A Day Late and A Copper Short – Plus, A Tip That May Change Your WoW Life

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail Everyone,

I’m a few days late and a few copper short from hitting my normal once weekly post schedule and I apologize. Trust me, I have some good alibis excuses :) To show you how crazy it’s been I even missed out on doing my podcast segment last week as well. It turns out I caught a case of strep-throat unfortunately with a Peritonsillar Abscess. Which means swallowing was and still is quite painful. It’s almost as painful as watching a badly transmogged mage mailbox dance and we all know how annoyingly painful that is so I’ll spare you the rest of the details, and luckily I’m feeling better. The upside to to my affliction (no pun intended) was that while I was visiting the city for a doctor visit I got to purchase all the parts to my new monster…er…creation. Or should I say my monster creation? Actually, I’m talking about my new computer! Woot!


To save those readers who could care less about computer talk I’ll save that info for the end of my post in the hopes I don’t bore anyone. During my downtime away from blogging and feeling under the weather I came to the realization that whenever you’re down IRL (like in game), you just need to flask up, eat a food buff, and take life on like a boss. And for me lately that’s been

  • Food Buff = Hall’s Cough Drops and anything that’s cold and melts (Lemon Flavor)
  • Flasks/Elixirs = Liquids, aspirin and a decent antibiotic with good coverage (Amoxicillin)


Experiencing the Storm Peaks IRL!

Four nights ago our area got engulfed in quite an ice-storm. We lost electric for 3 days and I sent the family to local motel while I stayed behind to watch our animals and to help the neighborhood clear debris. The night the storm hit, it sounded like a war zone. Trees and branches were cracking and falling everywhere. Every couple of years we get hit with a storm such as this and it could have been much worse, and thankfully for us it was only a few days. We were able to travel once the roads became clear of fallen ice covered trees and everyone is safe and sound. I’ll count my blessings on that one.

My only advice for dealing with an ice-storm? Pack and store some extra flashlights, batteries and candles. Sweet oil lanterns work great as well and I can see why they were a favorite back in the early and mid 1800s. Other than that, be safe and try your best to make light of the situation. It’s hard not to be impatient in situations like that, trust me.

Now I don’t know who invented the chain-saw, but I’d like give that guy my deepest and sincerest gratitude, along with the guy who invented Ben-Gay Ointment. I got to thinking while doing a lot of chainsaw work that maybe the person who invented the Ben-Gay ointment came up with the idea after using a chainsaw for several hours? I’m sure that’s not far from the truth.


Two suprising DMs from Twitter and the green fire convo continues

Before the ice-storm, I got two suprising DMs on twitter. If you’re are unfamiliar with Twitter a DM is a short abbreviation for a direct message. It’s like a personal /whisper or /tell that only you and the other person can see and read. One of the DMs came from none other than Medros from All Things Azeroth. He’s such a nice guy and I’ve always enjoyed his podcast, and no, I don’t owe him any money…ha! It turns out he was looking for pictures of any warlock spell that looked like green fire for a post he was writing. So I sent him a few of my screenshots and happily I found out that he not only liked one, but actually used one for his post. Besides the fact that he used one of my screenshots, he does bring up an interesting discussion about warlocks and our questline for green fire.

I’m curious as to what other players think about his arguments as well, so when you get time go check it out and leave him some comments on the matter. Is it fair that warlocks will be the only class in-game that will be able to toggle certain spells to different colors? A warlock can only hope the new green fire special effects and animations look good and that it doesn’t turn out like our Banish spell effects even with that waste of a glyph to change it’s color. /em rolls eyes and sighs at the animation of The Glyph of Crimson Banish. So please check out Medros’s post called, The Class is always Greener on the other Flame. You gotta love his post title too.

Hearthcast AoE and me

Rewt from the Hearthcast poscast also DM’d me asking if I’d like to come back on the show and take part in their Hearthcast AoE trivia game they do with contestants on the show. It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to it, but sadly I had to miss out due to the loss of electric and everything else that occurred when the storm hit. Luckily, I had already warned Rewt about the circumstances and hopefully they didn’t have a problem filling another guest in my place. If you haven’t listened to the Hearthcast podcast you should give it a try. Rewt and Freckleface are awesome people and they put on a great show. I’ve been on their show twice now and I’ve always had a good time. Will there be a heroic Hearthcast AoE in the future where I can embarrass myself profusely? I hope so. Despite my nervousness of doing anything “live” I think it would be fun, and both Rewt and Freckleface make you feel right at home when you’re on the show.


Warlocks are gaining in numbers which can be both good and bad

All of you should know by now that I’m a warlock through and through. Between my blog and my segments all I ever wanted to do was to get people to see why we’re a fun class. That’s it. Well, I think Blizzard should be quite proud because the revamp of our class really has been a success in so many ways. The game designers managed to keep older warlocks happy, and now we’re also seeing a larger influx of newer ‘lock players. It’s true many of these newer Dark Art casters might be alts, but people are playing them again and that’s a good thing. Or is it? 

Please don’t get me wrong. I think all of this news about so many players rolling warlocks is great to hear and I can only hope that the new ‘locks who are learning how to walk on the darkside have lots of fun, and that they enjoy the surge of power that goes with it. My concern is that when a class becomes too popular it can also cause negative consequences as well. Look at the hunter class and the way people make fun of them. Hunters are a fun class, and they’re popular too which means a lot of folks have one as an alt-toon. Do you think warlocks becoming too popular will hurt our rep in some way? Time will tell.


Gank and Spank, and a tip that might change your WoW Life

Last week, before RL went all crazy on me, I was honored to fill in a Dps spot for one of my guild’s raid teams named, Gank and Spank. They’re a great group of players and I really enjoyed running with them. As a group they have fun and they work hard which is the backbone of any good raid team in my book. So let me set the scene for you to understand how they changed my WoW life. Er…I should say they pointed me to an addon that changed my WoW life.

As most of you know, I live in a very rural area. My internet service provider (ISP) is hit or miss on having a decent connection and speed. I accept this and live with it because there is nothing better in my area other than considering satellite which I tried years before. I have accepted the fact that my download speed will remain at about 3 to 5 mbps, bad weather will make that worse and often my latency will spike from time to time. On our home computer I’ve been using the last five years I have to turn my setting down to LOW and FAIR whenever I run in a raid. For the Elegon encounter I switch to LOW and I’m lucky to get 4 to 6 fps with an occasional freeze-ups. Don’t get me started about how bad my experiences are during the Sha of Anger world boss.

During my run with Gank and Spank, a thunderstorm was brewing in my area and I should have saw it coming. My latency went from 110, to 800, and then it went to 1900 within a few minutes. I did a modem reset and a computer restart which sometimes helps. The guys on the G&S team were understanding and patient in my efforts in trying to get a better connection established. When all the normal steps that seem to help failed, one of the G&S members named Tyllian (a very clever warlock I might add) asked if I had tried running Leatrix Latency Fix? He explained it helped him and maybe it would help me too.


Leatrix Latency Fix – I love you and will name my next child Leatrix in your honor

I think there has been a couple of addons like Leatrix Latency Fix (LLF) in the past and I’m pretty sure there’s also some purchasable programs across the internet that shut down unnecessary processes on your computer in order to free up resources to run some of the higher end games and their animations. I know when I tried a few of them in the past they didn’t help. Out of frustration, I quickly downloaded LLF and to say that I was amazed with the results is quite the understatement. My world latency dropped from 1900 down to <110 and held. For fun and for science I decided to increase my video settings during the breaks and I was able to run my system on HIGH and I was still getting over 45 fps! This was all done on my old computer! OMG! This simple addon has changed my WoW life.

If you or anyone you know that plays WoW, or any other online game where latency is an issue, please, tell them about Leatrix Latency Fix and I hope it helps them as well. How does it work? I have no clue other than some simple concepts as it was explained to me. A majority of the online games send information in packets, LLF breaks the packets down and sends information in a continuous stream instead. If you prefer to use the term “magic” I’d use that word as well because what it has done for me feels like magic. Next week the developers of LLF will be getting a small donation check and a letter for gratitude from me! I can’t thank them enough. Hopefully, between all of you and me, we can spread the word to help other people as well.

Will Leatrix Latency Fix work for everyone? I have no idea; however, I can offer my testimony to it’s success stories.


5.2 is almost here

For some reason, I keep having Illidan’s famous quote, “You are not prepared” running through my mind. The new patch is almost here and I’m so far behind due to RL interruptions. I plan to go back to full speed with WoW once my new system is up and running. By my estimates, that hopefully will be in a few days. While I can’t say I’m excited for more dailies, nor am I frothing at the mouth for green fire, I am excited about the new warlock quest line and the chance to explore a new area. Having new things to destroy do is always a welcomed change. 

Starting a project about warlocks of course!

I’m leveling a new warlock and what spec should I try? I get this question a lot. If you are an older warlock you’re probably getting asked that same question as well. I see it in guild chat and in trade all the time. I’ve gotten a lot of twitter friends asking it as well, along with a small volume of emails from players who’ve come by my site looking for guidance in choosing a spec. My advice has always been the same. Try all three and see what style you prefer. All three specs play and feel quite differently. Affliction is fast and furious while juggling DoT management. Demonology is fun for its AoE, having an onslaught of demons, and for popping in and out of metamorphosis for good burst. Destruction is great for building up and unleashing some really big crits. It’s the only decent advice I can offer on the subject because everyone is different.

So I’ve decided I’m going to start working on a warlock project over the next few weeks. I plan to contact any and all of the more well-known warlocks in the community and profile them and their choices for their Main Specs and Off-specs. I think it will be nice to hear from others why they play their ‘locks the way they do. If anything, it should be cool to hear their answers and it just might spur other new players along the path of warlocking as well.

Please let me apologize again for the tardiness over the past week and a half. Between being sick and the ice-storm it really wasn’t my intention to be involved in either one of those distractions :) I hope you all have a great week and I hope you’re ready for 5.2 to hit! I know I am!



For the those who care to know, here’s my new computer build:

CPU: Intel Core I7 – 3770K 3.5 Ghz

MOBO: Asus Maximus V Formula 

RAM: Corsair 16 gb

GPU: Nvidia 660

SSD: Samsung 840 128gb

HDD: Western Digital Black 1T HD

PSU: Thermaltake 750 watt

OPTICAL: Samsung CD/DVD Recorder

CASE: Cooler Master Storm Trooper

MONITOR: Hewlett Packard 24” – My old one

OS: Windows 7 Home

KEYBOARD: Razer Black Widow


A quick discussion about my new build for the nerds like me…

This is my first computer build and I’m a complete noobie. First and foremost, I had a budget I had to meet which was $1,500.00. I know there’re people who might say I went too high and some who will say I went too low for a good computer build. I tried to pick the middle ground knowing that I’ll be upgrading it over time. I do so much other stuff on my computer besides play WoW that vary from running Microsoft Office for RL work to video editing for fun, that I wanted an all around work horse of a system.

Putting it all together took less than two hours and I was shocked as to how simple it was to accomplish. Granted, having a larger case and going with all new items made installing and running cables quite easy. I went with a cheaper Samsung OEM DVD ($20) optical drive only because I needed something to install my OS. Eventually, I plan to add a Blue-Ray one as well.

I went with the smaller SDD mainly because I’ll only be installing Windows 7 and Microsoft Office on it along with any bare-bones system essentials. For everything else I’ll use my WD Black HDD. The three places where I feel like I splurged a bit was my processor, my Mobo and my case. I know I could have downgraded all three and I still would’ve had a great running system. For some reason, the Maximus V appealed to me the most after reading up on all the different Mobos in the price range I was considering.

Yes, I know the Nvidia/EVGA 660 GPU might be the old kid on the block, but it’s tried and true and everyone I know that has run 2 cards in SLI mode love it because it works and operates with little to no problems. Plus, starting off on a new build the 660 kept me in my budget range. I’ll upgrade with a second for SLI  in a few months after I save up a little extra cash. Right now I’m running the Win 7 Home Edition and so 16 gb of memory will be plenty. Whenever I decide to try moving to Windows 8, then I’ll add the additional ram chips. Right now the computer is scored at 7.8 out of 7.9. The only thing holding it back that .1 is that the memory isn’t maxed out at a full 32 gb.

The only problem I’ve run into so far is that the audio connectors on the front panel of my case emit static and noise whenever I have the fans turned down low. The CM Stormtrooper has 6 fan speed settings that range from low to high. If I run the fans on high the noise disappears. If I turn the fans down to any of the slower speeds then the noise returns. The rear ports of the case don’t have this problem and it only occurs with the front panel audio jacks. I’ve contacted both Asus and Cooler Master and I’m waiting for a reply from either. I’m sure it’s probably a ground fault in one of the fan wires that’s causing it, but I can’t find it and it’s driving me nutty. I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon now that I have the free time give it a more in-depth inspection.

Out of all of this I only have two complaints and I hate to even mention them. I love my new CM Storm Trooper case. It looks great, it’s easy to carry, and it has plenty of space; however, the power LED and the HDD Activity LED lights are quite small compared to everything else on the front panel. The power button is the size of a .50 cent piece. The fan controls and even the light controls seem to have the perfect sized buttons. I just don’t know why they would skimp on those two lights and make them so small. Gah! I shouldn’t complain…I still love that case!

My second complaint is more about me just being derpy and impatient. It’s been a great experience learning and putting my own system together; however, I  loathe downloading, installing, updating, and reconfiguring all of my tried and true programs and games again. When you’ve got a 3 to 5 mb on the down speed it really, really bites! Ha! Other than that I can’t complain!


  1. Hope you’re feeling better and stay that way, and thanks for the latency tip. I’m bookmarking it and putting it in my folder of “things I don’t need now but might!”

  2. Elkagorasa says:

    It’s really quite astonishing on the number of warlocks that are out there nowadays. I’ve done a number of dungeons (and scenarios) were there are 2 warlocks (yes, including myself).

    Thanks for the LLF tip, I have a guildie who’s deployed overseas and in a few locations had roughly dial-up modem speeds in her barracks. I wonder if she has used this?

    As an old-guard warlock, I’ve played every class at one time. Affliction from 0 to wrath. Fell into Destro when affliction lost favor. Demo to raid Cataclysm. When Pandas first came out, I tried to go back to Destro, but felt too soft and squishy. So far, I’ve been playing Demo and loving it. Only once did I have a dungeon tank complain that my big guy was pulling aggro off him too much, so I swapped to another minion. Usually the observer because the idea of him licking the bad guy intrigues me.

    Lastly, you mean 16GB of RAM. I found upgrading my old PC from 3GB to 6gb was an enormous performance boost. I have a 5 year old PC and that alone dropped my FPS rate quite noticeably. I did go straight to Win8 on my last rebuild (after hard drive failure) and love it. Sure you need to re-think your idea of a ‘start’ screen some, but the OS is faster, and has a smaller footprint. My PC now can reboot in a few minutes, instead of 10-15 minutes.

    • Hey Elk!

      Doh! Yep, I meant gb and not MB. Once again my posting late night shows how loopy I can get! Btw, when you reworked your system did you go HDD or with a SSD? Or maybe even a SSD + HDD combo?

      The reason I ask is that I went with the SDD + HDD combo and my boot time on Windows 7 is 34 seconds. Fully loaded too! That’s even with my 5 year old computer! I’m sure my new one will run about the same, but omg what an improvement!

      And the double and triple warlock runs is so much fun. I ran a scenario and it was three locks! OMG it rocked! I also ran one of the 10 man raids a few week ago with another warlock as well and using dual gateways for some of the encounters made things so much easier! Ha!

      Don’t forget I’ll be in touch soon!

  3. Tyraeon says:

    Hmm…I have been seeing a lot of new and old warlocks returning in my dungeon grind to get my monk tank to 90-she is lvl 87 now squee- but I have to see most have been sadly disappointing. Too many are afraid to actually read the abilities now, and even more terrified to ask guildies or even people in dungeons what they can or cannot do. Oft times I find demon locks with wrathguards out having threatening presence. I admit, it takes a little getting used to controlling them, but seriously…it is not difficult to move the skill into pet bar, right click to turn off auto cast and then left click to turn off. Many warlocks rage out when you tell them this, it is essential or else it may cause wipes in heroics due to wrathguard going berserk with wrathstorm and following mobs when they move as the tank tries to pick them all up. I have played warlock for nigh on 5 years now…my first class-due to me having a love of fire and all things demonic back then xD- yet I see so many using pvp guides and turning to battlegrounds to try and learn a class that is too complex for just one rotation. Warlock is about utility…the only advice I can offer is this, slowly test out every trick you obtain, every spell, read them, analyze, and above all make your own strategy. Only then can you be a good warlock. I have had people using my normal destro rotation when I decide to simply roast things cause I like looking like a flaming super saiyan with blue hair, it works for me to stack burning embers due to my playstyle of holding back until needed, but another may be better at unleashing chaos bolts much faster in a fight to score higher burst. This can work, it can cause high threat and pull if tank was not at the top of his game, or it may just troll a rogue trying to kill your mob and steal the thunder. The key here, is, no warlock is alike just like no player, and like all classes, it needs, repeat, NEEDS, players to read the skills before they venture forth to do battle. It is extremely sad to watch a warlock rage quit from killing himself using hellfire when he knew the mobs had a very long lasting breath attack…

    Sorry if it feels like a rant, been horrified that my favorite class got picked up and near desecrated by lack of smart playing…then again, the same happens to monks and its one of my favorite tanking/healing classes in the expac…that will be a rant for some other day ^^.

    Oh P.S. Know any addon to help with framerate instead of latency…ever since the expac hit my fps used to be 60 with a nice 110-160 latency, now its almost always at 10 and if I so much as try a raid in lfr it goes doen to 2 fps…useless for a tank-and it hurt me like hell in sha of anger when I simply burst it from max range on my shaman to avoid the big aoe frames-…else I power grinded my lock for nothing T^T

    • Hey Tyraeon,

      Thanks for stopping by and I couldn’t agree more with your warlock comments. Dps & Utility! That’s the warlocky way! I still try to keep an open mind and have try to have some semblance of patience because you never know if that crazy nut of a player is like a 10 year old on their dad’s computer! ha!

      Well, if frame rate is your problem (I’m not an expert by any means) if could be your system can’t handle the new areas quite like the old ones. The graphics are much more intensive expecially if you have your view distance set high. If latency isn’t the issue, then it’s either your processor or your graphics card that’s causing your choke point.

      You might have to manually tweak around with your settings finding a common ground in trading off varying special effects for better fps. You might even call a Blizz Support person and ask them for their advice.

      I wish I could be of more help to you on it because I’ve lived that problem for a long time!

      Let me know how it turns out!

  4. Navimie says:

    That’s one nice piece of hardware! And glad you’re feeling better Amijade.
    And I do like your Wrathguard pic :)

    • Navi,

      You’re so sweet. To be able to swallow food again without pain really makes you appreciate how much eating can be taken for granted! Thanks for the thumbs up on the WG pic. It was one of those accidental ones where you see it and you’re like, “Hey, that’s not so bad!” He’s much more photogenic than me!

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