That’s Right I’m Green…With Envy

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail My Fellow Fel Casters,

This week’s post will be brief compared to most. Well, brief for me I suppose. Starting this week I’ll begin working on my small project I’ve mentioned a few times over the past few posts. Well, I plan to start as long as my Outlook and Gmail begin to play nice with one another again. What is this project you ask? Well, I’ve decided to begin posting player profiles of some of the more widely known warlocks throughout the WoW community. It will be a small interview style questionnaire about which specs they enjoy playing, and covering what they enjoy most about being a warlock, and everything else.


Why am I doing this? I think it will be a good idea to show the wide range of players and personalities that share in the love of our wonderful warlock class. I hope the series highlights the fact that not all warlocks are a juvenile delinquent males between the ages of 13-17 years with a penchant towards being emo. Now, if you have any questions you’d like to see added, please let me know and I’ll put it on the list. In fact, I’ll be posting the outline of the questionnaire this weekend and I’ll let all of you help me make the decision of what to include. So please let me know what you think!


The patch is here!

So the 5.2 patch dropped this past Tuesday and it’s been nothing but one big flash, a big bang, and a big flurry of new content and news. Hrm, I wonder if that’s why they call it Isle of Thunder because all of the reverberations it’s left behind? For me, it has become one very long, and over extended camping trip. Many of you know that I’m not planning on giving out any spoilers concerning the quest for our long sought after fel green fire. In fact, up until this point I’ve avoided reading anything about the encounter. Some things for me are better experienced as they happen as compared to reading about them. So I’ve tried to refrain from reading about anything concerning the new warlock quest line. As much as Poneria’s article called, How to get green fire for your Warlock in Patch 5.2 tempted me to read I still can’t believe I refrained from peeking at it, and yes, I wanted to so badly! Well, that was until I logged into my guild vent late Tuesday night.



Oh, where to begin? They say misery loves company, so I hope you’ll allow me to bring you along and share in the experience of repetitive self-abuse and insanity…


How the craziness of farming started and I’m not talking about my farm at Halfhill

Tuesdays are raid night for my raid team. So when we finished for the night I immediately ran out to complete the new daily quest hub. Yep, it was Quel’ danas-ish, and quite Tol Barad-ish, but it was new and shiny so I didn’t mind. I really enjoyed reading the quests and getting caught up in the excitement of it all. The only thing I had heard about the quest for green fire was that the tome above would drop from a random mob. Okay, fine. A random drop from a mob means I’ll have the same chance as everyone else…or so I thought. In my evil little mind I instantly knew that starting on Wednesday I’d be heading out and that I would start farming. I would farm, farm, farm until the Taurens cows came home. I’d rinse and repeat every night until the drop became mine! Mine all mine! Muahahaha!

When I first entered my guild’s main vent channel called, The Shady Tavern, on Wednesday night I was elated. One of my warlock friends named Mycale, immediately told me that he was already nearing the end of his quest line for green fire. Woot! Grats Mycale! Now, if you think I’m crazy for having both a Horde and an Ally warlock, Mycale is even crazier because he has 6+ warlocks. I know that four are on the Earthen Ring, and then I believe his others are scattered on various other servers. All four of his on ER are all level 90, and what’s even more interesting is that he only plays Affliction too. Ha! You gotta love Mycale for his devotion to the class and the spec. And he is now officially the first warlock I’ve met who can wield the power of the fel energies to conjure green fire. /em bows and salutes to Mycale

Oh yeah, I forgot about /General chat

Spurred on by Mycale’s luck, I set out very excited to do my new Isle dailies and begin my farming. Derpy me forgot all about /general chat while being in the zone and that’s where I began to wonder what in the name of Hellfire and green flames all of the chatter was about. This is the kind of stuff I was seeing:

<General><warlock 1>Who’s spawning next? Anyone know the order?

<General><warlock 2>Haywire is up!

<General><warlock 1>Slow dps! I’m at All Seeing area and omw

<General><warlock 3>Omg it’s a warlock convention out here!

<General><warlock 2>Haywire is down

<General><warlock 1>Ugh! Who’s next? OMGWTF Blizzard!

<General><warlock 38>Been here 3 hours and I’m done!

<General><warlock 25>Mumta should be next

<General><warlock 19>Mumta is not up

<General><warlock 36>Ally just tagged Rasha as I was killing his guards!


After talking with the warlocks friends in vent, and after watching the chatter unfold every few minutes with people calling out locations and cursings (the kind that aren’t magical spells) I knew this might not bode well. What was even more discombobulating (I love saying that word) was when I began seeing /general chat with postings like this:

<General><warlock 39>I can’t loot the corpse

<General><warlock 14>It’s a bug, run away

<General><warlock 8>No logoff the game and then log back in – that fixes it

<General>warlock 10>Use your demonic portal or kill a nearby mob that fixes it

<General><warlock 33>no run to the quest giver areas under the hidden bubbles then run back

<General><warlock 2>Goda is up!

<General><warlock 18>This is all sick joke and I’m paying people money for this?

<General><warlock 2>Goda at 45%

<General><warlock 39>I still can’t loot Mumta!

<General><warlock 17>Big group of Ally locks already gathering at Prog

Trying to sort it all out

Cluster is a good word. I can also think of another that word that the warlock in me would like to add to it, but for the parent in me, I won’t mention because that’s what seeking the Tome of the Lost Legion had become…a cluster. Within minutes I was having to Alt-tab out of the game and to start consorting with the Twisting Nether to make sense of it all and to try to sort things out. Btw, if you’re a new reader to this site my version of consorting with the Twisting Nether begins by going to goggle and typing in my search words. This time, my incantations and visions led me to Wowhead to read up on the Tomb of the Lost Legion.

Unlike my original understanding of where the Tome of the Lost Legion would drop, I came to find that in reality it was a little bit different. From what I’ve researched the Tome has a very small chance of dropping from any mob out on the new Isle of Thunder, but it appears to have a higher chance to drop from one of the six elite spawns that are spread at various locations on the Island. It also appears that they have about a 40 min respawn timer. Since these mobs are killed at varying times, their respawn order will change too. 

When things got worse

After noting the rare elite locations on the map I returned back to the game to start my new job nightmare of rare elite camping. I must have taken down about 6 – 8 of them for the first time when I started seeing how things were getting worse. I killed the constructor robot called Haywire after I was the first to tag it. When the rare died the game wouldn’t allow me to loot it. “It’s a bug,” someone on vent mentioned, “just run away from the boss until you can’t see it. Run back and then you can loot it.” Oddly enough it worked. Other fixes to the known issue of the loot bug (where you were unable to loot the corpse) were constantly being communicated across the /general chat line. Here’s the list of “loot bug” fixes I compiled together while I camped on the IoT:

  1. Run away until you can’t see the corpse anymore, and then run back
  2. Use your Demonic Portal or your Demonic Gateway
  3. Kill a nearby mob and use the AoE looting feature to reach it
  4. Logoff the game and then log back in



It soon became noticeable that the loot bug seemed to get worse once you made a full circuit of taking down all six mini-bosses for the first time at the start of camping for the night. The running away and returning fix was the one that drove me the most nuts. The reason being is because the distance you had to run varied from mini-boss to mini-boss. You’d spend 1-3 minutes running out and then running back only to find out the hard way that you still were NOT able to loot the corpse. The most upsetting was when none of these work-a-round fixes worked and you had to give up trying to loot the elite mob altogether. Yep, it was painful and no I wasn’t giving up.


Podcasts and computer issues

Rewt and Freckleface from the Hearthcast podcast contacted me and asked if I’d like to take part in doing a Hearthcast AoE. That’s the gameshow portion of their podcast where a visitor on the show competes against one of the hosts in a small WoW trivia game. I was more than happy to take part and it was nice of them to ask. Who did I go up against in this live PvP contest and did I win? Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out ;P

I was also elated to have Fimlys and Hydra, from the Twisted Nether Blogcast, send me an invitation to take part in their Roundtable discussion about the 5.2 patch. The other guests slated to take part was also Navimie from The Daily Frostwolf, Sunnier from Sunnier’s Art of War and Rho over at Realm Maintanence.


Since Rho and Hydra are both warlocks we had quite the discussion concerning the Tome of the Lost Legion and all of the problems surrounding it. Like me, Rho had been camping the rares for the elusive tome too. I’d see him every night alongside all of the others during my camping out on the Isle of Thunder. On the show Rho admitted that he had given up on the idea of continued farming for the drop until the issues were resolved.

Hydra stated that she wasn’t even going to attempt it at this point as well. As for me? Well, I’m going to continue to camp because getting the Tome now has become a small goal. It’s like running a marathon where you have have absolutely no chance at winning, but you compete anyway to motivate and push yourself that you can do it. I had so much fun participating on both shows that I’m glad I didn’t politely decline due to my nervousness over doing any “live” broadcasts.

If anyone has sent me an email over the past two weeks or so I apologize if I haven’t responded. In fact, I apologize because I might have lost it forever. Long story short, I got a computer virus that corrupted my email program and now my Gmail account and my Outlook hate one another. I’ve done a complete reload on Outlook and I still can’t get it to work! I’ll hope to have it fixed by this weekend!


How has all of this farming played out?

The weekly maintenance came and went and it appears that Blizzard has fixed many of the issues people were experiencing. I haven’t had a looting problem yet which is good news, but I still haven’t seen a tome drop with my own eyes. Two nights ago I had just finished my new IoT dailies and was getting ready to begin my camping endeavors when I saw in /general chat that Progentius was up. My phone rang and rather than run after the tag I parked my toon at the bottom of the hill and went /afk to answer my phone. I came back 2 minutes later and it turns out that Rho had looted the Tome from the kill! OMG! Woot! Hahahahaha! :P Gratsie Rho. /em cheers while pounding face on desk

Just a few hours after Rho getting his tome, I got a tweet from Hydra, but rather than tell you all about it I’ll just show it to you:


OMG! WFT?! Hahahah! Gratsie Hydra! I’m not going to comment on this one because I might have to switch from banging my head on a desk to pounding myself with a hammer. I’m very happy for her though. That might just be one of the luckiest and best proc stories I’ve heard in a long time. /em salutes



Omg! I just realized when or if ever I get done getting the Tome of the Lost Legion to drop for my horde warlock, I’m gonna have to rinse and repeat on my Ally toon toon as well! Bah! Have a great week everyone and until next time if you plan to go camping, make sure to bring friends because misery does love company! Happy camping!

  1. Sasche hasn’t found the Tome either but then I realized she kills the rares and runs off without looting, sigh. I must have a chat with her. Good luck!

  2. I’m hoping that in time, when more folks have gotten the Tome, that this part will become a little less crazy. Otherwise, I fear my wee baby warlock will have to stick to the red fire. I just don’t think I could handle all this crap you’re going through!

    • Howdy Prinnie,

      Well, despite my bloodshot-eyes and my lack of extra sleep I’m still having fun. I’m enjoying getting to know more ‘locks on my server and hanging out with my peers and peeps in my guild vent as we farm the elites of the Isle. With this much work it saddens me that for a casual player the chance for a cool quest like this to drop will probably be slim to none. However, I know three people now who got it on their first kill on one of the elites. So there is still hope and lucky RNG. It just happens that it hasn’t been so kind for me.

  3. koalabear21 says:

    I have been killing all the rares every day since the patch dropped and I have yet to see a book drop. So don’t feel bad Ami!

    • Koalabear,

      I feel your pain! Gaaaaaaaah! Blizzzzzzzard make it drop! Hahaha! Well, the more it doesn’t drop the more it spurns me on to find it. I’m annoying and OCD that way. I hope you get a lucky proc as well. The last thing I hate to see anyone do is go purchase it from the AH, but at this point I can’t say as I blame them.

  4. Mooftak says:

    Guess that means when my lock finally hits 90, there should be little competition eh? Good luck on your quest.

  5. I spent a fair few hours running all over the isle following the groups. Suddenly it hit me.

    I’m an Affliction Warlock. The only ‘Fire’ spell I use is Fel Flame and that’s already green.

    I’ll wait.

    • Heya Bazz,

      To each his own is a good way to look at it. Just because I’m making this a new career doesn’t mean I expect others to do the same. Nor does it change my view on other warlocks who have decided to wait and see. Well there’s also your RoF spell for Afflock too ;) I’m really after fighting the end boss and seeing the questline and that’s my only motive. The green fire changes are just extra icing to me. Even if the spell effects didn’t change, I’d probably still be camping the Tome just for the content and story line. Btw, great start to your blog :P I shall troll you when I can!

  6. Navimie says:

    Wow that Hydra has good luck! Can you believe it LOL! Low pop server, is all I’m going to say. Well, I was going to say, don’t pop by my blog and read my fiction story about green fire until you get yours because I don’t want you to be any more green… or you might turn into a frog.

    • Navi,

      Yep, I’m so happy for Hydra. Gah! If I had that kind of luck I think I’d pass out. Too late on reading your blog btw. I saw the series on Az and please tell him congrats for me! It’s always nice to see another warlock be successful particularly those in my home away from home guild with the Frostwolves. Brings a warlock tear of joy to my eye ;p

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