Great Post On Warlocks – I forgot to mention

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail My Lock, Shock and Horrors,

Cleaning up the tons of links and pictures I have collected for quite some time concerning warlocks I found a good post that I know I forgot to link.  If your still looking for reasons to stay passionate playing a warlock then give Merytneith’s post a quick read. Great stuff.  Along with my QQ Beverage I’ll take some more of his great line, “It’s not easy being evil…It’s fun!” Here is another great quote from this true article (he really did a good job on his fact checking for it too).  When your up against a mage as a PvP opponent, Merytneith’s advice is to consider:

“MAGES. Weakness: Jealousy
Self-resurrect with a Soulstone, use a healthstone, put DI on your own pet, Life Tap and then pour a mana potion out into the dirt at their feet. Say “Isn’t it fun to top the damage meters and still end the fight with a full mana bar?” Watch them spontaneously combust in rage.” 


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