A Toon By Any Other Name…

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail and Greetings my Ghastly Ghouls,

I have a some questions to throw out there.  Is naming your toon important? Do names really matter? The reason I ask is because it is to me and I don’t know why.  Whenever I start a new character I will spend several hours getting the skin, hair, race, sex, class and everything about it just right.  Yes, I know you can click on the RANDOMIZE button, but for some reason I like to do my own tweaking.  Maybe it’s the obnoxious perfectionist in me?  I know the compulsive behavior to be in control is always up front and present as a warlock, so I’m sure that’s part of it. But IMHO, making a toon is really the creation of an online persona for me and maybe that’s why when it comes to typing in a good name it can along time to choose a name after some well drawn out thought.

1 out of 145 compared to 1 in 10 Million

The reason I am pondering these open-ended questions is for several reasons.  First, over the course of my WoW career I’ve always been the only toon on the Armory who had carried the names I had chosen. My toon names were unique in that fact.  If you did a search for them on the Armory it would only pull up one character, mine.  After several years, contact with tons of other players and then mix in server transfers or just people changing realms and re-rolling new toons I soon started to see others sharing my unique names. Did it matter?  Hells yes! It was odd for me seeing the new list of rapidly growing of players sharing the same name. It was even more apparent when I could see in the listings they were either a different race, class, sex or sometimes even on the opposing faction.

I suppose in a game that averages 10 million players world-wide I should be happy that I was now one of the 145 players sharing the same name, but playing on different servers. I suppose I should take it as a compliment if someone seen my name and decided to use it as well.  Maybe they just had a creative inspiration like me and found the name interesting and personal like me. I should also hold my head up high knowing in my own mind that I was the “first” with that unique name. But for some reason I still feel like part of my identity is gone.  Granted, it’s lost only between 145 other players but still there is some loss just the same.

Ever since I rolled my new Forsaken Warlock and gave her the character name of Amijade, all felt right again for me.  I was the only person with that name listed on the armory.  However, a friend who was recently looking up my spec to copy for an Alt alerted me to the fact that there are now two, Amijades.  One is yours truly, and the other is a newer goblin rogue who is running around somewhere on another server.  Now, I’m wondering how long it will be before I’m back to being one of another 100+ toons sharing the same name.  If I ever roll another toon, maybe next time I’ll let the random name generator pick one for me because I don’t know anyone who uses it.

How about you? Are you really picky about choosing a name? What inspires you to find one? Please let me know because I know I’m not the only nutty person who is this picky about my toon name.

Until next time, love me or hate me…thanks for reading.

  1. Erinys says:

    I’ve deleted characters in the past because their names just didn’t feel right so yep, names are fairly important to me. The majority of my characters are not alone on the armoury but their name has to work with their appearance and class.

    As for inspiration, it’s a mix of things really, mythology and plant names being the two biggest sources. Although my Gnome Priest is called “Sproutling” because my husband started calling me “Sprout” when I made my first Gnome character with the sprout hairstyle a couple of years ago.

    • Hey Erinys!

      I assume you like plants? Sadly, my wife and I can’t grow anyting good under our covered deck except geraniums. Any advice? And yep, I actually like “Sproutling” for a gnome. Btw, sweet potato vines are some of my favs by the pool mixed in with Coleus. My wife is so good at that stuff!

  2. My first character was the only Zorakar for years and then someone made one leveled it to the lofty height of two and then just abandoned it and it just sits there mocking me.

    I have some characters that I doubt I’ll play but I can’t bear to delete because of the name.

    • Heya Tome!

      Yep I agree totally on not wanting to delete any toons due to their names. I still have a level 29 rogue I kept twinked and in that cap level I ran BGs with for a year or two.

      Also, this is actually an old post and I’m not sure why Livewriter reposted it? Bah! I’ll get the hang of that program soon enough. Now if only I don’t post something that was incomplete with it again I’ll be happy!

      Have a great weekend girl!

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