UPDATED: New and Revised Tips to Farm for The Tome of the Lost Legion

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Hail My Wonderful Warlocks,

I apologize for the update about farming for The Tomb of the Lost Legion; however, it has recently come to my attention that Blizzard made a small change to looting system that we, as warlocks, weren’t informed about. To say I’m disappointed about this new loot style mechanic is a small understatement because had I known about it being added my last post would have been completely different and probably a lot more informative. I learned my lesson though, and so now I no longer plan to actively to farm for a tome. If it happens, it happens, but until then I’ll actually go and do something more productive like farm valor and gear.

So what is this new mechanic on looting the tome you ask? Well, it’s rather simple and you may want to sit down for this one. The new looting mechanic is called, “first to click”. That’s right. First to click. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first person to tag a rare elite mob or not. It doesn’t matter if you do all of the work in bringing this elite mob down either. All you need to do is run up and tag the mob, and when it dies then the first warlock to click wins the tome. It really is that easy. Do I like this? Not at all. If you got your tome already then congratulations and I’m very happy for you. I really am :)

For the rest of us I’ll be posting my new and revised farming tips (tongue-in-cheek style) near the end of this post.


Why my last post was way, way off

Again I apologize for my misinformation from my last post. You see, I relied on the fact and the assumption that Blizzard wasn’t going to change any type of looting mechanics. I mean with an important drop like The Tome of the Lost Legion they could have at least inform us of this new “first to click” system, right? Nope, they didn’t. Like all of you, common sense prevailed and I thought it was going to be like LFR where a boss dies, the computer rolls through a random number generator and you either get lucky and win or you don’t.

I also didn’t know the developers would deviate from the typical “you tag it, you bag it” distribution of loot as well and go with a “Free For All” for anyone who can reach and tag the mob. I even believed for the longest time (when others told me about the rumors of “first to click”) that Blizzard wouldn’t do something like that since it didn’t seem fair. Common sense would lead you to believe that getting a tome would all boil down to an individual’s RNG roll. So in a sense, two warlocks could tag one of these rare and elite mobs and when the mob died, an individual roll for each player would occur. If this was the case, then there were four potential outcomes. Both players could win a tome, or the first out of the pair could win while the second didn’t, or the second warlock could win while the first one didn’t, or they both simply lost and didn’t score a tome drop. Nopers, this is not the case.

The real fact with this new system is that only one tome can drop from a mob and it’s a PvP style looting fight from there. Remember: First to click wins. This is why my last post was so grossly incorrect. I strategized and planned on helping yourself and other players in the process. Instead, be greedy. Be very, very greedy.



Shades O’Grey always gave me hope with the line “I punched a pony in the face…”

For some reason, when I learned about how the looting for the tome worked I immediately thought of Anne Stickney, aka Shades O’Grey over at WoWInsider. Why Anne you ask? Well, I used to hear her all the time when she was a host on the All Things Azeroth podcast. Whenever the show began, Medros (the other host of the show of course) would ask her what her what she had been up to while playing the game over the past week. Anne would always begin with her optimistic phrase, “Well, I punched a pony in the face and…”. For those of you who don’t know what she meant by that line, Anne was working on trying to get Attunmen The Huntsman’s Fiery Warhorse’s Reigns. Anne knew that the chances of the mount dropping were low, and like all of us who bought into the idea and accepted low % drop rates she accepted that fact because she understood the looting chances at gaining that rare mount were the same as everyone else. It was a long shot, but it was a fair chance and she remained ever faithful and diligent to get that mount.

I can’t even remember how long it went on. Every week, I’d hear Ms. Stickney’s cheerful and optimistic voice as she started the show off by saying, “Well, this week began when I punched a pony in the face…”. Her passion and her happy-go-lucky personality is infectious and so with my own fingers crossed, I’d listen intently and nervously to find out what happened next. Even with all of the times that the mount never dropped for her, she still kept up an admirable and persevering attitude. Ms. Stickney would then explain that she wasn’t going to give up trying to get that mount and so she would continue to punch a pony in the face each week until it was hers. When Shades announced she finally got her mount, I was elated and cheering for her in my car.


For some reason, when I learned about the way the tome loot mechanic had changed I could only wonder how Ms. Stickney would have felt if her rare horse dropped, but instead she missed out on the getting that beautiful mount because another player ran up and looted the corpse faster than her. What if that player even used a loot macro to beat her to it? What if the other player got the loot simply because they had less latency? It was at that moment when I knew my quest for green fire was over. Well, at least my active seeking to camp it or waste hours in trying to farm it because I don’t like the idea of killstealing loot from another player. You can call me a carebear or whatevs, but spamming a loot macro over a mob just as it dies is not my idea of fun nor rewarding. Even if such activity did reward me eventually with a much sought after tome.

For the tome, the first to click loot rules are a game changer and I thought you should be aware of it. In fact, I don’t think it was announced anywhere until I asked the question. I hope Ms. Stickney isn’t angry that I brought up her name to use as an example of where fair play pays off. I only bring her up because many of you know her, and you know her story, and so you too probably cheered for her like me when the rules of RNG seemed fair and honest. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I was just like Shades and when it came to farming for the Tome of the Lost Legion because I was quite optimistic and because I relied upon and trusted the rules that Blizzard had already put in place for us to expect. I was wrong.

Should we like this idea of “first to click“ looting?

I’ve been trying to think of another place where a first to click loot system is in place. No, I don’t mean trying to get tickets to Blizzcon, what I mean is…is there a looting style system like this in the game already? I can’t think of one.  Although, I think it would be interesting to try and think about what a dungeon or LFR would be like if and when a boss died if this type of system was in place. Can you imagine what would happen next? Although, if you’re on a low pop server a first to click loot style might benefit you for fights like Oondasta and the other world bosses. We could even take this a step further and put this same loot system in for all questing hub mobs. Yep, grab your loot macro and spam away.

So with all the vile, venom, and vinegar that you can expect from a mean, evil, and despicable warlock – I now present to you my new updated and revised tips to farm for The Tome of the Lost Legion. The tongue in cheek version of course.

Advanced tips to farm The Tomb of the Lost Legion with the “first to click” system

If you’re still wanting to go for the green fire quest line and you want to try to get your greedy hands on a Tome of the Lost Legion, then please take these tips and advice fwiw:

  1. Go farm alone or in a group, but do not go with another warlock if you’re both trying to get a tome
  2. Do not communicate with anyone other than yourself or your group that a rare elite mob is up
  3. Do not use the IoTrares rares addon at all. It’s a great addon, but it works against you. Use it for your alts that need to farm valor.
  4. NPC_Scan is safe to use since it only alerts rare spanws to you and not to anyone else (unless they’re running it too of course)
  5. Try to take down the rare mob with as few people as possible, and try to go unnoticed so others won’t see what’s happening and jump in the fight. This is better done with Ku, All Seeing, Rasha and Mumta.
  6. If there are other warlocks attacking stop dps’ing the mob when its at low health and start spamming a good target loot macro on the easiest to reach keybind you have. Spam that loot macro keybind like there’s no tomorrow and hopefully you’ll get lucky and both the RNG gods and the “first to click” mechanic may bless you and favor your efforts. If you don’t have a loot macro you can just google it and I’m sure there’s plenty out there. I apologize but I’ve never used one nor do I plan to because it’s not my idea of fun or fair.
  7. Burning Rush is a good talent for a speed speed boost for running to click on the bodies faster or for escaping if it’s a PvP server. After you grab the first click from the people who were originally doing the work to take down the mob then hightail it outta there!
  8. I highly recommend taking the Grimoire of Supremacy simply for having the larger sized demons that you can plant on top of the boss to make it more difficult for others to see and loot. In fact, that would also be a good time to pop out your wrathguard or infernals to help block, cover, and hide the fact that you’re single keybind spamming a loot macro rather than spellcasting to help kill the rare mob. You might even consider /yelling and accusing someone else of doing what your doing so other people take notice of them instead of taking notice of you. Make sure to TYPE IN ALL CAPS AS ANOTHER SUBDIVERSION BECAUSE THEY”LL LOOK AT YOUR TEXT AND NOT AT THE FACT YOU’RE SPAMMING A LOOTING MACRO.
  9. The talent Dark Bargain will be another great choice for PvP servers in case the enemy faction decides to AoE
  10. Shadowfury is a win, win, win on PvP server too so you can stun and then killsteal all the things!
  11. Harvest Life for PvP servers is the way to go since you’ll only be standing on the boss the whole time and everyone will be running in to loot it. With the crowds I’m seeing, you’ll have more than enough enemies to stay at full health as you run away from scoring your first to click loot.
  12. Our Demonic Portal and our Demonic Gateways should be placed strategically and timed correctly before the rare mob dies. You can use them for either getting to the elite’s body faster or for a quicker retreat after you killsteal. 
  13. You might want to consider farming these rare mobs over the weekend for two great reasons. 1.) Casual players and 2.) Younger players. Everyone knows that casuals and younger players are mainly on during the weekends, which means they’re much easier prey from which you can killsteal…er…I mean “First to click” loot from all day long.



Things to consider with this new first to click play style

Keep in mind that utilizing these tips and having a good loot macro at your disposal you’ll become quite notorious. Trust me when I say that you’re gonna love annoying everyone including you’re fellow warlock friends as emotes of /spit and /hisses fly at you, but ignore all of the haters. In fact, put those people on ignore while you take a moment and report them for bad play. If you really want to have fun blow them a /kiss and /hug and /love them as they’re screaming at you. Always remember that you’re a warlock and that you were only playing by the rules put in place just for you, and this rare drop. You’re doing nothing wrong by playing this way so have fun Trust me, you’re chest will fill with pride as you watch the vile and hate for you begin to show up in the /trade channels as others talk about your infamy!

A great place to watch trade chat hate about yourself is when you’re at the AH putting the extra tomes you farmed up for sale. Now, if I see any of you putting a tome up for sale for anything less thank $900k gold then I shall find you and burn you to the ground myself. Here’s why: The people with high latency problems will pay for it! Blizzard has given us a golden opportunity here and besides, where would you rather see that gold go? To the void storage NPC? To the reforger? Or would you rather see it deposited in your own altbank accounts? As warlocks, the designers have really given us some loopholes here that we can truly exploit to our advantage and if you mess this up by doing something that might ruin this good thing then the rest of use will report you as a group.

Now go out and be the best despicable and hated warlocks I know you to be. Don’t help each other, steal and take what is yours. If you find players who have no idea how this new system works the better. This is our little secret and so use it and abuse it (and abuse them) to your advantage.


What to do when you do get a tome

Before you begin down you’re new road to riches the first thing you need to do before you start farming for tomes is to go right now and make a level 1 toon on your server’s opposing faction. Give it a really creative name like Tomestealer, Unotakemytome or Notomeforyou or even my favorite Tomeraider. You’ll want to create this level 1 toon well before you ever begin farming for your tomes. When you’re done making your level 1 alt on the opposing side, get on your warlock and immediately head over to the Isle of Thunder and get to farming up a tome or two. Granted, it might take 30-50 rare mobs or more to get your hands on one, but it’s so well worth it for the gold you’ll make!

When your loot macro spamming pays off and wins you your first tome drop, you should immediately /dance and then /cackle. When you’re done celebrating take notice of who you took it from and figure out if it was taken from your faction, or the opposing side’s faction. If it was looted from someone on your faction side make sure to link <The Tome of the Lost Legion> in /general chat first followed by a trite or snarky saying to follow it. Put some creativity into your choice phrase or saying that will make you /cackle uncontrollably such as: <The Tome of the Lost Legion> is now up for bid on the AH. You might consider making your gleeful taunts into a macro too. Next, make sure to slash /laugh as you point at the other player or players you stole (I mean first to click) it from. You might want begin cementing your notorious reputation by announcing in general chat as well as to who the noob was who couldn’t “click to loot” fast enough.

Now, if the player who’s tome you stole…er…first to click came from the opposing faction, here is where that level 1 toon you made at the start really pays off. Go and login on that level 1 toon and then begin /whispering that player asking why they were trying to ninja your loot. This will upset them considerably and they will begin to curse and call you names. Take a few screenshots then put them on ignore. Next, go and report them by noting the time and include your screenshots. When you’re done reporting them, log back over onto your warlock main and put your new tome on the AH and then simply rinse and repeat from there. Yes, my brothers and sisters it’s just that easy. Remember: You’re evil, you’re greedy, and now with this new first to click tome looting method you have the rules working in your favor so make sure to abuse it to it’s fullest potential!

I would say good luck, but with a good loot macro you won’t need it.


Where you can find me

Since my farming endeavors for a tome have been ruined and I could care less now are over for the time being I plan to be gearing up my shaman and Ally lock, and doing dailies on Amijade. I’m going to begin running old dungeons for mounts too because at least with them I feel like I have a far better chance at obtaining one, that is, unless of course they changed the loot system for those drops too. Maybe it’s just me, but I like to know the odds of what I’m up against before I make a decision on where to invest my time in the game. Sorry I put this post out a little early, but I wanted to clear all of the confusion and misinformation on how to loot the tome, and if you happened to use any of the tips I offered last week during my ignorance, then I most humbly offer my sincerest apologies.

/em bows and salutes ;P

  1. I’m with you, squire. I’ve given up on tome farming too. As far as I know it has a chance, albeit a lesser one even than from rares, to drop from any random mob on the isle.
    Maybe I’ll get lucky while doing dailies. Maybe Blizzard will change the mechanic and maybe, just maybe, the horse will learn to sing.

    • Howdy Barry,

      Well, it’s my understanding that it can drop from any of the mobs on the Isle, but it has a much higher chance of dropping from one of the rares. Someone DM’d me on twitter asking if I thought Blizzard would increase the drop rate on the tome eventually. I seriously doubt it and would be rather surprised if they did. Good luck on your search and I hope you get a lucky proc…er I mean a lucky first to click loot ;P

  2. koalabear21 says:

    My offer still stands to try the bnet plan.

    • Hey Koalabear :)

      Aw, you’re so kind! You shouldn’t have to do that, but I appreciate the offer. I’m sure one may eventually drop once more of the Island becomes available. Eventually, people will tire of questing on the Isle and I’m sure I may get a better chance with solo farming then. It’s just disappointing for a player like me who suffers high latency issues due to no fault on my own.

      It’s actually kinda funny because I’ve already read a few of the WoW Goldmaking blogs (the good ones that teach you ideas and methods and not the illegal gold seller kind) where they recommend going out and farming for the tome for some of the very reasons I teased about. Gah!

  3. elkagorasa says:

    I’ve seen this with one of the quest mobs. A tome dropped (not the lost, but iron bound) and an Alliance was the first to click, after I had killed the mob. My mob! Not realizing what it was, I sulked a bit afterwards, but moved on. I now have 3 tomes of junk but haven’t gotten around to sell them off ‘just in case’ I am confused and their valuable. :)

    • Heya Elk!

      Hrm, I did not know this was in place any where else in the game. Very odd. I can’t remeber or recall if I had one of the loot items drop that you describe or not. If it happens again, please let me know. I’d like to research it to make sure.

  4. Advitiya says:

    Are you sure its become ‘first to click’? I clicked first and it was there but it said I wasn’t eligible for that item.

    • Hi Advitiya,

      Sadly, I had several problems like the one you describe too. Between the loot glitching problems and the rumors I’d heard about this “first to click” loot change that’s when I decided to ask Neth to let us know which was correct. As you can see from her response that is what they have in place.

      After you read the last line of her response it makes me think Blizzard knew players wouldn’t like this loot change had they known about it from the start. Maybe that’s a little on the tin-foil hat way of thinking, but it reads that way to me.

      In that last line, it’s like Blizzard’s way of asking for forgiveness and giving themselves an out in case too many players are unhappy. Right now, I think the problem is people don’t know about this new system or they just don’t care.

      Either way, I don’t forsee them changing it anytime soon. That’s why I made the decision to no longer actively farm for the tome.

      Good luck and I hope these new tips help :)

      • Advitiya says:

        Aw crapness! I play from India so my lag is always always horrid. Oh crap. Thanks for the solo farming tips. Definitely gonna use them!

  5. Tyraeon says:

    Wow…to be honest I wondered if there was a first to click system in place for world raids-I never won anything while tanking or dpsing them on my shaman- yet when I first when in as a deeps and was the only melee alive when boss died I got first loot and got an uber nice chest piece off the bat…if this useless and very fracked up system is in place for world bosses and warlock tome…I’m sorry but what is the bloody point…fairness and good play are kicked out of the window to appease the thousands of assholes making a good buck in the game…now I know I’ll never grind the damn tome until we are lvl 120 and it is so bloody old no one cares for it…only then will you have a bloody chance to get it…until then I think I’ll leave my warlock stabled and just focus on my shaman and pally…hating the changes…always more to hurt than to help the nice player…sorry if this feels like a rant but its been rather hectic for me grinding and not getting any gear on my mains except via vp/jp buying…

    • Hey Ty,

      Well, I’m sure their intentions must have tried to take into account servers where faction balance can offen be weighted towards one side. This could make it easier for a warlock on the outnumbered side to have a better chance to get a tome drop as well.

      But for someone with higher latency issues such as myself, well this makes it more difficult especially when play time is limited and the areas are swarmed with people camping and farming for them. For me, I’ll have to take my chances during off-peak times, or come back in a few months when new content arrives and people are tired of the IoT area. After hitting close to 65+ hours of trying to get a tome and after learning about first to click I’ve decided it’s not worth the time waste atm.

      Back from Nov through December I only got 1 item upgrade between LFR and raiding with my team. Over 8 weeks and it was a rep gear only for me as well. Keep the faith and try not to let it drive ya nutty!

      I think anyone tagging the mob is fine, but it would have been better if instead of first to click it was based on an individual’s RNG roll only.

  6. […] Warlockery: UPDATED: New and Revised Tips to Farm for The Tome of the Lost Legion […]

  7. [EU-Thrall] Creepok says:

    Thank you for this post.

    To share my story. “My first tome” dropped of a rare but Blizz UI told me “you cannot loot this item” now. This was during the time, when you had to relogg often before you could loot a rare.
    Afterwards, of course, the tome was gone and the GMs told me “Yeah, I’d never droppped to you”.

    “First to click” is really the worst possible option in my opinion.

    Thanks to some strange luck, I got “my tome” from another rare meantime.

    • Hey Creepok,

      Well it is what it is currently and since we have little control there’s not much other than farming, getting a lucky drop, or purchasing off the AH. Grats for finally getting yours! Very nice…I know that if I ever get a tome it will go to a guildy.

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