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Hail Dastardly Denizens!

A source contacted me about a friend of theirs who happens to be in the tech alpha for WoD. They had some information to pass along to me since they knew I love warlocks. Needless to say I was shocked by what I heard. I’m not one for offering spoilers, but this info is just too juicy not to pass along. So if you don’t want any spoilers…turn back now! I will say this only one more time. If you do NOT want spoilers, then this is your last chance to shut down your browser and walk away.

You still here? Hehe. Good. If you’re reading this then you’re the conniving, immoral, and greedy warlocks Blizzard has made all of us out to be right? /em rubs evil bony hands in glee

Okay, just remember you asked for it

I guess this is a little payback on my part. Remember when Blizzard added the Kanrethad Ebonlocke green fire quest line and the designers forgot to mention that the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion was for the first time attached to a new looting mechanic never seen anywhere else in the game? Oh, you remember…that little “First to Click” loot mechanic they didn’t tell us about? Ah, well let’s let bygones be bygones. Omg, I just said bygones? Who uses that word?

My source informed me that there will be a quest line for warlocks in WoD that will allow your Dreadsteed to fly. Crazier things have happened right? I mean we were given green fire so this doesn’t appear to be too far fetched. In fact, I kinda like the idea of adding demonic wings to one of the best looking ground mounts in the game. Do you think we’d have to call our majestic steeds All-Terrain vehicles (ATVs) when we’re able to eventually fly on them? Over land, water, and air we’ll roam. Nothing will be out of reach for us! World domination is here!

The source even included a data mined picture which sadly didn’t have a name attached. I’ll post the little beauty for your viewing pleasure now:

Of course, I have no clue why the image has blue shadings and I’m sure it would look much more impressive as burning flame red or with beautiful fel-green in the tinting. Personally, I’d also like to see the wings appear to be more bat-like-ish.


Crazier things have happened right?

Anyone remember when the name Heroes of the Storm was registered and passed around on the interwebs and people were going crazy thinking that was the name of the new expansion? Does anyone remember when The Mists of Pandaria expansion name was first mentioned and everyone thought that it was going to be an Iphone and Ipad app? I can even recall when MoP was finally announced there was a lot of shock and disbelief as some just couldn’t believe Blizzard was going to be adding panda bears to our beloved WoW. No way. It wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be.

Well to all of those naysers (Omg I just typed the word naysayer), I’d ask that you go and check your calendars and I’m sure if I told you it was April 1st that you could at least believe me on that one right? So on behalf of Legracen over at the Chaos Portal Show I’d like to wish all of you a fun, safe, and happy April Fools’ Day! All hate mail can be directed to @Legracen since he is the mastermind behind this April Fools’ day prank. I might be a despicable warlock, but even I enjoy a little tomfoolery from time to time. Omg, I just said tomfoolery.

I really would like to have bat wings on my Dreadsteed, and I think that idea sure beats having floating pink shards on my head when I run Affliction. What do you think is better? Floating pink shards above your head or a flying Dreadsteed? And how much hate mail will Legracen get over this idea?