NBI – I Refuse to Introduce 3 New Blogs!

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail and Howdy my Dark Angels,

Some headline tag for this post, eh? Controversial? You bet! Will it make mages and others QQ? Hellfire yes! You see, that’s how we, as warlocks, like to enter a raid or battleground. We’re always big, bold and brazen! I love it! People who work in sales and marketing call that “making an impression”. Isn’t that what blogs are all about? Presentation, presentation, presentation? So please forgive me when I say right up front, “I refuse to introduce 3 new blogs!” Before you gnash your teeth and tear your clothes, please read on.

Newbie Blogger Initiative

*Sighs* Well, it’s finally come to its end and I of course I want to thank Syp from Bio Break and all the great folks and sponsor blogs over at the NBI! It’s been a lot of fun taking on the weekly challenges. I have met so many fun, creative, and helpful people who I am truly humbled and impressed with and pleasantly surprised with how welcoming the gaming community has been to reaching out to new bloggers. It’s definitely been a fun ride! For a complete list of both the new bloggers and the sponsors, then click to Syp’s NBI List. From what I’ve read, the last time something like this has taken place was back in 2009 and I can only hope they make this an annual event. It’s amazing what one idea can spark…

Challenge #5 – Be a Sponsor; Highlight and Introduce 3 New Blogs

Over the past week or so, I actually read at least three posts from every single blogger on Syp’s list. I did this for my education and to steal borrow ideas for things I might try out here. There were a lot great blogs and I have to admit that I’m now compelled, after reading some of the LotR and Gear Wars blogs, to actually try both of these online games. Many of those blog authors were so passionate about playing these MMOs that it made their appeal shine through in their writings. 

Since this last challenge is subjective and based on my own opinions, I’m going to take the stand of a true warlock and hold my ground on my decision of NOT to introduce 3 new blogs. Yes, I’m selfish…I know, and if anyone has a problem with that…please raise your hand, go flag yourself and meet me at the front gates of Ogrimmar. I’m a warlock who is slow to anger, but when push comes to shove I don’t mind farming the easy honor points or adding another soulshard in my bag. Instead, what I’m going to do is introduce 10 new blogs. /cackles madly while rubbing her hands

I have to admit, next to the elementary steps I had to take when rolling a mage and having to hold back my regurgitation through it all in the last challenge, this one really took up some time in research. First, I set up some criteria to go by and here is what wanted:

  1. A World of Warcraft Themed Blog (since my blog is WoW specific)
  2. Interesting stuff I might not normally read
  3. A writer who gave up some of their own personality and perspective and made me want to read more

So to all the blogging community, I present to you my list of upcoming writers I’ve added to my feedreader. I hope they keep up their hard work and I look forward to reading more from them in the future. To make it easier for any mages who might be stopping by hoping to learn any of our warlocks secrets, I’ve alphabetized them so you don’t get lost.

1. Casually Vicious – Solajin, a.k.a., Khuruuk, is the author of this WoW and MMO blog. Being a former Shaman and Rogue he’s now turned Feral and to Druidism. He loves to go kitty when he’s solo or in LFR but prefers to tank it bear-style while running 5 man dungeons. I loved the blog name btw :) It’s catchy and as his title suggests, real-life and being the father of two has trimmed down the time spent with his MMOs and I’m glad to see him keep his priorities straight. Now that he plays a Troll druid he even admits to being a loot whore! Omg, I thought that was a great thing to admit. Honestly, all WoW players know this is a true fact about Druids, but he is the first for me to see admit it in writing. I really enjoyed reading about his play style of attacking his victims (quite the opposite of mine) because he enjoys stealthing, “So they don’t know what hits them!” Now, my only two questions for Solajin would be  “Did the hat finally drop?” and “Was it the Weather Beaten Hat?” Pst, tyvm! /bows

2. Deathstomp –  What do you get when you have a GM of a small guild running on a Blood DK? Well, you’ll find it here. The author Diabloceto / Evil Robot does a fine job of conveying his thoughts and insights into playing WoW from his perspective. How he manages with 2 girls (I pity you Evilrobot), chickens, 4 dogs (you gotta love that), being a beekeeper, restoring a rocking truck (I wish I had my 68 nova and 69 Monte Carlo) while still discussing his frustrations and joys over the game he loves to play, I have no idea. Anyone who can admit that when they rolled their first toon and spent hours in the Valley of Trials because they had no clue is just cake with icing in my book. Evilrobot, you might not have found the blog about DKs you were looking for but hopefully others will find yours.  Please don’t hate me when I tell you I caught Old Crafty in about 10 casts, but I hope it lessons the pain when I tell you that I’m still buying that damn (I rarely cuss too) “Egg of Lies” from the Oracles. I think my count is at 300+?  Thanks again! /salutes

3. Dreadblade – It’s actually ironic that two out of three of my DK blog recommends both begin with the letter “D” and both are the father of two girls. The author of Dreadblade, Leodar, plays both a Paladin and a DK. In between real life and his coaching position, he loves raid leading and discussing WoW and other things. I shared his same position on E-sports btw only he said it better :P Plus, anyone who’s a fan of both Olivia D. Grace from Wowinsider, and who quotes from a notorious member of the warlock class such as Cynwise, has to have a keen sense about him. Thanks for the good reads my friend and I hope moving over to wordpress.com has been an easy transition. /bows humbly

4. Flask Half Empty – I’m actually sad about this one because the author Ninevi (a person who loves tweeting like me) wrote a blog almost 4 years ago, but gave it up. Luckily, for us she jumped back into the thick of things and as I see it, she will have no problems fitting into the blog community or the WoW community at large. She has four main toons she loves to play (V., is her undead warlock so you know she’s got great taste as well) and has more alts than I probably have room for on my blog. Currently she loves healing on her Druid, but if you get the time read her post about each of her “mains” it shows she put a lot of thought into her writing. She’s an extremely patient person because not only does she compete in the Ironman Challenge but has she leveled Archaeology on three toons and still finds time to write about it with Caprice and the Last Relic of Argus. Girl, I’m glad your back and I hope you stay awhile :P  I’ll be tweeting you about Archy questions, that’s one profession that drives me nutty! I want more please! /salutes

5. Goetia’s Letters – Hrm, rather than describe this author, Wapsipincon, I’d like to use a quote from her blog as she describes, “I primarily play homely Horde girls that smash, nuke and heal; this blog documents their adventures.” Wow, now that says a lot in one simple sentence! I truly enjoy her posts about WoW and the toons she plays, like everyone else I’m promoting here she is another person whose writings I want to read more. Wapsipincon uses a ton of pictures on her blog which I love, and lets you live adventures with her with something simple as her journey to Vash’jir or as she takes you along as she creates her Troll druid. Girl, now just get yourself a twitter account and tweet me! /applauds and salutes 

6. Healing Mains – With this blog you get twice the reading pleasure. Brae and Eluna are wives, mothers and friends IRL. Both have found their calling in playing WoW. Brae writes from the angle of a healing priestess while Eluna kicks in with some Resto Druid love.  From posts about Raid Leading to Addons, to things as fun a Silly Screen Shots…I’m really enjoying it. Since I heal on my shaman for my RT, I always enjoy good talks about keeping your crew still standing. I loved the Kenny Rogers reference because it’s so true. Any good healer will tell you that doing their job is like good comedy. It’s all about…timing! Nice work ladies! /cheers

7. Image Heavy – A young lady named Eva a.k.a., Clumsygrrrl, Prim and Jonze – has a picturesque view of WoW. You won’t find any number crunching, guides or rants & raves about the game. Instead, she brings her readers on a trip into her dreamy visions and small wonderings of what she is doing in-game. Her posts are very short, and convey the point or thought she is having at the moment. The blog has a lot of WoW imagery laced through out it, but she does mix in some personal stuff in there as well. Her “Wherein…” series make me curious to see each one just from reading the titles. /bows  

8. Priest All The Things – I do wish Asherrylie a.k.a., Ashe, had an about page on her blog. The only things I could find out about her were reading her, “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me” post and from what I can glean from her postings. What I have read, I’ve enjoyed. I feel like she’s next to me talking instead of me sitting there reading. Know what I mean? I know she has several toons at cap, plays WoW with her husband and cat in tow, and she’s one of the Wrath babies who’s finding her WoW maturity :) She mainly runs Shadow spec but loves to heal as well. Her main goal in creating her site was due to her frustration in not finding a lot of information or writings on Shadow priests and I enjoyed her Through a Glass, Darkly Pictures Post. Don’t read it if you don’t want spoilers! /claps

9. Unliving a Death Knight – Yes, another DK blog and this one makes three! Yes, it’s amazing because I’ll probably never find the time to level a DK, but I find them interesting to learn and read about. Especially when you have a another good writer like Kalcaryen. What impresses me most, is like me, he’s quite passionate about his class. He’s passionate enough that it makes me want to level one! Kalcaryen, all I can say is with the blog theme you chose tied with the background pic from Deviant Art…the site looks fantastic. This warlock loves the look and it really does scream DK! Now, you need to come over and pimp up my blog for me. Not only does Kalc explain things in an easy-going writing style, but he presents other places where to find the information first, then adds his comments to the post. Plus, he’s another DK who I’ve seen quoting Cynwise :) /bows

10. Warcraft Street Frinka is the author and I have one questions for you, “Would you be my investment broker IRL?” Seriously, go there at read up on the math behind some of their money-making breakdowns. First, I’m not an AH player and I’m usually broke so anything to help me get motivated to make some gold is nice to read. If you’re on the Earthen Ring server then please, don’t read it! I need every opportunity to fund my gold stash as best I can :P I love the tie in with both Sesame Street and a certain person name…*ahem*…G. Street. The twitter icon Frinka uses even looks like the Sesame Street Signpost. Great way to set yourself apart! /cheers

I had two more blogs I really wanted to add to this list, but alas…I could not. Both blogs are done very well and both were fun to read; however, I had one small problem with them personally. Both of these blogs advertised “WoW Gold Selling” websites. As a complete WoW nut, I could not in my good conscience endorse them. Now, I have 30 seconds to post before the month is over :)

Ugh…bah! Can you believe I was actually 10 seconds from having this post time stamped for May 31st and not June 1st! I blame the upload time.

  1. Navimie says:

    Lol you are a cheeky warlock! I do like your introduction for each, you are trumping my blog post about newbies! All traffic is good traffic I suppose.

    • Navimie,

      Yep, I wasn’t sure on the title. I was worried some people on feedreaders would read title and move on. I feel bad I didn’t get to add the pics I took of the blogs as well because my goal was to get it in by deadline time. Bah! Missed it anyway by 30 seconds due to upload times :( Where’s a “dammitol” pill when you need one? /bangs head on desk

  2. Saga says:

    That’s quite the list of new blogs! I will have to check them out one of these days. My blogroll can never be long enough :D

    • Saga,

      I was actually shocked that there wasn’t more WoW blogs. I suppose it’s the lull of the expansion phase and I’m sure when MoP hits more will spring up. I heard back from one of the bloggers where the gold ads were posted. They explained it was their blogger service and they are trying to get removed. I hope so, I’d love to add them to the list –

      Thanks for the tweets and good luck if you enter the contest. I still don’t have one entry which means the prize is still anyone’s for the taking. Thanks for stopping by… :)

  3. asherrylie says:

    Request received! About page is now functional. Thanks for the heads up on the oversight

    • Heya Asherrylie,

      No worries :) it just meant I got to read some more posting as I was trying to learn more about you ;P After I level a mage to level 20 (then delete…bleh!) I’m torn between leveling a priest or a druid. Any suggestions?

  4. Frinka says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. I’m not a broker irl, I just play one on my blog. :)

  5. Elunamakata says:

    Thank you for the kind words! <3

  6. Ninevi says:

    Amijade, Amijade, you are too kind, and I’m grateful to have met you through the NBI! I look forward to reading your future posts and keeping in touch! :)

    • Ninevi,

      You do the same and I hope you don’t think it was because of quid pro quo :P It was well deserved. Now, I hope you know your going to be my “go-to” person for Archy right? I just need to bite the bullet on leveling that proffession especially for my lock since she’s an Alchemist too. Now I’ll have to pray to the RNG-gods to have a jar pop for me if I could ever level it high enough. Cya on Twitter!

  7. Leodar says:

    Thanks for introduction Amijade! The NBI was certainly a boon to me as I converted to WP about 2 weeks before it launched.

  8. Kalc says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words, Amijade! I have stumbled across your blog a few times now, and I must say, I’m actually quite envious of YOUR blog’s theme! Between you and Cynwise, I’m afraid I’ll probably be rolling a Warlock alt at the start of Mists.

    I can see it now: my entire guild’s gonna be all-
    “ooo I’m leveling a panda-monk! I’m so peaceful, serene, calm… OMG I’M ON FIRE! STORMWIND IS BURNING! KALC, NO! NO STOP WE’RE YOUR FRIENDS!!!” *maniacal laugh*

    I have been so humbled by the wonderful community surrounding the NBI. I hope I can live up to your high praise!

    PS- You’ve been blogroll’d, deal with it. :)

    • Kalc,

      Maybe you’re a warlock and just don’t know it? I’ve got two concepts for you to consider “Meta Form” and “Dark Apotheosis”.

      Besides, we don’t burn our friends…mages, well…that’s a different story. Just keep doing whatever your doing because it’s working.

      My best…

  9. khuruuk says:

    That stupid T13 hat never drops! I just want one decent, full tier set! I don’t want to go around Azeroth wearing antlers instead of some mushroom-laden hoodie.

    I do wear the fishing hat pretty often, though.

    Thanks for the endorsement! (btw – how do you do that pingback thing?)

    • Heya Khuruuk,

      Yep, I know the feeling about items never dropping. I think my shaman wore basic green shoulders at the start of the expansion forever! When we finished To4W I think I finally got an upgrade. Well, it makes it more special when they finally do drop!

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