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Hello my Friends of Fiendish Fun,

What do you get when you add a feminine touch to a demon? Well before you answer “A mother-in-law”, I’m here to tell you this isn’t going to be that kind of post. Besides, who in their right mind would want to summon that kind of demon? All they would do is visit and complain about the rest of your family, and how much fun is that? Absolutely, none! (Yes, I’m kidding mother-in-laws okay?) However, if you’re a warlock in Warcraft you’ll be glad to know that our female demons have plenty of venom and vigor to make them a force your enemies will envy and hate. Trust me, you’re a warlock and you control dangerous demons…what’s not to envy and hate?

Disantia, my personal Succubus posing for the camera

If you’re a newer student to warlockery, then the first thing you must learn and understand is that a warlock’s succubus has always been a minion that has been both admired and abhorred. And from the looks of a standard succubus it’s easy to see why. They are dressed, (or should I say undressed?) for attention. Between their devilish wings, horns and knee-high furry hoofed feet it’s hard not to notice the fatal beauty radiating from these creatures. While many players admire these demons for their sadistic charm, other players find them annoying either because of their overt overtones of “Oohs” and “Ahhs” or because they, themselves, have been directly seduced by a succubus.

So why should you want to summon on of these demonic fem fatales? Now I can’t speak from a RP point-of-view, (although I can only imagine the various scenarios that could could from that type of play) but these whip-cracking, butt-smacking, crowd controlling demons have long been a favorite for PvP and you’ll soon see why. For the lone warlock who’s questing, or the warlock who finds themselves in a small dungeon group the Succubus can also be quite useful when surrounded by any humanoid prey. What’s important to note is that not much will change for these minions moving from Cataclysm into the new Mists of Pandaria expansion. However, there are some key things to consider when we look at our temptresses of dark tidings the Succubus, and the new Shivarra.

 Basic Demonic Commands

Like all of our warlock demons, the Succubus and the Shivarra have all of the basic commands to control their enticements along with a few tricks to fend off your foes.  Here’s a quick review:

  • Assist – Your demon will automatically assist you in attacking your current target 
  • Defensive – Your summoned demon will attack any mob or any enemy player that begins attacking it or you
  • Passive – Your minion will not attack anything until you commanded it to do so
  • Attack – You command your demon to attack your current target
  • Follow – You command your demon to follow you
  • Move To – You command your demon to move to a specific location. A green targeting reticule will appear and your demon will move to that specific location and wait until his next command
  • Stay – You command your demon to stay where they are standing until you give it another command

A target and their mount seduced by Disantia. I’m terribly sorry for the ugly pink shard I couldn’t crop out of the picture. I blame having ugly pink shards on my head during combat. Sorry, that annoying pink graphic still just steams me! As you can see it ruined this picture.

The Succubus in Cataclysm

Besides having the basic commands like all of our summoned servants the Succubus has her own special abilities that make her particularly alluring, and it’s not just simply because of her sultry good looks. What makes her popular in particular is her knockback and CC skills. Here’s the breakdown of what a succubus can do:

Lash of Pain – An instant and basic melee attack that lashes a target within a 20 yard range causing around 3,100 shadow damage

Lesser Invisibility – Grants the demon Lesser Invisibility for 5 mins. This ability can only be used out of combat, and when it’s set on passive the Shivarra will automatically self-cast the spell on herself when it comes off from the gcd and if you’re OOC. I’ve tried researching this spell to find out exactly what it does; however, there is no clear definition. The best information I can find through the Wowhead database is that it makes this demon more difficult to see from 100 yards or more. A good idea is to use this tactical advantage in area with many obstacles on the terrain. This can help add to the difficulty of seeing her approach and attack. I have yet to find anything where this ability is described as reducing damage or enhancing dps. As with all demonic tricks, surprise is always a good way to foul your foe so look for rocks, bushes, and other places where a hidden Succubus can pounce on a victim.

Whiplash – Who doesn’t like a good knockback? This spell deals 4,500 shadow damage and gives a knockback to all enemies from within five yards. This is a targeting ability with a 25 second gcd. While I rarely have time to pvp anymore, I’m sure people still love this spell for knocking folks off of the cliff at the Lumber Yard and from the rooftops in WSG. Are your enemies grouped on your Flag Carrier or Node? Drop this spell on them and watch them go reeling. A nice /cackle macro should be used in combination with this ability because using it will give you an evil glee.

Seduction – One of the most powerful spells for this demon next to Whiplash. The Seduction spell seduces any humanoid target for 30 seconds and it has a 30 yard range. Keep in mind, that any damage to the target while they are being seduced will break the target from the crowd control. This spell, combined with a mouse-over macro will be a must have for any warlock who wants to make CC look easy.

Soul Link with a Succubus

The Succubus in Mists of Pandaria

As much as I would like to say that there are a few new or enhanced skills for our Succubus when MoP arrives, but sadly there isn’t. All of the abilities you just read for her play style in Cataclysm remain the same in the MoP expansion except for some minor increases to her shadow damage numbers.  She looks the same, acts the same, and has the same abilities with only the dps variance being the difference. I could list all of these abilities again, but I don’t want to waste your time. Besides, I’m sure most of you want to hear about the new Shivarra instead!

The Level 75 Talent Choice – Grimoire of Supremacy

Remember, the Grimoire of Supremacy is the new talent choice at level 75 that allows warlocks to “upgrade” their demons to the new ones. All of these new minions have a 20% increase to their health and to their Dps. If a warlock chooses this talent, then their former Succubus will become the Shivarra. You may remember the look or skin of these demons because you encounter them when you first entered Hellfire Peninsula. They’re the tall, bluish skinned female demons that have six arms, four swords, and a G-string that could chafe even a rock elemental.

The new Shivarra demon

The Shivarra 

Like the Succubus before her, the Shivarra’s abilities might be different in name, but they’re basically the same spells with only two major differences. First, is her higher dps and health from the GoSup talent and the other is the flexibility added to the former Seduction spell. As it stands right now in beta, here are her abilities:

  • Bladedance – The Shivarra’s Melee attack that does roughly 7,400 shadow damage. Another basic damage spell like the older version called Lash of Pain
  • Lesser Invisibility – Same as the Succubus with no new differences in the beta at this time
  • Fellash – An instant and targetable spell that does around 4,300 shadow damage and knocks back all enemies within five yards of the impact site. This is the same as the former Succubus spell called Whiplash
  • Mesmerize – Like the Succubus and her Seduction ability, this is one of the most powerful spells for this demon. Mesmerize seduces the target for 30 seconds and has a 30 yard range. Like the spell Seduction, any damage to the target while they are being seduced will break the target from the crowd control. However, Mesmerize will not only work on humanoids, but it’ll also crowd control beasts, dragonkin, giants, mechanical and undead.  For PvP and questing, this opens up many more opportunities where once again a warlock can be a strong CC utility class to be feared (no joking intended on that one :P)

Bladedancing with a Target – A quick spinning attack

The Command Demon Ability

Don’t forget that in the new expansion, Blizzard has also added the Command Demon ability. This spell will fire off the most powerful spell for the demon you have summoned. For the Succubus, it will be Whiplash and for the Shivarra it will be Fellash. While both of these are good choices, I’m a little surprised that Seduction or Mesmerize weren’t considered for this button as well. IMHO, I think it would have been nice to have the choice as to which spell would be your preferred one to use with Command Demon ability. Sadly, this is not the case with the lastest beta build. 

Things to consider

I’ve read a few places on the forums where some warlocks aren’t certain as to whether or not the new Grimoire of Supremacy will be a worthy talent choice for use in PvP. I’m not a number cruncher by any means; however, the wider utility of the Shivarra’s Mesmerize spell, along with the passive increase in health and damage makes me believe that it will be a difficult choice on which way to talent. As such, my only advice is to try out all three talents in that bracket and see what works best for you or for any given situation.

One of the more refreshing changes in MoP is that now we’ll now be able to swap in and out of specs very quickly in between fights. This much needed feature truly opens up gameplay based on your talent of choice without having to constantly run back to town to see a trainer. Even with the announcement of the September 25th launch date, for me, the expansion can’t get here soon enough because in all honesty the beta has spoiled me when it comes to swapping out talents so quickly. It really is a great feature. Trust me when I say that next to the new AoE looting, being able to swap talents on the fly will make you wonder why it wasn’t implemented sooner.

Mesmerizing a Target (and yes, that G-string may chafe! Please support your local alchemists, they have potions and oils for that sort of thing)


Hello My Dark Angels,

I decided to take a break from writing about the MoP Beta and our new minions for a bit. Instead, I’d like to give some “Shout-Outs” to players, bloggers and the podcasting folks I’ve been fortunate to run across in my constant vigil towards promoting the warlock class.

As most of you know, I’m an old warlock learning new tricks all the time. If you would have told me six months ago that I’d be blogging about warlocks, making audio segments about them, and meeting so many new friends in the process, I would have wrote you off as nutty. However, such is the destiny that shapes our ends and because of it, I have been very humbled.

Players writing about their passions

High Latency Life, by Rivs – Being a warlock, it’s hard to admit you enjoy the presence of a mage, and that’s as it should be. However, you may have seen my mage-y new friend the Rivs or “River” posting in my comments section from time to time (Yes, he likes to troll warlocks both out of jealousy and looking for an edge in PvP). Rivs has been writing about WoW and his gaming experience for quite some time over at High Latency Life and recently hit a major mile marker for anyone who blogs. Rivs has achieved writing and hitting his post #1,000. That’s an “OMG” in a big way, and it’s quite an accomplishment. I’m sure a lot of his success stems from the passion he gives to his writing as he offers his take on people, places, and things in the gaming world. /salute

Check-out High Latency Life

Yes, my friend Mr. Rivs, even though you spout mage propaganda you are free to comment here anytime you like without the reprimand of being deleted. Keep up the great work. Btw, if you haven’t read Fulguralis’s mage rebuttle towards Rivs over on Killing’Em Slowly called, “With All Due Respect, Rivs…”, then I think you should give it a gander. I love the fact that Fulguralis proves once again that a good warlock knows how to DoT his target. :P


Bubbles of Mischief, by Cymre – If you ever avoided setting a goal for yourself, then Cymre should inspire you to get motivated. She wanted to find and categorize every rare NPC in the game of WoW. Well, she finished that epic journey after working on it for over five years.  Each zone in the game has a post containing pictures and information about each “Silver Dragon” mob in that area. Now that is a lot of dedication and a lot of passion towards a project. Being a rare hunter pet collector on my Alt, I often know just how elusive these rare spawns can be. It’s an amazing piece of work and her passion just goes to show you where setting a goal and perseverance can take you. I can only imagine the hours she spent camping! /Cheers

If you haven’t read Cymre, you should!


The Daily Frostwolf, by Navimie – One of my new friends from “Down Under” was recently interviewed on Episode #173 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast called, “The Daily Navizor” and I know she was elated about the interview. Navimie did a great job and I really enjoyed the show.  Besides being a devoted WoW player she is also a physician in RL. As much as I enjoy her blogs about WoW, I would love to read more about her RL adventures in Healthcare because she shows that Doctors have feelings too, and they really do care about patients despite how some news stories might portray otherwise. Choosing to devote your life to serving others is heroic and noble. 

Nice work as always Navimie!

Navimie has a great sense of humor and like any good healer both in-game and in RL, she remains humble about it. Plus, (being Austrailian) her accent makes me remember why I had such a crush on Olivia Newton John when I was younger. What is it with the Irish, English, New Zealand and Aussie accents that’s just so…cool? Ha! And whether she knows it or not we both have the same favorite spot to sit in Orgrimmar above the waterfall! What are the odds on that one because there’s so many great spots with panoramic views around that town. /bows

Yes, Navie I do plan to troll you and your guildies from time to time :P


Skype, Saturday night and a fellow warlock

I’m not sure how we wound up connecting through twitter (whether he found me or if I found him), but that doesn’t matter to me because I’m glad I got a chance to meet up with Demonicric from Hearthcast on Skype this past Saturday night. We spent nearly three hours chatting away discussing warlocks, MoP, and everything else in between like old friends. Btw, Demonicric…you owe me 3 hours of extra sleep and I apologize for cussing at you the next day for lack of it. Ha! I really did enjoy the comraderie and I won’t hold it against you that you play a gnome!

Even though he’s a gnome, Demonicric is rocking out the Tmog by always wearing his helm!

Demonicric is a faithful follower to Demonology and currently raids with that play style in Cataclysm. We even have a running bet trying to guess when the MoP launch will hit. He picked the last week of September, and I picked the first week of October. We shall see my friend, we shall see…and I’ll be in touch!


A new warlock blogger

Sanctuary of Shadow, by Alastair – There is a new warlock blogger out there and as you know I’m all about promoting our class as much as possible. I stopped by and read Alastair’s first post and I look forward to many more. This new ‘lock writer is a seasoned WoW player, and is now going back to leveling a long neglected demo warlock alt and plans to raid with that toon in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. His blog is about his adventures while he levels that toon.

A new warlock blog? Heck yeah I’ll read!

Please take the time and stop by to welcome Alastair when you can. If you know about any other new warlock bloggers out there, please let me know. I’m always looking, but sometimes some sites aren’t so easily found despite your best attempts at the search engines. I love the name he chose and his title pic!


New WoW podcasts I’m discovering

I remember a time when there used to be tons of podcasts about WoW, and then many fell by the wayside. I know between my own RL responsibilities and finding time to play WoW, I’ve faiiled to notice that there’s a lot of new podcasts about WoW that are being created. So in my never ending journey to find quality entertainment I have been downloading and listening to all of these new upcoming shows and from what I’m hearing, they’re all doing a great job. Here are some that I’ve added to my download list:

If you’re not listening to some of these new shows…you’re missing out!

  • Tauren Think Tank – You might have heard some of the TTT advertising spots over at Convert To Raid and if you haven’t downloaded and listened to them yet, you should. They have an interesting niche in that they talk about the all the social interactions that go along with playing WoW. Really? There’s problems and drama in WoW? Ha! Yep, they have their work cut out for them :) So go check out Remghar “Rem”, Jules the Tauren, Phytt, Arcayne the Mage, and Evera. /cheers
  • The Dark Moon Herald – Their website isn’t up yet, but I look forward to see what they create. The hosts are Kevin and Apsana and they have a lot of fun talking about the game we love. I’m only at Episode 6 of 17, but I know I’ll enjoy listening to the rest to get caught up with their most current episodes. If you’re a warlock, then besides the fun conversations I’m sure you’ll love the “eeriness” of some of the production work they do for their intros, segues and segment spots. /cheers
  • The Training Dummies – This group of friends decided to get together and start a podcast about WoW. I’m on Episode 3 of 4 and I’m really enjoying their program. Hend, Hoofit and Hotpox are the hosts. I’ve spoken with Hotpox several times via Twitter and I can only wish them much fun on their endeavor. They have made me a fan so I look forward to hearing more. /cheers 
  • Something Suggestive – Jangasm is the hostess of this podcast and I feel like such a noob that I hadn’t heard of it before. However, I’m glad I got some time to listen in. The podcast is rated M for mature so keep that in mind if you have little ones nearby. However, for an adult who doesn’t get offended by such things, she’s a hoot! I’m still only a few episodes in trying to catch up, but trust me when I say that I’ll be listening to them all. /cheers


A real life WoW oracle and muse

@Leetawow  – If you haven’t heard of Leeta, then you should. She’s what I like to think of as a social media muse for many podcasters, WoW players, and Twitter folk. For several podcasts Leeta either sends emails, tweets or voice recordings of what she’s up to in WoW, along with comments, questions, and her own observations. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard a podcast mention one of her emails or call-ins :) She’s a celebrity whether she knows it or not.

If you haven’t farmed for this set, trust me when I say that it’s not easy! I think it took roughly 30 runs for me to get the helm to drop! Very nice Leeta!

Although, I haven’t spoken with Leeta directly (other than small discussions tweeting back an forth on Twitter), you can tell that she truly enjoys connecting with others about her passion playing WoW. Plus, she’s a an undead warlock who farmed the Nemesis Recolor Tmog outfit so what’s not to love? Now that’s my kinda gal! What’s even better is that she recently moved her warlock over to join us over at the AIE Guild on the Earthen Ring Server. Woot! /bows in respect


A big public apology

I want to apologize again to Saga over at but this time publicly :) You might remember, I hosted the Great Warlock Epitome Tmog Contest a few weeks back and Saga was one of the winners. Sadly, I didn’t know that sending an ingame mount or vanity pet from here in the US to somewhere in the EU would be such a hassle. And was it ever!  Here is the lowdown if you care to read:

  1. I paid for a mount on EU store, get receipt and send the electronic code to Saga
  2. The redemption didn’t code work
  3. I submit ticket to Blizz and they say it isn’t paid for…huh? I have the receipt? Wtf?
  4. Called my bank and find that security measures kicked in and cancelled the payment
  5. I explain the reason for the purchase and my bank approves of the charge
  6. Went back to Blizz EU store and purchased another mount
  7. Mastercard/Visa calls me within an hour
  8. Mastercard/Visa cancelled the payment because of the security measures they have in place
  9. Payment was cancelled again! Ha! Whaa? OMG! Grrrrr! I laughed, then cried
  10. I find out that my bank’s Debit cards have the bank’s security and MC/Visa’s security as well
  11. I learn the good news that my bank card has 2 security systems protecting it
  12. The Bad news was Saga still had no mount
  13. I sent a Tweet to Blizzards customer service about the problem
  14. Blizzard CS rep contacts me
  15. The Blizzard CS rep thinks I’m nutty as I explain what’s going on
  16. The Blizzard CS rep fixes the problem
  17. I send thanks to @BlizzardCS!
  18. I send mount and apology to Saga
  19. Grats to Saga!
  20. Saga sends me a great pic riding the new mount


Thanks for the pic Saga and I’m so glad you finally got it! Enjoy!


When your kids play WoW

A few weeks ago, my oldest decided she wanted to learn how to play WoW. At first, I wasn’t sure what she’d think of it. She’s not into much gaming other than on her phone when she’s trying to ignore her brother in the back of our car. So after showing her the different classes and factions, she settled on a Female Draeni Hunter on one of my old Alliance servers.

Here’s my little WoW Hunter 12 years ago when she was waking up from a nap with one of our beloved Golden Retrievers. Now she fights me for WoW game time!

Well, she’s now level 53 and her noobiness is driving me absolutely crazy! She’s calling and texting me all the time asking me questions about how to do this and how to do that. Any of the gold that was on those old Ally toons is now gone as you can guess. Yep, it didn’t take long for her to “try” these old alts and discover they had gold. :) So, one night I had to show her how to run dailies on an old level 85 toon I don’t play anymore just so she can earn some gold on her own.

Tonight when I came home, she was already running her first dungeon. Luckily, she didn’t get any morons in her LFD group and as I watched her playing over her shoulder I was very proud. It’s a cool feeling to share WoW with your kids, even if you will be fighting them to play it :)

It’s actually a bittersweet feeling. I’m happy she’s liking the game, but I’m sad in knowing that it’ll limit my game time even more! Ugh, great…what have I started? I suppose Blizzard will be getting a second account payment from me soon, now we just need another decent computer…so it will probably be a while before I get my RAF mount. I can hear myself already devising, “Oh look honey, Mom’s watching the Notebook again!”, “Did you hear the phone? I think it’s that guy you were talking about”…

Until next time, love me or hate me, I send you all my best!

Heya All,

Yep, it’s not a very creative title to this post, but I think it gets to the point. This week we’re talking about an Affliction warlock’s faithful friend the Fel Hunter, and their new upgrade replacement minion (upgraded by choosing the Grimoire of Supremacy, a level 75 talent) called a Giant Eyeball…er…Little Willy grown up The Observer.

Surveying the local problems in Beta

If you’ve read some of my posts then you probably know that I’ll always be a die-hard Affliction fan. When I first delved into the Dark Arts, it was the first spec I learned and it’s been my favorite ever since. You’ll also come to find that not all warlocks like Affliction and that’s okay, it happens. However, if you are a lower level ‘lock or if you’re thinking about rolling a warlock Alt, then I suggest you should give it a try. In fact, my only good advice to give is to try all three warlock specializations and find the spec that’s right for you and your playstyle.

The reason I am talking about Affliction in particular is because next to the yummy spell HAUNT, nothing to me is more iconic than standing with a Fel Hunter by your side. You may, like me, fall in love with those brown bundles of fur and teeth as you train one from a wee-little pup to become the bane of your enemy casters. Trust me when I say that watching your very own Fel puppy running rabid while snarling, drooling and attacking a fleeing mob while your DoTs tick away their life is described with one easy word…glorious! *Insert cackle laugh here*

Curbing Your Dog and/or How To Poke an Eyeball

Like all of our minions, the Fel Puppy and the Observer have all the basic pet stances and commands along with a few passive abilities. Like any good warlock, your should always be in full control of your demons. So live-em, love-em, use them! They are:

  • Assist – Pet Stance – Your pet assists you in fighting
  • Defensive – Pet Stance – Your pet will only attack enemy mobs that attack you or it
  • Passive – Pet Stance – Your pet will not attack only until you command it
  • Attack – Pet Command – You send your pet to attack
  • Follow – Pet Command – You command your pet to follow you
  • Move To – Pet Command – You command your pet to move to a specific location
  • Stay – Pet Command – You command your pet to stay where it stands until you command it to do something else
  • Avoidance – Passive Ability – Helps keep your pet from dying from Boss AoE (area of effect) damage
  • Fel Energy– Passive Ability – Your demons use Fel Energy as a resource in MoP vs. mana in Cataclysm and they gain 10 Fel Energy every second for a maximum of 200 Fel Energy
Dhroodum doing his version of Lament of the Fel Puppy. His favorite food is an enemy caster!

A Fel Pup’s Special Abilities in Cataclysm

As you know, on top of all of these fun things you can do with your minion, each demon also has several special abilities to aid in annoying and destroying silly mages our enemies. For the Fel Hunter in Cataclysm, they are:

1. Shadow Bite – Rawr! (Munch, Munch, nom nom nom) A basic melee attack that causes shadow damage

2.  Devour Magic – Purges 1 beneficial magic effect from the user, if the magic purged is devoured the Fel Hunter receives a small heal

3. Spell Lock – (Should be called “Spell Lockout”) Silences an enemy for 3 seconds. If this spell is used on a casting enemy, then it locks them out from casting any spells from school of magic for 6 seconds. Woot!

The Mists of Pandaria Fel Hunter’s Special Abilities

1. Shadow Bite – A basic melee attack that does 6,215 shadow damage. It’s an instant cast with a .6 second cast time and consumes 60 Fel Energy

2. Devour Magic – An instant 30 yard range cast with a 15 second gcd. This spell purges 1 beneficial magic effect from the enemy target. If the purged spell is devoured, the Fel Hunter gets healed for 5,673. Costs 60 Fel Energy

3. Spell Lock – An instant 40 yard range cast on a 24 second gcd. This spell silences an enemy for 3 seconds and if it’s used on a target that is casting, then this spell will lock them out from using that particular school of magic for 6 seconds. Costs 20 Fel Energy.

As you can see, there’s not too much difference with the Fel Hunter of Cataclysm Live and the Fel Hunter of MoP; however, when you upgrade your Fel puppy to the new Observer there are some cool new tricks to learn.

The Voidlord’s Optic Blast ability being used on an enemy. Why did it have to be pink?! Bah!

The New Observer

One of our newest demons to command is the Observer. Yes, it looks like one big floating eyeball, or should I say eyeballs? When I started running with my Observer in the beta, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. Back then, all of the demonic minions for warlocks had the “My Demon is Gigantique” bug because Blizzard was working on the fine tuning them for proportion.  All of our demons were about 4x’s their current size, and it made standing around or even questing painful because the demon covered up your view. OMG, I’m so glad they got that fixed!

This is Bragkek’s best attempt at smiling. I wish you could see all the individual animations because they are nice touch. Bring a drool cup or towel because you’ll need it.

They have added some new animations, grunting sounds and some nifty looking spells (albeit one is pink colored). Besides the pink animation to one of his prized abilities, I like him it and I think he’s it’s a cool addition to our stable of minions. Sorry, I wasn’t sure if I should refer to the Observer as a “she” or “he” so I decided on using “it” because I’m not sure how you would determine which is which? If you’re an experienced warlock you might remember Shirrak the Deadwatcher from the Auchenai Crypts in Auchidon. Well if you do, that’s the same skin of your new Observer. What makes this demon fun besides it’s good looks and constant slavering of drool?  It’s special abilities of course! Here they are:

1. Tongue Lash – (OMG, I can already predict that general channels are going to have this ability linked quite often – bah!) This is the Oberserver’s basic attack. It licks the enemy causing 6,020 shadow damage. It has a 10 yard melee range with a .6 second cast time and costs 60 Fel Energy.

2. Clone Magic – This spell steals 1 magic effect from an enemy. If the stolen spell is devoured, then the Observer gets a 5,525 heal and the it will gain 60 Fel Energy. It has a 30 yard range with a 15 second gcd with a cost of 20 Fel Energy to cast.

3. Optical Blast – This 40 yard range “pink-swirly” laser looking spell (yes, can you believe it’s pink? Ugh!) blasts an enemy with lasers dealing 1.432% weapon damage and silences them for 3 seconds. If this spell is used on a target that is casting, it prevents any spells from that school of magic for 6 seconds.  It has a 24 second gcd and costs 20 Fel Energy. As you may have noticed, what sets this spell apart from the Fel Hunter’s Spell Lock is the added weapon damage. Is it a game changer? Not really. Is it nice to have? Heck ya! Anything extra we can pick up is always a good thing, I just wish it’s weapon damage was a little more powerful.

Bragkek my beta Observer giving out a good Tongue Lashing

Key Things to Keep In Mind

You will be able to summon and command the Observer in the Mists of Pandaria expansion by choosing the level 75 talent that “upgrades” our older demons to the new ones called the Grimoire of Supremacy. Another perq to this talent is that the Observer will cause 20% more damage and have 20% more health than the standard Fel Hunter.

We also have the new Command Demon button which will fire off our current demon’s most powerful spell. For the Fel Hunter it utilizes Spell Lock, and for the Observer it will cast Optical Blast. As you can tell by reading over their abilities, these minions are strongest against the caster classes so keep that in mind when choosing a demon for a specific fight.

Like everything else in the game, my best recommend is to experiment with them for yourself and just have fun.

Someone in my Beta guild joked that it looked like I was cleaning out the glands of Bragkek my Observer. Actually, I was pointing at an NPC in the distance. However, you can see why they were confused.

Hail All,

First, let me give you my sincerest apologies for two reasons. Apology #1 – I’m sorry, but I accidently published a post that wasn’t finished two days ago and I didn’t know it. It’s finished now, (What You Need To Know About Tanking Blueberries) but sadly I had quite a lot of hits on it when it was published and not completed. If you read that post while it was unfinished then I truly am sorry for my error. I’m trying a new software program for blog publishing and I’m still learning how it works. I guess I hit the wrong button, hehehe! Doh! Apology #2 – This post you’re about to read is a rant. It’s my way of getting my frustrations out about one of the very few things I don’t like about warlocks in Mists of Pandaria Beta so far. Normally, I’m very positive about most things about warlocks, but this one drives me crazy for some reason and I guess I’m trying to figure out why it bothers me so much! So please accept my apologies and enjoy my rant :)

I don’t do this often, but yes I’m going to rant once again about warlocks having the floating Soul Shards above our heads. If you remember, back in early April, I wrote the post MoP Beta – Floating Pink Shards? Yes, I’m writing about them again. Yes, I know we can choose two different minor glyphs that can change the way they look. First we have the Glyph of Subtlety. This glyph makes them disappear out-of-combat, but if you do a lot of questing and dailies the annoying things are still there all the time annoying the heck out of you. Then we have the Glyph of Verdant Spheres which simply turns the pink, floating cotton-candy looking shards into green orbs that always look like they are in a windstorm. Omg, I dislike them terribly. Okay, dislike isn’t strong enough for my feelings on this matter. I really do mean to say that I hate them. Ugh, hate is such an ugly word, but dammit I really do hate these things!

For the folks who like them, I understand why you like them. I understand there is lore behind them. I understand that you like they way they look and I’m more than happy to let you wear them. But please, for the love of Hellfire and Green Flames help me to get Blizzard to see that if you want them, then you can simply glyph for them. By default you shouldn’t see them at all like in Vanilla WoW, or in the Burning Crusade, or in Wrath, or in Cataclysm! If you want the pink ones or green ones then the player can simply glyph for them. Done! Easy fix! Yes, I have voiced my opinion nicely and in a constructive way on the forums about this issue too and sadly there has been no comment or Blue Post from Blizzard about them.

Here is why I don’t like hate them with a passion:

  • They show your enemy your status – Shouldn’t rogues have combo points floating above their heads or DK’s with floating runes?
  • If the mechanic becomes such that your enemies aren’t allowed to see them then what’s the point to them?
  • What is the point of them other than something new? We can’t have green fire but we can have these things?
  • They blend too much with the pink and purple colors of our Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul spells (which we use a lot in Affliction) – so again what’s the point to them?
  • They are pink, and fluffy, cotton-candy looking – What warlock wants to see anything pink on anything other than in entrails of their enemies?
  • They completely ruin the look your transmog gear – Yeah, my black outfit looks absolutely dumb with pink tufts…ugh! Maybe if I was a powder-puff girl!
  • They look goofy on all of the race models, except for maybe Belfs. If I was a Belf maybe I could live with them, but on my undead they hang right in front of my face!
  • They ruin your view when you zoom in to take screen shots in first person!

Here is what made me go on this small rant. I’m in Beta out questing in the world and I decided to switch from Glyph of Subtlety to the Glyph of Verdant Spheres because seeing those horrid pink things above my head was driving me insane. I could at least hold my food down with the green ones for a small period of time. The more I sat and looked at them with the Tmog gear that I spent so many hours farming, the more annoyed I became. So here I am with green, wind-blown balls floating around my head and I decided to take an action shot for a post I’m working on. I zoomed into First Person perspective and this is what I see:

The things I HATE, LOATHE, and DESPISE in MoP Beta. What a view they give eh? Makes for a nice screen shot doesn’t it? Bah!

It didn’t matter what angle I tried using to take my action shot picture because those big green things just sat in the way obstructing the view. I decide to drop the Glyph of Verdant Spheres and go without any of the glyphs, but I got the same images with the ugly pink shards. I refuse to post the picture because it will infuriate me again and it’s bad enough to look at the picture above. Btw, don’t those kind of resemble green fire? I’m just saying… 

So for any action shots where I’m trying to pull my avatar out of the picture to focus on the action it won’t happen because all you will see is the image above. I even tried using the Eye of Kilrogg to take a picture, but I forgot that our minion disappears when you summon the Eye of Kilrogg and of course if you enter any combat it breaks the channel of the Eye anyway. Bah! Yes, I know I can resize and cut my own image out of the picture, but why should I have too? Why can’t I use the entire screen surface as my canvass like I do with all of my other toons? I love my warlock, truly I do, but I hate this pain-in-the-rear worthless graphic animation!

Sorry for the rant everyone! Now that I’ve gotten out of my system I do feel better…but I still hate those things!

Hail My Vivacious and Sagacious Students of Shadow,

Today’s post is going to be all about blueberries, and I’m not talking about the RL fruit that’s good in muffins. Nope! I ‘m actually going to talk about our warlock minion tanks known as our voidwalkers and our new voidlords. I’m not quite sure when warlocks began to coin their voidwalkers with the name blueberry, but the term has been branded onto these minions like a “two-button rotation” is now synonymous with the mage class. First, we’re going to discuss the basic abilities of our blueberries, and then we can examine the differences between a standard voidwalker (VW) and the newer upgraded versions called the voidlords (VL) that can be attained by selecting the Grimoire of Supremacy at level 75 in the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

We’re talking about blueberries, but not this kind! Although, they do look good don’t they?

For a long time, voidwalkers were once great tanks. Solo questing with your blueberry was fun and productive because our big, blue, and barricading buddies would keep the bad guys at bay. (Ouch, sorry! There was a lot of alliteration in that last line. Doh!) Not too long ago in dungeon runs, believe it or not, if there was ever a need for a spot tank or OT for a quick burn or tricky mechanic you could actually use your voidwalker. Like the tenacity pets of hunters, our blueberries could taunt and tank at our command. Then, *sighs* Blizzard nerfed them. I’ve heard and read several reasons for this really bad, horrible and disastrous decision. Much of the reasoning behind the nerf was because players were using and abusing the voidwalkers as tanks in certain dungeons instead of using a MT or an OT. As we all know Blizzard giveth and Blizzard taketh away, and holie crapolie they sure took it away to the extreme!

If you talk to any experienced ‘lock about their blueberry you’ll probably hear the same sad tale about the downfall of our voidwalkers since the nerf. I can’t remember the exact date, but for some reason my memory believes the nerf came shortly after Blizzard found that ‘locks were using the voidwalkers to tank Sartharion in Obsidian Sanctum for OS3d runs. The blueberry would tank Sarth while the raid burned the drakes down first. I should research the exact date of the nerf, but today I’m feeling too lazy :P

Whatever the reason, the nerf to our minions devastated the voidwalkers ability to tank and hold aggro. When you approached a mob and sent your blueberry in to attack, warlocks actually had to hold back on their dps otherwise they very quickly and very easily pulled aggro from the VW. The nerf was so bad that most ‘locks never used their blueberries anymore other than running around with them in major cities for it’s good looks, it’s trite sayings, and it’s sentimental value. You know if we, as warlocks, needed a minion that was this squishy and harmless they should have just let us summon mages right? Yes I know, who would want to stop and wait for a mage to eat and drink all the time? I guess using a blueberry was perhaps a better than a mage for our QoL despite their inability to tank.

Hukrath sporting his Shadow Shield

Now, I’m not ashamed to admit it and I have enough self-confidence to say it out loud. I <3 me my blueberry, Hukrath! Yes I do! Because even with his nerf he’s big, he’s blue, and he’s fun to be around. Sure, he can be a little snarky sometimes. Yes, he can even be a little daft every now and then. On more than one occasion, Hukrath decided to drag every mob in an instance back to wipe our group on accident because I forgot to dismiss him for fun and glory. Ah the memories! Despite Hukrath’s antics, I’m not even exactly sure what it is that I like about him so much. Maybe, he has just grown on me? Have you ever seen the movie Scarface? Remember when Tony yells, “Say hello to my little friend!” Well, I wanted to scream that line every time I sent Hukrath in to a fight. I always got a smug, and prideful feeling when he used to call back to me, “As you wish” as he chased down my next prey as they fled from him in terror. Muahahaha! Oh the joys of being a warlock!

Luckily, we as warlocks, can all stand loud and proud with our blueberries again because in Mists of Pandaria they can taunt and tank like before. Before the nerf I mean :) Currently, in game at level 8 you will be able to learn the ability to Summon Voidwalker and just like the imp, you will not be able to truly command these demons until level 10 when your pet bar opens up; then you can control him at your will. From level 8 to level 10 they are like a protective companion that taunts and attacks whatever you decide to destroy. As you gain in levels and abilities, so will your Blueberry.

The Pet Action Bar for the Voidlord. Yep, it’s the small one at the top! I have the pet command Follow and the stance Assist selected for questing.


Basic Pet / Minion Commands

In Last week’s post, we discussed imps and Fel imps, and I realized that I forgot to mention or discuss some of the basic pet and minions commands. If you have never played a pet class before, get familiar with using the pet bar located above your standard action bars on your UI. Yes, you will be clicking on them and you won’t break anything, trust me. There are several kinds of demonic pet skills. They are: Pet stances, pet commands, passive skills and special ability spells.

 Pet Stances

Pet Stances are listed by Blizzard as passive abilities. I like to think of them as “semi-passive” and here is why. You can only select and use one Pet Stance active at any given time. They are not completely passive because you have to select one; however, after choosing a stance it’s basically a set-it and forget-it ability. The pet stances are:

  • Assist – Your demon will automatically assist you in attacking your current target 
  • Defensive – Your summoned demon will attack any mob or any enemy player that begins attacking it or you
  • Passive – Your minion will not attack anything until you commanded it to do so


Pet Commands

Next, we come to the basic Pet Command options. These commands are extremely straightforward and even a beginner will get the hand of it rather quickly. The Pet Commands are:

  • Attack – You command your demon to attack your current target
  • Follow – You command your demon to follow you
  • Move To – You command your demon to move to a specific location. A green targeting reticule will appear and your demon will move to that specific location and wait until his next command
  • Stay – You command your demon to stay where they are standing until you give it another command

Your pet tab will list all of their abilities including the passive ones!


Pet Passive Abilities

Every pet or demonic minion has a few passive abilities as well. These passive abilities won’t show up on your pet command bar, but can be found under your pet’s talent windows. What’s nice about them is that you don’t have to do anything to use them because they are automatically built into the mechanics of the pet itself. For our VWs and VLs the passive abilities are:

  • Avoidance – This reduces the damage from AoE attacks by 90%! You gotta like that number!
  • Fel Energy – Demons use Fel Energy as a resource now and for each second they gain 10 Fel Energy up to a maximum amount of 200 Fel energy
  • Void Reflexes – This passive ability is used by our VWs and VLs which increases their chance to dodge and parry by 10%. Not only can these minions now take a hit they also have a good chance to dodge and parry it – not too shabby. For future posts, I’ll make sure to include the passive abilities for each pet as well, and I promise to go back and add it on my post about imps and Fel imps


Hukrath on a beach smiling for the camera after we took down some nice sized sharks.


The Voidwalker’s Special Abilities in Cataclysm

Here are the current “live” abilities of our voidwalkers in Cataclysm:

  • Torment (level 10) – The VW’s basic attack that casts shadow damage to the current target building a high amount of threat
  • Suffering (level 16) – At melee range, this spell taunts the current target or anything attacking the warlock. This spell does nothing if the VW is already attacking the mob
  • Sacrifice (level 28) – Sacrifices and destroys part of it’s own health to shield or mini-bubble the warlock for 30 seconds preventing any interrupts of the warlock’s spell casting or until the shield fails.
  • Consume Shadows (level 56) – A quick out-of-combat skill allowing a 30% health and mana regen for the voidwalker over 6 seconds. It also increases any stealth detection for you and your allies for 30 seconds in a 30 yard range


The Voidwalker and Voidlord’s Special Abilities in Mists of Pandaria:

You have probably heard the old saying, “The devil is in the details”. Well, dissecting the Mists of Pandaria Beta is good example of that statement. Here are a few reasons why. Many of the spells that are listed from the MoP Wowhead Database do not correspond with what you can use when you are in Beta. Many of the spell levels don’t match when you can actually gain or use them. So which one is right? Who knows…it’s still Beta and it’s still changing :) However, bear with me a moment and I’ll provide a quick list of what each void minion offers at level 85 in the current Beta build. They are:

  • Torment (level 10) – Same as Cataclysm in that it’s a passive ability generating a high threat level
  • Suffering (level 15) – Same passive spell as in Cataclysm remaining as the voidwalker’s main taunt to a target
  • Threatening Presence (level *Not listed) – This one is a bit wonky and confusing in the way it reads; however, I’m sure it’s true intention is on building and holding threat.
  • Disarm (level 20) – A passive and instant ability that removes the weapon and shield from a target for 10 seconds with a 1 minute gcd.
  • Shadow Bulwark  (level 54) – The former out-of-combat health and mana restoration ability called Consume Shadows that our VWs had in cataclysm has now been changed to a quick “Oh Noes” button for your blueberry for use during combat. Shadow Bulwark grants the demon 30% of it’s maximum health for 20 seconds. Pop this while questing when your VW or VL drops in health, use a Health Funnel to bring them back up and you now have a recovery option from losing your blueberry tank with 1 minute gcd. I like this spell a lot now that our voids can tank!
  • Shadow Shield and Void Shield – (level 28) – The Shadow Shield is used by the VW and the Void Shield is used by the VL. This spell takes the place of the former Sacrifice, but rather than protecting the warlock, it protects the demon instead. Visually, the shields look like a purple ‘lock version of a shaman’s Earth Shield encircling the demon for protection. Each time an enemy target strikes the shield the enemy will suffer shadow damage with each attack. A single hit reduces the shields by 20%. Roughly, it will take about five hits before it’s protection breaks and you’ll need to reapply. It can be set to automatically be recast if it falls off, but this hasn’t always been the case during my testing of it. These shields also reduces the damage done to the demon by 60% for 30 seconds or until they are destroyed. Shadow Shield and Void Shield have a 10 second gcd and both are currently listed under MoP WoWhead’s database under the same spell name. In Beta, the names are different and distinct.
  • *A Special Note: Don’t forget that all of the new demons offered by the Grimoire of Supremacy at level 75, including the voidlords, have 20% more health and provide 20% more damage! Woot! 


My beta voidlord, Azaros, sporting his Void Shield. It’s a shame I probably won’t be able to keep his name. It’s growing on me!


Command Demon – This is a new addition Blizzard has added for our convenience. Rather than being placed on the pet’s action bar, you can place this spell anywhere on any of your action bars. When you cast Command Demon, the demon you are controlling will fire off its most powerful spell. For both the VW and the VL, the Command Demon ability will cast Disarm. It would appear that the Command Demon button will make keybinding and macro writing much easier too.


Our New Minion’s Demonic Voices and Personalities

A few weeks ago, I posted about the newer upgraded demons missing personalities and new voices. At that time in Beta, the new minions simply kept many of the same sounds as their lesser counterparts. Well, Blizzard finally fixed those issues and now our new demons have their own voices along with some unique (some annoying of course) personalities. You might have already seen or visited this link, but a few weeks ago MMOChampion captured the latest sound clips of the new warlock minions. If you haven’t had time to check them out they are listed over here at YouTube–> MoP Warlock Minion Sound Clips. FYI and a quick warning, it’s a 7 minute audio clip. The Fel imp sounds even more obnoxious than the standard imp. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I know some people are annoyed by the sounds of the succubus and the imps, but I enjoy them for their smart aleck style banter.

For next week, we’ll take a look the demons that mages and healers love to hate. No, it’s not our Succubus or Shivarra (Heh, mages could only dream to summon one of them).  Instead, we’re going to look at the Fel Hunter and his new, upgraded version called the Observer. Until then, have a great week and enjoy the summer weather.

Hail and Howdy Everyone,

I decided to mirror the podcasts segments I’ve been sending over to Convert to Raid and The Instance with things I’m going to post about on the blog. Hopefully, this will help direct my time and energy more efficiently and allow me to do a better job on both :) This week we’re going to delve into imps and their incantations, but first let’s remember where our new demons come from as we recap the three level 75 talents choices for warlocks currently in Beta:

The Eye of Kilrogg Spell Animation

  • Grimoire of Service (GoServ) – a level 75 talent choice allowing you to call forth a second demon to fight at your side for a short period of time. This talent has been nerfed again from 30 secs down to 22 secs. I have no idea why it was nerfed other than possibly due to PvP. As I see it, we already have spells very similiar to this by calling in our Infernals or our Doomguards.  I hope to see this talent improved upon because calling forth a single Succubus for such a short period of time only to dps is lackluster, especially when compared with the new minion forms by choosing GoSup!
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice (GoSac) – a level 75 talent choice where you sacrifice and destroy your current demon to increase the spell power of your direct damage spells by 15% for 15 mins and receive an increase to both your health and mana regen. This talent may have uses in PvP, but I see it geared more specifically for a quick burn or execute phase in PvE
  • Grimoire of Supremacy (GoSup) – a level 75 talent that upgrades all of your former demons to the new ones. These new minions have been buffed from a 15% to a 20% increase in dps and each have their own unique abilities. This talent has good use for both PvP and PvE with the increase in our demon’s dps and with the newer abilities each demon brings to a given situation.

I have a strong feeling that most of our warlock brethren will particularly like The Grimoire of Supremacy. The new demon skins, the new animations, and the new minion personalities are exciting.  For the next several posts, I’m going to highlight and compare both our old demons and the new Grimoire of Supremacy minions. So for this post, let’s start off with the imps!

The Imp and The Fel Imp

They’re small, snarky, furry – they have horns, piercings, and a penchant for Fireballs and Felbolts.

The Standard Imp

If you are not familiar with playing a warlock, or if you are a newer reader thinking about playing this wonderful class then here are some of the basics about imps to get you started. Imps are the first minion we get to use as we begin down our path into conjuring the Dark Arts. You can’t completely control your little fury fellow until level ten (10), but he will faithfully fight at your side as you quickly level to your first “ding” in the double digits. At level 10 his pet abilities bar will open up for you to command and control him based on your situations and needs.  At level 75, if you choose the Grimoire of Supremacy you will be able to “upgrade” your standard Imp to the newer and updated version called the Fel Imp .

In Cataclysm live, here are the imp’s abilities:

  • Firebolt (Level 1) The imp’s standard ranged dps offensive spell
  • Blood Pact (Level 4) A solo play, party and raid stamina buff
  • Flee (Level 33) – Good for offensive and defensive situational uses – breaking the imp from CC to return back to you or to attack an opponent 
  • Singe Magic (Level 68) – Used for both offense and defense in removing buffs from your enemies and debuffs from you, or your allies

In MoP, for both the standard imp and the newer Fel Imp (upgraded by the level 75 talent Grimoire of Supremacy) these abilities will be:

  • Firebolt (Level 1 – 90) The standard imp’s ranged dps offensive spell
  • Felbolt (Level 75-90) The new Fel imp’s ranged dps offensive spell 
  • Blood Pact (Level 4) – A solo, party and raid stamina buff for both the standard imp and Fel imp
  • Flee (Level 33) – The same spell currently like Cataclysm live that is good for offense and defense with both the standard imp and Fel imp
  • Cauterize Master (Level 68?) – When casting this spell, the imp deals a small bit of damage directly to their master and then gives them a heal-over-time (HoT).  I’ve read that warlocks are suppose to lose the Singe Magic spell for Cauterize Master when choosing the GoSup talent. If used in combo with Flee, Cauterize Master could have a good “Oh Crap” use, or it can be used as a quick supply of health for all three specs, or could be used when an Affliction warlock needs some quick health to convert to mana. What’s strange is that in Beta, I’m still able to use both Singe Magic and Cauterize Master on my spell bars with both the standard imp and when I’m using the Fel imp. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or inentional because I can’t confirm if we’re supposed to lose Singe Magic for Cauterize Master or not. Some of the information trickling down from Blizzard has simply stated that we gain Cauterize Master and the information doesn’t mention what happens with Singe Magic. We shall have to wait see on which way it turns out.

    The Fel Imp from the Grimoire of Supremacy Level 75 Talent Choice

A new addition Blizzard has added for warlocks is the Command Demon spell. While this spell isn’t completely necessary, it does make keybinding easier. The Command Demon spell combines all of the most powerful demon abilities and combines them into one button. Have you ever used an “all-in-one” pet macro? I can imagine many of the older warlocks nodding their heads on that question because I know I did. Well, the Command Demon spell takes the “all-in-one” pet macro’s place. Combining all the hardest hitting pet spells into one button will also make writing any new macros easier. It’s a very straight forward spell with no surprises. You hit the Command Demon button and the minion you are controlling will cast it’s most important spell.

Here is the Command Demon spell abilities:

Please keep in mind all of this information is still subject to change since MoP is still in Beta. I only add that disclaimer because I’ve written several posts where things were either gone or revamped dramatically in the next Beta build :) If you notice I didn’t put a link for the Fel Hunter’s Spell Lock in the listing for the Command Demon spells it’s because there isn’t one listed in the MoP Wowhead Database atm.  To give you an idea of how things change in Beta, several of the spells for our new demons are listed in the database as level 52 and level 56 spells. However, you cannot command any of the new demons or use these spells until you reach level 75 and choose the Grimoire of Supremacy talent. I’m sure as the builds become more stable then the spell information will become more stable as well.

Next week, we’ll take a look at our voidwalkers and the new voidlords. Until then, take heart in knowing that our blueberry’s have once again regained their bulwark ability to taunt, tank, and hold aggro. *Sighs* Yes, it’s been too long since they were viable as a tank and you didn’t pull a mob from them while questing. Trust me, I’m sure you’ll be glad to see our relationship with the blueberry’s for tank’em and spank’em solo play coming back.

I hope you all have a great week and as always, I send you my best!