Bows, Cheers and Salutes

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Howdy, Howdy, Howdy All,

I do my best at submitting at least one post per week and I strive to keep the topics mainly focused on our wonderful warlock class. However, there are some times (like this particular post) when I’ll stray from the study of Fel energy and the Dark Arts. Sometimes, there are some great people that I run across who I’d like to mention either in a congratulatory or thankful tone to let them know that I appreciate everything they do. So I’m adding a permanent section to Warlockery called, “Bows, Cheers and Salutes” as my small way of acknowledging people that have made a difference to me as a person in game, or in RL.

Grats Smeg! Nicely done!

Two Rogues and Four Legendary Daggers – Smeghead and Suhli

My raid team two weeks ago hit a nice target. One of our rogues, Smeghead, recently completed his epic grind and got his new legendary daggers. It was a proud moment having our entire raid team head over to Brill in Tirisfal Glades to watch him jump off buildings to see the “demon wings” animation graphic that came a long with them. We took a bunch of team shots and there was plenty of cheering and high-fives over mumble. It was a lot of hard work for him, but it finally paid off. Gratsie my friend!

So that’s one rogue down, and one more to go because Suhli, another one of our rogues, graciously filled in for the raid team when we were short one healer and brought his Resto Druid to help fill the gap. When we finally were able to find two more healers, Suhli, stepped back down from his healing spot and gladly came back to his rogue taking back up the task in seeking the legendary daggers too. Watching Suhli motivated for the team showed his commitment, his dedication and thoughtfulness for others far beyond himself. Well done good, Sir…well done. So to both Smeghead and Suhli – you guys make me proud. And yes Suhli, you will get those daggers! /bows and salutes

While fighting and jumping, the animations of the wings will proc – Our team paying our respects

 Demonicric the Soothsayer & Legendary Wielder of the Staff of Tyracagosa

One of my fellow warlock friends, @Demonicric from Hearthcast, recently completed his legendary staff. Although he had some problems during the final phase when he was awarded this legendary item (his computer froze and he missed the entire final sequence), he still managed to be thankful for his achievement, rather than be disappointed. Now that’s a great attitude and outlook! Demonicric and I also had a side bet about when the MoP launch date would hit. So I’m here to announce that he was right and I was wrong. I picked the first week of October, and he picked September 25th on the nose. Yes, I know that’s a lucky proc of a guess, but I still paid him in full. His choices for winning included any mount from the Blizzard Store. He however, chose to get both the Little Ragnaros vanity pet and the little KT pet instead. Which brings me to what happened on Hearthcast…

Demonicric and his new legendary

Hearthcast, I am in you! or would that be on you? (Grrr, I’m horrible with titles)

Demonicric often fills in as guest host for Hearthcast and he creates and submits many of their show segments. So, I was quite shocked when he asked if I’d come on the show and play against him in a game of Hearthcast AoE. I was very reluctant at first; however, with enough begging, coaxing, and a small monetary payment that isn’t traceable, I finally accepted. (I’m teasing about the coaxing part :P) So last week I took part in my first “Live” podcast show taping where I played against Demonicric for honor, glory, and for bragging rights on the Hearthcast AoE segment.

The Hearthcast Podcast – Sorry I missed you Rewt, but I hope you had a great vacation! Thanks again to Freckle Face and Demonicric for being so nice!

Freckle Face, one of the show’s lead co-hosts, was gracious and sweet at making me feel welcome despite all my nervous jitters. I won’t tell you what happened because that would be a spoiler, and I for one hate spoilers. However, you can zip over to their website and download the show to find out. In all honesty, I normally shy away from doing any live shows because I ‘m just not good at them. Believe it or not, I do quite a lot of speaking in front of large groups with my RL job, but for me, doing a live “podcast” is completely different. Weird, I know…but that’s just me. They make me a nervous wreck tbh!

However, to the entire Hearthcast crew, I just want to say thanks for the invite, thanks for making me feel welcome, and thanks for having an old goofy warlock such as me on the show. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed it despite my incoherent and nervous babbling. It was babbling by me, trust me on that one. At one point, I think I was drooling or passed out completely. So to the Hearthcast crew /bows and salutes

Another warlock fighting the good fight for promoting our wonderful class

Another warlock who’s out fighting the good fight in promoting our class is Rho or @RhoWoW. He’s a newer member to the AIE guild and already he is jumping on the bandwagon of starting his own blog and making audio segments. He’s being aired on several of the Warcraft podcast shows. Currently, he is doing “The Achievetron” segment and “The Dojo” segments where he can be found on @Jangasm’s –> Something Suggestive podcast and on Convert To Raid.

Rho’s new blog – Realm Maintenance

Rho’s blog isn’t warlock specific, but it has a mixture of his own personal tales in the trials and tribulations of life in gaming and podcasting from his PoV. I wish him much success and the only advice I can offer is to just be yourself and have fun in all that you do. You can check him out over at /cheers and salutes

League of Legends gets a new “fail” Summoner

With enough coaxing, a few of my friends from my raid team convinced me to download and play League of Legends. I have to admit, at first I wasn’t so sure about it. WoW, has always been the only game I really play, or have any dedication towards. However, after much begging from my raid team members and after reading some of Fulguralis’s posts over on Killing’em Slowly like LoL – Different Goals, concerning his attempts at playing LoL with is wife and a few other of his posts, I thought “What the heck…why not?” So for the past couple of weeks when our raid time ends, a few of us log over into LoL for a few matches. Trust me when I say that moving over from keybinding in WoW to the simplistic play style in LoL takes some heavy concentration on my part. I’m serious too.

Cool music and nice graphics – Now maybe one day I’ll be able to play and not be so noobish

League of Legends is not a simplistic game in any way other than you only have about 5 abilities to use. From that point on, it really is about strategy, communication and team work. I’m only at level 6 as a summoner, and already I find myself consistently playing and enjoying the Karthus hero with all of his support spells. I guess what play style you carry from WoW bleeds into other games as well, or maybe, because from a warlock’s PoV that particular hero fits my MO? Either way, I’m having fun.

If you ever decide to play League of Legends, here is a tip I highly recommend. Bring along a friend or two who know what they are doing. I think anyone could download and try it out, but like me you may get lost or come to the misconception that it’s too simple. I made the ignorant mistake of thinking that way my first night of playing LoL. However, I soon found out the hard way that the learning curve will grow steep rather quickly, and a friend who can calm you down and walk you through the basics will keep you excited to play. It is NOT an easy game to master and I can see how there is world wide competition for this sport.

If you have never played League of Legends, the only description I can give to offer it any justice would be that it’s like a mixing the flavor and style of the original Warcraft game with the old quarter arcade game Gauntlet, and then adding in the complexity of a multi-player Chess game. Add me to friends if you like as well, Amijade is my summoner name :P and yes, I hope you seen what I did there! To all the match players GLHF! For Fulguralis, Suhli and Ash thanks for pushing the fun /bows and salutes

The hero Karthus – The closest thing to a warlock that I could find

  1. Ninevi says:

    Woot, grats to your guildmate and Demonicric on the legendaries! :)

    Friends keep telling me to try out LoL as well…I’m very tempted, but seems like there’s lots to learn! That Karthus hero looks pretty cool, though!

    • Hey Ninevi,
      It’s nice to give gratsie to others who are deserving and I’m glad for both of them. Like any game there is a learning curve and all I can recommend is that you give it a try. The game is simple enough to learn the basics, but the nuances come later into play as you progress and level up. Like WoW, it does take a while to level so you learn as you go :)

      Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by as always!

  2. Navimie says:

    Grats Smeg Suhli and Demon! Shiny!
    Gosh who has time for more than one game…? :P

    • Hey Navimie,

      I think it’s a give and take on where you spend your time to play. I gave up some of my normal WoW farming time to try out LoL. So far I’m having fun – after all isn’t that what life’s all about?

  3. Prinnie Dood says:

    Last picture … in the “pictures” at the bottom: Is he cosplaying the Statue of Liberty or one of those poor souls who stands on street corners in foam outfits around tax time?

    • Hey Prinnie,

      You know, I didn’t think of it that way :) but I can see where you might think that. Actually, in LoL every character has upgrade models to them. Some are quite artistic and some bring out some personality :P

      This toon does farm gold so maybe I should think of it as a taxing to fund my demonic practices?

  4. theerivs says:

    I’ll have to check out Hearthcast, even if it’s filled with dirty lock’s

    • Either way you should check it out. The cast and crew are very nice and they have a good show. You might like it if you just check it out. Plus, you can make fun of how derpy I am.

      Btw, what happened to your pvp lock? Too many keybinds to keep up with? Or after playing a mage for so long you’re not used to actually being in the battle? :P

  5. Fulguralis says:

    Ha! Glad I got you playing. Now I’ll have to add you so we can play together sometime. There are definite benefits to a just one realm. Easy to find folks.

    Also, right on with the easy to learn, difficult to master mantra. Totally true. Playing with someone a higher level means playing at their level, too. So like, when I played with Matt, i was playing level 30’s I think. I wasn’t nearly as good as I thought I was. :-)

    • Hey Fulguralis,
      Yes, I have you as another to blame for my new love/hate relationship that’s called LoL. I’m still helplessly clueless and just sticking with lanes and middling to get a better handle on how things work. I’ve read good and bad reviews on Karthus, but I’m having fun with that toon. He’s a Lich with Defile and Requiem! Sweeeet love of all that’s dark and shadowy! And like any good warlock type he struts around with a swagger. Gotta love that!

      If you wanna run with a fail player, then hit me up anytime! No more posts on anymore games you like okay? Otherwise, I’ll have to drop ya from my follow list because I have enough addictions already!

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