold?
  • Does this item have crude drawing or picture of a skull on it?
  • Does it have a real skull on it?
  • Does it have anyting that resembles bones, spikes, smoke or fire?
  • If I run destro is this item fire-resistant?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions then your still doing it wrong!  This is NOT acceptable!  If however, you were able to answer “Yes” then you’ll make yourself and our great class proud. 

Now we come to our last lesson in what not to wear for warlocks. This last section is quite easy but we must ALL agree to follow it.  It will cover the basics of the tier sets that many of you drool in anticipation to collect.  Malefic Rainment and the Corruptor sets for both the original and the recolor sets should only be worn once a year during the “All Hallow’s Eve” Event.  Yes, I understand their simplicity and beauty truly compliment our imposing stature, but if every warlock on your server was wearing them it will be quite confusing for all.  Plus, if we wear them too much they will lose their epic feel and will be reduced to the unimportance of something as a common a mage’s Lovely Blue Dress any other common items such as fel-cloth.  If you own any of the PvP Lvl 60 then please, wear that item all the time and wear them with pride.  Tier sets other than Malefic and Corrputor are safe.  All Dungeon sets are safe so go for it.  Green Item sets?  Possibly.  As long as your following the our rules of what not to wear you will be fine.

Here is my last juicy tip for the lesson – go to WWW.CURSE.COM and download their MOGIT addon. There is no better or faster way to get started on your gear collections. But before you thank me for passing along this wonderful tool and savy advice, I ask that you take the time to write the addon developers instead. If you can afford it, pass along a small donation. All of them are talented and deserve the accolades.


Fel-Flame Jump Shots

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Howdy and Hello O’ Keepers of the Green Flame,

Today I’m gonna talk about a great “save your hide” warlock trick.  Well maybe it’s not “omg” great but it is another trick and we, as warlocks, should always have good tricks up our sleeve. Now, it will require keybinding and being able to move with your mouse. Clicker types can try it but it will be very difficult to pull off. It’s a variation of a hunter trick first talked about by the famous WoW hunter and blogger extroardinare named Big Red Kitty (a.k.a., BRK).  All we are going to do is steal…er… “borrow” the idea and instead add our beautiful green Fel-Flame spell to it. Then voila!  We locks have the Fel-Flame Jumpshot. I don’t know if any of our other bretheren Warlocks are already doing this but I did it in front of a friend on a battleground and he loved it. I don’t recommend replacing it over our other great arsenal of spells if you have them available.  So read about it, try it out and I’m sure you will find situations where it can be helpful.

Fel-Flames - Yes it's a pretty green fireball but like many good warlock tools it's all about timing and movement situations and where best to use it. Plus it's also good for frying nearby critters!

So what is the hunter Jumpshot Fel-Flame Jump Shot (FFJS) and how does it work?  It’s simple. As you already know, Fel-Flame should only be used when movement is required or if you have a mouseover macro from Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual and are making enemy Shamans cry bitter tears by quickly destroying their little totems that cost them their precious mana and time to throw down.  The importance of Fel-flame doesn’t really come from it’s direct damage.  Sadly Q-Tips, if used properly can be more painful than Fel-flame damage.  Where the importance of the Fel-flame spell comes from is that it’s instant, does mild damage and can be used on the move to extend the DoT duration for both our Immolate and Unstable Affliction spells by 6 seconds.  I love how Sorcereo from the WoW Warlock Forums called the Fel-flame spell his S.I.C.C. (Spontaneous Instant Critter Killer – cute, I know and probably a good way to use it). But for this trick, what we’re going to do is take our semi weak Fel-flame Spell, add a forward moving spinning jump to it and it and now it becomes a great situational tool. 

Here is the situation:  Say you are being attacked and all of your CC’s are on cooldown. Your Doomguard or Infernal has already been spent…your low on mana and low on health. You would use your Demonic Portal if only it wasn’t back in the middle of the fray swarming with enemies who are at full health. (You know this because you always lay down your portal right?) You’ve popped your cookie and a health pot. Things appear that they might not bode well at this moment.  If you Lifetap it will make the situation worse because your enemy is closing in on you fast despite your DoTs ticking on them.  If only you could just buy yourself a precious few seconds to make it back towards your GY where you know other teammates are respawning. If only you could kite your enemy long enough to outlast them then you might stand a chance as long as your DoTs have time to do what they do best…increase with time. What would you do?  Any thoughts?  Pull out your wand and take it like a brave Warlock bitter until the end?  Heck no! You run! 

Yes you heard me.  Run!  Start running away from your enemy.  Yes, I know as warlocks our enemies should flee from us but sometimes in a bad battleground group this happens. Like I said this is situational. I’ll say this again for the full affect but instead I’ll bold it, “This is situational”.  Okay now where was I?  Oh yeah, start running away from your enemy. As you run in the opposite direction from them you jump and while you are in mid-air you spin around, fire off a delicious Fel-Flame in their face while you continue spinning and land still running in the direction you started.  This is all done in one jump while continuously moving.  When you land you can rinse and repeat.  If your enemy doesn’t have any speed increases to pop you can literally kite and kill your enemy doing just this manuever.  Muahahahaha! (add your own cackle laugh here).  So what we are effectively doing is taking a hunter’s jump shot and stealing borrowing it for our own benefit and evil intentions, but instead of using a cheesy arrow or bullet we’re using our pretty green flame to instead burn those beneath our stature.

What’s nice about the hunter jumpshot Fel-Flame Jumpshot method is that you can also use it to toss out DoTs like your curses, banes and corruption spells. Take any of your instant cast spells and just apply the same technique and you can kite your enemy effectively until their health ticks away or until you can buy yourself some extra time for better positioning.  If done correctly your green flames and DoTs will drop their health quickly and they will lose hope at your cleverness realizing once again they have been outplayed by a master. Hopefully this method will help you out in a pinch when your low on life, gcd’s and mana.

A good way to practice this trick is when your running around doing dailies or either on foot or on a ground mount.  What ever direction your headed just press jump, spin your toon in a full circle while your still in the air and land still moving in the direction you were heading.  Pretty soon you will get the timing and feel for it to where it’s just one long fluid movement on the screen.

Give it a try and tell me what you think!

If you would like to see what this trick looks like in action then head over to and check out the hunter “Jumpshot” video. Frostheim and the folks over there do a great job even if it is for all things huntery.

Hail and howdy minions of mayhem!

Here is a good topic to discuss…Are you a keybinder or a clicker?  If your someone new to WoW there has always been this long debate concerning which style of playing is better.  People seem to be either die-hard keybinders or die-hard clickers.  For those of you who are just beggining to dive into the dark arts of playing a warlock what I am talking about is simple to understand.  If you are a “Clicker” then you leave your spells on the cast bar, move your mouse to click on your target then move the pointer back down to click on your spells in whatever particular order you have them displayed.  For a typical right handed person this means if your a clicker you’re probably moving your toon around the world by using the default movement keys of A, S, D, Q, W and E while using your mouse to click on your targets and then on your action bars. If your a “Keybinder” then you bind your spells to certain keyboard keys and do all your character movement with your mouse instead.  It’s pretty basic to understand Keybinds but if your still confused I’ll try to make it simpler.  Say for example you bind your Curse of Doom (CoD) to the letter “c” or the C-KEY on your keyboard.  You can select a target either by clicking on them or using the default TAB key.  Once  you have a  target selected you just hit the C-KEY and Curse of Doom begins ticking away at the life pool of your target.  Sounds fun and yummy right?  As a Warlock just the thought of a DoT Spell ticking down on your enemy should make you drool and giddy at the same time.  Think about that for a moment and when you calm yourself down you can read on.

Keybinding or Clicking

It's all about you and your playstyle...

I was a clicker for my first couple of years at playing WoW and I was a die-hard clicker too. No one could tell me different.  Trying to convince me keybinding was better was like asking me to change my religion or my political views.  You could talk to you were blue in the face but I wasn’t going to budge.  I was too set in my ways and no matter how hard I tried setting up my keybinds to make the conversion it just never felt right.   Having to scroll through all the different keybinds in the default UI menu was also a nightmare and I cringed whenever I had to open it up.  However, four years ago two things changed for me that made all the difference in the world and how I played WoW.  I got a good MOUSE WITH EXTRA BUTTONS and I started using the addon BARTENDER.  I immediately became a convert and got saved from my old clicky ways.  I seen the light!  (Whenever I think back to days of my conversion I can still hear a chorus of Imps from the far reaches of the nether singing in unision, “Halelujah!”) I made the changed and never looked back and I have to admit I know for a fact it has dramatically improved my reaction time and game-play. 

With the extra mouse buttons I was able bind my FORWARD, STRAFE LEFT and STRAFE RIGHT keys to the three extra buttons on my Logitech mouse.  This made mouse moving a snap and still allowed me to use the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and SCROLLWHEEL freely at the same time as well.  The addon Bartender took the headache out of setting up keybinds.  It has a very simple option for making your keybinds so simple that I’m shocked Blizzard still hasn’t incorporated it yet. When you have Bartender running you just type /kb in the chatbox.  A small window appears telling you that your in Keybind Mode then all you have to do to is hover your mousepointer over a spell on your action bar and hit the key you would like to bind it to.  So the CoD keybind in the example above I would have just typed /kb to enter keybind mode, hovered my mouse over where I placed my CoD spell and hit the “c” button.  A small green letter “c” appears over your button telling you that the keybind was successful.  When your done binding your spells you just closed down the Bartender Keybind Mode by clicking on the apply button.  The window closes and your keybinds are now saved.  I also loved the fact that Bartender also saves your keybinds for different characters which makes switching toons a snap. 

The only drawback to Bartender’s stand alone keybinding ability was you weren’t binding the key to the actual spell itself.  You were binding the key to spot where the spell was placed on the action bar.  Where this would cause problems for me was when I switched specs.   You have a different array of spells with a different spec of course and you would have to place the spells on spots where your keybinds were already setup.  If your picky like me you want to arrange your spells to look a specific way across your action bars and not have to be dictated by where a specific keybind lies.  Luckily for us there are brilliant and great addon developers out there in internetland because there is another very small must have addon called RESPEC BIND SAVER.  After you download and install it you don’t have to do anything else except forget about it.  What Repsec Bind Saver does is take the brilliance and simplicity of the Bartender Keybind Mode but it allows you to save the invidivual keybind locations for each of your two specs.  It does this great utility for all of your toons and your different specs no matter where their keybind locations are on the action bar.  This might sound like common sense or maybe even not that big of a deal to most but back in the day these options weren’t available.

If your still a clicker considering making the switch to keybinds consider these little nuggets that might push you over the edge to make the switch.  All of the better PvP / Arena players keybind.  I don’t know any that still use the older click method. Some of the best raider’s I know keybind.  None of them still use the click method.  When you first started typing it was crude and you thought you would never pick it up.  But then after your trained your brain and finger muscles to work together it became easier and so much more efficent than pecking away with two fingers.  That is probably one of the best analogies I can give regarding the difference between click play and keybinding.  Click play is like typing with two fingers while keybinding is typing with both hands.  It is that big of a difference.


If you decide to make the switch you will need two things really to get started:  A mouse with extra buttons and a desire to try.  I would also add that using Bartender and the Respec Bind Saver will make it much more simpler as well.

  • Start off learning to move with your mouse only.  I read a player broke his habit by traveling from Southshore to Stormwind by running and moving with just his mouse.
  • Only bind a few of your most used actions to start.  Most specs only require 5 to 6 spells for a full basic rotation (unless your a mage and then just put Arcane Missles on your 1 key).
  • Add other abilities in small increments based on how often you use them and bind them to keys that makes sense for you – Don’t overwhelm yourself
  • It will be frustrating as all hell when you first begin Mousemoving + Keybinding, don’t get discouraged and keep in mind it doesn’t happen over night.
  • If something doesnt feel right try binding it another way
  • Hang out in an area a few levels below yours.  Attack random mobs and practice.  This gives you a challenge yet you won’t be corpse running too much.
  • Stay positive and keep trying – Your a warlock which means everything you do brings you one step closer to world domination!

Keep the faith and keep forcing yourslef to do it and trust me it will begin to feel natural, so natural that you’ll notice how slow your old click method was…

There are countless ways to setup your keybinds.  Some of the more popular ways are to setup your keybinds to the top row of number keys that spread across the keyboard above the letter keys.  Another method I’ve heard used is utilizing the number keypad to bind your spells.  While both of these methods might work for some they didn’t for me. First let me explain why.  While in game I type a lot.  Yes I use ventrillo but even then I find myself typing to folks who are not.  Whether chatting back to a friend in /whisper or talking to a LFD group in /partychat or even just chatting it up with my guildies in /gchat I still type a lot.  With the top row number keys or utilizing the number pad for keybinds it takes me farther away from the letter keys and almost impossible to communicate through any coherent and clear typing.  I’ve tried both and failed at both. 

Querty Closeup

Here is the method that I use whether it’s right or wrong it works out great for me.

MOVEMENT AND USING THE MOUSE – I leave the regular default actions for the LEFT MOUSEBUTTON, RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON, and the SCROLLWHEEL.  I also leave the SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK as default for looting corpses.  I do 90% of my movement using the mouse by keybinding the RUN FORWARD, STRAFE LEFT and STRAFE RIGHT keys to the extra mouse buttons I have.  Running forward and turning is also left at default by holding both LEFT and RIGHT MOUSE buttons down.  Now there are times in PvP and PvE especially if you are using MOUSEOVER macros where it is difficult to move while placing your cursor over your target.  That is why I didn’t touch the default Q, W and E Keys with the STRAFE LEFT, RUN FORWARD and STRAFE RIGHT.  This way I can switch to using the keyboard to run or strafe briefly while I MOUSEOVER a target to pop my macro or spell then immediately return back to to mouse moving. 

 KEYBOARD SETUP – I place my spells on all the keys surrounding my left hand at the HOME POSITION with my fingers across the A, S, D, F keys and my thumb resting on the space bar. I thought about the spells warlocks use and decided I would have to utilize combo keybinds as well through use of the SHIFT and ALT keys.  I still use vent with CTRL just because it feels right for me.   My main goal was to utilize my most often used spells with the regular A, S, D, & F Keys and my next most frequent spells in combos or positions so that I was getting my hand moving back to the HOME POSITION faster.  I still use some of the default settings just because it was easier to leave them.  I didn’t touch the “Z” key and I still have the default Q, W and E keys setup for strafing and running forward as I explained above. 

Here is a great example of how I setup my keybinds for my basic spells for the Affliction rotation.

  • SHIFT+V = Pet attack
  • V = Haunt
  • SHIFT+E =Curse of Elements
  • D = Unstable Affliction
  • S = Corruption
  • A = Curse of Agony or CTRL+A = Curse of Doom
  • F = Shadowbolt

If you followed me this far let me walk you through how this works.  Yes I know you have a brain and yes you could probably figure it out just by looking at it but trust me on this.  Reading through the method really does help.

First I send in my pet with the Shift+V.  This takes me only a sec to hold down the shift key with my pinky finger and pop my index finger down on the V-Key.  Then I’m immediatley back to the home position.  As my cute little Felpuppy runs in to munch on the mob I drop my index finger down and hit the V-Key again to start off my Haunt (I really love that spell!). As Haunt cycles through it’s cast time I’ve alread got my fingers back to the HOME POSITION.  The instant my Haunt spell finishes it’s cast and the charge begins to leave my beautful little Warlock’s hand, I drop my pinky finger down to hold the SHIFT key and my middle finger goes up and pops the E key for the SHIFT+E combo to instantly smack my target with CoE  just before the Haunt spell lands so that I get the extra damage bonus when it hits!   My fingers are alread back to the HOME POSITION and my middle finger is already pressing the D key so that Unstable Affliction is que’d up to go.  Since I am still in the HOME POSITION it takes only a fraction of a second for my ring finger to hit the S key so that now my target is ticking with Corruption the second UA hits.  Now depending on how long this fight will last will depend on what I hit next.  If my target will die in < 1 minute then I hit the A-Key with my pinky for Curse of Agony(CoA).  If the little bastadge is going to live > 1 minute then I simply move my thumb off the spacebar to hold the ALT KEY down and my pinky hits the A KEY so that now Curse of Doom (CoD) goes up instead.   Then I’m right back to the HOME POSITION to spam the F-KEY with my indext finger so that now they are getting peppered with my Shadowbolts (did I mention that I love the new animation for that spell?).  From that point on it’s a matter of Refreshing the Dots, spamming Shadowbolts and rinsing and repeating until my target drops giving me loot, sweet loot.

Do you wanna now what’s great about keybinding?  Once you start using them and incorporting them all the time it soon becomes a natural habit where you don’t even have to think about them.  It will greatly open up your situational awareness because now you can concentrate on what’s happening all around you since your spells casting will be automatic.  You will no longer have to stare down at your Action Bars for those precious few seconds to look for the right buttons to click or to lose more time to move your mouse cursor back to re-target an enemy.  What I like about the method I am currently using is I can answer or respond in a chat line in between casting spells. Every spell bring you immediately back to the HOME POSITION which makes it so much faster and convenient for all the other aspects of the game as well.

If you get frustrated them come back here to get your positive reinforcement from me, your Dark Arts guide, cheering you on that yes you can do it. If anyone would like me to post all of my keybinds to steal any ideas that might help them just let me know and I’ll toss the full listing up. 

Here are those two great links again:



Random AH Screenshot of Green Gear

I blurred out the names of the price gouging trolls so they won't suspect that when our days comes...they will be the first to burn!

Last week there was an article written in the far reaches of the web (pardon my not having taken the time to research it) about a player who reached 1,000,000.00 gold just by selling matching greeen items and charging a small fortune for the more important and viewable pieces such as shoulders, helmets, chest armor etc.,. Since that story broke I’ve watched as the bubble of basic green gear skyrocket to a small fortune on my server alone and have seen and heard from others that they are watching it as well on other servers.  Low lvl matching greens have been varying from 500-5,000 gold for single items.  I’m a firm believer in the free market system but it’s getting to the point of being ridiculously over priced or is that just me?  Is this the new WoW economic bubble? Should we embrace Transmogable (omg that’s a word now) items as the new gold sink and players who flood the market with buy low and sell crazy “You want how much” prices for something as simple Silver-Thread cloth items that are for ilvl 20-ish? I love the new Tmog system and there are things I think that could improve upon it don’t get me wrong.  Like many I’ve spent hours scamming websites and utilizing the addon Mogit looking for just the right items to complete my sets.  I’ve spent the past few weeks running some of the old BC heroics waiting for my Warlock’s Nemesis recolored items to drop.  If I never have to go in and clear Heroic Underbog again I’ll be thankful.  A 10% drop rate on a BoP item is painful for an old helm from two expansions ago trust me on that one.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about.  I recently rolled a warrior and I decided to go check the AH to find some Tmog items to make her look a little more presentable than the ugly hodge podge mix of BoA’s and clown color low lvl stuff she currently owned.  I think it took about 2 minutes to realize it wasn’t going to happen.  Green plate gear for ilvl 20’s were averaging 800 gold per item.  So to my dismay she will continue to look like a clown until either 1.) I get better quest drops  2.) Catch the AH at the right time when someone who is clueless on the overpriced market puts a piece up at a pre-Tmog listing or 3.) Beat an AH player to an item that was posted by the player in chance #2.   Granted, I’m not a wealthy WoW player by any means but I’m not a poor one either and even though I know some of these items are world drops that have a low appearance rate and might be worth the cost for a decent looking set I’m still not buying.  I’ll take my chances, play the AH when I can for a good bargain and keep my fingers crossed for some cool quest rewards and drops.

For a seasoned player who knows how to earn money with their professions and is skillful at the AH or has the time to farm dailies consistently maybe paying these prices are just fine.  Maybe it’s just me a greedy warlock thinking it’s all becoming insane.  However, I’m trying to see it reasonably from the standpoint of a new player or someone starting a new toon on a new realm where your opportunity to earn gold is not so easy.  I guess Tmogging has become like the old saying “the more things change the more they stay the same.”  We got a great change with Transmog and I’m thankful for it. It has brought out players personalities and styles more than any other welcomed change. But why do I have a strange feeling after watching the greens on my AH that lower level characters will still be wearing clown outfits until they hit cap.  What do you think? Am I crazy or do I hit the mark?

Hail and hello my minons, discussing inferior classes and making fun of others who are well below our stature is always well tolerated in the Warlock Community.  So I thought I’d take the time to write about it.  I’m sure you have seen it if not once but several times.  Players who are not up to par with Warlocks or even their own pathetic sub-par classes.  I once saw a hunter who always ran into melee position double weilding axes trying to hack away at a pally in a battleground.  I /w to them to pull out their pet but they put me on ignore.  I’ve seen the hilarity of a mage when during the Sylvannas fight blinked into the purple goo to die after a three tick count as they ran the long distance not the short distance to safety.   Agreed, it would have been better had they tried to summon a table to stand on but the cloth armor and the distance just didn’t give them the chance or opportunity.  I’ve seen mages who “wand” more than a wand should be used.  How many charges do they have anyway? IMHO there should be a limit cap on wand charge usage or at least a gcd on them to some degree.  Yes, I am a warlock and thanks to 4.2 (or was it 4.3) you can now hear me /ROAR!  So if from time to time my biased opinion about my love for teasing mages comes out please feel free to respond and jump on the bandwagon.  Do you think a Warlock’s natural hatred and teasing for mages is due to the fact that we fight tooth and nail for RNG gods to bless our rolls over theirs? I guess in all fairness as long as we’re not too hateful and all kidding aside still respectful to one another everything is fair game right?

Despite WoW players love of teasing and chiding eachother either in /trade /gchat /general /p /raid or in /bg’s I want to share a quick story that might make us all think about who we are dealing with on the other end of the toon we are ridiculing.   The LFD tool had just come out and of course everyone was running it to get their badges and pug pet.  LFD and LFR are great tools when people are at their best and horrible when people are at their worst…I’m sure you’ve all learned that already.  So with two friends, a tank and a healer, we que for a LFD group, grabbed out gear and headed into a heroic Violet Hold.  One of the players was a bad mage.  I mean a really bad mage.  They didn’t move too fast, targeted the wrong mobs, kept running oom and I think had only one button visible on their action bars and that was arcane missles.  The other player was a ret-pally who was well geared and soon became very irrate with the mage.  The pally became very vocal in not so nice terms to the mage player. Since my friends and I were on vent we discussed about what to do with the mage during the first transition stage (you know the ones in VH that seem to take forver?).  With the good dps between the pally and my lock my Holy Priest friend said the mage wasn’t really taking too much damage and we seemed to be clearing everything and surviving.  The tank, despite his irritation of having to gather up the mobs the mage was pulling agreed it was no big deal and /w the mage asking him to target his targets.  The mage didn’t say anything but did as directed by the tank.   My priest friend (who had a mage Alt) also /w the other player telling them a better rotation to use.   The mage not answering picked up on this and began in the course of the nest few mob pulls get better.  I /w the mage and told them to please stand by me over the next few bosses so they could see where it would be better to position themselves playing a range caster.  Again the mage didn’t answer me but did as I instructed.  We finished the run with no glitches but at the end the pally in one long string of writing called the mage every horrible name you can think of and topped off their comments by spamming in caps “L2Play Magetard!” He dropped group and within seconds the mage finally typed something in party chat.

Here is what they typed (it’s not exact but pretty much the feeling of it), “Thank you for helping my son finish this dungeon.  He has been very sick and is bedridden and the only think he wanted to do for his birthday today was to run a dungeon like his Daddy does in WoW.  He is only eleven but you really made his Birthday a memorable one.”  After a few minutes of chatting with the father via /pchat we invited him into our vent and we talked with him for quite some time after his son went to bed.  So in the course of what could have been a bad dungeon run we made a new friend, we brightenend up the birthday of a sick kid and we shared a moment of pause when we realized once again that there are real people behind the toons we interact with in-game.  Anonymity can make you brash and bold but it can also make you feel like a jerk when once again you realize what’s really important.

Have a good WoW story or experience to share? Please drop me a line I’d love to hear them!

Are Warlocks Broken?

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks
Amijade laments about killing the infamous Deathwing and how he would have made a great mount. May he also always be admired for his “Rule the World” and “Burn it all” attitude.

Hail and hello my Dark Art peers,

A few weeks ago there was a big buzz in the warlock community concerning the glaring population numbers dangling there in cyberspace for all to see. When you look at the breakdown of WoW players into their respected categories our beloved class was ranked as the least played and represented along with rogues.  Warlocks ranked at 6%.  The next lowest rank came to be Shamans at 8%.  I’ve thought about this fact and read many of the discussions.  Cynwise at and many other famous Warlocks took up the cry and generated lots of dicussion.  In my mind I’m still not clear why this is the case. Do you think people are more inclined to move to “Flavor-of-the-patch-buffed-by-the-blizzgods” type classes.  You know what I mean…the classes who after a patch rise to glorious heights on the dps meters?

I’m sure Rogues will be seeing a nice bump back in play due to the new legendary dagger quest line which makes me think their numbers might start to climb. Speaking from a pure Dps class point of view and an avid warlock player I am concerned for both what I see on Warcraft Realms census data and when you look at some of the log data for Dps rankings.  Yes, I know I should not look at the websites and I should turn off my dps meter and just enjoy my warlock right?  What’s more important really is did I do what was expected to help my team? Did we take the boss down? Did my team get gear? Yes, and you would be right to think that way because those are valid points as well.  However, it is interesting to ponder the question, “Are Warlocks Broken?”   

If you don’t believe me check out the census data over at Warcraft Realms.  Here is a snapshot of what the discussions stems from:

Yes, I know some ‘locks are rocking the charts in raids and making us all very proud but in “general” number crunching terms our Dps isn’t astounding and the numbers of players who are playing warlocks is a true minority. Granted we’re not in what some refer to as the Warlock Glory Days of Burning Crusade but to me the class is still fun to play and I don’t plan on walking away.    

Now I don’t want this to become one long grip section about how “Blizzard hates locks” but I would like to hear from you about what you think.  Are warlocks broken?

Are More Demons Needed…?

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Okay my minions, I’m just throwing this out there so no hating please.  Reading up on MoP and the dramatic changes we shall once again see for the Warlock class I’ve read one of the talents will offer the ability to select and utilize for a short time period more powerful minions to do our evil bidding. It’s IMHO that it’s too much. I already don’t like the idea of my extra imp proc and having two imps out at once. Wow that last line sounds wrong if you read it by itself!  But really people is it needed? Is it really that cool?  At what point does having extra demons proc and fight at our side become too much? Yes, I know it’s just for a short period of time but toss in a shammy’s spirit wolves & elementals and then toss in some mirror images of mages and then toss in a DK’s Army of The Dead and then toss in our Doomguard etc., etc., etc.,.  Where will this madness end?  I would much prefer to hear the Warlock Community’s thoughts on this because I can and have been wrong before. Being the grand Duchess of Death that I am I force your will to submit and answer the poll for this discussion.