Unleashing the Warlock Within: Fulguralis

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Unleashing the Warlock Within

Hail Everyone!

I hope your week is going well, or at least that it has started off as going well. I only have one announcement to talk about since I was gone most of last week and through weekend. If you haven’t heard the news, or followed the progress on Twitter, but the fund raising group for Demonicric met their goal last week. So I’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who took part in making a donation because now one of our brethren warlocks has a chance to regain his sight again IRL! Woot! I’m very happy for the success of their efforts so far and we can only hope that the treatments will truly make a difference for him. Either way, he’s getting his chance and that’s all any of us can ask for really. I’m sure “Demo” knows I wish him the best, and whenever he gets caught up he’s suppose to send me his warlock questionnaire :P Actually, he’s one of the people who inspired me in starting this series of highlighting other warlocks for others to read about so I won’t give him too much teasing. Gratsie again Demo!


A link and a flash of light

A link and a flash of light? Isn’t that some kind of Paladin ability? Nope. You see, a long time ago I began reading a warlock blogger. I followed him for quite some time and then I got the nerve to start contacting him via email and in his comments section. He responded back too :) The only thing I can complain about is that he uses blogger and for some reason that platform hates my iphone. I’ll spend 10 mins tab typing out a comment and blogger won’t let me post it. Boo blogger! And when I thought about how I should introduce him the first thing that immediately came to mind was his name. Fulguralis. That’s latin for “a flash of light”. And just like his name flashed for me so did the title of his blog, Killing ‘em Slowly.

As a new blogger starting out, Fulguralis immediately wrote back to me and gave me advice when I contacted him. He was also one of the first people to add my blog as a link on his blog, and I’m grateful he did. I never expect anyone to add my blog as a link on their sites, but it sure is nice when they do :) When you’re a new blogger just starting out trust me when I say that getting an email telling you someone added a link to your site can be quite inspiring. Looking back now I know that adding that link was probably nothing for him, but it was and still is memorable for me.


While it is my honor to highlight him here on this week’s post, it is also sad for me to say that back in March, Fulguralis took his own personal “holiday” from WoW and let his subscription run out. Fulg, still writes on his blog from time to time about the new games that he’s trying out, and I still read his posts whenever I see a new one is up on my RSS Feed. However, I can’t help but miss seeing him talk about his warlock because if there’s one thing I learned from Fulguralis is that when you write you need to find your “voice”. And whether he decides to return to the game, or if his hiatus becomes permanent I’m glad I was lucky enough to find his site.

Besides writing about his Affliction warlock, Fulguralis would often write about other things as well. Sometimes it could be about the books or the blogs he was reading, sometimes it was about other games, and sometimes it was just him writing about playing his other toons (like his DK) and what he was working to accomplish in-game. Besides all the work he did on his blog with topics like upcoming patch changes or even to his thoughts on spells and rotations, Fulg has also written a few books you can check out too over at his website at hofferthbooks.com. I can only hope he knows I appreciated his banter and his opinions, and if it wasn’t for him I might never have tried running Morgana in LoL, nor would I have taken on the daunting task of reading the book series, The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills my friend and whether Fulguralis realizes it or not he is definately Ta’varen.

For now, I’ll leave you with one of his tag lines that for me I expect to see after every post, “Brought to you by the Warlock Coven for Dangerous and Impaired Spellcasting.” So with a /bow and a salute I present…Fulguralis.



Warlock Name: Fulguralis (Retired)

Server: Lothar

Guild Name: Generations

How long have you been a warlock? I’m currently on hiatus from the game, so I decided I’ll answer this with a perspective on my own "golden age" of warlockery. For me, you can pretty much consider it "Wrath." I started playing in the middle of TBC and really hit my raiding stride at the end of that expansion. Wrath saw some transitions and ultimately the formation of a small 10-man guild before 10-man was fashionable. We eventually downed the LK doing it "our way" and that was perhaps the pinnacle of my WoW in-game career.

So, I’ve been a Warlock for what, pushing 6 years now?

What specs are you currently running? Affliction. It’s always been affliction. One might say I was immediately… afflicted, and never sought a cure.

What’s your favorite specialization and what do you find the most appealing about that playstyle? Aff’lock to the shard. I’ve always appreciated the dexterity required to play the class well. Aff’locks have always been difficult to master, and I enjoy the challenge. There’s nothing better than finding yourself in "the zone," slinging shadow, and topping meters.

What’s your favorite spell and why? Seed of Corruption. Pop-pop-pop! And when they added the Soulburn option to spread your disease? How could it get any better?

What addons do you currently use besides the basic DBM and Recount? Xperl was a big one for me. Quartz as a back up for DoT timing. FortEx used to be big, I think it fell to disuse though. Dominos. Plus other standard map replacement/AH/money tracking ones.

Do you prefer using a minion or using the Grimoire of Sacrifice? I miss my Felpup, but I was using Sacrifice when I took my break.

What is your favorite demon to command and why? Felpup. He eats mages. 

Do you use any macros and if so which one? I used to macro pretty much everything. Typically I just made macros that allowed me to hold Alt or Ctrl to cast a different spell, thus binding multiple things to one button. The number of buttons needed to play Affliction has gone down in recent days, but I still use some of my old ones, mostly for my core DoTs. 

Your most (favorite / embarrassing / funny / proud / memorable ) moment while playing your warlock was? This implies that Warlocks have feelings. I’m not sure I can answer it in good conscience. Fortunately I got rid of that long ago. The most savory death probably goes to my old 10-man guild’s downing of the LK. Otherwise, I guess I pretty much like them all.

Early in my career, I remember finishing the quest to get my mount (back when that was a Big Deal). I also fondly recall defeating and subjugating my first Felguard.

What flavor are your warlock cookies? (examples: Chocolate Chip, Carmel, Salty QQ Mage Tears, Spicy Hawtness?) How can one not go with Mage Tears here? Is there anything more tasty?

What is your favorite dungeon or PvP battleground and why? I didn’t PvP much on my ‘lock, but when I did, I enjoyed Wintergrasp. Why? Because I could sit on the back of a vehicle and sling shadow with impunity. Pretty fun.

Who is your favorite raid boss and why? I can’t say I have a favorite, but I do have some distinct memories that stick out as pleasing. See if you can guess the boss (first one is easy): "BONESTORM" (aka – it gets easier the more you do it), "I’m in the crotch pot!"; "I’ll just be over here spamming seed a killing ALL THE IMP ADDS"; "So there’s a red beam, a blue beam, and a green beam… one requires a Warlock tank, I promise I didn’t make that up…"; "The rest of you will be on the adds…"

To be fair, that last one could be several different bosses. They’re all correct. I used to hate dealing with adds prior to the invention of Soul Swap.

What is your least favorite spell and why?  That one spell that helps/heals others that doesn’t kill anything… wait, do we even have one of those?

If you could make up and give your warlock any title you wanted, what would it be? (examples: The Heartbreaker, Purveyor of Pain, The Uncaring, The Unforgiving) Shardmaster

What do you like most about playing a warlock? Slinging Shadow. DoTs up on every time.

If you could add, change or remove anything with regards tot he warlock class what would it be? Green Fi- Oh, wait. We finally got that. Gee, well… I don’t know. I’ve been focused on one thing for so long… Let me go brood for a bit. 

Got it! Mages. I’d remove them.

Do you have any tips you can offer for newer warlock players, or to those who are new to your specialization? To master affliction takes trained fingers. You may feel clumsy at first, but when you find the rhythm… it’s a beautiful thing. So long as you consider killing something slowly beautiful.

How can readers get in touch with you? killingemslowly.blogspot.com. Been there for as long as I’ve been a ‘lock. I write about random things these days, but all my info is there.

  1. I’m so happy to hear they met the goal, last time I checked they were pretty darn close. Fulguralis was my go-to guy back when my Alliance Warlock was Affliction, nice to hear from him.

  2. “I used to hate dealing with adds prior to the invention of Soul Swap.”

    I might have reading comprehension issues prior to coffee intake. I totally read that as, “I used to date healing with adds prior to the invention of Soul Swap.” Kinky?

  3. Also, whoa. He’s a fellow Hoosier!?

  4. Tyraeon says:

    Wow finally a lock other than me that liked Xperl-I still use it as my go to unitframes, built in grid and healbot makes me smile too when I do healing on my ‘ahem’ “healer” shammy *coughs* conductivity healer* cough cough* but it is nice to read about all these locks…Sadly I started around the same time as Ful and never heard of him back when I was desperate to learn more…ahh the good ol days of bc…also there is something better than mage tears…chocolate spiced mage tears XD cause chocolate makes everything better. Good to hear of a fellow burning crusader who still blogs.

  5. theerivs says:

    Vile felpups

  6. So glad to hear you guys met your goal! Sending Demo good thoughts for speedy results!

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