Using the Stunning Simplicity of Shadowfury

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail All,

Greetings to all of you and Happy New Year! Sorry to start it off with such a bad pun with the title of this post, but I hope all of you had a nice break for the holidays and found some time to spend with friends and family. Before I begin chatting about our cool spell Shadowfury, I have a few updates about a tmog contest, other warlock writings, and my own electronicus interruptus.

JD over at Amateur Azerothian has a new Tmog contest called, The Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest. So if you’re into Transmog to win it or if you’re just in it for fun, then please go check it out. From the looks of his comments section, I think he’s going to have some heated competition!

Elkagarosa has a quick write-up about the new Ask Mr. Robot Beta and what he’s liking about it. Very cool indeed and it will definitely make purchasing badge gear easier to consider when shopping for new items. It’s well worth a read. Elk – when it comes to LFR I say do them all and just have fun. The gear will will drop eventually – I just hope the LFR’s go smooth for ya. I’ve been in some “entertaining” ones lately to say the least. Gah!

Fulguralis is gearing and getting ready to start hitting LFR from Zero to Gear-O. He discusses the never ending battle in the gear grinding decisions we all face. Gear grinding is like Tmogging. There’s no right or wrong answer, but holy crapolie if we don’t get buyers remorse from time to time! Yes, I sacrifice my demons too Fulg, but I still feel guilty about it :P


Nibuca’s posts over at Mystic Chicanery are fun to read. I enjoy her writing style and it makes me smile. If you didn’t know, Nibuca used to be a host on both The Twisted Nether Blogcast and The Overlores podcasts – Silly me didn’t put two and two together on that one and I’m quite embarrassed I didn’t realize that fact. She’s running Affliction so she’s a warlock after my own heart, and she’s impish by nature to boot <3! Although, I have to admit Nibuca…I still have “Sacrifice” guilt every time my Felpuppy, Droodham, hits the ground and disappears. I agree, the buff is nice – but not having my trusty puppy companion snarling and drooling alongside as we go after prey makes me miss the cute little guy even more!

Poneria – has written some good info over at Blood Pact about soloing old content for the new pets, tmog gear or for the soloing glory of being a warlock. In a two part series she discusses how to spec for going solo and in the next she discusses strats on how to solo vanilla content. I know I’d love to devote some time for soloing old content, but with all my carrot farming who can keep up? Pon shows ya how.

Saga – has finally caught the Mogit “addiction” bug. Yes, it happens to us all at some point doesn’t it? Saga, don’t feel guilty about MogIt…embrace it! You all know me, I’m all about a good Tmog! The reason I’m such a firm believer in Tmogging your ‘lock is because what’s the point of trying to strike fear in our foes if we’re confused for a mage? We’re warlocks! We’re renown in statue and we should look the part. Can I get a “Hells Yes” on that one? Although, dressing up as a mage might help in PvP because it means our victims enemies wouldn’t be as afraid to approach us as compared to running away on site.

Electronicus Interruptus

No, Electronicus Interruptous is not Latin term. I came up with that name because it reminded me of the old captions that used to appear above the Wiley Coyote’s head in the classic Road Runner cartoons. Now before I get into the good stuff and start talking about our elegant little Shadowfury spell, I’m going to rant. Well maybe not a complete rant, but I’m going to babble a bit about small little setbacks that have happened to me recently and then I’m sure the name Electronicus Interruptus will make sense.  Back in October, my cable company and ISP decided to upgrade some equipment throughout my area. For almost four weeks, my download speeds were worse than a 33k modem. Even if I was to log in game, it was a grueling endeavor. When the game crawls between 1-3 fps and it constantly locks up and crashes, it makes you wanna faceplant your desk repeatedly until the feeling goes away. Trust me, if I thought tin cans, some string and a ball of wax would have helped, I would have tried it.

By mid November my ISP issues were fixed up, but I was still having constant freezes in game. Enough to where I felt bad running dungeons or in raid because they were bad enough to cause a wipe on my part. So needless to say I did a lot of farming and dailies. I tried everything from reading the forums to running adware and spyware programs, to running chkdsk, defrags and registry editors. My problem finally became apparent the week before Christmas. It turned out my hard drive was failing. Lucky for me, I do monthly backups! So with a new system in an old computer, I’m back up and running again with no problems at all. It was quite inconvenient due to a lot of downtime from downloading and installing updates and programs all over again. With 5mb on the download speed, downloading a fresh WoW was painful. I will say this…woot, it’s finally good to have a computer working again!

My only regret was that during this computer failure time I was unable to make a special podcast winter holiday segment that I had been planning on for a few weeks. There’s always next year right? And no, I wasn’t planning on singing or rapping on this one either :P


Et Tu Wii?

To add insult to injury, three days after Christmas our Wii family game console finally passed away. I believe my kids abused it too much playing Skylander’s Giants and it just couldn’t keep up. So $300.00 later now we have a new Wii U replacement. *Sighs* I remember the night I camped out overnight at a retail store to get that game at it’s  launch. It was the first and last time I ever did anything like that, but there’s a great story about it I’ll have to write about at some point. Between my own computer problems and the crashing of our Wii, I’ve come to the conclusion that electronics are great when they work, when they don’t they just become really expensive paperweights don’t you think? /em grumbles at an empty bank account

Before anyone asks, I decided to go with adding a 128GB SSD OS drive while adding a regular 2T HDD for storage. In a few months I plan to build my own gaming rig so I’ll keep ya posted on how that goes. I’ve never built a computer all by myself other than a few light repairs and replacements from time to time, but it looks like fun and I’ll probably learn a lot in the task. So my big take home message in telling you all of this is to stress the importance to BACK UP YOUR DATA! Do it now! It’s worth it, trust me! Now let’s get on to talk about using Shadowfury!



The Simplicity of Shadowfury

Beside having a cool sounding name that for some odd reason I like to say out loud, Shadowfury is an easy peasy spell. Like many different spells in WoW, some can be very simple and straightforward, with not many tricks or nuances to learn. Shadowfury is one of those spells. Keep in mind that just because it’s simple to understand doesn’t detract from it’s power or it’s worth.

Shadowfury – Instant cast spell with a 30 yard range on a 30 second cooldown. Shadowfury is unleashed, stunning all enemies within 8 yards for 3 seconds.

You’re probably asking, “Is that it?”. Yes, that’s it. Simple, yet effective. It’s an instant cast 3 second stun to any mobs within 8 yards of your target. Like all of our warlock spells, the fun comes from learning how to abuse use it to your advantage. While some might argue it’s mainly a talent for PvP, it does have it’s uses for PvE as well. Anytime you can stun a group to buy you, or your team a few seconds to get better positioned, or to get better prepared, or to interrupt your foes during the heat of battle is always a great tool to have handy. Three seconds might not sound long, but just be glad you’re not the one being stunned or interrupted!

Some folks might be rolling their eyes right now and thinking, “Silly Amijade, it’s only 3 seconds…what good is that?” Well, my friends…3 seconds for any heated battle can be HUGE. Three seconds are often the difference between a victory or a defeat. A great example would be WSG for PvP. Your team is grouped protecting the FC as you make your way back to the flag room. There’s an enemy group following close behind doing massive damage as they try to stop you from capping. Shadowfury ftw! Reverse that same scenario and now it’s your team chasing the enemy that are getting ready to cap. Trust me, those 3 seconds will make you look like a hero!


New Year’s resolution for 2013

Like most people, I have several New Year’s resolutions both in-game, with my segments and with this blog. First, I want to get back into reading more blogs in my spare time. OMG my RSS reader keeps blinking at me as a reminder that I have over 350 new posts to read from all the great bloggers out there…Gah! I’ll just have to forget about sleep until I’m caught up!

For my podcast segments, my goal is to work on them a little bit each week rather than spending 2-4 hours late night on a Sunday. Plus, The Walking Dead will be back on Sunday nights soon and who wants to me that? Not me!

For this blog, I hope to do a little more expressive stuff. Talking about the game itself and my thoughts and feelings towards it. From Tmogging, to the storylines, to the game itself…there’s so much to cover! I think Willy Wonka stated my sentiments and feeling best when he said, “So much time and so little to do…Strike that, reverse it.”

How about you? Any New Year Resolutions you’d like to keep?



  1. Prinnie Dood says:

    She’s guarding the chickens … very intently.

  2. Saga says:

    I’ve always loved Shadowfury. Even in raids I’ve found nifty little uses for it, like stunning stray trash mobs that decided to attack your healers (or you!), giving the tank a bit of extra time to get aggro back. Or stunning mind-controlled players.

    In PvP it’s even more useful, as you’ve already outlined. Slowing enemies chasing you. Interrupting/stunning healers. Or, one of my favourites.. stunning the person trying to cap a flag point.

    • Heya Saga,

      Well, you touched upon a point that I was going to say about Shadowfury, but forgot to mention. It’s very usefuly for stunning mobs who get away from a tank and for MC’d folks! Although, tbh it really does get the most use in PvP. After reading about your MogIt love, I know if I have another Tmog contest you’ll win hands down! Ha! The worst part, is after you become a pro with MogIt you’ll start to look around a major city and start naming off items people are wearing!

  3. Redbeard says:

    When did Lor’themar get an eye patch? I used to hang out by that throne room all the time on my Mage, and I don’t recall the eye patch.

  4. I invited Jogu the Drunk to stay at my farm so I kinda already
    knew he wasn’t going to be much help.

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