Bows, Cheers, and Salutes

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hello My Dark Angels,

I decided to take a break from writing about the MoP Beta and our new minions for a bit. Instead, I’d like to give some “Shout-Outs” to players, bloggers and the podcasting folks I’ve been fortunate to run across in my constant vigil towards promoting the warlock class.

As most of you know, I’m an old warlock learning new tricks all the time. If you would have told me six months ago that I’d be blogging about warlocks, making audio segments about them, and meeting so many new friends in the process, I would have wrote you off as nutty. However, such is the destiny that shapes our ends and because of it, I have been very humbled.

Players writing about their passions

High Latency Life, by Rivs – Being a warlock, it’s hard to admit you enjoy the presence of a mage, and that’s as it should be. However, you may have seen my mage-y new friend the Rivs or “River” posting in my comments section from time to time (Yes, he likes to troll warlocks both out of jealousy and looking for an edge in PvP). Rivs has been writing about WoW and his gaming experience for quite some time over at High Latency Life and recently hit a major mile marker for anyone who blogs. Rivs has achieved writing and hitting his post #1,000. That’s an “OMG” in a big way, and it’s quite an accomplishment. I’m sure a lot of his success stems from the passion he gives to his writing as he offers his take on people, places, and things in the gaming world. /salute

Check-out High Latency Life

Yes, my friend Mr. Rivs, even though you spout mage propaganda you are free to comment here anytime you like without the reprimand of being deleted. Keep up the great work. Btw, if you haven’t read Fulguralis’s mage rebuttle towards Rivs over on Killing’Em Slowly called, “With All Due Respect, Rivs…”, then I think you should give it a gander. I love the fact that Fulguralis proves once again that a good warlock knows how to DoT his target. :P


Bubbles of Mischief, by Cymre – If you ever avoided setting a goal for yourself, then Cymre should inspire you to get motivated. She wanted to find and categorize every rare NPC in the game of WoW. Well, she finished that epic journey after working on it for over five years.  Each zone in the game has a post containing pictures and information about each “Silver Dragon” mob in that area. Now that is a lot of dedication and a lot of passion towards a project. Being a rare hunter pet collector on my Alt, I often know just how elusive these rare spawns can be. It’s an amazing piece of work and her passion just goes to show you where setting a goal and perseverance can take you. I can only imagine the hours she spent camping! /Cheers

If you haven’t read Cymre, you should!


The Daily Frostwolf, by Navimie – One of my new friends from “Down Under” was recently interviewed on Episode #173 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast called, “The Daily Navizor” and I know she was elated about the interview. Navimie did a great job and I really enjoyed the show.  Besides being a devoted WoW player she is also a physician in RL. As much as I enjoy her blogs about WoW, I would love to read more about her RL adventures in Healthcare because she shows that Doctors have feelings too, and they really do care about patients despite how some news stories might portray otherwise. Choosing to devote your life to serving others is heroic and noble. 

Nice work as always Navimie!

Navimie has a great sense of humor and like any good healer both in-game and in RL, she remains humble about it. Plus, (being Austrailian) her accent makes me remember why I had such a crush on Olivia Newton John when I was younger. What is it with the Irish, English, New Zealand and Aussie accents that’s just so…cool? Ha! And whether she knows it or not we both have the same favorite spot to sit in Orgrimmar above the waterfall! What are the odds on that one because there’s so many great spots with panoramic views around that town. /bows

Yes, Navie I do plan to troll you and your guildies from time to time :P


Skype, Saturday night and a fellow warlock

I’m not sure how we wound up connecting through twitter (whether he found me or if I found him), but that doesn’t matter to me because I’m glad I got a chance to meet up with Demonicric from Hearthcast on Skype this past Saturday night. We spent nearly three hours chatting away discussing warlocks, MoP, and everything else in between like old friends. Btw, Demonicric…you owe me 3 hours of extra sleep and I apologize for cussing at you the next day for lack of it. Ha! I really did enjoy the comraderie and I won’t hold it against you that you play a gnome!

Even though he’s a gnome, Demonicric is rocking out the Tmog by always wearing his helm!

Demonicric is a faithful follower to Demonology and currently raids with that play style in Cataclysm. We even have a running bet trying to guess when the MoP launch will hit. He picked the last week of September, and I picked the first week of October. We shall see my friend, we shall see…and I’ll be in touch!


A new warlock blogger

Sanctuary of Shadow, by Alastair – There is a new warlock blogger out there and as you know I’m all about promoting our class as much as possible. I stopped by and read Alastair’s first post and I look forward to many more. This new ‘lock writer is a seasoned WoW player, and is now going back to leveling a long neglected demo warlock alt and plans to raid with that toon in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. His blog is about his adventures while he levels that toon.

A new warlock blog? Heck yeah I’ll read!

Please take the time and stop by to welcome Alastair when you can. If you know about any other new warlock bloggers out there, please let me know. I’m always looking, but sometimes some sites aren’t so easily found despite your best attempts at the search engines. I love the name he chose and his title pic!


New WoW podcasts I’m discovering

I remember a time when there used to be tons of podcasts about WoW, and then many fell by the wayside. I know between my own RL responsibilities and finding time to play WoW, I’ve faiiled to notice that there’s a lot of new podcasts about WoW that are being created. So in my never ending journey to find quality entertainment I have been downloading and listening to all of these new upcoming shows and from what I’m hearing, they’re all doing a great job. Here are some that I’ve added to my download list:

If you’re not listening to some of these new shows…you’re missing out!

  • Tauren Think Tank – You might have heard some of the TTT advertising spots over at Convert To Raid and if you haven’t downloaded and listened to them yet, you should. They have an interesting niche in that they talk about the all the social interactions that go along with playing WoW. Really? There’s problems and drama in WoW? Ha! Yep, they have their work cut out for them :) So go check out Remghar “Rem”, Jules the Tauren, Phytt, Arcayne the Mage, and Evera. /cheers
  • The Dark Moon Herald – Their website isn’t up yet, but I look forward to see what they create. The hosts are Kevin and Apsana and they have a lot of fun talking about the game we love. I’m only at Episode 6 of 17, but I know I’ll enjoy listening to the rest to get caught up with their most current episodes. If you’re a warlock, then besides the fun conversations I’m sure you’ll love the “eeriness” of some of the production work they do for their intros, segues and segment spots. /cheers
  • The Training Dummies – This group of friends decided to get together and start a podcast about WoW. I’m on Episode 3 of 4 and I’m really enjoying their program. Hend, Hoofit and Hotpox are the hosts. I’ve spoken with Hotpox several times via Twitter and I can only wish them much fun on their endeavor. They have made me a fan so I look forward to hearing more. /cheers 
  • Something Suggestive – Jangasm is the hostess of this podcast and I feel like such a noob that I hadn’t heard of it before. However, I’m glad I got some time to listen in. The podcast is rated M for mature so keep that in mind if you have little ones nearby. However, for an adult who doesn’t get offended by such things, she’s a hoot! I’m still only a few episodes in trying to catch up, but trust me when I say that I’ll be listening to them all. /cheers


A real life WoW oracle and muse

@Leetawow  – If you haven’t heard of Leeta, then you should. She’s what I like to think of as a social media muse for many podcasters, WoW players, and Twitter folk. For several podcasts Leeta either sends emails, tweets or voice recordings of what she’s up to in WoW, along with comments, questions, and her own observations. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard a podcast mention one of her emails or call-ins :) She’s a celebrity whether she knows it or not.

If you haven’t farmed for this set, trust me when I say that it’s not easy! I think it took roughly 30 runs for me to get the helm to drop! Very nice Leeta!

Although, I haven’t spoken with Leeta directly (other than small discussions tweeting back an forth on Twitter), you can tell that she truly enjoys connecting with others about her passion playing WoW. Plus, she’s a an undead warlock who farmed the Nemesis Recolor Tmog outfit so what’s not to love? Now that’s my kinda gal! What’s even better is that she recently moved her warlock over to join us over at the AIE Guild on the Earthen Ring Server. Woot! /bows in respect


A big public apology

I want to apologize again to Saga over at but this time publicly :) You might remember, I hosted the Great Warlock Epitome Tmog Contest a few weeks back and Saga was one of the winners. Sadly, I didn’t know that sending an ingame mount or vanity pet from here in the US to somewhere in the EU would be such a hassle. And was it ever!  Here is the lowdown if you care to read:

  1. I paid for a mount on EU store, get receipt and send the electronic code to Saga
  2. The redemption didn’t code work
  3. I submit ticket to Blizz and they say it isn’t paid for…huh? I have the receipt? Wtf?
  4. Called my bank and find that security measures kicked in and cancelled the payment
  5. I explain the reason for the purchase and my bank approves of the charge
  6. Went back to Blizz EU store and purchased another mount
  7. Mastercard/Visa calls me within an hour
  8. Mastercard/Visa cancelled the payment because of the security measures they have in place
  9. Payment was cancelled again! Ha! Whaa? OMG! Grrrrr! I laughed, then cried
  10. I find out that my bank’s Debit cards have the bank’s security and MC/Visa’s security as well
  11. I learn the good news that my bank card has 2 security systems protecting it
  12. The Bad news was Saga still had no mount
  13. I sent a Tweet to Blizzards customer service about the problem
  14. Blizzard CS rep contacts me
  15. The Blizzard CS rep thinks I’m nutty as I explain what’s going on
  16. The Blizzard CS rep fixes the problem
  17. I send thanks to @BlizzardCS!
  18. I send mount and apology to Saga
  19. Grats to Saga!
  20. Saga sends me a great pic riding the new mount


Thanks for the pic Saga and I’m so glad you finally got it! Enjoy!


When your kids play WoW

A few weeks ago, my oldest decided she wanted to learn how to play WoW. At first, I wasn’t sure what she’d think of it. She’s not into much gaming other than on her phone when she’s trying to ignore her brother in the back of our car. So after showing her the different classes and factions, she settled on a Female Draeni Hunter on one of my old Alliance servers.

Here’s my little WoW Hunter 12 years ago when she was waking up from a nap with one of our beloved Golden Retrievers. Now she fights me for WoW game time!

Well, she’s now level 53 and her noobiness is driving me absolutely crazy! She’s calling and texting me all the time asking me questions about how to do this and how to do that. Any of the gold that was on those old Ally toons is now gone as you can guess. Yep, it didn’t take long for her to “try” these old alts and discover they had gold. :) So, one night I had to show her how to run dailies on an old level 85 toon I don’t play anymore just so she can earn some gold on her own.

Tonight when I came home, she was already running her first dungeon. Luckily, she didn’t get any morons in her LFD group and as I watched her playing over her shoulder I was very proud. It’s a cool feeling to share WoW with your kids, even if you will be fighting them to play it :)

It’s actually a bittersweet feeling. I’m happy she’s liking the game, but I’m sad in knowing that it’ll limit my game time even more! Ugh, great…what have I started? I suppose Blizzard will be getting a second account payment from me soon, now we just need another decent computer…so it will probably be a while before I get my RAF mount. I can hear myself already devising, “Oh look honey, Mom’s watching the Notebook again!”, “Did you hear the phone? I think it’s that guy you were talking about”…

Until next time, love me or hate me, I send you all my best!

  1. Navimie says:

    Thanks for the lovely kind words Amijade ;) I am immensely humbled and flattered!
    I know my guildies enjoy reading your highly entertaining and witty comments you leave on my blog, so I will have to make sure I write more things that will catch your interest :)

    • Hey Navi,

      Everything you write catches my interest and no worries! I try to keep my posts mainly ‘lock centered, but what’s better than talking about a Druid who dreams and writes about warlocks too? Hehe!

      My best to you and your guildies!

  2. Cymre says:

    Thx for the shout out :)
    Today I found a few of the new rares on the beta so I look forward to adding them all to my ever growing collection. Now I just need to finish my Mogolympic entires :P

    • Hey Cymre!

      You don’t have to thank me, I’m just pointing out all of your hard work in case others haven’t seen – it really is inspiring :P Now, you just need to give me some tips on any rare hunter pets you find in MoP!

      Great job and please keep up the great work!

  3. theerivs says:

    Your blog is like the dirty magazine I hide under the bed, It’s dirty, but I still enjoy reading it. Thank you for the link love, and yes I have a passion, for what I have no idea. I am also well under way into the warlock ranks with my own little whorelock. ;)

    • Rivs,

      I think you are feeling way that because of all the pictures of the hawt warlocks Tmog shots such as Saga and Ninevi, not to mention my pics of the Shivarra and Succubus demons I’ve included in my pages too. It’s okay though, that’s their job. They are used to seduce and mesmerize the lower species on the food chain so we can DoT them up and they hit the ground before their drool hits the ground. Now, I will have to reprimand you on the term “Whorelock” with 20 Lashes of Pain. Trust me, it’s okay to turn to the Dark Arts…we have more fun than your magey-friends and we won’t force you to keep your Brony card.

      Btw, we use the term “Whorelock” for ‘locks who farm only mages in BGs because they are such easy kills. So if you throw that term around with other warlocks they might get confused. However, I’d recommend that you simply tell people your a mage who rolled a ‘lock while you’re playing your new toon so they will instantly understand why you are worthless…er…clueless still learning. Grats and great job on hitting 1,000!

  4. […] to thank Amijade  for the love, I’ll return it later in the […]

  5. Saga says:

    Thanks a lot for hosting that contest, and thanks again for the awesome mount! :) I only regret that it ended up being such a hassle for you to get!

    Also, you’ve given me several new sites to check out.. :)

    • Hey Saga,

      No worries! The contest was fun and I’ll do it again next year as well. I didn’t mind the hassle, I just felt bad you didn’t get it sooner! Yep, enjoy the sites and the shows. I’m kind of a Podcast fiend, too :P

      My Best!

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