Do Warlocks /Dance?

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hello My Brethren,

I have no internet. Well, that’s not exactly true. Whereas I normally run about 25-50 mbps, currently I’m sputtering around .0075 mbps as scored from speed tests. I’ve experienced this problem for almost two weeks now as my ISP upgrades software and equipment which is suppose to help my rural area. There’s no time frame for a fix and believe me I’ve battled with them over the issue on many occasions. So for this post there”ll be no pictures until I can get back up and running to a safe speed that doesn’t lock up my computer (no pun intended). To say that this issue has been killing my game time in WoW is an understatement :( and right now I’m uploading this post from inside a local restaurant. Yes, McDonald’s might have high calorie food but who can complain about free internet WiFi offered with some of the best fries in town?

This mini-post is not going to be about playing the warlock class. It’s not going to be about questing, or leveling, or dungeons. Next time, I’ll be jumping right into those things; however, this time I’m going to tell a story. I promise not to make it too long and I’ll try not to make it boring. I’m writing this to give a “Shout-Out” to a person, who did a very nice thing for me.

Many of you may have found your way here from my podcast segments that I submit to The Instance and the Convert To Raid podcast shows. I started submitting my segments about six months ago and imagine my surprise when they used them. I was humbled and honored to say the least, because what started off as sort of a joke somehow soon took on a life all of it’s own. I really have no clue what I’m doing most the time, but I’m having a blast making the short warlock spots. Since then, I’ve been extremely fortunate because they have helped me to meet some fun, interesting, and amazing people in the WoW Community.

Setting a small goal – making a song for warlocks?

It was mid October of this year when I decided I wanted to do something special for one of my spots for the All Hallow’s Eve and Day of the Dead Celebration. I set a small goal for myself to do something different and to make sure that I accomplish it. Bah! I couldn’t think of anything. Ugh! I was driving myself insane trying to think of something fun to do. I wanted it to be about warlocks, and I wanted it to be on the lighter side of what I normally do. Then, I received an email from a fellow lock who read one of my previous posts where I mentioned that no self-respecting warlock would ever dance on a mailbox. This newer warlock asked me, “When should a warlock dance?”

I loved the idea about setting the record straight on when a warlock should /dance. Of course warlocks love to dance! However, like all of our spells and wondrous warlock talents…it’s all about timing. As I sat and recorded my segment on warlock dancing it struck me that it would be fun to come up with a warlock song or dance to celebrate the upcoming holidays. I wouldn’t dare try to sing, and talking in a song just wouldn’t work. If I could manage to pull it off I wanted it to have some ‘warlockattitude” (that’s warlockery with attitude), and at the same time I wanted it to come across in a playful way.

Finding the right music became an obsession

I had no idea what I would write as far as lyrics were concerned. Music has always been a good inspiration for me and I knew that if I could just find the right sounding music, the words and the lyrics would flow. I searched for well over a week scouring the web listening to music file after music file for just the right “sound”. What does a warlock song or music sound like was exactly? I didn’t know. I just knew that when I heard what I was looking for I would know it.

One day, on my lunch hour I was searching music on and reading over my Twitter feed. After about 40 minutes I still had no luck. Then IT HAPPENED! I was responding to someone’s Tweet and in my message I used the word “Demons”. When I switched back to the Soundhound App the word “Demons” must have been in my phone’s cache memory. Whatever the reason, the word demons somehow appeared in my Soundhound search window. As I tapped the word to clear it from the small window, my fumbling fingers hit the search button by accident.

In a mere second or two, appearing on my phone was a list of artists and songs that have the word “Demons” in them. The very first entry was from an artist named Demons, and their profile had a very odd, but cool looking picture next to it. It was a picture of a human wearing an old costume with a goat-head mask, dressed as a man of the cloth and carrying a staff.  The image was kind of creepy, and yet kind of whimsical at the same time.  The only way I can describe the photo would be that it could either be used in an old 1970’s cheap horror flick, or maybe in a Monty Python’s skit. You’ll have to go see for yourself by viewing it in Soundhound to see what I mean.

Immediately, I was intrigued and curious as to what this song would sound like so I pressed play. OMG! It was perfect! It had a groove! It had attitude! It had warlockattitude! It had a great synthesizer sound with a bass and drum beat that had me bopping around all day. I must have listened to it over a hundred times by the time I hit home that evening.

OMG! Noooo!

When I got online that night my only goal was to track down this “Demons” person and after viewing their SoundHound profile I found myself in a bit of despair. This particular artist hadn’t been on SoundHound for over 10 months! OMG! Noooo! What to do? what to do?! I sent Demons a Soundhound Direct Message explaining my situation and asking if he would contact me. Two days went by and I got nothing. At that point, I already made up my mind that if I couldn’t use this song, I would sadly have to give up on my idea of doing a warlock music segment. What are the odds that I was looking for a rap style music for warlocks and the one and only piece of music that I loved was written by some guy named “Demons”? I get Déjà vu shivers just thinking about it.

The only thing that I knew about this Demons person was that he only had four people who liked the song besides myself, he was from Chicago and that he hadn’t been on Soundhound in 10 months. I spent hours searching for him on the web and had no luck. For some reason, I kept finding myself going back to Soundhound hoping that maybe something would change. Maybe I would get a direct message or response back from Demons? Maybe I just wanted to hear that groovy little song again? Grrrr…. I wasn’t thinking clearly. What was I missing?

Go with your gut

I decided to check out the folks who liked this song called, Untitled, as well. Each of these musicians had some cool music as well, and this Demons person had even put likes on some of their music. Then it hit me! Maybe I was too tired from all my searching to notice before? Maybe I’m just an utter moron? But on one of the profiles I noticed that the artist was from Chicago too. After checking the other profiles it became a pattern that almost all of them were connected to the city of Chicago. Having played in bands in a larger city growing up, I knew that local musicians flock together and often collaborate when they create. It was too much of a coincidence to be a mere chance. So I wrote all of the people who followed Demons like the true stalker fan of his song I had become.

Within 10 minutes, I got a response back with his name, his website, and his email address. /em passes out – my deadline to get my segment submitted was less than five days away! Would Demons answer if I wrote him? What if he said no to me? If I was in his shoes would I see my request as something cool or something a psycho-lunatic would do who was released from parole too early? I had no clue. All I could do was to write, and wait, and hope.

One day later a response from Demons appeared in my email and fortunately for me, I was ecstatic to read that he had agreed to allow me the right to use his music. Then it hit me again! Holy crapolie! What had I gotten myself into? I’m not a rapper! After I got done screaming around my house scaring my neighbors and when my family quit being frightened of my evil glee and excitement, I had to try to sit down and write some rap lyrics to this great music piece.

20 Minutes and I write too much

In 20 minutes not only had I written enough lyrics for the song, but I actually had too much material to use. After trimming it down about half it’s size I made a demo version I played for my truth detectors…my daughter and my wife. Besides giving me the look like I had antler’s growing outta my head again they blankly told me I that I should do something else for a hobby. Bah! Once again I noted their response and decided to use it against them in the future when a payback situation should arise.

My daughter, who plays WoW when she can, was honest and told me that she liked the lyrics (She’s a Hukrath the Voidwalker fan), and it wasn’t that she didn’t like hearing me, but she wanted to hear Hukrath rapping too. So in order to make her happy, I added Hukrath rapping in the song as well.

The only major problem I had when I recorded the final version was that my headset monitor system wasn’t working. I could hear the music just fine, but I couldn’t hear myself at all. For anyone doing any type of recording, not being able to monitor and hear your own voice makes it quite difficult especially when there’s music blaring in your ears too. I mulled through it as best I could and after several tries I was able to record all of my rap in one take. Trust me I can’t sing, and after hearing I’m sure you will agree.

Things have a way of working out

Despite all of the problems I ran into when setting out to making a warlock rap, it all worked out in the end.  Life has a way of doing that sometimes :) and I would like to take the time to give a big “Thank You” to Demons for allowing me to butcher his wonderful song with my rapping! I have no way to repay him other than a kind word, my small story, and a link to his talented and creative work. From a warlock who controls demons to a “Demons” who writes music…this old Dark Art caster bows, cheers, and salutes!

You can check out Mr. Paul “Demons” Kim and his website of creative music listed and categorized as Chicago Experimental Soul at

I can’t offer a direct link to the song on because it’s a phone App sadly; however, if you download the program and look it up on your phone the song is named “Untitled”. If you don’t want to download Soundhound to your phone, you could also visit Mr. Kim’s website to hear the music or download it for free! The direct file link is HERE and it’s called “One” :) Enjoy!

When should a warlock dance?

This post is going to go full circle and return back to how this small adventure all got started. Why? Because I would love to get your thoughts and ideas on the question of, “When should a warlock dance?” Please send in your suggestions and I’ll add it to the list.

Hi Amijade,

I read one of your Tmog posts and it had me laughing so hard at mages it made me cry. Keep it up because my husband plays a mage. I’ll be the first to admit it, I’ve danced on a mailbox with my female belf warlock on several occasions and you say it’s wrong. If mailbox dancing is taboo then when should a warlock dance?



A warlock should dance when…

  • You learn to control your first demon
  • You learn to control any demon
  • You get to ride your Fel Steed for the first time
  • You get to ride your Dreadsteed for the first time
  • You cast your first FEAR
  • You capture a flag
  • You capture a control point
  • You win at a BG
  • You win an arena match
  • You’re standing on an enemy corpse
  • You beat a druid to an herb, or mining node
  • You’re in a bad pug and you Soulstone yourself instead of the annoying healer
  • You out /roll another player on a piece of gear you already own (especially if it’s a mage)
  • You out tank the tanks in DA and the healer loves you for it – Tyraeon
  • You steal from a mage to give the item to your lovely partner in crime – Tyraeon
  • You make mages look like noobs when they are 4 levels higher with better gear and still come under in Dps – Tyraeon
  • You camp the enemy respawn point with constant AoE and continue to murder them – Tyraeon
  • You go into a raid/dungeon and immediately hear how overrated ‘locks have become, then you out Dps the entire raid while cackling like a madman/madwoman – Severun
  • Beer…one must always dance for beer! – Severun
  • You beat out other players on the meters who are arrogant about their Dps and they have better gear than you – Severun
  • You outroll anyone on that super rare mount that drops from some boss – Navimie
  • (Add your comment here!)

Starting next week, I plan to go back and begin reviewing all of our lower level talents. I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing baby warlocks everywhere! From Twitter, to /trade chat and even in my own /guild chat I’m hearing people talking about starting a new ‘lock. The care and feeding of our younger brethren should be important to all of us as a class. The last thing any of us want to see is warlocks getting a bad rep from newer players who can’t control their demons or who can’t handle the corruptive nature of dark arts. So if you see someone asking for more advice and schooling about the glorious power of Fel energy, make sure you help them out and guide them on their rise to the dark side!

Now that I think about it…if you have any funny examples of warlocks dancing, please send me a copy and I’ll post them as well. All of you are much more creative than me and I’m sure others would love to see your ideas in action too. Until next week, I hope you’re all doing well and your internet doesn’t drop!

  1. tyraeon says:

    Ok, I will be the first to say…a good time for when a warlock should /Dance
    !) When you out tank the tanks in dark apotheosis and healer loves you for it
    2) When you steal from a mage to give the item to your lovely partner in crime
    3) When you make mages look like noobs when they are 4 levels higher with better gear and still come under you in dps
    4) When you camp the enemy respawn point with constant aoe and continue to murder them.

    Hope this helps ^_^

    • Hey Tyraeon,

      Nice list! Consider it added! Thanks for the suggestions too!

    • tyraeon says:

      I forgot a few very fun ones.
      5) When you fear enemies into instant death scenaries-i.e. clothie into 10 melee mobs- out of nothing but boredom.
      6) Make a person fall from a cliff to their death using fear.
      7) Outrunning anyone while riding your Felsteed/Dreadsteed over water with glyph of nightmares

  2. lllseverunlll says:

    ill add
    1. when you go into a raid/dungeon and immediatly hear how overrated locks have become, then you out dps the entire raid all the while cakling like a madman/woman
    2. beer….one must always dance for beer lmao.

    and i had a few others but my mind has gone blank lol…OHHHHH btw Amijade, im not sure if you realized this yet, but im the warlock that writes for the Elizabella Chronicles blog….she had mentioned that you enjoyed some of my posts which is why i came and checked out your site :)

    • Hi Severun,

      Nice comments, I’ll add them to the list. Yep, that would be me. Sadly, with my internet being worthless until it’s fixed I haven’t been getting around to all of my list of blog reads. I have a ton in my Feedreader and catch up when I can. I’ve always been a big reader of blogs simply because I love to read other peoples opinions and to see their take on things. I try to comment when I can; however, some of the comment boxes don’t always agree with my phone reader. Feel free to stop by anytime! As you can see I love chatting up about ‘locks!

  3. Navimie says:

    For someone with no internet you sure write a lot my dear undead friend!
    As a resto druid (a non herbing one, mind you), I’ll say you should /dance
    – when you out heal the healers
    – you outroll anyone on that super rare mount that drops from some boss

    • Navimie!

      So how is the golden calf doing? Silly Druid, my dancing list is for warlocks! Ha! However, I will add the 2nd comment. Now if only Onyxia would drop her mount for me *Sighs* – As far as my net is concerned, I write a lot of my posts using LiveWriter for PCs. Then when I’m ready I just hit publish. The only problem I’ve found with using LiveWriter is that if you publish a post as a draft to your site (meaning it’s uploaded and saved as a draft vs. being published automatically), it can often mess up in different feed readers. The glitch makes the draft look like a new post with a name like “GHE$@*(@HF#*R233”. If you’re not using, you should give it a try.

      For this post about dancing warlocks, I saved the file to a USB Flash drive, went to McDonald’s and uploaded from a laptop :P The laptop doesn’t like sending large picture files and sadly locks up in the tranferring process (no pun intended)…bah! Hopefully, my net will be functional again in a few days. Two weeks with net issues has been killing me!

      • Navimie says:

        My comment was warlock related actually! Warlocks show on the healing charts because of self healing and drain life and whatnot, so what I was trying to say, was that as a warlock using those pissy healing abilities, you outhealed a healer then you should be dancing.

      • Navimie,

        /em blushes! Omg Navie, I thought you were bragging about druids. I took your comment the wrong way :) Blame my age because I do :P

  4. lllseverunlll says:

    ahhh recently come upon another for the list….while we locks are awesome. and stylish and all around badass, arrogance amongst ourselves must never be tolerated, we should cheer one another on rather than act in a manner that is beneath us. that being said…

    Out dpsing at least 2 other locks and coming in 2nd on the meters, that are arrogant about their amazing DPS, in a 25 man sha run when they are better geared than you are….

    this is a cause for a victory dance. and a stern look at the ones who made you put them in their place.

    • Sev,

      I couldn’t agree more, but I don’t think it applies just to others of our class. I think arrogance is quite ugly IMHO whether it’s in game or in RL – the fact you knocked them down a notch, dance and didn’t say anything said volumes. Truly, they’re below you in both dps and in style!

    • tyraeon says:

      Definitely agree, just pulling a dance and letting the healer or tank post recount to see the lesser geared warlock put the better geared internet hounding elitists put in their place is quite enjoyable-though often called an elitist myself for having a fotographic memory and playing lock since bc…le sigh- still seeing your dps keeping up with those in better straights does wonders for both personal ego, opinion, and shows others your skill and style.

      Another good one, is when only thing beating you is an 89 druid when you are lvl 85 in gear not even worthy of running hour of twilight heroics, and still out dpsing the rest of the higher level team.

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