Dear Abby? Really?

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Listening for Inspiration from the Ghosts of the Past

Hail and Howdy my Archetypes of Anguish,

As always, oh where to begin? Hrm, how about some quick follow ups? The mage toon I rolled for the NBI Challenge is still at level 9, but I plan to spend 1 hour a week getting him to 20. I’m sorry it’s not faster, but it’s all I can tolerate at this point. Plus, it’s summertime and my job and the family have tied up most of my free time.  My first warlock audio segments are complete and have been emailed off. I’m not sure if any of the WoW podcasting community will plan on using them or not. However, if I hear something about it I’ll let you know. My biggest frustration is keeping the sound files down to less than 2:00 mins in length. That’s really hard to do, and by the time you add an 8 seconds for an intro and another 4 to 6 seconds for a closer that’s almost 15 seconds you can’t use for something else. I have even more reasons to respect everyone who has done segments like this in the past.

So this old warlock bows down to:

Now your probably asking did I go with my real voice or did I run with the pitch changer and make my voice sound like a cartoon? Well, I’ll leave that up for your imagination and hopefully to keep you guessing on my dilemma. If I’m turned down by any of the broadcasters, I don’t think I’ll be too upset. Yes, these segments would be fun to do, but they would definitely be another weekly time committment. If these producers like and use them, then of course I’ll be excited. Either way, when I know the outcome I’ll let you all know the outcome. I will make all of you this promise, if I’m rejected I’ll make sure to find a way to get them posted for you to hear.

Why have one SB when you can have three?

Dear Abby and warlocks? 

 I’ve never read many Dear Abby news columns in my life. I akin them to a short Jerry Springer episode found in the entertainment section of a newspaper. The only time I stumbled across that advice column was when I used dig through the papers to find what movies where playing at my local movie theatre. Thank goodness for! However, an incident occurred a few weeks ago that got me thinking about Ms. Abby and her advice. To make a long story short, I was humble when I found out that I kept a fellow blogger up very late one night. It seems that one of my posts inspired her to write about warlocks when she herself is a druid. A Tauren writing about the Fel-Arts. Yes, I’m sure you know that Tauren can’t even become warlocks so I had to go visit her and read. You can see Navimie’s Post at The Daily Frostwolf called For the love of warlocks. So my inspiring her, led her to inspring me.

It seems that even though I was quite polite to thank her for her kind words on her post, some of her readers decided to bring out the warlock hate against me. Yes, I stayed aboved the fray and simply stated my case. However, this brought on more mage-incitement. The sheer ignorance these other players led me to believe that we are just too mysterious in our ways for other players to understand. While my fellow warlocks, would clearly be able to understand me and my motivation without question – others classes have no concept or baseline knowledge to understand us.  This ignorance leaves them guessing or making false statements that are quite the contrary to our behavior.

So, I decided to start a new category on my blog called, “Ask Amijade”. It will be here that newer warlocks and other classes and players (or anyone really) can send an email to ask me anything. From in-game advice, warlock behavior, Tmog decisions (or anything at all) and I will do my best to answer them in a follow-up post. If any of my experienced brethren warlocks would like to jump in on answering questions with their opinions too, then feel free to do so. I have no idea what to expect, but it should prove both fun and enlightening for all. Yes, warlocks prefer the darkness, but now and then some things just need to be seen in the light. What solidified putting together an “Ask Amijade” column was also from many of the viewer fan mail I have received. Here are a few:

My Dearest Amijade,

I have a confession to make. I don’t tell anyone in my Alliance guild that I play a Horde warlock on another server. I love being evil, but I’m afraid this will make them biased against me. Hiding my superiority all the time is becoming hard to do. When other players talk about vanity pets, I feel left out. Please help! Thanks!

Signed: EvilwithGlee



I’m play a Gnome, but my wife is a Tauren. I try to spend time with her, but she would rather ignore me while grazing around the fields of Dun Murough. I know that our grassland is better than the cliff regions of Thunderbluff, but how can I get her attention? Please send your response to my alt-mage because she knows I never play that toon. <3 for any advice! Et tu Moo?

Signed: Gnomelythelonely


Dear Amijade,

I found a great Tmog piece that dropped out of the Culling of Stratholme. It does have +spirit on it, but I think I can match it to this set. I’ve included the pic for your review. If this is a warlock taboo what would you suggest?

Signed: Mogitwontupdate   File Attachment: Mogitwonntupdate.jpg 1.2 mb


Amyjode Sux!

U warrlocks sux! SUX! SUX! SUX! U r all dum and stoopid! U think u r so cool – imma so mad u use that thing that makes us run when imma tryng to stand on a road in a bg throughing fireballz at U! Imma gonna go frost and uze my water pet on U! Warrlocks are OP Nurf them! Nurf them! Nurf them!

U prob wont put thiz up cuz u h8te Oober-mages soooooooooooooooooooooooo F$#*^$@#$& bad!

Signed: L33tMagezzzz

Now, I’m sure that there’ll be some over zealous mages bringing on the hate, and my true intention isn’t to make this column a forum for arguing. If this becomes the case then we will make-fun-of state the facts to mock these misinformed souls as simply and as best we can so they might understand. I’m not a fan of censorship, but this is a family-friendly blog.

If you know someone who would like send a letter to the “Ask Amijade” column. Please have them email me at: amijadethewarlock @

PS – Concerning the picture at the top of this post…for anyone who didn’t know, when you stand in the Throne Room of Lordaeron long enough, there are several very faint ghostly sound files of Arthas and his father arguing that plays out the last moments before the prince slays his father. The marble still bears the blood stains. Just a small fact that I thought was pretty cool and a nice touch in all the little details Blizzard adds to the game.

Shadowbolt to the Face

  1. Saga says:

    I love the idea of a Dear Abby for Warlocks! :D

    (Also, I can fully understand the slow leveling of the mage.. is there any other way to stand it.. eh do it?)

    • Hey Saga,

      Thanks, I’m glad you like the idea. It’s all Navimie’s fault really…I’m sure it will be fun though. On the leveling of the mage experiment I would suggest eating afterwards and not before. It also helps to pretend that it’s really a warlock, but all of your keybinds are broken. I’m just going to have to live through the pain and get it over with I suppose. A promise is a promise :)

  2. Oh poor EvilwithGlee, my Warlock says she completely understands about the whole vanity pet thing. She had some but sacrifices must be made, wasn’t that what they were for?

    • OMG Tome!

      If you wanted to really start a warlock – mage war then yes, sacrificing vanity pets would probably be the way to start it. The good news is one of the new level 75 talents, The Grimoire of Sacrifice, will allow a warlock to sacrifice their minion for higher dps and faster mana & health regen for 15 mins. It might be good a dps burn phase where a minion may take lots of damage. Sadly, I haven’t completely tested it yet due to some bugs I’ve read about on the forums. In a few weeks I do plan to try it though. Thanks for stopping by!

      BTW, you know your Warlock Ball post has me thinking that I might try a real “Warlock Ball” in the fall during the All Hallow’s Eve Festival. Maybe meet at a set location just to hang out and take screen shots for an hour or so…I wonder how that would turn out? Now, which location?

  3. Navimie says:

    How did I miss this post? LOL Amijade, I indeed thought it was hilarious a TAUREN writing about warlocks no less :) But if there ever was such an anomaly I would be the first Tauren warlock!

    Amusingly, my mage friends asked me, what happened to Amijade. They enjoyed the banter so much they keep visiting that post in the hope that your demonic superiorness would deign to reply their attempts at needling your ego. I must somehow direct them here, but I think they would be afraid of being ostracised – you know how it is!

    • Navimie says:

      Oh and I forgot to say that picture of 3xSB is BLOODY FANTASTIC!

    • Heya Navimie,

      I think it’s my bad on you missing this post. I forgot to tweet it at you. Besides, you were too busy writing your excellent post btw! That patient and their family must be extrememly thankful for your critical thinking and timing. Also, as much as I would like to oblige your friends with a little bit of banter I would be afraid they still wouldn’t get it – even with an intelligence buff they are still mages you know ;p

      Shab did have a good write up about his testing on your post so I think he has some potential. Glad you liked the pic too, but sadly I had a better one I coudn’t crop well enough to look good. My best!

  4. theerivs says:

    That’s not a true pvp mage. We all know go Frost or go home. :)

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