Learning A Lesson About What’s Important and Never Saying Never

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Of WoW and Warlocks

Heya All,

Well, it happened. Once again I was reminded of never saying never. For a majority of warlocks, our time has been spent on the Isle of Thunder camping the Tome of the Lost Legion. Personally, I’ve tracked and logged over 70+ hours of camping the elite rare mobs out on the Isle hoping for that slim chance of a lucky drop. Add in the fact Blizzard also added the “first to click” component to looting this sought after item and needless to say I was far from successful. I only saw the tome drop once during all of that time and I’m sad to say I was unable to loot it. Ugh! /em faceplants keyboard repeatedly. Yes, it would appear I’m full of fail at this point.

I know three warlocks who have been successful in getting a drop within their first 5 attempts. A few more were fortunate to get their tome drop in less than two weeks after the launch of the patch. Between all of them only 2 have been successful at completing the green fire quest line and being honored with having their red fire transformed into the gorgeous hue of fel green. I’m happy for them, but for me I gave up my active camping of the tome and only looked for rare mobs when I was out questing. Hey, a warlock can’t completely neglect tending their carrots and planting their Songbells right?

Getting contacted by Rho

As you all might know Rho from the Realm-Maintenance podcast is in my guild and up until he got his lucky tome drop, I would see him all the time farming the elite rares out on the Island too. He was quite excited about his good fortune and if you don’t believe me check out @Jangasm’s Something Suggestive Podcast to hear his re-enactment of that special moment when he was overcome with surprise when the tome appeared in his loot window. It’s quite funny and it makes you want to /cheer right along with him. And his playing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture in the background? Quite fitting!

A few nights ago, I had just logged into WoW and was grouping up with friends over vent to start off on completing the Isle dailies when Rho whispered me and told me he’d be joining us on vent. I assumed he was wanting to meet, Mycale, a fellow warlock guildy who not only got a tome drop the first night, but had also completed the quest line within two days of receiving it. In all the confusing of getting people grouped up, killing a rare or two, and finishing off some quests Rho explained he just zoned onto the Isle and that he had something to show me. Judging by the excitement of his voice I could only think that he finally got his green fire and that he was going to show me. Rho is a Destro lock and the green fire special effects look particularly cool in that specialization so I was looking forward to seeing it first hand.

When I met up with Rho he immediately popped open a trade window and there in the window before me was a tome! Gah! Yes! He was offering to give me a tome! OMG! Nooooo! Rho explained to everyone on vent that he got a lucky drop from a regular random mob on the Island while questing, and that his only wish was that if I eventually got a lucky drop on another tome that I would pass along the kindness to another warlock. OMG! And here I just wrote last week I wouldn’t take a tome even if someone offered it to me! With a few people cheering for me in vent, and a few people whispering me about how amazing of a gift it was and that it would be rude if I didn’t take it(*coughs* Havah! *coughs* Dez!) and from Rho’s prodding…I took it. What can I say? I’m a greedy warlock right? Omg! I was honored and dumbfounded.


Really? Yes really!

I felt bad, but after accepting the tome from Rho I had to go /afk. It turns out my joyful screaming scared my poor dear wife and youngest child. So after taking a few minutes to calm my family down and explaining that nothing was wrong I returned back to vent and thanked Rho for his kindness and for his amazing gift. To this day, I won’t forget that conversation with my wife when I explained what had transpired. She gave me that dreaded look like I had antlers on my head again. My Warcraft life is so foreign to my wife that I had to assure her that later on I’d explain it to her like it was a movie on Lifetime. "Really, everything is okay!” I said. “Are you sure?” she screamed back still unsure if I was delusional. “Really!” I torted back. “Are you sure, you’re sure?” she yelled back again with still some concern in her voice, “Really?” Still unable to control my excitement I had to yell back with my most reassuring and confirming voice, “Yes, really!”

When the excitement from both vent and my household settle down I knew that there was still much work to do. Yes, I had the tome, but now I had to begin the real journey itself. Rho left me with these haunting words, “You thank me now, but wait until you get to the final encounter.”  So without offering any spoilers I’m happy to report that for the remainder of that night I began the quest line and stopped short of the final encounter. The only reason I stopped was because I decided I could at least survive on having 2 hours of sleep before work. The next day, every cup of coffee I drank to stay alive awake I raised in a silent toast and salute to Rho and Jan :) I’ll still never know if the heart palpitations I had that day was from the overdose of caffeine or my excitement from the night before. It’s was probably both, but more so because of the second reason.


I hope by posting my story that Rho knows that I’m truly honored and grateful. So thank you very much Rho! /em bows humbly and salutes

I’ll still be going after the tome when I can hoping to pass along the gift to other warlocks if it should ever appear for me. I still feel bad for a lot of other warlocks because if I was actively camping it for that long and I still didn’t get a drop, how difficult is it going to be for some who don’t play as regularly as myself?

Remembering what’s important

Please don’t think I’m bragging about Rho’s gift nor am I highlighting it because I want to make other warlocks drool. You see, the same day I was sleep deprived and elated about getting a tome I saw a tweet from my twitter friend @NevAHAddict who runs the blog Auction House Addict. She was linking her post about a fund raiser for a fellow WoW player. How could I not go and check it out and see? It turns out that the fund raising efforts were for none other than my friend @Demonicric (Demo as I call him). Then came a tweet from @HearthcastRewt and @HearthcastFreck over at the Hearthcast Podcast concerning the fund raising efforts For Demonicric too. There’s nothing like seeing the plight of another person, particularly a person you know, to give you a sharp jolt of reality as to what’s really important, both in-game and IRL.

If you don’t know, Demonicric is a great guy and a fellow warlock player who lost his vision a few years ago. He still plays WoW despite his loss of vision too. When I first began blogging and doing my warlock segments Demo contacted me just because he wanted to talk about warlocks. We met on Skype a few nights later and spent almost the entire night talking about warlocks, Warcraft, and everything in between (just remember Demo that if I cussed at you due to my lack of sleep the next day I didn’t mean it ;P ). I wrote a post about our Skype meeting and I even did a follow-up about Demo when his hard work paid off and he earned his Dragonwrath.


To put things in perspective for you about the kind of person Demonicric is…I’ve traded emails (when my email was working) and tweets with Demo over the past few weeks about my Unleashing the Warlock Within project and never once did bring up or mention that this fund raising event was going on. Nada, not a peep! He’s also one of the warlocks I’ve contacted about taking part in the project and I can’t believe he didn’t tell me he has a chance at regaining his sight IRL! Gah! Demo! You should have told me!

Rarely do I announce a charity or fun raising event and it’s not because I’m a mean, cruel warlock. While the latter might be true, it’s mainly because I have a few specific charity events I participate IRL and for me they’re important because their personal; however, for my gaming life this one hits too close to home for me not to become involved. I’d be remiss and a complete moron if I didn’t point out Demonicric’s fight to regain his sight and ask all of you for help if you can.

So with a good kick to my own rear to keep in mind what’s really important I’m challenging any WoW player who reads this to go now and donate anything they can spare. You can find all of the information about Demo’s cause, how to donate, and you can even watch a video clip of him doing his stand-up comedy routine —->HERE<—-. So please, even if you can only donate $1.00 it’s still $1.00 closer for helping his fund raising team reach their goal. I’m sure anything you can give is appreciated.

Yes Rho, I plan to pass your kindness along in more ways than one ;) and I hope others do too!


Wishing Jeppy a speedy recovery

If you haven’t heard or saw the tweet, more good news came from my Twitter friend @Eljeppy who announced that he’s back home from the Hospital and he’s doing good. It was great to see your tweet good sir, and it really did make my day. May your recovery go faster than a mage spam-clicking a portal whenever a warlock approaches, and I can’t wait to hear you back on CtrlAltWoW and that you’re back to dual-boxing your team warlock!



Apologies and quick finish

It appears I finally got my email problems fixed. So if anyone sent an email over the past few weeks and it got lost I apologize! Please resend me one if I didn’t respond and I’m sorry to put ya through that kind of a pain. Sadly, I shall be gone until next weekend due to RL stuff, but I’ll have my weekly post up by next Sunday night for my normal self-imposed deadline. Upcoming topics? Warlock Glyphs, warlock Tmog reviews, well known warlock profile highlights, and hopefully much more :)  Have a great week both in-game and IRL everyone and I’ll see you on the other side!

  1. Saga says:

    Congratulations on your tome!

    I finally gave up on getting one myself and bought one off the AH instead. Feeling a little bit worried about my ability to complete the final fight though, since most posts I’ve read seem to recomment an ilevel at 500-510+. My guild is having a lot of problems getting people this expansion, and so my gearing is falling behind. I’m currently stuck at an ilevel of 493. Hopefully I can still do it though, it just puts a bit more pressure on pulling everything off flawlessly.

    Let me know how you get on with the final fight! :)

    • Hey Saga!

      Well the whole getting the tome I think will be the hardest part in the end. I don’t know why, but I responded to this a day or two after you put up the comment, and I just now noticed it didn’t go through.

      I’ve heard people say that a few locks have finished the fight in 460-470ish gear. That leads me to believe it’s all mechanics. I’ll let ya know how it goes! So far I’ve enjoyed the quest line. It wasn’t as long as I thought it was going to be, but it was still fun.

      Don’t forget to fill out your questionnaire!

  2. koalabear21 says:

    Grats on the tome!!!!

    I managed to loot a 2nd one myself and now my guild’s other warlock (an older lady who doesn’t do much but loves her warlock) has the quest. My goal now is to get other guild warlocks books.

    Yay for you again!

  3. Zabine says:

    Gratz Ami! You very much deserve it. I got mine last week but have yet to down that boss. Best of luck to you and tell us how it goes.

    • Hey Zabine,

      Thanks! I really didn’t do anything other than get the tome as a gift from Rho :) I plan to work on it later this week. RL has been crazy and derpy me is going in to do the fight with no strats and with very little knowledge of what to expect. I’m still debating if and when I’ll discuss the greenfire quest line. I’m sure there is a ton of sites talking about it and for things like this I hate to give out spoilers. We shall see. Maybe when enough time passes I might consider it.

      I have so many screen shots during the journey and now I’m almost at the end. It would make for a fun post.

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