New Blood Pact Writer at Wowinsider

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail My Hellfire Hounds,

Over my lunch hour I was bored, so I do what I always do if I’m bored at lunchtime and start reading up on the forums and posts if time permits.  So I stopped by The Warlock’s Den and started reading through the newest listings and one in particular that got listed today asked specifically for a person’s name.  Having a real person’s name getting listed doesn’t occur very much so being curious I decided to give it a look because well, curiosity got the best of me.  Turns out the poster was asking about the new Warlock Columnist at The WowInsider taking over the Blood Pact column and keeping us informed on any news to our much-loved class. I for one am glad to see anyone get selected for something they want to do.  Believe me, if you read the application process I’m sure Meg O’Neill really wanted to get that spot. I wish her well in her research and her writing endeavors and I hope she makes all of us and WowInsider proud of their choice.  /em bows and salutes.

If you didn’t already know because this was news to me, Ms. O’Neill is really Poneria!  Poneria is the long time author of Fel Concentration a blog I’ve followed for quite some time. I can only hope she has time to do both :)

I have to admit, I enjoy following both WowInsider online and in their podcasts.  They got some creative folks over there and much to their credit I’ve seen a lot of unfair troll-y hate gone their way in the past on their comment boards. They are a great source for changes, concepts and news about WoW but they aren’t the be all and end all of information.  I see them as another great source to use like an online WoW magazine that I enjoy to read.  It provides news, entertainment, lore, class discussions and everything else that is WoW all presented in a fun and pleasing way. For those that razz them giving them guff and grief about not getting enough “in-depth” sometimes, please do us all a favor and go and try to do a better job somewhere else yourself.  Swarthy, pithy and pointless posts only prove these trolls aren’t worth a reply.

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