The Quest For Fire…Er…The Quest For Green Fire

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail All,

Epic quest lines. People either love them or hate them. It was the same way with the older class quest lines as well. There seemed to be clear divisions and dividing lines between the two opposing sides. I’m not sure where you stand on the matter, but I personally love them.


Here’s a few reasons why I like them:

1. They give you a proud feeling about your class, making you feel special rather than being lumped in with the other lower masses on a regular quest

2. They add flavor and variety in creating a mood, and feeling as to why your class was different

3. They’re fun

4. They help spur a lot of discussion among players in the same class as peer group

For me, class and epic quest lines were just simply cool and if you want to add the word “epic” as a description I would have to agree. Ask any older warlock if they ever had to sacrifice a friend in a ritual to summon a demon. If they had, get ready for a five minute walk down memory lane as I’m sure they’ll recall the experience they had…like gathering their mats to go summon their epic mount for the first time.

Patch 5.2 is getting close

The quest for fire, er…the quest for green fire is almost upon us. For a long time, a lot of warlocks have wanted this to happen. Some players became quite adamant and passionate in the forums about it. I was on the fence either way. I thought it would be great if we got it, and I wasn’t too bent out of shape if we didn’t get it. Now, it won’t be long and patch 5.2 will be streaming down into our Warcraft Directory in a download and soon we’ll all be getting the chance to experience what Blizzard has put in place in regards to fel green flash and flames.

I still find it rather amusing that during the same change that gave us our greenish instant cast flash of Fel Flame that there was a comment from Blizzard that at that point in time, they were unable to create a green fire special effect. Then along cames MoP a few short months later and our Chaos Bolt with it’s razzling dazzling green explosion and dragon head that came spewing forth can arguably be considered one of the coolest spell effects in our current Dark Art arsenal.

I’m sure Blizzard wasn’t being completely honest, knowing full well that this was in the works and were hoping to bring us a nice surprise at it’s completion. Not too sound too much like a Blizzard Cheerleader, but I am always impressed with how they can take a 8 year old game to new heights. So I can’t say as I blame them if they were trying to keep it on the “hush-hush” for as long as they could, knowing the excitement it was going to stir up. I’m rather a patient person. You now the old saying, “Patience is a virtue.” Well, it might be a virtue, but you have to admit when you’re excited about something it can also be painful to endure!

Waiting to be inspired and entertained

I’m not taking part in the PTR mainly because I had my fill with the MoP Beta. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited and in great anticipation for the new warlock quest line because I want to experience it when it’s fresh, when it’s new, and when most of the bugs and glitches have been worked out. I really want it to be an “experience”, like the old class quest lines used to be. I hope I’m not disappointed and I hope none of you are as well.


Yes, this is going to be a short post :)

Sadly, tonight’s post will be a short one for a couple of reasons. It seems mother nature decided to show my community as to who’s in charge by making it rain in my area. She made it rain for almost 22 hours straight causing flash flooding, and extensive storm and water damage too. My lovely wife and I fought an epic battle of keeping her ravages from decimating our basement that began to fill with water. Luckily for us, the damage wasn’t too bad and we came out victorious in the end with only a few casualties to make us appreciate how close of a victory it truly was…it just took a lot of work, a lot of mopping and a lot of patience with very little sleep in between.

What to expect in the upcoming posts

I plan to continue highlighting the last six talents I haven’t reviewed starting with Tier 3 and Tier 4. Also, expect a lot of smaller posts in between as well. The reason for the smaller posts is that I’ve decided to challenge to myself because a few people have inspired me to change up my writing and try something new.  At the end of 2012, I received a notification via that someone left a comment on my homepage. Imagine my surprise when I read this:

I love reading your blog. Your wit and tips have inspired me to get my lock back out and finish leveling her to 90. Hope you don’t mind, but I have nominated your blog for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please keep posting!


As I wrote back to Jodi over at Mydailyminefield, I was quite choked up. I’m extremely flattered, honored, and humbled to be considered for such kind words or such a nice nomination. So, I plan to take part and write about some of my own nominations as well. Thanks again Jodi, and it’s always nice when people inspire each other don’t you think? Because you have inspired me as well :) I’m glad you plan to get your ‘lock up to cap and I’m sure you’re going to have fun. Keep me posted as to your progress please because I’d love to hear about your efforts.

Another great inspiration came to me after hearing a great discussion over at WoWcast with @eljeppy and his guest @strumpet101. I followed Strumpet on twitter immediately after hearing the podcast because she came across as a very interesting, and sincere person. Any friend of Jeppy’s is a friend of mine! Well, after a week of having heard the show I saw a tweet from Strumpet discussing how she enjoyed taking part in the 20 days of WoW Blogging Challenge. When I inquired on twitter as to what this challenge was all about I got a response back from Alice over at So Cal WoW Gal with a link to none other than Saga over at Spellbound and the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge! OMG!

I have always been an avid reader of Saga and her blog Spellbound, and I even remember her posting this challenge! Gah! I about fell out of my chair when I saw the link. Once again Saga has inspired me :) The reason I didn’t take part in the event at the time was because I had only been blogging for less than 1 month and I was still trying to decide what to make this blog about. Not to mention the fact that I was and I still am, completely clueless on the blogging stuff. Now that I think about it, will be celebrating a 1 year birthday (I guess I should look up the date right?), so in honor of Saga and from the inspiration she has given me over the years, I plan to complete the 20 Days of Wow Blogging Challenge. Hey, it’s better late than never right?

So to Jodi, Alice, Strumpet and Saga…thank you ladies, you have inspired me to write more :)


A quick close

I leave on a business trip in less than 5 hours for a few days, however when I return I’ll start typing up a storm so to speak. Until then, I hope all of you have a great week…and if your creek runs high, I hope you stay dry and find safe ground. And always remember to “Never fool with Mother Nature!” Ha! 2 points if you remember the commercial that line came from :P

  1. Saga says:

    Aaww, thank you!

    I really enjoy your blog, it’s very in-depth and very Warlocky. Which is, of course, nothing but positive! :P

    As for the green fire I’m really looking forward to the quest, and hope it will be done well. Back in Firelands times I really enjoyed the solo adventure we got to take into The Nexus for the legendary staff. (My only regret is that I didn’t record it!)

  2. koalabear21 says:

    I remember doing the warlock quest to get my epic mount. I was still fairly new to the game and had hardly any gold to my name. My GM at the time used to have a warlock as his main and he helped me by having some of the reagents. I think he managed to save me having to buy 2 of the items.

    I remember the quests to get the other items and then the final quest to actually get the horse. My original warlock never rode anything other than that mount after that. When my 2nd warlock got to that level they had removed the need for the quest so I just purchased the horse from my trainer. It never felt the same with her and so I rarely used it. In fact I hadn’t used my Dreadsteed on that character until the new glyph came out with MoP. Now her ground mount is always her Dreadsteed.

    As for the new “green fire” quest. I’ll be doing it just for the sheer joy of having an awesome warlock quest.

    I’m with Saga on the first part of the legendary quest chain. Never have I had to pull out all the stops with my warlock. Great quest!

    In other news: did you get the email I sent to you last week?

    • Hey Koalabear,

      Can you resend that email? I just changed my mail program and if I got it I must have lost it :( My apologizies! Also, that was you who I followed on Twitter right? I hope so…otherwise some person might think I’m a stalker lol…

  3. dakotarick says:

    Doing the Warlock quests over the years is one of the reasons I will always consider him my main. The bloodrobe quest, minion quests and the Dreadsteed quest make him unique from all my other toons. I feel bad for newer Warlocks because they were not able to experience these things.

    Getting a group of friends together (No LFD) to get to the Alchemy lab in Scholomance for the Dreadsteed mats has to be on of my favorites.

  4. I’ve gotta say, I think this is a step in the right direction. I never really understood why all the old class quests were removed. One of my earliest WoW memories is journeying from Darnassus all the way to Westfall for my Sea Lion form on my Druid. Sure, it was unneccessarily tough at the time, but it sticks out in my mind as one of my favourite WoW memories.

    New players these days don’t have that sense of adventure. Alts are much the same. It’s very much a conveyor belt of levelling and gearing, and I think these quests offer flavour and variety more than anything else.

    With the caveat, of course, of the only requirement to doing the quests is to have a level 90 of said class. The rogue Legendary annoyed me no end, not because I didn’t get the pointy sticks, I’m not worried about that, but because unless you had a raid group willing to grind Dragon Soul, you’re never going to see that content.

    • Heya Alistair,

      Sorry to hear that about your rogue. Well, I understand he need for gating some of content. However, like you mention in your experience it’s no fun when forced to do it…because then it’s…forced. It becomes like work and another job! Ugh, and who wants that in a game?

  5. I think the issue is that these things need to be hard, and enjoyable, but the main thing is to allow them to be completed outside of a raid group, and without the weeks of grinding often associated with Legendaries.

    Things like the Nexus event for Dragonwrath are ideal. (Maybe not the Warlock version, which I hear was notoriously difficult.)

  6. mooftak says:

    I came here via google search for warlock blogs and man was I not disappointed. I’ve got a lowbie (16 destro) lock that would be the reason for me to shelve my hunter (62) if not for the level disparity. A couple things from my read throughs. 1) Thanks for the run down on the harvest life. I’ll definitely be respec’ing my talent choice the next time I log in (I took the one that heals on incinerate). 2) The Starting Zone podcast had an episode way back where they covered warlocks. The guest on the show does a decent job at giving a feel for the class and info (though I wish she had talked more about the different specs). As opposed to the ones they had when they covered hunters who recommended you store your pets when doing 5 mans while leveling. /facepalm. 3) Is the void walker you get smaller than it used to be at low levels? I have no idea. I thought mine was a good size, but when I read that discussion I realized, “Oh yeah, I’m a gnome, everything looks big to me.” Had a good laugh, so thanks for that.

    Re:Green fire quest. I’m pretty excited about this coming in. I’m definitely going to be hitting my warlock hard now that I’m out of dwarf land (ugh) and I may still end up semi shelving my hunter for the fun of the lock. I’m also sad that I came in too late for those class specific quests. They sound like they really added some nice flavor to the different classes. I know I wish I had kept playing when I started a few years back so that I could have at least seen the paladin’s quest. Back to the subject, it’s green fire, how can one call themselves a proud warlock player and not want green fire? The fact that it’s going to be something that not everyone can do concerns me somewhat. Hopefully that means “right away” and not “limited / rare for all time.” Semi related noted, anyone know if the rogue legendary is still available if one can gather the assistance for the raid portions?

    Thanks for blogging, thanks for the links to follow (via NBI and your sidebar) and have a great week. I’ll definitely be returning, if not commenting.

    • Howdy Mooftak,

      Thanks for stoppying by. Np on the links! The hardest part when starting my blog was trying to consider it’s focus. There’s so many great blogs and resource sites out there. You really could literally make the entire blog nothing but links. So I try to keep the focus mainly to warlockery stuff.

      I really do need to revamp my links and layout of this place, sadly I haven’t had the time! I need to make some time don’t I? /em kicks self

      I don’t think the rogue legendary is shut down, I think if you get the quests and the mats the daggers are yours. Heck, if people are still getting the weapon that will not be named (Hint: sounds like Funder Thury), then I’m sure you can still qualify for the daggers too.

      Thanks for the visit and leave a comment anytime!

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