MoP Beta – The Great Affliction Debate

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Beta Testing Warlocks

Hail and Howdy My Fellow Fearcasters,

On my last post, I gave a quick recap of our new Curse spells.  Basic yes.  Simple yes. Still a good starting point for basic warlocking? Definately yes.  Still the first spell we toss on a boss, enemy or mob.  Again the answer is…yes.  Watch for my next posting where I will be discussing the changes to Corruption, Unstable Affliction and Haunt. But for now I have to make a confession.  Affliction has been one of my favorite specs.

I have to admit it. I’m an Affliction Warlock through and through.  Yes, I’ve played all three specs and they are all unique and different and I enjoy them all but Affliction will always make giddy.  I think back to the days when I could take on four to six mobs and drain tank away with my DoTs, Fear spell, Drain Life, Life Taps and Drain Soul spells. Muahahaha! It was so much fun to walk away from enough dead mobs that could fill a small graveyard and still have full health and mana.  Just to steal the life from your enemy and use it against them was…amazing!  /em wrings hands in an evil glee.  Yes I know, Demo is sweet for Meta, good AOE and a tricky rotation and yes, I whole-heartedly agree that Destro is some face-melting fun…but Affliction was what hooked me on the Warlock Class.    

However, my beloved Affliction is in for some big changes I’ll be blogging about soon.  I’ve been playing a lot of it on Beta and I still have many mixed feelings.  Grinding, grinding and more grinding.  Exploring and grinding are some of my main focus currently in beta due to bugged quests, server crashes and general beta woes.  The two different times I was able to group up with some Beta Guildies to try to run a dungeon to test out the new Afflock spells and talents the server crashed both times.  So I can’t completely give you a full run down of what it’s like to go up against a boss with the new changes.  However, when I’m not out and about in the new Pandarian world I have been spending many hours playing with all of the Warlock spells, talents and rotations on target dummies.  *Sighs* If only there were a mage target dummy that spammed arcane missles at you…bah, but I digress.

In Beta, you still cant change your original specs you setup so for right now I’m stuck with Affliction and Demonology. I could delete and start over but the thought of resetting up my keybinds to the old “horrible” default UI gives me a migraine headache so I’ll wait for the fix.  Addons still don’t work in Beta but people are using World of Logs (WoL) to check damage and rotations.  This sounds great and if you like spreadsheets have at it but, we all know this is Beta and very early Beta so who knows how things will end up when they start making more changes and do more tweaking.

The ability to take screen shots still isn’t working so I can’t post any good pictures still which saddens me because using the spell, Dark Apotheosis in Demonology is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time but that’s IMHO.  The Dark Apotheosis (DA) spell currently shows that the appearance is just a place holder but I pray they keep it in and I can’t wait to take a Screenshot.  Take our Meta Demo form’s wings and stick them on your toon but make them about 50% translucent.  That’s the look.  Very simple but sinister, elegant and smexy. A great look for a warlock! Bat wings on my toon ftw! /claps hands in evil glee while giggling

Right now Affliction is having a large debate with testers on the forums as I’m sure when the other specs start to pan more discussion will include them too. It’s plain to see that Demo and Destro will be getting a lot more tweaking and changes but Affliction is still the hotest debate I see in regards to people posting and discussing.  I think the Affliction focus is due to the fact that it appears to be the most finished of the three to some degree but Destro is picking up fast.  Please don’t confuse what I’m saying :)   I’m not saying the Affliction spec is finished I’m just saying between the three specs currently in Beta it appears to have the most work put into it.  To see what I am talking about with the great Affliction Debate I’m going to refer you to a couple of places.  Some of them are long reads but well worth it if you have the time.

Affliction Warlock Feedback (WoW Forums)

Warlocks – The Scale of Choice Thread (WoW Forums)

Warlock Feedback: Affliction (WoW Forums)

Another good place I’ve found some good discussion as well is at MMO Champion.  Here is their link as well.

MMO Champion >> Forum >> Class Discussions >> Warlock >> State of Affliction in MoP

Until next time, enjoy reading the discussions above and by all means if your in the Beta, please get on the forums and let your voice be heard!  Your a Warlock so start imposing your will on others! All I ask is that you just do it respectfully because we don’t want flame wars sprouting like they have over on the my pretty pony mage forums.

Have fun and cya soon…

My Best

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