How to Find Fun with a Fel Puppy and One Big Eyeball

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Beta Testing Warlocks, Of WoW and Warlocks

Heya All,

Yep, it’s not a very creative title to this post, but I think it gets to the point. This week we’re talking about an Affliction warlock’s faithful friend the Fel Hunter, and their new upgrade replacement minion (upgraded by choosing the Grimoire of Supremacy, a level 75 talent) called a Giant Eyeball…er…Little Willy grown up The Observer.

Surveying the local problems in Beta

If you’ve read some of my posts then you probably know that I’ll always be a die-hard Affliction fan. When I first delved into the Dark Arts, it was the first spec I learned and it’s been my favorite ever since. You’ll also come to find that not all warlocks like Affliction and that’s okay, it happens. However, if you are a lower level ‘lock or if you’re thinking about rolling a warlock Alt, then I suggest you should give it a try. In fact, my only good advice to give is to try all three warlock specializations and find the spec that’s right for you and your playstyle.

The reason I am talking about Affliction in particular is because next to the yummy spell HAUNT, nothing to me is more iconic than standing with a Fel Hunter by your side. You may, like me, fall in love with those brown bundles of fur and teeth as you train one from a wee-little pup to become the bane of your enemy casters. Trust me when I say that watching your very own Fel puppy running rabid while snarling, drooling and attacking a fleeing mob while your DoTs tick away their life is described with one easy word…glorious! *Insert cackle laugh here*

Curbing Your Dog and/or How To Poke an Eyeball

Like all of our minions, the Fel Puppy and the Observer have all the basic pet stances and commands along with a few passive abilities. Like any good warlock, your should always be in full control of your demons. So live-em, love-em, use them! They are:

  • Assist – Pet Stance – Your pet assists you in fighting
  • Defensive – Pet Stance – Your pet will only attack enemy mobs that attack you or it
  • Passive – Pet Stance – Your pet will not attack only until you command it
  • Attack – Pet Command – You send your pet to attack
  • Follow – Pet Command – You command your pet to follow you
  • Move To – Pet Command – You command your pet to move to a specific location
  • Stay – Pet Command – You command your pet to stay where it stands until you command it to do something else
  • Avoidance – Passive Ability – Helps keep your pet from dying from Boss AoE (area of effect) damage
  • Fel Energy– Passive Ability – Your demons use Fel Energy as a resource in MoP vs. mana in Cataclysm and they gain 10 Fel Energy every second for a maximum of 200 Fel Energy
Dhroodum doing his version of Lament of the Fel Puppy. His favorite food is an enemy caster!

A Fel Pup’s Special Abilities in Cataclysm

As you know, on top of all of these fun things you can do with your minion, each demon also has several special abilities to aid in annoying and destroying silly mages our enemies. For the Fel Hunter in Cataclysm, they are:

1. Shadow Bite – Rawr! (Munch, Munch, nom nom nom) A basic melee attack that causes shadow damage

2.  Devour Magic – Purges 1 beneficial magic effect from the user, if the magic purged is devoured the Fel Hunter receives a small heal

3. Spell Lock – (Should be called “Spell Lockout”) Silences an enemy for 3 seconds. If this spell is used on a casting enemy, then it locks them out from casting any spells from school of magic for 6 seconds. Woot!

The Mists of Pandaria Fel Hunter’s Special Abilities

1. Shadow Bite – A basic melee attack that does 6,215 shadow damage. It’s an instant cast with a .6 second cast time and consumes 60 Fel Energy

2. Devour Magic – An instant 30 yard range cast with a 15 second gcd. This spell purges 1 beneficial magic effect from the enemy target. If the purged spell is devoured, the Fel Hunter gets healed for 5,673. Costs 60 Fel Energy

3. Spell Lock – An instant 40 yard range cast on a 24 second gcd. This spell silences an enemy for 3 seconds and if it’s used on a target that is casting, then this spell will lock them out from using that particular school of magic for 6 seconds. Costs 20 Fel Energy.

As you can see, there’s not too much difference with the Fel Hunter of Cataclysm Live and the Fel Hunter of MoP; however, when you upgrade your Fel puppy to the new Observer there are some cool new tricks to learn.

The Voidlord’s Optic Blast ability being used on an enemy. Why did it have to be pink?! Bah!

The New Observer

One of our newest demons to command is the Observer. Yes, it looks like one big floating eyeball, or should I say eyeballs? When I started running with my Observer in the beta, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. Back then, all of the demonic minions for warlocks had the “My Demon is Gigantique” bug because Blizzard was working on the fine tuning them for proportion.  All of our demons were about 4x’s their current size, and it made standing around or even questing painful because the demon covered up your view. OMG, I’m so glad they got that fixed!

This is Bragkek’s best attempt at smiling. I wish you could see all the individual animations because they are nice touch. Bring a drool cup or towel because you’ll need it.

They have added some new animations, grunting sounds and some nifty looking spells (albeit one is pink colored). Besides the pink animation to one of his prized abilities, I like him it and I think he’s it’s a cool addition to our stable of minions. Sorry, I wasn’t sure if I should refer to the Observer as a “she” or “he” so I decided on using “it” because I’m not sure how you would determine which is which? If you’re an experienced warlock you might remember Shirrak the Deadwatcher from the Auchenai Crypts in Auchidon. Well if you do, that’s the same skin of your new Observer. What makes this demon fun besides it’s good looks and constant slavering of drool?  It’s special abilities of course! Here they are:

1. Tongue Lash – (OMG, I can already predict that general channels are going to have this ability linked quite often – bah!) This is the Oberserver’s basic attack. It licks the enemy causing 6,020 shadow damage. It has a 10 yard melee range with a .6 second cast time and costs 60 Fel Energy.

2. Clone Magic – This spell steals 1 magic effect from an enemy. If the stolen spell is devoured, then the Observer gets a 5,525 heal and the it will gain 60 Fel Energy. It has a 30 yard range with a 15 second gcd with a cost of 20 Fel Energy to cast.

3. Optical Blast – This 40 yard range “pink-swirly” laser looking spell (yes, can you believe it’s pink? Ugh!) blasts an enemy with lasers dealing 1.432% weapon damage and silences them for 3 seconds. If this spell is used on a target that is casting, it prevents any spells from that school of magic for 6 seconds.  It has a 24 second gcd and costs 20 Fel Energy. As you may have noticed, what sets this spell apart from the Fel Hunter’s Spell Lock is the added weapon damage. Is it a game changer? Not really. Is it nice to have? Heck ya! Anything extra we can pick up is always a good thing, I just wish it’s weapon damage was a little more powerful.

Bragkek my beta Observer giving out a good Tongue Lashing

Key Things to Keep In Mind

You will be able to summon and command the Observer in the Mists of Pandaria expansion by choosing the level 75 talent that “upgrades” our older demons to the new ones called the Grimoire of Supremacy. Another perq to this talent is that the Observer will cause 20% more damage and have 20% more health than the standard Fel Hunter.

We also have the new Command Demon button which will fire off our current demon’s most powerful spell. For the Fel Hunter it utilizes Spell Lock, and for the Observer it will cast Optical Blast. As you can tell by reading over their abilities, these minions are strongest against the caster classes so keep that in mind when choosing a demon for a specific fight.

Like everything else in the game, my best recommend is to experiment with them for yourself and just have fun.

Someone in my Beta guild joked that it looked like I was cleaning out the glands of Bragkek my Observer. Actually, I was pointing at an NPC in the distance. However, you can see why they were confused.

  1. Navimie says:

    Ohhh…. I will miss Felpuppy. Felpuppy is my friend (when on my side) in arena. They’re bloody pains in the ass when on the opposing team.

    • Heya Navimie,

      Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the comment and I hope your doing well. Omg, you have time for Arena too? Girl, you’re amazing and tell your hubby I said so!

      You might see a Fel pup from time to time, but for MoP at cap level you’re probably going to be facing the new Observer :) So get ready for a good Tongue Lashing. Yeah, trade channels are going to love linking that one don’t you think?

  2. Not wanting to actually know stuff from beta, I’ve decided that looking at the screen shots can’t hurt. OMG! A giant eyeball that licks my foes to death! And cleaning glands is very important to avoid those costly vet bills.

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