MoP Beta – Day 1

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail and Howdy All,

Well the MoP Beta finally completed its download, I copied over my lock and I was able to get logged in.  From here I will try to give you a rough estimate of what happened.  After being on less than 1 minute I got hit with 2 or three different spammy guild invites which kept up their relentlessness until I turned on the blocking feature. It’s very nice to have that option on Beta!  The first thing I noticed was that all my talents were reset so I was able to choose two specs.  For fun I went with Affliction and Destro because I have played them the most. After that, for each spec I chose my talents making sure that I took Grimoire of Service (the talent that offers the newest Burning Crusade looking and “improved” pets) just to see how they look and get a feel for them.

I know people are loving the larger pets that are currently in Beta but TBH and are already on the forms begging blizzard to leave them that size but, I hope they shrink them.  The Felguard version is huge and was always blocking the view of both my avatar and everything else around me.  Even max camera distance didn’t help much because it would still overlap or stand on my warlock avatar and I couldn’t see what direction I was facing.  The replacement demon for the felhunter, Little Wily (like the vanity pet) is outrageously large and was blocking out the sun. I even think there was a few small planets orbiting it too.  I know I exaggerate but really, like all of them it was way too big.  Using them for less than three minutes at the target dummies and I was already nostalgic for wanting my pre-Mop minions.  The joyful glee I always got from watching my fel-pup running at my targets all excited to serve me was a true simple pleasure.  Instead we get Little Wily slowly floating his way slowly at the targets shaking his head making ogre noises and licking our targets to death. Due to its sheer size it actually covered the training dumming so it looked like it was licking the air.   The Shirva demon which replaces our succubus (yes it’s huge too) has little to no redeeming animation and looks like any of the same models that can be found at the entrance of the Dark Portal at Hellfire Peninsula.  While my Shirva was standing still it looked very cool, but in battle it seems very stiff and uninteresting.  Granted, maybe my original succubus has just seduced me too many times and to see anything else was strange.  I thought about that and watched the Shirva attack some more just to make sure it wasn’t me.  No, I was right.  The Shirva animation is very simple, stiff and to be honest…boring.  The ebony imp replacement to our fel-imp looks the same as when it procs currently in-game now only (you guessed it) a much larger version.  It was almost the same height as my toon.

Going to the target dummies was pretty useless since about 200 people were using them and no one could see anything.  For some reason, a couple of hunter pets were proccing some kind of ability that had them growing insanely large where they took up the entire target practice area.  For the Horde players, think Grommash Hold and for Alliance think Stormwind Keep. Those pets were that big so you can imagine the complaining people were giving in chat about it.

Keep in mind I was running MoP at about 2:00 am and it was still horribly crowded.  So I sat in the Valley of Honor to fix all of my action bars and spells and to try to put them into a somewhat usable order.  Addons will work with Beta so get ready to play old school style for a while.  I also kept an eye on the chat channels looking for tips and hints on the changes.  People in /trade and /general were either just trolls or people who were actually trying to be very helpful.  None of the portals to anywhere worked so you will have to go to an inscriptionist and purchase Runes of Teleportation so that you could use them.  I have no idea why blizz put that in unless it saved server space or maybe it will be the new thing?  I have yet to find a reasoning for it.

As I was nearly complete setting up my new action bars and reading for hints and tips in chat I found a couple of other warlocks asking for help. So I tossed them invites and we formed a party.  We met at the target dummies in the Valley of Honor above the warrior building.  They were both very nice but just as clueless as I was not knowing what to do or where to start.  So we decided to just hit the dummies trying different things out to see what they looked like and to get a feel for it all.

The first thing I noticed was I had three purple gems floating above my head.  Since I was running in affliction and I had three soulshards I assumed it was the in-game visual mechanic that showed you how many you had.  I hope they fix it where you can turn it off soon because it is annoying.  Look in the picture and you can see what I mean.  When you burn a shard, one will disappear until you have no shards and no purple gems floating above your head.  When you cast a Drain Soul on a mob your shards get replenished with each tick and not when it dies.  So you can literally cast Drain Soul and you get your shards back up fast but just letting DS tick the first three times.  Haunt will actually burn off a single shard when it’s cast but I’ll get to more on that in a minute.

From what little bit I could gather for the short time I was on was that it is just buggy as hell. When you switched specs your talents and spells would disappear when you respec back.  So I was specced Afflock, switched to Destro for a bit and when I switched back all my Afflock stuff was gone and I would have to redo.  Not fun but easier to test things out.  I would rather have it to where things stayed like you set them up only you could change them as needed on the fly.  That would have saved a lot of time.  Same thing for setting up my casting bars and spells.  Dragging all of them back onto my screen and lining them up to where I liked them took most of my time.  Only to have to repeat that process about three times due to system being buggy.

Here are the three things I do not like about the Warlock Affliction spec so far.  First, there is my favorite warlock spell next to FEAR and that is my wonderful HAUNT.  Gone are the days when we’d see our Haunt fly at our targets to do a nice steady amount of damage, soak up our damage from our ticks that were burning only to return and bring us back the life we’ve taken from our enemies.  This is no longer the case. While the Haunt Spell does do some initial damage whats it’s really purpose is three-fold for MoP.  First, it does some increase of spell damage to our targets and second, it speeds up our dots very fast and lastly it burns a Soul Shard for our resource mechanic.  The spell just lands on the target and does not return to us like it used to with no added heal.   This is not the Haunt I fell in love with and I hope I get used to it.

Another Affliction iconic cast was our spam of Shadowbolts.  Shadowbolt is gone for affliction.  Gone, gone, gone.  Malefic Grasp (MG) is our new channeled filler spell instead of Shadowbolt. Malefic Grasp has a 3 sec channel time and gains power if you spam it more than once.  BORING.  To make matters worst IMHO it even looks very similar in spell effects like our Drain Soul (DS) finisher.  So when your killing a mob and spam MG 2x’s in a row and the mob is <25% and you switch to DS it feels like a never-ending pink ribbon that never quite goes away.  One of the problems I’ve also noticed since I can’t see any numbers yet (Recount I miss you badly) is that DS doesn’t feel like it has any real power.  I’ve cast it when mobs are below <25% and it seems to take forever to finish off that last 10%.  When I get more time I can go over the full affliction rotation in more detail.

I plan to try out all three specs and their playstyles and to try out each of the new talents.  I have also been logged into the forums religiously reading everything I can from other players,  listening to their suggestions and watching the always constant complaining.  Folks, once again all I’m going to say is it’s BETA!  Offering posts to the Blizz Forums with “This Sucks and I hate this and that” doesn’t help.  Try to be more constructive such as, “Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul Twisting feels way too long for channel spells and does not feel fun to do.”  That is a nicer and more constructive way of saying, “I don’t like this playstyle mechanic.”  Maybe then when people are more civil and constructive in their comments the developers will take special note and not from which post seems to be the biggest debbie-downer troll.

I have also been posting on the forums myself but not under my warlock name of Amijade.  I’m using a different handle or pen name mainly because I know that if Blizzard wants to look they can see that I have several warlocks at max level and I have several warlock alts I dabble on from time to time.   For the trolls who might disagree with my opinions hopefully their annoyance will be kept on the forums and not show up as a flaming war on this or any other blogsite.


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