Are Warlocks Broken?

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks
Amijade laments about killing the infamous Deathwing and how he would have made a great mount. May he also always be admired for his “Rule the World” and “Burn it all” attitude.

Hail and hello my Dark Art peers,

A few weeks ago there was a big buzz in the warlock community concerning the glaring population numbers dangling there in cyberspace for all to see. When you look at the breakdown of WoW players into their respected categories our beloved class was ranked as the least played and represented along with rogues.  Warlocks ranked at 6%.  The next lowest rank came to be Shamans at 8%.  I’ve thought about this fact and read many of the discussions.  Cynwise at and many other famous Warlocks took up the cry and generated lots of dicussion.  In my mind I’m still not clear why this is the case. Do you think people are more inclined to move to “Flavor-of-the-patch-buffed-by-the-blizzgods” type classes.  You know what I mean…the classes who after a patch rise to glorious heights on the dps meters?

I’m sure Rogues will be seeing a nice bump back in play due to the new legendary dagger quest line which makes me think their numbers might start to climb. Speaking from a pure Dps class point of view and an avid warlock player I am concerned for both what I see on Warcraft Realms census data and when you look at some of the log data for Dps rankings.  Yes, I know I should not look at the websites and I should turn off my dps meter and just enjoy my warlock right?  What’s more important really is did I do what was expected to help my team? Did we take the boss down? Did my team get gear? Yes, and you would be right to think that way because those are valid points as well.  However, it is interesting to ponder the question, “Are Warlocks Broken?”   

If you don’t believe me check out the census data over at Warcraft Realms.  Here is a snapshot of what the discussions stems from:

Yes, I know some ‘locks are rocking the charts in raids and making us all very proud but in “general” number crunching terms our Dps isn’t astounding and the numbers of players who are playing warlocks is a true minority. Granted we’re not in what some refer to as the Warlock Glory Days of Burning Crusade but to me the class is still fun to play and I don’t plan on walking away.    

Now I don’t want this to become one long grip section about how “Blizzard hates locks” but I would like to hear from you about what you think.  Are warlocks broken?

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