MoP Beta Woot!

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Beta Testing Warlocks, Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail and Howdy All,

Okay, so my real life kicked my butt and sadly I had to be gone for almost a week for out-of-town business but it’s nice to be back home and nice to get back into the swing of things and especially to get back to my newly found fun, blogging.  The good news as it turns out is that I got a nice surprise when I got back.  It turns out that last night I was one of the fortunate to have received my Beta Key for MoP.  Am I excited? Of course I’m excited.  Hell yes, I’m excited!  Even now as I type this the background downloader is only 3.2 gb from completing the 17.8 gb download which I started last night almost 11 hours ago.

MoP Beta Download Screen

I’m excited about the MoP Beta for a couple of reasons.  First, this is my first Beta of anything.  Well, my first child could be called my first Beta and if you’re a parent you will know what I mean.  But in regards to any type of video games or big release things…this is it.  This is my first Beta and yes I’m going to probably be a huge noob at it.  I even spent my lunch reading over the forums looking for what I should do or any hints as to how I can help test it.  Sadly, I was terribly dismayed by what I read.  People were pretty harsh for either not receiving their Beta Keys or in the way Blizz has handled it.  What was more sickening to me was the reasons why some people were complaining.

I wish I could have taken a screen shot of the postings I viewed from my Iphone. People were actually typing things like, “Geez Blizz all are my friends are in beta now and I want to play a panda too! You suck blizz!” Other people were worried that the people currently getting into the Beta would have a better chance at achieving world firsts in the leveling process when MoP comes out. There were some complaining that these early testers would be able to pwn them at PVP since they would have more experience playing. Really?  OMG since when did the WoW community turn out to be such a bunch of whiney QQ-crybabies?  They sounded like mages who were out of mana!  Sickening, truly sickening.  Um the reason for Beta Versions is to test the product before it’s released so they can fix it.  That’s it.  Done.  Nothing else to see here move along.

From everything I’ve read there are lots of bugs to the system and there is a lot of headache in trying to do even the most trivial of tasks.  Beta is not a fun palace where you get to see something before anyone else and it’s not a place where you can learn an edge over other players.  The Beta is a place where you can help the game designers fix their problems and make the real game fun for everyone else for when it does launch.  Okay, I’m done with my ranting but really people I went to the forums to see how I could help not listen to people complain about everything.

Now, I can see how some are upset due to purchasing the annual pass and the promise made by blizz at Blizzcon.  When many AP holders were not invited to the first Beta release I can see why they feel duped but at the same time I think they should get over it.  WoW is THE largest MMO game ever.  Ten million people and then some enjoy logging in and playing.  1 million signed up for the annual pass so all I can say is patience, patience, patience.  Great wine takes time.  Now, I know it’s easy for me to say that especially now that I am downloading it.   But honestly, I think I would have been happy even if I had not gotten it until the last-minute.  Really, I do. I see this as more of an honor and privilege (even though it was promised in my AP).  It’s exciting to me to help in some small way to help make the game I love a little bit better.  Even if it does seem trivial.  I have neither the brains nor the time to create a video game but now I can say that I have had the honor to help test MoP and trust me when I say that is what I plan to do…test, test, test and then I’ll test some more.

So to blizz I’ll make this promise.  I really do plan to test and do my best at offering whatever advice I can in regards to making the experience better.  So if servers crash, if I have to download several times or if I experience a lot of headaches I’ll smile knowing that this will all be memorable for me.  My only hope is that it doesn’t make me sick of MoP before it arrives because one of the things I love about WoW is the discovering, the questing and the fun in learning. In some ways, believe it or not, it was very hard for me to decide whether or not I should even opt in to playing the Beta for those very same reasons.  First time I started playing WoW…Loved it! OMG when the BC expansion hit and I didn’t know anything about it…Epic!  When Wrath launched another exciting time because Arthas was getting what he deserved.  When Cata hit staying up late and finally getting my chance to load the game into Ogrimmar and Stormwind just to sit on my toons and fly around thinking to myself, “Finally!”.  So now when MoP hits I might not have that feeling and I sure hope it’s not the feeling of “Meh!”

Dragon Soul has been out less than three months and sadly I think it’s already dramatically overshadowed by the excitement and fresh buzz of MoP.

So after staring at the screen for a few minutes trying to make up my mind I decided to give the Beta a try. Not because I want to be the first to see everything and to play around with the new toys but because I can only hope I can help make the game better. I believe I was able to transfer my warlock over but I am not sure as of yet. That was my first priority when I decided to play the Beta. It showed up as being successful on the website but I’ve read reports where it didn’t work. I only copied my warlock so far since our class is seeing the biggest changes with this expansion and I couldn’t find anything on how many toons I could successfully bring over during this time. So I promise to post everything I can without detracting from someone’s excitement and anticipation in playing the finished version.

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