MoP Beta – Minion Personalities Missing

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Beta Testing Warlocks

Hail and Howdy my Appretices of Agony,

Last night, Poneria touched upon something that struck a nerve. Check out her post called, My Minion Memories. Hats off to Pon for beating me to the punch about the new Grimoire of Supremacy (GoSup). That was a topic I was planning to cover as well but I think she said it better. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the look of the new demons Blizzard has added. Really, I do. However, if you pick up the GoSup you will lose the ability to conjure your old pets, and instead you can only choose from the new shiny ones. I would hope they change GoSup to let you choose instead any of your demons; including both the old minions and the new ones. That would be great. If not, I think that it would be a huge mistake on Blizzard’s part. Blizzard representatives are always touting about wanting to put in the “fun” factor, and every time they limit our choices from that opinion, I plan to call them out on it. So please, join myself and many others, go to the forums and let the developers at Blizzard know how you feel about the GoSup glyph to include all of our demons. Go represent! —>; MoP Class Beta Forums

Practicing my Demonology

Poneria easily describes her heart-felt, emotional attachment to her demons and minions, and it’s totally understandable. I’m sure all of us warlocks, to varying degrees, feel that way concerning our relationships with our marvelous minions. Yes, some just call them minions, and some just call them tools, but after sharing such a long history with our demonic counterparts, they have become more like a best friend or close family member.

For a long time, our consorts have emoted their own unique personalities while accompanying us through thick and thin. Through all our adventures and mishaps, victories and defeats, our minons were there to back us up. I’m sure you can guess who says this, “I am void, where prohibited” or “Now, what!?” or “As you wish…”. Yes, they might be cute and trite sayings but they have unique personalities behind them. My imp’s squeaky voice has annoyed me, countless times, along with many of the heroics groups I’ve pugged with as well. I expect him to be annoying because it’s grown on me. I expect my imp’s irritation as easily as I expect to see how my little fel-hound, “puppy-kins” gets excited when I summon him. My felpuppy is just that, my puppy…with all his skipping and bounding around that it brings. He’s both eager to please and faithful at my command. Even my succubus’ “Oohs” and “Ahs” with her butt-smacking, whip-cracking, over sexual comments now sound like music. Well, not music per se, but at least it’s done in her own voice and bringing out her own personality. Right now, in beta testing when you pick up the GoSup glyph, yes, you get the new flavor of demon skins but the developers are falling short on rounding them out to be unique in their own way.

Using the new Grimoire of Supremacy, demon for demon, you get the new cool skins, but sadly only a shortened echoed voices of our pre-mop minion personalities. The new Voidlord repeats the same lines as our former blueberries did. The Shivarra’s voice is quite boring because it’s a straight copy of our old temptress succubus, but without the sexual overtones and sound effects, losing all of the arrogance and smartness of her over-the-top personality. The only demon who even remotely appears slightly different is the Observer. Right now the Oberserver is just given a repeating guttural growl that doesn’t sound too threatening nor too appealing as a force of fear. In fact, if you sit and listen to the Observer’s sound effects long enough, one will imagine images of these sounds originating from a bathroom stall where some poor person suffers from constipation. That last comment might just be IMHO, but listen for yourself and tell me what you think. Actually, I dare you to listen to the sounds of the Oberserver and not wonder if the poor creature has a problem with regularity or not. Trust me on that one.

I can only hope that before the launch of MoP that the developers decide to fix our new demons. The new skins are great but they are missing the quirky, individual habits of our older demons. They need their own funny, trite or smart-alecky sayings. Yes, my new Shavarra looks amazing, but she’s bland and boring compared to my succubus without her own voice or personality. Look at the picture below. Shivarra is a twelve-foot woman with six arms and her clothes are easily four sizes too small, she sports both a set of Gene Simmons’ Kiss costume boots and a G-string that would chafe even the best super models. They can’t think of any funny sayings or comments that could go along with that? Really? All it would take for blizzard to fix this problem would be to add a couple of sound files and maybe a simple “unique” animation for each new demon. It’s a simple fix and I’m surprised no one over at Blizzard has caught this problem. If there was one thing Blizzard has always done right, it was adding all of the “little” details that make WoW so much fun to play because it brings all of Azeroth to life.

Note to Blizzard: You’ve drawn some great new artwork for our new minions in MoP, now you just need to give them a life all their own. I want to welcome my new minions with open arms. I want them to annoy me, make me laugh or make me feel important. As it stands in Beta now, the sound of these new demons just make me miss my old ones.

“WTB a unique demonic personality, pst tyvm!”
Even with a great looking skin she’s missing a style all her own.

  1. elkagorasa says:

    Personality is probably just low on the priority list. Maybe haven’t found voice talent for their snarky remarks?? I’d like to see my Burning Ember count while in Destro. :)

    • I completely agree with you on the embers Elk and I’m loving the fiery effect that builds up with Destro. It’s a nice touch. I just hope they can give that same new feeling of “hawtness” to our new minions as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Zenith says:

    MMO Champion has just released a video containing the newly added upgraded demons’ voices. At first I was planning on completely avoiding Grimoire of Supremacy since I didn’t want to ‘lose’ my favorite imp Gellop. After listening to these awesome sounds I can’t wait to grab the talent and having Invader Zim running around and mocking me!

    • Hey Zenith,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yep, the twitterverse was alive and buzzing with it today while I was at work. I heard it over lunch and yep, I’m glad they changed them. It’s still way too early in the beta but so far I like! Thanks for posting the link!

      Hrm, they normalized hunter pets to be any spec a hunter chooses. I wonder if this is what the future for warlocks and their demons? Who knows! My best…

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