Warlock Fashion Sense

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail and Hello Casters of Calamity,

Through my travels I’ve found some of our ‘lock bretheren fighting the good fight of keep the respect factor up.  I hope you enjoy some of these fashion savvy friends…

Bones, spikes, dark colors...very nicely done.

As you can see as an orc, covering up is important.  The helm hides most of his face and the dark, foreboding colors look great with his felpuppy.  Simple but effective in creating an imposing presence. 

The next picture is of a goblin warlock who is Tmogging a simple PvP set.  While the entire matching set looks great and the scythe is a nice touch to complete it, the colors do nothing for the “creepy” factor. On a belf or human they could maybe pull this look off but as a goblin they kind of resemble a circus clown.  Am I wrong in this thinking? I sure hope not.  This same set has the darker purple variation with a mix of dark browns.  Probably a better choice.

 Our next picture has a very unique set and I”m very excited about her creativity.  She said her mix and match outfit came from drops in AQ40 and some mixed items she picked up from the Mogit addon.  I really like the look on her toon but you be the judge.  When viewed together these individual pieces look like a real dungeon set. Great job!


The last picture I have to post to once again point out an important warlock rule.  While this famle Belf warlock didn’t look bad in her Tmog she was however doing our class a great injustice.  She was Mailbox dancing!  This is a H U G E  NO NO NO NO NO!  To make matters worse was you could see the big “AFK” above her head and she remained dancing in front of the AH for about 20 mins until either she logged off due to inactivity or out of embarassment.  If you see a warlock doing this please shame them publicly as if they were a mage and you would be justified in your actions.



  1. elkagorasa says:

    I think the goblin looks like a priest! Maybe that’s effect he’s going for, class confusion based on appearance?! I am working on my Disc Priest set to look more like the last lock (more like a rogue).

    • Hey Elk,
      Yeah, I have no idea what some of these ‘locks are thinking. Unless maybe he wants to confuse enemy players into thinking he’s a priest on a PvP field then *Bam* instant SB:Demon Summon and CC them with their Succubus? Sadly, I think they simply believed they were just pimping it up…

  2. lllseverunlll says:

    sadly…T-Mogging can be a difficult affair for us locks…but worth it to keep up our rep as being diabolical and not to be messed with. i have a few sets i switch between from teh simple silver thread set to a custom ulduar/pvp combo set, i am however working on a white set that keeps the creepy factor alive and well…hopefully ill finish it soon…if the damn shoulders will ever drop for me haha

  3. lllseverunlll says:

    hehe i will…once i get it perfected…

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