Why You Will Want to Summon a Demonic Fem Fatale

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Beta Testing Warlocks, Of WoW and Warlocks

Hello my Friends of Fiendish Fun,

What do you get when you add a feminine touch to a demon? Well before you answer “A mother-in-law”, I’m here to tell you this isn’t going to be that kind of post. Besides, who in their right mind would want to summon that kind of demon? All they would do is visit and complain about the rest of your family, and how much fun is that? Absolutely, none! (Yes, I’m kidding mother-in-laws okay?) However, if you’re a warlock in Warcraft you’ll be glad to know that our female demons have plenty of venom and vigor to make them a force your enemies will envy and hate. Trust me, you’re a warlock and you control dangerous demons…what’s not to envy and hate?

Disantia, my personal Succubus posing for the camera

If you’re a newer student to warlockery, then the first thing you must learn and understand is that a warlock’s succubus has always been a minion that has been both admired and abhorred. And from the looks of a standard succubus it’s easy to see why. They are dressed, (or should I say undressed?) for attention. Between their devilish wings, horns and knee-high furry hoofed feet it’s hard not to notice the fatal beauty radiating from these creatures. While many players admire these demons for their sadistic charm, other players find them annoying either because of their overt overtones of “Oohs” and “Ahhs” or because they, themselves, have been directly seduced by a succubus.

So why should you want to summon on of these demonic fem fatales? Now I can’t speak from a RP point-of-view, (although I can only imagine the various scenarios that could could from that type of play) but these whip-cracking, butt-smacking, crowd controlling demons have long been a favorite for PvP and you’ll soon see why. For the lone warlock who’s questing, or the warlock who finds themselves in a small dungeon group the Succubus can also be quite useful when surrounded by any humanoid prey. What’s important to note is that not much will change for these minions moving from Cataclysm into the new Mists of Pandaria expansion. However, there are some key things to consider when we look at our temptresses of dark tidings the Succubus, and the new Shivarra.

 Basic Demonic Commands

Like all of our warlock demons, the Succubus and the Shivarra have all of the basic commands to control their enticements along with a few tricks to fend off your foes.  Here’s a quick review:

  • Assist – Your demon will automatically assist you in attacking your current target 
  • Defensive – Your summoned demon will attack any mob or any enemy player that begins attacking it or you
  • Passive – Your minion will not attack anything until you commanded it to do so
  • Attack – You command your demon to attack your current target
  • Follow – You command your demon to follow you
  • Move To – You command your demon to move to a specific location. A green targeting reticule will appear and your demon will move to that specific location and wait until his next command
  • Stay – You command your demon to stay where they are standing until you give it another command

A target and their mount seduced by Disantia. I’m terribly sorry for the ugly pink shard I couldn’t crop out of the picture. I blame having ugly pink shards on my head during combat. Sorry, that annoying pink graphic still just steams me! As you can see it ruined this picture.

The Succubus in Cataclysm

Besides having the basic commands like all of our summoned servants the Succubus has her own special abilities that make her particularly alluring, and it’s not just simply because of her sultry good looks. What makes her popular in particular is her knockback and CC skills. Here’s the breakdown of what a succubus can do:

Lash of Pain – An instant and basic melee attack that lashes a target within a 20 yard range causing around 3,100 shadow damage

Lesser Invisibility – Grants the demon Lesser Invisibility for 5 mins. This ability can only be used out of combat, and when it’s set on passive the Shivarra will automatically self-cast the spell on herself when it comes off from the gcd and if you’re OOC. I’ve tried researching this spell to find out exactly what it does; however, there is no clear definition. The best information I can find through the Wowhead database is that it makes this demon more difficult to see from 100 yards or more. A good idea is to use this tactical advantage in area with many obstacles on the terrain. This can help add to the difficulty of seeing her approach and attack. I have yet to find anything where this ability is described as reducing damage or enhancing dps. As with all demonic tricks, surprise is always a good way to foul your foe so look for rocks, bushes, and other places where a hidden Succubus can pounce on a victim.

Whiplash – Who doesn’t like a good knockback? This spell deals 4,500 shadow damage and gives a knockback to all enemies from within five yards. This is a targeting ability with a 25 second gcd. While I rarely have time to pvp anymore, I’m sure people still love this spell for knocking folks off of the cliff at the Lumber Yard and from the rooftops in WSG. Are your enemies grouped on your Flag Carrier or Node? Drop this spell on them and watch them go reeling. A nice /cackle macro should be used in combination with this ability because using it will give you an evil glee.

Seduction – One of the most powerful spells for this demon next to Whiplash. The Seduction spell seduces any humanoid target for 30 seconds and it has a 30 yard range. Keep in mind, that any damage to the target while they are being seduced will break the target from the crowd control. This spell, combined with a mouse-over macro will be a must have for any warlock who wants to make CC look easy.

Soul Link with a Succubus

The Succubus in Mists of Pandaria

As much as I would like to say that there are a few new or enhanced skills for our Succubus when MoP arrives, but sadly there isn’t. All of the abilities you just read for her play style in Cataclysm remain the same in the MoP expansion except for some minor increases to her shadow damage numbers.  She looks the same, acts the same, and has the same abilities with only the dps variance being the difference. I could list all of these abilities again, but I don’t want to waste your time. Besides, I’m sure most of you want to hear about the new Shivarra instead!

The Level 75 Talent Choice – Grimoire of Supremacy

Remember, the Grimoire of Supremacy is the new talent choice at level 75 that allows warlocks to “upgrade” their demons to the new ones. All of these new minions have a 20% increase to their health and to their Dps. If a warlock chooses this talent, then their former Succubus will become the Shivarra. You may remember the look or skin of these demons because you encounter them when you first entered Hellfire Peninsula. They’re the tall, bluish skinned female demons that have six arms, four swords, and a G-string that could chafe even a rock elemental.

The new Shivarra demon

The Shivarra 

Like the Succubus before her, the Shivarra’s abilities might be different in name, but they’re basically the same spells with only two major differences. First, is her higher dps and health from the GoSup talent and the other is the flexibility added to the former Seduction spell. As it stands right now in beta, here are her abilities:

  • Bladedance – The Shivarra’s Melee attack that does roughly 7,400 shadow damage. Another basic damage spell like the older version called Lash of Pain
  • Lesser Invisibility – Same as the Succubus with no new differences in the beta at this time
  • Fellash – An instant and targetable spell that does around 4,300 shadow damage and knocks back all enemies within five yards of the impact site. This is the same as the former Succubus spell called Whiplash
  • Mesmerize – Like the Succubus and her Seduction ability, this is one of the most powerful spells for this demon. Mesmerize seduces the target for 30 seconds and has a 30 yard range. Like the spell Seduction, any damage to the target while they are being seduced will break the target from the crowd control. However, Mesmerize will not only work on humanoids, but it’ll also crowd control beasts, dragonkin, giants, mechanical and undead.  For PvP and questing, this opens up many more opportunities where once again a warlock can be a strong CC utility class to be feared (no joking intended on that one :P)

Bladedancing with a Target – A quick spinning attack

The Command Demon Ability

Don’t forget that in the new expansion, Blizzard has also added the Command Demon ability. This spell will fire off the most powerful spell for the demon you have summoned. For the Succubus, it will be Whiplash and for the Shivarra it will be Fellash. While both of these are good choices, I’m a little surprised that Seduction or Mesmerize weren’t considered for this button as well. IMHO, I think it would have been nice to have the choice as to which spell would be your preferred one to use with Command Demon ability. Sadly, this is not the case with the lastest beta build. 

Things to consider

I’ve read a few places on the forums where some warlocks aren’t certain as to whether or not the new Grimoire of Supremacy will be a worthy talent choice for use in PvP. I’m not a number cruncher by any means; however, the wider utility of the Shivarra’s Mesmerize spell, along with the passive increase in health and damage makes me believe that it will be a difficult choice on which way to talent. As such, my only advice is to try out all three talents in that bracket and see what works best for you or for any given situation.

One of the more refreshing changes in MoP is that now we’ll now be able to swap in and out of specs very quickly in between fights. This much needed feature truly opens up gameplay based on your talent of choice without having to constantly run back to town to see a trainer. Even with the announcement of the September 25th launch date, for me, the expansion can’t get here soon enough because in all honesty the beta has spoiled me when it comes to swapping out talents so quickly. It really is a great feature. Trust me when I say that next to the new AoE looting, being able to swap talents on the fly will make you wonder why it wasn’t implemented sooner.

Mesmerizing a Target (and yes, that G-string may chafe! Please support your local alchemists, they have potions and oils for that sort of thing)

  1. Ninevi says:

    Ahh, so excited for the Shivarra — they look awesome! Talent switching sounds interesting, too. I haven’t played much of the beta (the client disagrees with my computer so I gave up trying) so I hope the upcoming changes are as neat as you’ve shown here! :)

    And funny as always, Amijade! You had me in hysterics with the caption on the last picture. :P

    • Heya Ninevi,

      They are fun demons to have around; however, I hope they change up the battle sounds she makes while she is fighting. In beta, my Shivarra seems to only squeal out one that can become annoying rather quickly.

      As far as the last pic is concerned, you have to agree it does look rather painful. Let’s just say I’m glad she’s wearing it and not me. Besides, an undead female in a thong? Yeah, that’s an image best left to the imagination.


  2. theerivs says:

    The succubus has more junk in her trunk.

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