Deciphering Soul Link’s Spell Speak

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail All,

I hope all of you know that I enjoy playing the World of Warcraft right? One of the things that drives me crazy is having to leave the game to look stuff up. Luckily, sometimes Blizzard moves in a direction where they incorporate changes that help alleviate this problem. Quest Tracking is a great example of something they brought to the game that helped curb the need to venture out of the game and onto the web. The Dungeon Journal is another great design that I applaud for this reason too.


Time is precious to me and the last thing I want to do is leave the game and go searching around the web for something or some kind of information in order to complete something in the game. It’s one of the reasons why I dislike the whole reforging mechanic. For me, it’s an annoyance and a pain in my rear to sit with a pen and paper and try to math-out how I should reforge items. Call me selfish, or call me lazy but that’s how I feel about anything that takes away from my actual online time. If I really had to sit and jumble numbers I’m sure I could muddle my way through. I wouldn’t like it, I wouldn’t enjoy it, and I sure as heck wouldn’t be having any fun. I’m sure there’s a lot of people that feel this way too and it’s probably why addons like Reforge Lite and Ask Mr. Robot have become so popular.

On the flipside, I understand perfectly well that the entire game is centered around and built upon using math, numbers and spreadsheets. I even understand that there are people out there who love dealing with that aspect of the game. From theory crafters to AH players there are multitudes of those devoted players that love number crunching, tweaking, and trying to figure the basic root elements of the game into it’s basic form…numbers. I’m sure you’re like me and even know a few players who love the AH and might have a few spreadsheets they drool over and I respect them for that type of dedication. That’s their thing, it’s what those players enjoy, and much of their hard work is what helps lazy warlocks like me :)


Sweet Soul Link

For this week, we’re going to look at our first Tier 3 talent choice at level 45 and of course it’s called, Soul Link. However, this post is going to be a little bit different. For this week’s post I’m not going to do any teaching at all. I’m actually going to refer you somewhere else, but the first thing we need to do is take a good look at Soul Link’s spell description.

Soul Link – An instant cast spell with a 100 yd range on a 10 second cd. When active, all damage and healing you and your demon take is shared, but your demon’s health is reduced by 50%. Recasting this spell cancels the effect.


Confusion over spell speak

I’m sure you can read Soul Link’s  description and kinda, sorta get the gist of what this spell does. That’s a given. However, we all know that sometimes the developers over at Blizzard use phrasing and wording in their spell descriptions that can often leave you with a vacant stare. Maybe the explanation they offer just seems odd for you and how you interpret things. I always like to refer to the odd way Blizzard writes the spell descriptions as “Spell Speak”. Spell speak and Warcraft’s spell definitions usually cause you to read them at least once, or twice, or even several times over. This is especially true if you’re a new player, or if you’re new to playing the class.


Confusing Spell Name – Upon casting, this spell has a 25 yd range on a 15 second cd. If you turn around backwards thrice you will increase your healing by 13%, but if you were on the Moon it will be reduced by 5% and only on Tuesdays between 12 to 10 and if not for every other day and sometimes maybe not really. Reading the spell description over adds to the effect and you can cancel it by planting your face on the desk in front of you and re-reading this over to understand.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate in my example….yes, I exaggerate. However, there are times when my exaggeration isn’t that far off. Well, Soul Link is a prime example of Blizzard’s “Spell Speak” that confuses many because I still have newer locks asking about it and how exactly the mechanic works. I know I for one, gave Soul Link a good double-take when I first read it.  A common complaint complaint on the forums was that Soul Link sounded great until you read the deal breaker portion. I’m sure it stood out for you too. This phrase:

“…but your demon’s health is reduced by 50%.”

A majority of players would read that their demon’s health was being reduced by 50% and it was over. Finis. End of story. If they got past that part, many would then shudder and give up when they read that it replaced Health Funnel. From there they’d look at the next two talent choices in Tier 3 which are Sacrificial Pact and Dark Bargain and then quickly click on one of those for their selection.


Blizzard Forums during Beta

While the MoP Beta was in full swing, I was spreading a lot of my time between playing with the new spells and leveling. Every couple of days after wasting my time grinding experience playing around in the new zones I would always follow up with the current news and state of beta affairs by going to the forums to the read the warlock discussions. It always offered a quick pulse on other player’s thoughts, feelings, and even arguments over many of the new ‘lock mechanics that were being implemented and constant changed. If I found a subject particularly interesting then I’d log back in the game and do some testing for myself in trying to understand and grasp how our new tricks worked. Oh the craziness of the beta days! 

It was until near the end of beta in August 2012 when I came across a well written and well thought out forum post in regards to Soul Link and it’s mechanics.  Now in order to give credit where credit is due, and so I won’t have to reinvent the wheel, and because I want to honor Fallensaint for all of his hard work, you can read his entire entry on the forums here. This post is an easy one for me because I can point at Fallensaint’s comments and say, “Yep, what he said!”  


Key points to remember about Soul Link:

1. If you Soul Link with a demon summoned you will get a 15% to 30% increase to your health pool that is shared with your demon (varying from 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% depending on the demon)

2. If you run with GoSac then you will get an automatic flat 20% health pool increase if you choose Soul Link

3. Twilight Ward will also help mitigate the damage because incoming damage is converted to shadow damage

4. If you and your demon both have some of your health down, then there is no wasted healing on either of you caused by over healing, until after both of you are at max health.



The challenge of 20 Days of WoW Blogging starts tomorrow

Feel free to read the posts I’m going to be cranking out by taking on the 20 Days of WoW blogging challenge. I plan to still keep doing my normal once a week post too. The top of discussion I plan to focus on next week will be our Sacrificial Pact.

Podcast Shock

If you haven’t heard the “Big Announcement” from the CTR show, you should go give it a listen. I won’t give out any spoilers here, but OMG! I wish them the best of luck!


Warlock excitement is infectious

Today on twitter, I saw Big Bear Butt Blogger toss out a link to his new post called Wicked Warlockery. Having some spare time over lunch, I got to sit and truly enjoy his wonderful post talking about leveling up his Demonology warlock. It’s a fun read and his excitement is infectious and it’s a great title to boot! Which is why I’m going to ask a favor from all of you. If you happen to stumble upon any good sites, or great articles or posts that you might happen to see about warlocks, please toss me a link. I always like to give shout out to anyone who helps draw more new players to our wonderful warlock class. /em bows, salutes and cheers Big Bear Butt!


  1. Redbeard says:

    Oh great. Now I’ve got the old Cult song “Sweet Soul Sister” running through my head…..

  2. Navimie says:

    I saw Bear’s post title and clicked it thinking it was some Amijade Goodness and though it was a good read, nothing beats the dry wit and engaging tone of my fave undead lock, Amijade :)

    • Heya Navie,

      I appreciate the vote of confidence. I loved BBB’s post! Seeing the class from the perspective of a new player being excited was a treat.

      Also, leveling up my human lock too :P There was this big announcement about a new guild on a certain server that created quite a buzz. You might have read about it on twitter

  3. Thank you for the insight on Soul Link. I would also like to agree on how there are times Blizzard Speak really loses me. I admit, I saw the 50% health reduction on Soul Link and said “Nope.” Now, I’m headed over to read Fallensaint’s post. Thank’s for pointing me in that direction! Oh, I too read Bear’s post, it’s awesome when “the grind” becomes fun, again. Best of luck on your “daily post quest!”

  4. I used to blog my Warlock’s progress way back when.. I jsut went back and read some… lol.

    Start at the last page for the earliest entries.. I stopped blogging in Cata, tho..

    • Hi Barry,

      Yep, I’ll give it a read when I get caught up. Might be a few days though. Long story. It’s kinda cool looking back on what you wrote in the past. It brings up thoughts and feeling you had a the time. It’s a surreal feeling sometimes.

      I’ll let ya know what I think…I’m sure you made it interesting

  5. […] a more in-depth look at each talent, I suggest you head on over to Warlockery who is taking a much closer look and examining all aspects of the […]

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