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Hail My Soon-To-Be-Revamped-and-Relaunched Brethren!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see the words “Don’t Panic” I can’t help but think about the Douglas Adams book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Well, like the immortal words imprinted on that wholly remarkable book we should all take a quick step back before the “OMG” patch hits and take it’s sage advice of keeping calm and not to completely freak out.

Is it me or does the huge rush of information about the new patch and the upcoming MoP expansion seems to be overwhelming at times? There’s tons of excitement being generated from all of the WoW informational websites, personal blogs, Twitter and Blizzard Entertainment. Everyone I know is either diligently working to finish up bucket lists, leveling new toons, or they’re working on achievements and to grinding rep, raids and transmog gear. Keep in mind that I’m an old warlock, and I may rant and rave like a lunatic quite often, but hopefully you may glean a nugget of wisdom as we discuss some tips to surviving the massive changes headed our way.

It’s okay really…trust me

When you get done visting here, please head over to visit Saga over at and her new post called Warlock Changes 5.04. It’s a fantastic overview of what to expect from the entire patch. Nicely done Saga! I have no idea as to how many expansions you have participated in, but for me so far I’ve survived through The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm and now The Mists of Pandaria. I’m not sure what this says about me, but as you can see this is my 4th expansion playing WoW and why I feel so old :) So here are some quick and dirty tips I can offer to help you survive the upcoming patch. The first thing to remember is to always keep these things mind whenever you login. They are:

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Have fun
  3. Take your time
  4. Don’t get overwhelmed
  5. Don’t get burned out

Update your addons

While many of the more famous addons for WoW have been updated during the beta process, it’s always a good idea to update them weekly. This patch and this week is no exception. Will the mods work perfectly? Probably not. Will they eventually work out the bugs? Yes, they will. So, any important patch is a great time to remind people to support the addon community by making a small donation to the developers of your favorite addons. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than watching a good addon fall by the wayside because the author could no longer afford to give away their time and energy to making and updating the addons we all love.

Pick your specializations

The pre-expansion patch hitting in two days, gives the players a few weeks to relearn their class and get a feel for the changes before the new content arrives. As you know, warlocks are getting the biggest overhaul when it comes to specs, abilities and rotations. It may feel daunting, I know, but trust me when I say you’re going to have some fun relearning how things work. The good news is that we’ll have close to four weeks of playing around and tweaking our builds which is plenty of time to get us acclimated to our new skill set. When you login, your builds will have been wiped and you’ll be starting back from scratch. So choose your specializations…

You’ll need to pick your new specs!

Then pick your talents…

Choose your talents, but if you got the regents you can change as you need :) It’s soooo nice!

Then review the glyphs and decide which to buy and use…

Changing glyphs around is easy enough as long as you have the correct reagent

Next, take some time and read over the new spells in your spell book. At this point, it’s probably a good idea to review all of the suggestions made by Blizzard inside the new Core Abilities Tab. It’ll help give you the basic foundation of your roations when you’re setting up your spell bars.

Notice the tabs at the bottom of the new spellbook

Stock up on Reagents

Your next stop should be to immediately go to a Inscription Trainer and to find the NPC inscription supplies merchant so that you can grab plenty of reagents on hand to swap out your talents and glyphs as you need. If you are like me, during Cataclysm your talents and glyphs were set and then forgotten about. Hopefully in MoP, this will no longer be the case and you’ll want to change them depending upon the situation. I’d highly recommend getting at least two or more stacks to keep in your bag until you feel more comfortable with your play style. Here are the ones you’ll need based on your level (in case you forgot like me):

Stock up on your reagents and don’t overpay at the AH

Remember you don’t have to buy these items off the AH and in fact, I’d highly recommend against it. If they are listed on the AH it’s usually by a seller who is gouging uninformed players who either don’t know where to buy them or are too lazy to go find an Inscription Trainer for supplies. Save your gold by visiting the regeant vendor and pay next to nothing for these items. Example: Vanishing powder from the supplier cost 60 silver whereas on the AH in beta people were charging 5 gold each. Maybe I’m cheap, but hey…I work hard for my gold (and I’m always broke)!


I know some players who truly abhor the idea of doing dailie quests, while some players absolutely love them. I don’t mind either way and only dislike daily quests whenever grinding rep turns into a second job. However, running daily quests can be a great way to practice your new skills. By running daily quests you can experiment and practice to find what works best for you. What’s also nice about doing dailies is that you can solo at your own pace, and you won’t have to worry about of making a mistake in front of others as you get a feel for your new power. Another great thing about questing is that you can make some decent gold while you’re out practicing. Not bad, eh?

A trial by fire seems to works best for most people, and questing can help be the anvil to purify your Dark Arts skills.

This is the kind of trial by fire I’m talking about! Woot! You gotta love the looks of the new Chaos Bolt spell! Yummy pain with a green face!

Training Dummies

The target training areas in all the major city hubs such as Stormwind or Orgrimmar are going to be crazy! I mean CRAZY! How crazy you ask? Well, try to imagine a mage convention where someone offered to give away a free dvd of My Pretty Pony to the person who could scream the loudest and longest. It’s going to be that nuts I tell you! Even being this close to the end of beta, the training areas have been packed. No to mention that depending on what time of day it is, it can often get worse during peak times. If you have a slower computer or a video card that doesn’t like crowds, I don’t recommend going there.

Here’s a simple idea many don’t try because a lot players are too lazy don’t feel like traveling. Go to one of the empty cities. Remember them? I know we often forget about many of the old hub cities and only go visit them during a seasonal event, to put out a fire, or to go give praise to an elder. Each of those cities has a target dummy area and each city I visited in beta was either nearly empty or completely empty. Last night, in Orgrimmar there were roughly 25+ players at the training area at any given time. I took a quick flight over to UC and found only 1 person. I ported over the Silvermoon (yes, it’s still there btw) and I was alone. Typical for Silvermoon I know.

It’s true, you can learn a lot from a dummy only if you can see it. So prepare for crowds!

Dungeons and raids

Outside of rogues every class will be facing some kind of change. Everyone to some degree will be relearning their class and abilities all over again. So, when you decide to venture into a dungeon or a raid I’d highly recommend bringing along some friends and guildies. Remember what dungeons and heroics were like when Cataclysm first launched? Well, it won’t be quite that bad, but go easy and expect a few wipes.

Theory Crafting

There’s a lot of great resources out there on the web regarding theory crafting. Sadly, I wish I was the type that loved digging through spreadsheets and calculations, but in all honesty that isn’t something I find enjoyable. Many sites offer great advice on how to get the best dps we can from our specs and many ask do you have to do it their way? No, not if you don’t want to. You’ll soon come to find that what works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. Knowledge is power. Read any and everything you can about warlocks. Then go out in the world of Azeroth and try and see what works best for you.

The reason I say this is because of the discussion concerning the level 75 talents that we will have to choose from. Without going into too much detail, many of the theory crafters are pointing out that we should talent this way when it comes to the Grimoires:

As you can see, the Grimoire is Supremacy isn’t on this list. Out of these three choices in talents, for me, the Grimoire of Supremacy appears to have the biggest time and effort put forth for Blizzard to create. Personally, I can’t see Blizzard putting that much time and effort into a talent only to make not choosing it the “no-brainer”. I truly believe their intention with the new talent design is so that we have more choices in the way we play. Maybe, I’m viewing it completely wrong and Blizzard’s true intention is to make the Grimoire of Supremacy for questing only? I don’t see it that way and I don’t think that is what Blizzard had in mind. Maybe, it’s just derpy me and the way I think about things that makes me feel this way. I completely agree that providing sweet dps that tops the meters is what we, as warlocks, should always strive to achieve. We are a dps class right? But more importantly, I can’t stress enough when I say that a dead warlock offers no dps, and no utility. We shall see how it all unfolds soon enough and the way I look at it is this…any discussion about warlocks is a good thing :)

I can’t wait to use these tools for dungeons and raids! Omg, tossing demonic portal on top of Demonic gate means you can travel a huge distance in 2 seconds! Putting a demonic portal between two gates means you can effectively cover a huge area as well!

So, don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different things. Just because one talent sounds more appealing at first, it doesn’t mean the others won’t have their place as well. Remember, we can swap out talents and glyphs quickly so get used to being flexible. Doesn’t that sound smexy? Being flexible and adapting to any dire situation will make you a better player and it’ll make the other classes even more jealous of you and of the warlock class. That’s a win/win scenario for me!

Closing thoughts

As I finishing closing this post I can only hope that you are as excited about what’s going to happen this coming Tuesday with the new patch as I am. Our lives as warlocks will never be the same. I know being the smart, studious and great players that you are you’ll go out there and make our class proud. Always remember, you’re a warlock! You’re at the top of the food chain! Be proud! Hold your head high, keep your confidence in your strut when you walk, and go out and dominate the World of Warcraft because it’s ours for the taking! At least until we get nerfed :)

I know we still have a few more weeks left before September 25th arrives, but for me, this patch still feels like the end of an era in my WoW history and with my ‘lock. Before I go, I’ll leave you with my own take on a famous line…”So long Cataclysm, and thanks for all the Twilight Guppies, Fathom Eels, and Lavascale Catfish!”

It’s been fun, but now it’s almost over

Hail All,

It’s been a while since I have done some undercover investigative work on warlocks and their Tmog gear, so I thought it was about time to catch up. I was praying hoping that by now, most of our brethren ‘locks might have either viewed some of my previous articles on “What Not to Wear For Warlocks” or at least found out from a friend or guild member how to use the addon MogIt for better Transmogrification ideas. Alas, this does not appear as the case. When I say that these are some horrifying warlock Tmogs, I don’t mean in a good way :(

My fellow students of shadow, please feel free to follow along with me on this post as we review warlock Tmog gear and review unbearably sad horrible shots of those who are lowering the bar in warlock stature. Remember, it’s up to all of us to represent warlocks to the best of our abilities. We’re at the top of the food chain in WoW so let’s act like it please. I know, people want to “Ooh” and “Aah” over plate gear all day long; however, our goal should make other players flee from our imposing sight without having to cast FEAR.

Since I focused on the horde side during my last WNTWFW (What Not to Wear For Warlocks) post, this time I went Alliance to poke fun of review what others might be sporting when dressing to impress.

Caught in the act of Tmog Fashion Faux Pas

Okay, so our first victim or train wreck example is this poor fellow –

I have no words…the picture says it all

Can someone please tell me the look or evil mood he is trying to capture? At first, I gave him the benefit of doubt and thought maybe he was trying to match his Felguard in some way. Then, common sense told me I was being too nice and smacked me in the back of the head. Omg, this pic smites mine eyes! He’s got some badge gear so it’s not like he doesn’t have a some gold stashed somewhere to use for Tmog. Orange, grey, green and brown – Sorry my friend, this does not bode well at all. The only things I like are his staff, the Felguard, and remembering how clean the SW banks appear. Don’t you think maybe he should borrow that vest and shirt from the bank teller behind him because it would go much better with his helm and shoulders? Ugh, please don’t go out in public if you’re dressed like this warlock. Stay in the bowels of the Slaughtered Lamb until your bank-alt can mail you a matching set of greens to use until you can find a more appealing look.

For this clown warlock player, I’d recommend going back to the basics. Stick with black, light black or black when it comes to colors. No exception! If he does continue to walk around looking like this, my only hope would be that he dismissed his minion and told people he was a Spriest. Good idea leaving the Show Helmet option selected. It’s probably better if people didn’t recognize you.

A Worgen gone awry

The next crash and burn Tmog came from this person…er…worgen…

Does this worgen look like the epitome of gloom and doom? Or should he parked in front of a tent at the DMF collecting ticket stubs?

I would at least like to thank this guy for making sure he’s keeping his Felpuppy hydrated. Ya know, eating mages and their magic all day can leave them quite thirsty. Well, it’s either that, or the poor little Felpup wants to drown himself for having to follow such a laughable looking warlock as his master. /em Amijade grabs the Worgen by the snout and smacks him smartly across the face and screams, “Stand up straight, get some self-respect and please listen closely! Dude! You’re a Worgen! Dude! You’re a warlock! You’re a warlock with fur, ferocious teeth, and claws! What are you thinking? What are you wearing? What are you thinking and wearing? Don’t you know people can click on you and see your name and your guild’s name? Warlock Tmog gear isn’t a joke my fury friend!”

You’re not some Spriest with long white shoulder pads and you’re not a mage wearing an “I-dunno-where-this-ugly-cloth-dropped-in-the-Burning-Crusade-Expansion-so-I-thought-should-wear-it-dress”. Your goal should be to look like evil incarnate. Your presence should strike fear in your enemies. I’m sure you’ve used your Fear spell, so I know you have a sense for what it can do. Like our human friend above, stick with the basics. The only color you know from now on is black. That’s it. After your fashion sense becomes better skilled then you can blend black with maybe a few items. Until then, you’re only allowed to use any black item that has spikes, skulls, or fire on it. If the Tmog gougers on the AH are being particularly ruthless and you can’t afford a good Tmog set, then please go farm some badges and invest in a cheap PvP set (yes, get the entire set) to use instead. You have an image for both Worgen and warlocks to uphold. Make us proud and don’t ever appear in public like this again! Ever!

Sorry all, just give me a second to regain my sanity composure. (/em Amijade holds breath and counts to ten slowly) I apologize for the outburst, but I can’t help in getting passionate about Tmog and why you should do it right when you’re a warlock. Is Transmogging really that hard to do? No, it’s not. If you’re not going to uphold the warlock code and pride then please, for the love of all Hellfire and Fel energy, go roll another toon. Okay, now that my rant is over let’s move on.

So close, yet so far away…

Didn’t this Gnome appear in the Wizard of Oz? Yes, he’s the guy who stands next to the mayor and reads to confirm the death certificate about the witch. Oh noes! I’m so wrong about that because the guy in the movie at least looked intimidating and he dressed in black too! You know something is wrong if you’re a Gnome and a Munchkin looks scarier than you. Yes I know, it’s fun to tease and torment Gnomes as much as mages :)

This gnome is at least trying to make a difference with Tmog!

Now, I’m sure you can see the items this Gnome warlock is wearing are some of the tier and badge pieces and that’s fine. He’s so close to a great look, yet he is still far away. There are only two things wrong with this Munchkin’s Gnome’s Tmog set. First, he isn’t showing his helmet. As you know, both gnomes and goblins (but particularly gnomes) should always leave the Show Helm option turned on. This isn’t an every now and then rule, or a whenever you feel like it rule… it’s an all-the-time rule. His failure at not wearing his helm also caused his second problem.

The belt alone doesn’t match the rest of the gear. Sadly, he was actually wearing the correct matching helmet and chose not to display it. Showing the helmet would’ve tied the belt, and the outfit together the way the Blizzard developers had planned. I will give him a nice /nod of respect because he did have a Cockroach vanity pet summoned instead of a Singing Sunflower or some other embarrassing pets no self-respecting ‘lock should ever be seen using. It was a good choice due to it’s smaller size and it at least goes with his outfit! I feel sorry for Gnomes with their vanity pets out because most of the tiny pets are taller than them and that can’t be good for one’s ego. What will happen when pet battles come into play and a good size pet might take them out? Maybe Gnomes should hide now for the sake of safety and for preserving their race? However, I will say it’s a very good start my little Gnome friend. Keep striving for greatness and one day you’ll get there. Now, go to your Interface menu and select the Show Helm option and please forget you ever learned how to turn that option off. Tyvm!

Finding some hope on the Alliance side

Finally, I got some hope on my travels because I got lucky and found this guy below. It was late and I almost logged off just as he strode by me.

Although his set is mixed and matched from several different green quality item sets, it looks great. It was very distinct and shows his personality off quite well. As you can see he’s an engineer and he really liked the red goggles despite the fact that they didn’t match the rest of his Tmog. However, the staff he chose tied everything together nicely including the goggles. This is a great example of a simple Tmog set that sets a mood and shows others you care about your toon, and that you mean business when it comes to anything you do in-game. If you were on a PvP field, would you rather have to face this guy or the two failed jokers the worgen and the guy in the AH players we reviewed above? If this guy cares this much about how good he looks in Tmog, then we can be sure he cares about his class and how well he plays it. Trust me, people will be wary and avoid him based on this Tmog set alone.

Almost hitting the benchmark

Take 30 seconds and look at this next screenshot. Then read on so we can compare our notes on what this warlock did right and what they did wrong.

Another warlock Tmog on the verge of being great, but falling a little short (No pun intended)

I found this Gnome sitting near the fountain between the SW bank and AH. As you can he has the start of a unique and creative look utilizing this PvP set for Tmog. Being a funny looking Munchkin Gnome, he’s got his helmet on and he has all of the matching pieces to the entire set. It’s not bad, and clearly shows that he’s thinking about playing our class. However, it falls short in two areas. First, his weapon of choice doesn’t match or look good with the set. While it’s a cool looking staff, it doesn’t make the rest of his gear or the weapon stand out. Second, the notorious image of a warlock is ruined by the fact that he’s got his baby Polar Bear vanity pet out. You cannot strike fear in an enemy of you have a cute little waddling cub by your side. It even appears as if the poor cub is lost following the Felhound around as if it were his long-lost mother. Trust me, you cannot cackle laugh in a menacing way with a Polar Bear Cub by your side. It just won’t happen because what you think would be a memorable cackle laugh would actually be interpreted by your foe as someone who isn’t right in the head.  

Closing Thoughts on Warlock Tmog

Tmogging a warlock is not that hard. It’s not that expensive, it’s fun and it’s rather simple to do. First, go to and download the MogIt addon. We still have 6 weeks left before MoP comes out and there is still time to put together a couple of Tmog sets to help get your warlock looking it’s best. By using good judgement, a little common sense, and the addon MogIt – you too can transform your toon into a warlock of high reknown! Trust me on that one :P

I’m really going to miss the Soul Harvest spell in MoP :( Despite that fact, I hope you’re excited because the new expansion is almost here.

Representing the true nature of darkness and Fel flame should always be your goal for your Tmog look!

Hail and Howdy All,

From the title of this post alone, most experienced warlocks will probably already know what I’m going to talk about today. However, if you’re a newer warlock who’s just now beginning your ascension into the Dark Arts of warlocking, then you might not be familiar with our Doomguard minion. The good news is that there isn’t too much to learn when commanding this demon in your arsenal for enhancing your dps. As with all good opportunities to increase your damage, the real skill and art about using your Doomguard is mastering good judgment for finding the best time to call him into battle.

The Big Red Button – Summoning a Doomguard or the new Terrorguard

What is a Doomguard? Besides the normal demons we command, warlocks also have the spell Summon Doomguard. It’s a single button push spell that I like to call “The Big Red Button” that summons this monster of a minion to battle next to you for one minute. Besides his good looks and imposing figure, the Doomguard is a nice boon to our single target dps. An easy way to understand and to think about your Doomguard is to view him as a single target trinket that you’ll never have to replace.

I’m sure many of the more experienced locks will agree that even though the Doomguard is a single button press, it’s still exciting to call him out for several reasons. The first reason the Doomguard is fun, is because you don’t summon them very often. A skilled warlock should be vigilant in constantly looking for the right opportunity to use their Doomguard during a fight. When a strategic time does occur, trust me when I say that you’ll be gleefully cackle laughing as this horror is blasting away at your foes. The second reason Doomguards are exciting is because we know that when the “Big Red Button” is pressed, it’s usually at the turning point of the fight and that’s the nail-biter moment, when you need to unleash everything you got to win or turn the tide of battle! Woot! Big red button push ftw!

*Please consider that it’s still MoP Beta and things are subject to change. While typing up this post I came to find that some of the numbers and spells in the newest Beta build did not match what the Wowhead database has listed. So some of the spells I didn’t link and I’m only listing what I’ve investigated from the Beta*

My Doomguard starting target practice

The Summon Doomguard spell in Cataclysm

The Summon Doomguard is an instant spell that has a 40 yard range on a 10 minute gcd which summons a Doomguard to attack your target that is afflicted with Bane of Doom or Bane of Agony for 45 seconds. When summoned, the Doomguard will appear by your side and attack your target inflicting extra damage to your enemy with his single dps spell called the Doom Bolt. He will continue to attack your enemy until either the target dies or his 1 minute timer has expired. The idea behind the Doomguard sounds simple enough until you consider his 10 minute global cool down.

The standard Doom Guard in the Mists of Pandaria Beta

The Doom Bolt is the only damaging spell your Doomguard will cast. The Doom Bolt has a 30 yard range with a 2.81 cast time that sends a bolt of energy at your enemy causing 8,938 shadow damage and the Doomguard will deal 20% more damage on targets that are less than 20% of health. I am not a mathematician or theory crafter, but here are some rough numbers to think about to put things into perspective:

  • Doomguard summoned for 60.00 seconds / 2.81 second Doom Bolt cast time = 21.3523 potential Doom Bolt casts
  • 21.3523 potential Doom Bolt casts x 8,938 shadow damage = 190,046.975 additional damage over 1 min
  • 20% more damage towards a total of 190,046.975 = 38,009.395 additional damage to targets < 20%
  • To get an idea of raw damage we add 190,046.975 + 38,009.395 = 228,056.37 total damage for targets <20% for one minute

As you can see roughly the Doomguard’s additional damage over 1 minute can range from 190k to 228k depending upon the level of your target’s health. Sadly, I wasn’t able to test to see if the numbers would change from a target that went from 25% to say 15%. I’m sure it’s safe to say that the additional 20% damage would kick in when the target reached the <20% mark. I’ll update this post when I find out.

Just before I took this picture I had proc’d four imps too. So I had six demons active at once. Also, please ignore the shoulders and gloves – I didn’t get to Tmog them yet :P

The Terrorguard in the MoP Beta with the Grimoire of Supremacy Talent

If a warlock chooses the Grimoire of Supremacy talent at level 75, the old Doomguard becomes upgraded to the new Terrorguard. Through this talent, the new Terrorguard will have 20% more health and do 20% more damage than the standard Doomguard. Other than the Terrorguard’s new appearance and higher numbers, he and the Doomguard, both work the exact same way. Both are at their best when it’s a single target burn.

Here is how the Terrorguard is currently listed in Beta:

Summon Terrorguard – An instant 40 yard range spell that Summons 1 Terrorguard to attack your target for 1 minute. The Terrorguard will cast Doom Bolt until it departs. The Doom Bolt is the only damaging spell this big guy will cast. It has a 30 yard range with a 2.81 second cast time that sends a bolt of energy at the target causing 10,859 shadow damage. It will also deal 20% more damage to targets below 20% of health.

If we plug the Terrorguard’s numbers into the same rough numbers as the Doomguard then we get:

  • Terrorguard summoned for 60.00 seconds / 2.81 second Doom Bolt cast time = 21.3523 potential Doom Bolt casts
  • 21.3523 potential Doom Bolt casts x 10,859 shadow damage = 231,864.626 additional damage over 1 min
  • 20% more damage to 190,046.975 = 46,372.9251 additional damage to targets < 20%
  • 231,864.626 + 46,372.9251 = 278,237.551 total damage for targets <20% for one minute


The Terrorguard as seen through the Eye of Kilrogg. The chains are a nice touch, however it covers up his face and the scary mouth in the stomach animation.

When should you use your Summon Doomguard or Summon Terrorguard spell?

Of course, the obvious choice would be to utilize the Doomguard or Terrorguard on a burn phase of a boss, or on a boss that has less than 20% of health. It sounds easy enough, but like all encounters in heroic dungeons, in PvP, and in raids, sometimes the choice isn’t always the most obvious one. What about bosses that you need to push to their next phase and your team is almost, but not quite getting him there? What about those times in a LFG when things can go awry and the added dps can mean the difference between keeping it together or having a wipe fest? How about an advance on the enemy flag carrier? How about a massive zerg on capturing a node?

As you can see, your choice of when to call forth your guard can be varied and situational. However, there are a couple of things to consider. A dead warlock = no summoned Doomguard/Terrorguard and no dps burst. I’ve been in a few fights where the raid was dropping quickly and nothing could save the group, only to watch a fellow ‘lock toss this guy out for less than 10 seconds. The warlock died and then the demon faded away without his master. It was a nice thought and a nice try, but it didn’t down the boss or save the raid. On the next attempt at the boss, this warlock’s Doomguard was still on the global cooldown and could not be used. Maybe I’m stating the obvious, but I’m sure you can see that it’s a good idea to make sure you’ll be alive to get the most value from this minion. With enough experience, you’ll come to find when it’s the best time to summon a guard for the greatest benefit for your play style, for your team or for your raid, so experiment and see what works for you.

If you see this, then you are about to feel the full fury of a warlock in WoW

So to get the most out of the “Big Red Button” and the single target dps increase of these demons it’s best to keep a few common sense rules:

  1. Don’t Die
  2. Learn good timing by understanding the fight or the situation to make the most of this spell
  3. Don’t forget to use it

Really Amijade? You’re telling me not to forget to use this spell? Yes, I am. It sounds simple enough, but in the heat of battle when things are going crazy and you find yourself flustered or frustrated anything can happen. On several occasions, I know I for one have forgotten to use this spell when I could have knocked it out of the park. With a 10 min gcd it’s easy to forget if it’s up or not. I’ve had several honest warlocks tell me they forget about it as well. Trust me, it can happen. So keep a cool head, don’t die and remember to use this ability!

A 10 minute global cool down is a terrible thing to waste, and as we all strive to be better players and better warlocks, I want you to learn from the mistake of myself and others. Trust me when I say that sharing knowledge of the Dark Arts can be enlightening, if not humbling.

Foreshadows of the future

Bows, Cheers and Salutes

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Howdy, Howdy, Howdy All,

I do my best at submitting at least one post per week and I strive to keep the topics mainly focused on our wonderful warlock class. However, there are some times (like this particular post) when I’ll stray from the study of Fel energy and the Dark Arts. Sometimes, there are some great people that I run across who I’d like to mention either in a congratulatory or thankful tone to let them know that I appreciate everything they do. So I’m adding a permanent section to Warlockery called, “Bows, Cheers and Salutes” as my small way of acknowledging people that have made a difference to me as a person in game, or in RL.

Grats Smeg! Nicely done!

Two Rogues and Four Legendary Daggers – Smeghead and Suhli

My raid team two weeks ago hit a nice target. One of our rogues, Smeghead, recently completed his epic grind and got his new legendary daggers. It was a proud moment having our entire raid team head over to Brill in Tirisfal Glades to watch him jump off buildings to see the “demon wings” animation graphic that came a long with them. We took a bunch of team shots and there was plenty of cheering and high-fives over mumble. It was a lot of hard work for him, but it finally paid off. Gratsie my friend!

So that’s one rogue down, and one more to go because Suhli, another one of our rogues, graciously filled in for the raid team when we were short one healer and brought his Resto Druid to help fill the gap. When we finally were able to find two more healers, Suhli, stepped back down from his healing spot and gladly came back to his rogue taking back up the task in seeking the legendary daggers too. Watching Suhli motivated for the team showed his commitment, his dedication and thoughtfulness for others far beyond himself. Well done good, Sir…well done. So to both Smeghead and Suhli – you guys make me proud. And yes Suhli, you will get those daggers! /bows and salutes

While fighting and jumping, the animations of the wings will proc – Our team paying our respects

 Demonicric the Soothsayer & Legendary Wielder of the Staff of Tyracagosa

One of my fellow warlock friends, @Demonicric from Hearthcast, recently completed his legendary staff. Although he had some problems during the final phase when he was awarded this legendary item (his computer froze and he missed the entire final sequence), he still managed to be thankful for his achievement, rather than be disappointed. Now that’s a great attitude and outlook! Demonicric and I also had a side bet about when the MoP launch date would hit. So I’m here to announce that he was right and I was wrong. I picked the first week of October, and he picked September 25th on the nose. Yes, I know that’s a lucky proc of a guess, but I still paid him in full. His choices for winning included any mount from the Blizzard Store. He however, chose to get both the Little Ragnaros vanity pet and the little KT pet instead. Which brings me to what happened on Hearthcast…

Demonicric and his new legendary

Hearthcast, I am in you! or would that be on you? (Grrr, I’m horrible with titles)

Demonicric often fills in as guest host for Hearthcast and he creates and submits many of their show segments. So, I was quite shocked when he asked if I’d come on the show and play against him in a game of Hearthcast AoE. I was very reluctant at first; however, with enough begging, coaxing, and a small monetary payment that isn’t traceable, I finally accepted. (I’m teasing about the coaxing part :P) So last week I took part in my first “Live” podcast show taping where I played against Demonicric for honor, glory, and for bragging rights on the Hearthcast AoE segment.

The Hearthcast Podcast – Sorry I missed you Rewt, but I hope you had a great vacation! Thanks again to Freckle Face and Demonicric for being so nice!

Freckle Face, one of the show’s lead co-hosts, was gracious and sweet at making me feel welcome despite all my nervous jitters. I won’t tell you what happened because that would be a spoiler, and I for one hate spoilers. However, you can zip over to their website and download the show to find out. In all honesty, I normally shy away from doing any live shows because I ‘m just not good at them. Believe it or not, I do quite a lot of speaking in front of large groups with my RL job, but for me, doing a live “podcast” is completely different. Weird, I know…but that’s just me. They make me a nervous wreck tbh!

However, to the entire Hearthcast crew, I just want to say thanks for the invite, thanks for making me feel welcome, and thanks for having an old goofy warlock such as me on the show. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed it despite my incoherent and nervous babbling. It was babbling by me, trust me on that one. At one point, I think I was drooling or passed out completely. So to the Hearthcast crew /bows and salutes

Another warlock fighting the good fight for promoting our wonderful class

Another warlock who’s out fighting the good fight in promoting our class is Rho or @RhoWoW. He’s a newer member to the AIE guild and already he is jumping on the bandwagon of starting his own blog and making audio segments. He’s being aired on several of the Warcraft podcast shows. Currently, he is doing “The Achievetron” segment and “The Dojo” segments where he can be found on @Jangasm’s –> Something Suggestive podcast and on Convert To Raid.

Rho’s new blog – Realm Maintenance

Rho’s blog isn’t warlock specific, but it has a mixture of his own personal tales in the trials and tribulations of life in gaming and podcasting from his PoV. I wish him much success and the only advice I can offer is to just be yourself and have fun in all that you do. You can check him out over at /cheers and salutes

League of Legends gets a new “fail” Summoner

With enough coaxing, a few of my friends from my raid team convinced me to download and play League of Legends. I have to admit, at first I wasn’t so sure about it. WoW, has always been the only game I really play, or have any dedication towards. However, after much begging from my raid team members and after reading some of Fulguralis’s posts over on Killing’em Slowly like LoL – Different Goals, concerning his attempts at playing LoL with is wife and a few other of his posts, I thought “What the heck…why not?” So for the past couple of weeks when our raid time ends, a few of us log over into LoL for a few matches. Trust me when I say that moving over from keybinding in WoW to the simplistic play style in LoL takes some heavy concentration on my part. I’m serious too.

Cool music and nice graphics – Now maybe one day I’ll be able to play and not be so noobish

League of Legends is not a simplistic game in any way other than you only have about 5 abilities to use. From that point on, it really is about strategy, communication and team work. I’m only at level 6 as a summoner, and already I find myself consistently playing and enjoying the Karthus hero with all of his support spells. I guess what play style you carry from WoW bleeds into other games as well, or maybe, because from a warlock’s PoV that particular hero fits my MO? Either way, I’m having fun.

If you ever decide to play League of Legends, here is a tip I highly recommend. Bring along a friend or two who know what they are doing. I think anyone could download and try it out, but like me you may get lost or come to the misconception that it’s too simple. I made the ignorant mistake of thinking that way my first night of playing LoL. However, I soon found out the hard way that the learning curve will grow steep rather quickly, and a friend who can calm you down and walk you through the basics will keep you excited to play. It is NOT an easy game to master and I can see how there is world wide competition for this sport.

If you have never played League of Legends, the only description I can give to offer it any justice would be that it’s like a mixing the flavor and style of the original Warcraft game with the old quarter arcade game Gauntlet, and then adding in the complexity of a multi-player Chess game. Add me to friends if you like as well, Amijade is my summoner name :P and yes, I hope you seen what I did there! To all the match players GLHF! For Fulguralis, Suhli and Ash thanks for pushing the fun /bows and salutes

The hero Karthus – The closest thing to a warlock that I could find

Hail Everyone,

You know, just referring to any warlock as a Demonology Specialist, or as a Master of Demonology, makes me think it sounds like they’re a specialized type of doctor. Gah! It’s scary to think what type of diagnosis would be needed to go see a physician like that don’t you think? Example: “Hi Doctor, I’m Mrs. MacNeil and this here is my daughter…Regan.” If you get that movie reference, then you’ll understand why I just got the creeps while typing that line. That’s such a slow build up of a movie, but those last 20 mins…intense! /em shudders

Hangin’out with Ixithak, my beta Wrathguard

I don’t know why, but whenever I think of the demonology spec I think about that movie and I think back to the Burning Crusade when it was common to see a warlock running around with a Felguard in tow. Many Dark Art practitioners during BC enjoyed leveling as a demonologist mainly for the pure joy of commanding one of these big guys while it tore their enemies apart. Felguards can grab aggro like a tank, crank out some decent dps, stun, smack multiple mobs around with a big AoE, and to top it all off they can easily chase down a fleeing scared mage target. 

So will there really be a changing of the guard? Or should I say of the Felguard? When MoP launches in less than two months, I have a strong feeling you’ll be seeing a large influx of demonology students working towards mastering the new play style of this old specialization. The new changes to the demo spec are too shiny and too exciting not to pass up. So as both a refresher for me (since I’m not as skilled in Demo as I should be), and hopefully to help inform you…this week we’re going to examine the benefits of summoning the old faithful Felguard, and the new, sleek, Wrathguard.

The basic demon commands

Just like all the warlock minions, the Felguard and the Wrathguard both have all the basic pet commands for you to control and to keep your demons in line, or in the fight. For a quick recap they are:

  • Assist – Stance
  • Defensive – Stance
  • Passive – Stance
  • Attack – Command
  • Follow – Command
  • Move To – Command
  • Stay – Command
  • Avoidance – Passive
  • Fel Energy– Passive

    Thoozeras on Guard

The Felguard in Cataclysm

If you’re a newer warlock and have never run in a demonology spec, or if you’re thinking about trying it out, here’s a quick tip to keep in mind. For single target DPS the Fel Hunter is the demon of choice while the Felguard is the best demon for the job when it comes to clearing trash, AoE and general questing. Here’s what the big guy, the Felguard, can do:

  • Axe toss – An instant 30 yd range attack on a 30 sec global cooldown. The Felguard throws his axe at your target stunning them for 4 seconds. Some people use this as an opening attack before unleashing the power and glory of yummy warlock pain on their victims, and some save it because it’s good for stunning any adds who decide they want to play “pile on”. If you’re out of range from the target when the spell is cast your Felguard will run towards the mob to the 30 yard range to toss his axe, and then he’ll immediately return to your side unless commanded to do otherwise. In Beta, the second you use Axe Toss on a target the demon starts attacking it immediately. I’m not sure if this will stay this way or not.
  • Legion Strike – This is the basic and standard attack for the Felguard. This melee attack causes weapon damage + an additional 2862 damage to all nearby targets within 6 yards. The weapon damage is divided by all targets in that range. The targeted mob either by itself or in a group becomes wounded, which reduces any healing effectiveness on that mob for 5 seconds.
  • Felstorm – A hard hitting AoE melee range attack with a 45 global cooldown. This ability hits all targets in an 8 yard range for weapon damage along with 3488 damage every 1 second for 6 seconds.
  • Pursuit – works within an 8 – 25 yard range on a 15 second global cooldown which allows the Felguard to charge their enemy causing weapon damage and increases the Felguard’s movement by 30% for six seconds.

Thoozeras clearing the way for me to gather an herb

The Felguard in the Mists of Pandaria Expansion

  • Axe toss – An instant 30 yd range attack on a 30 sec global cooldown. The Felguard throws his axe at his target stunning them for 4 seconds. Currently, Axe Toss has no changes from Cataclysm to Beta.
  • Legion Strike – A basic sweeping melee attack where the Felguard causes weapon damage to all nearby targets within 6 yards. The weapon damage is divided by all targets in that range. The main target in the group becomes wounded, which reduces any healing by 10% for 5 seconds. This spell has had a few small changes from the Cataclysm model, but not enough to QQ about.
  • Felstorm – A good AoE melee range attack on a 45 global cooldown. This ability hits all targets in an 8 yard range for 150% weapon damage every 1 second for 6 seconds. Another very small and very slight change from it’s former self in Cataclysm. The spell is the same as in Cataclysm with only a few tweaking of the numbers.
  • Pursuit – works within an 8 – 25 yard range on a 15 second global cooldown. With Pursuit, the Felguard charges their enemy causing 150% weapon damage and increases the Felguard’s movement by 30% for six seconds. This is another good opener to consider or good for a chasing fleeing enemy. Pursuit did get a slight change in the positive with the addition of the weapon damage added to this skill. Is it huge? Sadly, no. Is it extra damage? Heck ya!


The small details on the new Wrathguard are amazing


The new Wrathguard from the Grimoire of Supremacy

When you hit level 75 in MoP, you’ll have the option to choose the talent the Grimoire of Supremacy which allows the warlock to “upgrade” their old demons into the new ones. It’s also important to remember by choosing this talent, the GosSup demons will automatically have an increase to their health and dps by 20%. By selecting this talent, a master of demonology will change or “upgrade” their standard Felguard into the new pimped-out model, the Wrathguard. Sadly, other than looks and a few small tweaks to damage numbers there will not be many changes between the Felguard or the Wrathguard.

If you decided to specialize in the Demonology tree, you may notice that the Wrathguard has more passive abilities when compared to our other minions. Don’t panic! When you read about them you’ll see that all of the basic demonic passive abilities are there, along with some added tanking benefits and one passive to be used for decoration when it comes to transmogging. The passive abilities of the Wrathguard are:

Avoidance – reduces AoE damage by 90% – All demons, including the standard and GoSup versions, have this as a passive talent.

Dual Wield – (sorry, but no link listed in the Wowhead database) Allows all weapons to be equipped in the off-hand of the demon – Only the Wrathguard currently has this ability. This has been added because you will be able to use a glyph to change the looks of your both your Felguard and Wrathguard’s weapons.  

Fel Energy – All demons use this new resource like the older mana system. Demons will gain 10 Fel energy per sec up to a maximum of 200 Fel energy. All demons, both the standard and the new GoSup ones, have this passive.

Void Reflexes – This passive ability increases the demon’s chance to dodge by 10%. This passive is also shared by our Voidwalkers and Voidlords to help aid in tanking.

Threatening Presence – A basic taunt which intimidates any target you attack by increasing it’s threat

Ixi the Wrathguard, helping to curb the local marauder infestation

The Wrathguard’s Special Attacks

  • Axe toss – An instant 30 yd range attack on a 30 sec global cooldown. The Felguard throws his axe at his target stunning them for 4 seconds. In Cataclysm, the Felguard will throw his axe to stun, but he will not attack until you command it. In MoP Beta, both the Felguard and the Wrathguard will both auto attack immediately after using this skin. I’m not sure if this will stay this way or not. IMHO, I prefer they do nothing until you command them to attack. 
  • Mortal Cleave – This is the new Legion Strike replacement and has received a slight change other than just it’s name and that it helps build your new resource, Demonic Fury. Each successful use will build 12 Demonic Fury which is the resource needed to utilize Metamorphosis. Mortal Cleave will remain as a basic attack where the Felguard causes weapon damage to all nearby targets within 6 yards. The weapon damage is divided by all targets in that range. The main target will also get smacked with a 25% healing debuff for five seconds too. The healing debuff on the main target is a slight increase up from the previous 10%.
  • WrathstormThe new replacement to the former Felstorm. A good AoE melee range attack on a 45 global cooldown. This ability hits all targets in an 8 yard range for weapon damage every 1 second for 6 seconds. It might have a different name, but it’s the same old Felstorm with a different skin.
  • Pursuit – Stays exactly the same as it’s former Cataclysm version. It has an 8 – 25 yard range on a 15 second global cooldown where the Wrathguard charges their enemy causing 150% weapon damage and increases the Felguard’s movement by 30% for six seconds.

Another view to see the new Wrathguard model. The swords are animated too, and sadly this picture doesn’t do them justice in how cool they look.

The Command Demon Ability

If you haven’t read about the new Command Demon ability, it’s basically taking the strongest spell from of our current summoned demon and allowing warlocks to put it on their action bar. For the Felguard the spell of choice is the Felstorm, and for the Wrathguard it will be Wrathstorm.


Transmogging, the Felguard and the Wrathguard

One of the minor glyph choices for warlocks in MoP will be the Glyph of Felguard. With this glyph, both the Felguard and the Wrathguard will equip a random two-hand axe, sword, or polearm from your backpack. For the Wrathguard, Blizzard has also added the passive ability called Dual Wield, which allows all weapons to be equipped in the off-hand of the demon too so that the Wrathguard can of course…dual wield.

I really like the idea of allowing players to “tweak” the look of their demons and I hope this becomes expanded upon. As it appears to me, it’s just kinda “meh”. Yes, it is a cool feature and I think the idea is sound, but the implementation of it falls flat IMHO and here’s some reasons why: The Shivarra dual wields, but you can’t change her weapons and why stop at just changing the look of the weapons only? 

I love the concept of personalizing your demons. It would open up so much more flexibility and freedom in character customization. What if you could change the color of your Observer from blue to red or any other color? Instead of 12 eyes, what if you could select a specific look like the character customization screen when you create toon? How about a Fel Imp without the horns or piercings? I guess my biggest gripe is that there are so many different ways Blizzard could have gotten creative with customizing our demons and this just seems bland. Even if Blizzard implemented and made such varied customization into a gold-sink, I know players would be frothing at the mouth to hand over their gold for that kind of change and personalization for their demons. Look at what transmogging has done!

Ixithak and the Sha of Anger; that guy really has some self-control issues

Closing thoughts

So will there be a changing of the guard for demonology? Should you use the Felguard or the Wrathguard? Is there a clear difference between the two? No, there isn’t much of a sizeable difference between the two other than the fact that the Wrathguard will have more health and higher dps from the GoSup talent. However, choosing one of the other level 75 talents and using the standard Felguard might work better for different situations, but at this time it’s still a “wait and see” for what MoP will bring. *Sighs* September 25th, just can’t get here fast enough for me.

Over the next post or two, we’ll be looking at our last two demon choices for warlocks and their new upgraded versions provided by the GoSup. Yep, we’ll be looking at our single target burn’em phase friend, the Doomguard, and our AoE fiend, the Infernal.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. So please feel free to let me know what you think!