Back to Basics: Warlock Talent Reviews Starting at Level 15

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail Everyone,

I promise, this will be a short post. Yes, I know I can get long winded at times and if you heard me on the Twisted Nether Blogcast you’ll quickly realize why I’m just not good at “live” shows. I repeat myself often and end up sounding like a blabbering fool. So I promise this time I’ll keep the post short and sweet, and I’ll make sure I don’t repeat the word, “amazing” or “excited” in the process too :)

Practicing Demonic Teleport by jumping off the balcony in Shrine of the Two Moons

On my segment last week, I started reviewing a warlock’s first talent choice at Level 15. There’s three good choices to consider and all of them involve self-healing. They are:

The one we’re going to focus on today of course, is Dark Regeneration.

A flexible talent choice to consider

Dark RegenerationIs an instant cast spell on a 2 minute cooldown (Josh, I didn’t say GCD! ha!) and when a warlock casts this spell it will restore 30% of you and your pet’s maximum health and increases all healing received by 25% over 12 seconds.

Besides having a cool sounding name, Dark Regeneration is a good self-healing spell that adds some flexibility into your play style because at level 15, there’s not a lot of choices or tricks to help mitigate damage to keep you from dying. What I like about Dark Regeneration is you can use it at your choosing because you cast it like a spell. It can also be combine with other self-healing options, and you can use it to help lighten the healing load when grouped with a healer to help enhance their spells.

From the growing pains of a baby caster to the end game raider at level 90, Dark Regeneration when used correctly can be very powerful indeed! For example: Combine Dark Regen with a Healthstone and voila! You’ve just gained 55% of your health back with two instant cast spells. On my post about warlocks using the /dance command, Navimie over at The Daily Frostwolf joked that a warlock should dance when they top a healer on the healing meters. In some ways, particularly in a low level dungeon it might just happen! Sorry, if I thought you only meant druids Navie! Gah!

Dark Regeneration also works for your pet too! Ever take on too many mobs and have a demon who’s health seems to be failing him? Just pop Dark Regeneration and smack your minion with a Health Funnel and watch them stand firm, ready to take on whatever you might be facing.

Dark Regeneration spell effects when the talent is activated

Combining Dark Regen and other self-heals for maximum affect

Now if you are just making your way in the world as a new player having rolled a baby warlock, here’s what you can use for self-healing at lower levels either by combining them with the Dark Regeneration talent or by themselves:

  • Drain Life – Level 7 spell
  • Create Healthstone – Level 9 spell
  • First Aid – Bandages (from leveling First Aid or purchasable on the AH)
  • Potions (from drops, purchased on the AH or created via the Alchemy profession)
  • Lifeblood (Haste and minor heal offered only from the Herbalism profession)

If we take a quick run down from the list above showing other self-healing options you’ll see that Drain Life is level 7 class spell and is effective to some degree since it deals some shadow damage and gives a 2% heal every second for 6 seconds, but at a cost of mana. Also, all warlocks will be able to conjure and Create Healthstones which is a class spell we learn at level 9. Each healthstone offers a 20% increase to health when consumed. The trick about our healthstones (aka cookies), is to use them! Trust me, everyone forgets to use them and it happens all the time.

If you ever find yourself at a spirit healer and sadly looked down on your spells bar to see that you forgot to use one of your healthstones, try this simple tip that worked for me. Immediately, plant your face onto your desktop really hard. After one or two of these “reminders” and a few weeks for the large bruise to go away in the middle of your forehead– you’ll get over the bad habit of not remembering to use your healthstone rather quickly. Trust me, it works. Besides, it’s bad enough that everyone else forgets to use them, let’s not pick up that horrible habit and follow suit. We’re warlocks after all! We set the example!

Another important item to consider from the list above is leveling First Aid (FA). My best advice is that every baby warlock should also be leveling their First Aid during all of their travels and exploration. Why? The first good reason is that it’s easy to level FA because you’ll find that you’ll have plenty of cloth drops. Another good reason to level First Aid is because bandages are another mini-heal you can use in a pinch whether you’re running solo, in a group or in PvP. What I like most about bandages from First Aid is that they brings to the table another option to keep you alive, and we all know that it’s nice to have options and particularly ones that keep you standing.

Health pots are another useful choice for small and large bursts of health when you find yourself in need of a quick heal because for whatever reason, you need instant health like right now! Of course, if you decide to learn Alchemy you can make your own potions which is a nice benefit especially at endgame too. The last option to consider for self healing dove-tails right into the discussion about Alchemy. A complimentary profession to Alchemy everyone knows is Herbalism. As an herbalist you get the mini-self heal and haste buff with Lifeblood. Where I’m from they call a spell like that a “Two-fer”.

Combine any of the choices from this list with Dark Regeneration and once again you’ll be up and destroying things in no time!

Dark Regeneration and you

As you can probably tell from this post, I’m a fan of Dark Regeneration, but I’d like to hear what other warlocks think about it. What do you like or dislike about DR? Am I forgetting anything of importance or any tips I might not have considered? Please let me know! Next week, we’ll be taking at look at Soul Leech – a talent that I like to think is passive-aggressive :)

Follow-up on naming my Dog on the farm

Yes, I have finally found a fitting name for my Dog that followed me back to my farm. I call him Worthless. No matter how hard I’m working my crops and no matter how many varmints are lurking underneath my precious carrots and Song Bells, Worthless seems to be occupied with other things. He scratches himself, he sleeps, he swims, he digs holes, and he most often just meanders around lazily. Don’t get me wrong, I like him well enough…I just wish he actually did something!

So I call him dog, and I call him worthless. Maybe I should combine the two and just call him worthless dog? Knowing him he wouldn’t respond anyway.

For Me, it’s all about the little details

Okay, so I’m a bit late in finishing up my Loremaster rep. However, I found a small detail during my endeavors that had me smiling and laughing at all of the little hidden gems the Blizzard game developers hide in plain sight. As I was flying over Mount Neverest I noticed something that didn’t look quite like a critter and didn’t quite look like a targetable mob. When I flew closer to see what it was, you can only guess as to why it had me laughing when you look at the picture.

Why did I take a picture of this poor little explorer who’s frozen to the cliff face on Mt. Neverest? Because he’s there…

I’m not sure what strikes me as more interesting? Could it be the fact he’s frozen to the side of the mountain? Could it be the expression on his face? Could it be that the developers decided to hide him up there for someone to find in the first place? What do you think?

  1. Hey Amijade, it’s Bazz the sometime raider and farmer extraordinaire.
    Rhiadana tells me that She prefers Life Drain with the Harvest Life talent from Tier one. She says that there’s nothing quite like scaling for producing big numbers. A self heal that scales with the number of mobs is just too good to pass up, and even though it’s been nerfed, it’s still very good.

    The problem with Dark Regeneration is that yes, it’s a good instant heal, but then you need to wait 2 minutes if you need it again. The situation where that amount of healing is needed once are pretty rare.

    The very nice thing about Drain Life/Harvest Life is that you can use it as much as you need and the more mobs you have, the more healing you get.

    There’s something invigorating about putting all your DOTs on 8 mobs and having Helzazt call them names and make jokes about their mothers while you quietly reduce them to small piles of goo.

    She says it also turns her on, but then She’s a very strange lady.

  2. Prinnie Dood says:

    Maybe that frozen solid Grummie is the WoW equivalent of Otzi the Iceman!


    Here’s a warlock question: I hate the succubus. She annoys the bejeesus out of me. Can I get away with never using her?

  3. tyraeon says:

    Oddly enough Dark Regeneration is amazingly useful if trying to be a warlock tank-this is done as a demonology warlock with demon hunting glyph ability, dark apotheosis- now it does remove the ever loved harvest life, which on most cases with a healer will be of better use as a warlock tank. The time it is best to use Dark Regeneration is when combined with voidlord tanking and Soul link, your pet heals are also granted to the warlock and vice versa, so instead of 30% you would be getting roughly 45% maximum health with 15% going poof, added to the 12 second healing bonus for use with potions, healthstone and lifeblood-all of which are shared with pet via soul link- and you end with a very useful OH S@#T button for the fun emergencies.

    For destruction and affliction it is more situational since both benefit more from grimoire of sacrifice over supremacy, which adds a massive 2% health regen every 5 seconds. You could combine it for increase effects though, so it is up to the warlock to have fun with it, DR is a potent get out of danger card if played right.

  4. Hydra says:

    You were a great guest and we loved having you on. Keep talking about warlocks and i will keep sending the ones i talk to your way.

    • Heya Hydra,

      Thanks for stopping by! Not sure if I was an entertaining guest or not, but I had fun. I still have a “Thank You” clip I’m going to send you guys. With all the hustle, bustle and travel from the holidays…it’s been quite busy around here :) I hope you and your family have a great Holiday! My best, always…

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