Newbie Blogger Initiative – Learn Something New

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks
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Hail and Howdy All,

I want to give you an apology to everyone right from the start. I accidently hit the publish button instead of the “Save as Draft” button. It’s late, I’m tired, and I made a mistake. This post wasn’t even remotely close to being finished. I needed to add my pictures and links to it and re-read it, revise it, and then revise it some more. However, I have no idea how to take it down without deleting it. So until I give it a quick finish, it will appear a lacking a bit.

Since I’m still trying to keep up with the challenges set forth with the Newbie Blogger Initiative and because it’s a holiday weekend here in the United States, this post will be somewhat short :) The topic for week 4’s NBI challenge is, “Learn Something New” where new bloggers go out into the wilds of the world to learn something new, then come back and write a simple post about it. Sounds like fun, eh? Well, I’ve actually done two new things so I’ll give you a rundown on both.

“Learn Something New” #1

For my first challenge, I wanted to do something different, something completely new to me, and something that took some guts or bravery on my part.  I wanted a true test of how far I could go with taking on a challenge, and yet I wanted it related to topics on this blog. So I chose to do the farthest thing from my mind that I would ever consider…ever! You might have guess it…I decided to roll a mage.  When your done laughing, here is my personal goal: roll a mage and try get it to level 20 just to see how the other side can stand it lives. Yes, I chide and kid on our dopey mage friends, but it’s all in good fun. Besides, if it wasn’t for mages who would buy up all those bright, ugly and flowery pastel green level items I sell on the AH that I’m making such a great profit on? No one that’s who!

First, I had to decide on what side to create one. Would it be Alliance or Horde? I sat at the character screen clicking around on the Alliance side. I’m kinda goofy and picky when it comes to the toons I select. I’m sure many of you are the same way, tweaking and playing around until the character and its style appeals to you. For me, the animation along with the look of the character has to feel just “right”. Well, after having tried a human, gnome, dwarf and a worgen mage…nothing felt right. Now before I get tons of hate mail from my Alliance friends let me explain why.

Poor guy ate too much cheese and brewfest ale

The human male didn’t appear too passionate in what he was doing, I’m thinking it might have been because his robe looked like a skirt, or maybe being a human male and a mage was too embarrassing even for a cartoon? I don’t know why it felt odd and I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. The human females weren’t bad, but since I have a human female warlock already, I didn’t feel right making another human female, even if it was a mage. It would have felt awkward to me like I was cheating on my spouse or something.

 The animations of the yard Gnomes weren’t bad. The tiny characters looked like they were really trying to cast spells with some feeling and passion, so I was hopeful. My only problem with trying to play the Gnome race was when I thought about what would happen if I decided to level this toon later on. Knowing I couldn’t just throw out all my sense of self-dignity I had to pass. Although, I must admit the idea of dressing one up like a North Pole Elf for Winter’s Veil Celebration made me giggle but that is what…two or three weeks only per year? So, I had to pass on the Gnomes. Once I hit the delete button the Oompa Loompa song from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory stopped playing in my head. Excuse me a sec…*shudders*…just writing about that made me re-live that feeling over again, sorry! If you like Gnomes though, you might want to check out a new friend of mine, Gnomegates.

Yep, I couldn’t level this one past 20! Sorry that’s IMHO

Dwarf males weren’t too bad IMHO either, but their facial features made them appear as if they suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. Maybe it’s their mainstay diet of Alterec Swiss Cheese, or all the Dwarven Ale and food during the beer festival makes them constipated? The female counterparts of the male dwarves didn’t appear to enjoy what they were doing much either when I’d let them launch off a spell. Worse yet, all I could think of when watching mine run around was that someone invented support bras for a reason. OMG I felt bad for her, it looked painful! Yes, I can get “jiggy” with it from time to time, but for daily life…I’m all about comfort. So I had to pass on the Dwarfs.

Worgens, even though they look very cool (I love dogs IRL), have one of the strangest casting animations in all of Azeroth. To me, it looks like they are throwing up. It’s odd, they wave their hands around their tummies then throw their face and hands forward in one quick heaving motion. Plus, like Draenei, they have tails. Tails and capes do not bode well with Transmog. Instead of a cape draping nicely around the backside looking regal, any tails on a toon make the fabric stick out at a weird angle. So after passing by the Worgen, my last hope with the Alliance fell on the Night Elf characters. 

Cute for a dwarf, but bad animation and painful to watch running!

The male Nelf characters I could live with, but let us be honest, their animations are less than desirable. In fact, their animations are quite boring to me. No wonder so many people roll Nelf Hunters. I’m sure having a bow and a pet would have made the character appear much more threatening in his appearance.  The female Nelf, on the other hand, had it all going for her. She looked like a Barbie Adventure doll. Her animations appeared as if she meant business when it came to inflicting some Rdps, and her running didn’t hurt to watch. Everything was going great until I reached level 8 (or was it 9?) and made my way into to Teldrassil, Right here, let me just stop and say that it has been a while since I’ve leveled a new toon and I’m surprised how fast I could ding in levels. I think it took roughly one hour and I was almost level 10. Not bad at all for such a short time sink.

So there I was, a new female Nelf mage ready to take on the world entering the mighty capital city of my race. I went by the AH, bought a couple of cheap greens and then headed over to the bank of Teldrassil underneath the great tree. If the great tree’s carvings of the bear or eagle could have separated themselves from that tree bark and fled, I’m sure they would have done it. At the base of the great tree bank, I came upon a frightening sight.  At first, I was in shock because I didn’t think anyone would be in Teldrassil. I just remember Teldrassil being deserted the like the Blood Elf capital city of…Oh, what’s that name again? Shadow Moon Valley? No, that’s not it. Shadow Council? Nope that’s a faction.  Oh yeah, Silver Shadow City! (Er…you know what I mean, that one town that looks like a big birthday cake in a Dr. Seuss book)  

There, for any and everyone to see, were several female Nelf toons mailbox dancing with no clothes on while a level 18 worgen and a level 16 male gnome cheered them on. OMG! I stopped, watched in horror for a moment and then immediately logged off. This was a new server to me, and maybe there that sort of behavior you can get away with doing.  Maybe, I just had too much of a warlock in me because I’m too used to setting a standard, not lowering them? Geez louise, the toons they were dancing for weren’t even at the game’s cap level. Bah! So much for self degradation. I can only tolerate so much…

This one had such potential!

Moving along to the Horde side I had a few choices: Orc, Undead, Troll, Belf or Goblin. Orcs and Trolls are very nice choices but the thought of running around the Barrens again to level made me queasy. Yes, I know it’s been divided up but it’s still questing in Barrens. Ally players won’t get that joke but Horde side players will. So that left me with the choice of Belf, Undead or Goblins. I like the idea of creating either Belfs, the blondes or the brunettes. Both look good in robes and both have acceptable hairstyles which helps with Transmogging since I could wear both a helmet or not.  Once again I shuddered thinking about having to level up again in that one place…Um what’s the name again? Shadow Moon Valley? Er….Sorry…you know, the Belf starting area where no one goes or can find. I did that zone on my huntress so once was good for me.

Trolls are appealing to me and I don’t know why. I guess it’s because they are so ugly, they are cute to me. I tried a male troll for about 1/2 hour. Even though he looked great, like the male Nelf toon, his animations as a caster just didn’t work for me. It wasn’t as bad as the worgen casters, but it was like the male human caster where I just couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t like it.  Male Trolls however, look much more foreboding doing the melee animations anyway IMHO. I could have created a female Troll, but I have one who’s a shaman already and the animations were the same. So that left me with choosing the Undead. Since my current undead warlock is female this left me with only one clear choice.

I rolled a male Undead mage and he’s now at level 8. I promise to stick with my plan and get him to level 20 and I’ll let all of you know what I think.

This is not someone you ask to get a port or table from!

“Learn Something New” #2

Due to my career, I travel quite frequently and podcasts help pass away the many hours behind the wheel. Needless to say, I listen to A LOT of podcasts. One of the things I have noticed is that many of the WoW podcasts have short segments at the end of them. The topics of these segments vary: some talk about addons, some talk about tanking, some discuss vanity pets, etc., The one thing I haven’t heard a short segment on is warlocks. This got me to pondering as to why not. Warlocks are a great class despite their problems and we have a lot to say and discuss.

So, to learn something new, I’ve decided I would attempt to make a few “short spots” or “segments” concerning warlocks and if they aren’t too bad, maybe I’ll send them off to a couple of the WoW podcasters and see if they would consider using them on their shows. Like this blog, I have never done something like that before so I’ll be a total and complete noob. I’m not sure how to do it yet, but I have been reading up on it.

The Audacity sound program…It’s going to be a lot of learning!

A suggestion from one of my guildmates, who runs a well-known WoW Podcast (I’m keeping them anonymous in case anything I submit is really bad), I’ve downloaded and installed the audio editing software called, Audacity. I’ve played around with it so far,  and if there is one thing I’ve learned, like viewing my own pictures, hearing my voice is PAINFUL. Utterly horrid! Since my voice sounds so terrible, I’m going to have to learn how to manipulate the sound files to make them more acceptable for others to hear. I’m not sure if it will be up to the sound quality of Revngeek or Johnny Feisty (two other guildies of mine), but I’m going to try :)

Now, I’m open to suggestions from my reading audience. What topics about warlocks would you like to hear on podcast? Addons? Transmogging? Making fun of mages? New Beta stuff? If there is anything in particular you would like to hear, please let me know.

  1. harpysnest says:

    Not like Gnomes……..!!!!!

    I have to admit they take a bit of getting used to but now I just pretend I’m an evil china doll bent on world domination through a mix of mindcontrol and pain.

    Your Nightelf Mage wasn’t on a RP server by any chance was she?

  2. Erinys says:

    Not like Gnomes….!!1!

    They do take a bit of getting used to, but now I just pretend mine is an evil china doll bent on world domination through mindcontrol and pain.

    Also, your Nightelf Mage wasn’t a RP server by any chance was she?

    • Heya Erinys,

      Actually, I don’t really mind Gnomes…they taste just like chicken :P All kidding aside, for the “Learn Something” challenge I wanted to have a little fun with it. I had been studying and reading up on how to use the Audacity audio program so much that I really needed a break.

      The Nelf Mage wasn’t on a RP server,she was on a PvE. However, I have heard some odd stuff about “Warcraft After Dark” where there is all kinds of odd things going on and it was late when I finally made it to Teldrassil so who knows…/shrugs

      There is nothing wrong with playing your Gnome, trust me. Be proud, represent and just make sure you have your “Show Helm” options turned on in public :P

      My Best…

  3. Navimie says:

    You make me LOL Amijade!
    Making fun of mages is something my lock friend does and I laugh all the time. I want to hear more of that.

    • Thanks Navimie,

      I’m glad you liked and I read your write-up on For the love of Warlocks as well. Very nicely done btw :) When I get time, I’ll make sure to stop by and comment. I’m on a cell phone right now and tap typing doesn’t always agree with my spelling :)

      Hrm, I think everyone likes it when warlocks make fun of mages…it’s up there with poking fun of newer hunters, Gnomes in general, trade-troll spammers and people screaming out orders in battlegrounds. Somethings just never get old!

      Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! My best…

  4. Ninevi says:

    So funny, great post! Mage is the only class I don’t have an alt of…perhaps because my bias towards my own warlock as well. :) I can never get enough of joking on mages!

    I’d be very interested in hearing about MoP changes and interface/addons, too. Anything that can help motivate me to play my lock more in the upcoming expansion!

    • Howdy Ninevi,

      I am the same here on never having rolled a mage. No worries about it though, the mage population is high enough they don’t really need us. Besides, since you can write and communicate clearly so it’s obvious you would become quite bored with one quickly. Aren’t you an alchemist anyway? I’m sure the tedium of making bags would ruin it for you as well.

      I was doing my best at keeping up with the MoP Beta and warlocks. One of the problems I’m finding is that after writing up a couple of very long posts concerning what’s going on…all of them were outdated within a week or two. I have three very long drafts I never posted because the changes happen so fast it’s hard to keep up and it felt like wasted energy. So for now, I plan to take it much slower with a wait and see attitude.

      However, as things become more stable and finalized I’m sure there will be lots of topics to write about. Thanks for stopping by :) and give some ‘love to your lock!

  5. Prinnie Dood says:

    Poor goblins, we got left behind. Or maybe that’s for the best, ’cause Farria there’s got one hell of a dashing hairdo. What do you think is holding that in place? Some sort of embalming fluid long since dried out? Whatever it is, I have to get my hands on some of it. It’ll make a nice profit!

    • Hey Prinnie,

      Actually, hrm did I leave Goblins out? Sorry, it was late when I wrote the post and being a warlock I’m free to make fun of everyone and it’s okay. So if I left goblins out it was unintentional. I tend to group them alongside Gnomes. Although, I have many friends who are goblins and I plan to level one sometime just to get through their starting quests because I hear it’s fun. /sighs So much to do, so little time! Farria’s hair? It’s dried blood. My backstory for him was that he was a former human mage (wanna-be-warlock) who had mistaken a Belf warlock’s Voidwalker for his own water elemental. I actually might level him to cap, I could always use a tailor and sometimes the hard work, dedication and skill to play a ‘lock can be draining. No pun intended!

      Thanks for stopping by! I really do <3 Goblins! My best…

      • Elkagorasa says:


        I definitely recommend rolling a goblin if just to play the first 10 levels.If for no other reason that to watch the goblin mage battling it out with the goblin warlock in the starting area. Their ‘friendship’ in the goblin ghetto of Orgrimmar is only after they’ve gone through their island blowing up.


      • Hey Elk!
        Yep, I’ve heard about that tift but still haven’t seen it. I probably should run the goblin starting before I start to level my mage to 20. I’m sure it will be much more fun and appealing :)

        Also, I read your post “Thank you for playing World of Workcraft” today at lunch but my comment wouldn’t go through, I blame either my iphone or the area’s reception I was in. I love the Stash idea.

        However, I know on of Blizz’s complaints is all the storage space on their end that is needed for bag sizes, bank space, and void storage space. You would think being in the void it could go across realms or at least cross server or toons. Yep, it would be soooo nice.

        Thanks for stopping by! My best…

    • Prinnie,

      Sorry I forgot to tell ya that Spiteflayer will die very easily, but he will aggro if you get close enough to him. The mountain/hills in the middle of the map are a great place to catch him in his path. He’s a fun pet to have, although his chirping sounds like fireworks going off… Good luck!

  6. Yep, definitely voting for making fun of Mages!

  7. theerivs says:

    Once you teleport you’ll never want to roll another toon again. :)

    Funny you should do this. I rolled an Orc Warlock, and will be writing about my adventures. Though I got all the goodie heirlooms to help me.

    • Hey Theerivs,

      My dear mage-y friend, I’m glad you have come to your senses and decided to delve into the Dark Arts. Unlike leveling a mage, with a warlock you really have no need for BoAs other than for trivial things such as rep and exp point gains. You will have plenty of power behind you so no worries there…please becareful and remember not every new warlock can control themselves once they taste true power, so take your time.

      Here are some hints to help you in your endeavors that you may not be used to since having played a mage. First, unlike a mage, you won’t have to run from your enemies. Once you get the hang of standing your ground you will find that enemies will either fall before you or run away in Fear. Second, get used to the idea of other players looking at you to lead groups or raids. We are born to lead after all. Lastly, if you really want to have fun on your warlock, flag yourself. You will be suprised how many players will avoid you from that point forward. (That last one is a little warlock trick we use when we want some quiet time alone or if we want to farm honor while questing).

      My only other advice is to practice a good cackle. Find something that suits your playstyle. Some warlocks simply type /cackle, some go with the casual /laugh and some go with the infamous /s Muahahahahaha! You will want to practice this target macro particularly when you do flag yourself because you will use it often as your enemies are too cowardly to attack you alone…trust me on that one.

      Please stop by anytime and Iook forward to a day when I can talk with you as a peer.

      My best…

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