A Warlock’s Holiday Tale: The Last Night of Winter Veil

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Howdy Everyone!

I hope this holiday season finds you and your family happy and healthy! Nothing sucks more than being sick during a holiday :( Trust me on that one. Due to my family’s hectic travel schedule during this winter break, I’ve decided to take a week off from blogging :) A little rest and relaxation never hurts right? Until then, I wish all of you a happy holiday season and safe travels on your journeys. I hope you enjoy my story about the Winter Veil tale :P


Orgrimmar celebrating Winter Veil

Orgrimmar celebrating Winter Veil


T’was the last night of Winter Veil, and all through the server
When a Horde warlock left a battleground and became debuffed as a deserter
While some might have accused him of sabotage or treason
This warlock knew he had quite a good reason

Perhaps the most likely reason of all
Was that today, he didn’t want to see anyone fall
It wasn’t that he didn’t need to get his honor points
Nor was it because being an undead he had sore joints

There’s plenty of time he thought, to keep an enemy at bay
But somehow it felt different on this particular day
When for a short time we’re all reminded to become better
By chatting with a friend, or writing a loved one a letter

Reminded by the fact that playing with friends truly matters
And that it’s not just about destroying bosses, or your ranking ladders
Because just like in game, and just like in life
The world can be filled with such terrible strife

For a few fleeting hours maybe the titans could see
We can all live in peace, and we can all live hassle-free
From all of the bickering, scuffles, and cross faction fighting
It seemed like a good idea, and it hit the warlock like lightning

So after equipping a fishing pole and flying past Halfill
Even though his farm needed more harvesting still
The ‘lock headed to Krasarang and flew toward the sea
Where he could sit in some peace, enjoy the views, and just “be”

The spot looked scenic, with fluffy clouds floating by
And the land’s water fowl soaring above him, ever so high
Then tossing his lure across the waves pounding like thunder
As a feeling shot through his back, worse than any hunger

The pain came upon him and he whelped out an “Ack!”
It turned out a rogue, plunged a dagger in his back
As the sound left his throat, and on the salty air he gagged
“Oh noes!” thought the warlock, “I’m still PvP Flagged!”

With a quick click of his mouse the ’lock cast Mortal Coil
And another attack from the rogue the warlock had foiled
The caster smiled to himself, and let out a sneer
Because he knew the next spell he would cast was going to be Fear

Trembling in place, the rogue stared at his stalker
Who Soul Burned a Soul Shard and summoned a Voidwalker,
Now armed with the blue demon that was positioned to trounce
The warlock’s health bar was full and he was ready to pounce

When the backstabbing rogue was surprised by what came next
He was so shocked in disbelief, it made him perplexed
Rather than take his life right then, and right there
The warlock slowly approached him and sat with a stare

This warlock wasn’t going to kill him, nor drain his poor soul
Even despite the rogue’s attack, which took a small toll
Instead the Undead seemed calm, and very well behaved
And shocking the rogue more it saluted, and waved

Knowing full well that he didn’t stand a chance
The rogue bowed in respect and began to cheer and dance
The warlock bowed back, and returned him the favor
And the two danced laughing like friends, clear of any danger

Then it happened so fast, and it happened so quick
The demon was on him like the DoTs that began to tick
Seconds later the silly rogue was dead on the shore
And standing above him was the warlock who settled the score

“Perhaps,” thought warlock, “I’m doing it wrong?”
The feeling came to him, and then it came upon him strong
“It seems that I’ve learned an important lesson this holiday,
all that the Alliance want to do, like me, is just play.”

So with his enemy’s Soul Shard still feeling warm in his hand
He summoned his Dredsteed to stand firm in the sand
And while mounting his beast he could feel pride swell in his heart
It was a love for his class, and his love for the Dark Arts

The ’lock yanked on the reins and the two darted across the water
As he que’d for more battlegrounds and prepared for his next slaughter
Then the warlock cackled as he rode through the night
And in his hoarse voice he hissed, “Happy Winter Veil to all, and to all a good fight!”


Winter Veil in Stormwind

What is it about wearing an ugly winter sweater that makes one want to sing? For some reason, no one liked my rendition of You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch...*sighs*

What is it about wearing an ugly winter sweater that makes one want to sing? For some reason, no one liked my rendition of You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch…*sighs* I guess I should wear pants with a sweater the next time I go carolling?



  1. Clap! Clap! Clap! Bravo! But hey, where’s your matching ugly winter pants!

    • Hi Tome!

      Gah! I know I should have some obnoxious pants on as well! It’s quite horrid right? Sadly, I’ve had puter issues and with the holidays there’s been no time for really anything else. Hopefully, my puter probs are close to being resolved :) I can’t wait because in about three months I’m building a new gaming rig! Woot! I’m glad you liked the post ;) it’s something only a ‘lock would understand right?

  2. Navimie says:

    Magnificent rhyme o dark one! And I agree with Ancient – you cannot go parading around in ugly sweater with sexy mageweave pants (or lack of pants).

    • Navie!

      Hrm, dunno about the magnificent rhyme – but that small poem shows you what odd things I do when I’m sitting around late night waiting for Santa to arrive after the kids have gone to bed. Pity I fell asleep shortly after posting it! Ha! Hope you had a great holiday! Might I be one of the first from the US to wish ya Happy New year? You people from the future time zones get all the fun before everyone else…makes me jealous :P

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