10 Things My Warlock Has Taught Me

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Howdy and Hail my Harbingers of Horror,

The lesson for today may seem short, but great wisdom can often be found in the most seeming and unlikely of places. So, here is my top 10 list of things my warlock has taught me, and I hope may teach you as well:

And you thought one demon was tough to control? Psh!

  1. Corruption has no power over you, unless you allow it.
  2. Dark Intent, if put up for bid, can make you good money in a raid.
  3. Nothing is better than having good friends, even if they are demons.
  4. People can be judgemental and suspicious of you…prove them wrong.
  5. Running from fear is easy, but acknowledging your fear and facing it only makes you stronger.
  6.  Transmogrification was not actually designed to make you look cool, but to make your gold disappear instead.
  7. Whether your wiping in a raid or your losing in a battleground, smile and have fun: It still beats a day at work.
  8. You can meet more intelligent characters in a dark cleft or in the basement of a tavern than you can at any mage university.
  9. A good class quest-line is more enjoyable, more memorable, and feels more epic than all of the profession, reputation or daily quests combined.
  10. A warlock’s true power comes from knowing that only they themself, can control both their demons, and their destiny.

How about you? Has playing your warlock taught you anything good? bad? funny? Please let me know, because I’d love to keep a running list posted for others to enjoy. Here’s one I thought about putting in, but it sounded too familiar or shall I say almost cliché?   11. If you play with fire, even if it’s green, you will eventually get burned.

Here’s what some of our bretheren warlocks would add:

No matter how many mages you kill in PvP, it’s never enough. (Saga from Spellbound)

  1. Saga says:

    No matter how many mages you kill in PvP, it’s never enough.

    A small tip, btw.. A lot of people will read sites through a feedreader, due to reading from work. So it’s nice if the posts are coming through in full and not trunctuated. Yours is currently trunctuated, but you can change that in your wordpress settings :)

    • Saga,
      Thanks for the great addition to my collection. OMG that’s great! Sorry I’m trunctuated with my blog, that sounds really bad too, and when I find out what that is and how to turn it off I’ll do asap! I just downloaded Feedreader for my iPhone so I’ll learn more about using the RSS Readers to better utilize them. I’m just still upset that I didn’t get to take part in The Worst Warlock Contest. Luckily, I’m sure you will be hosting others. Thanks & my best…

  2. Navimie says:

    LOL, your list has made me laugh! I do like number 10 the best!

    • Navimie,

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it :) Please let your warlock friends know about it because I’d love to keep a running list from all of my warlock bretheren and other people are much more creative than me. I appreciate you taking the time to read it. My Best…

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