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Hail Everyone,

I hope all of you are doing well, and that the weather in your area has been kind. I just came off of a mini-vacation where the sun decided to teach me a lesson on who’s the boss when it comes to AoE. To say that I’ve been sunburned is an understatement and I can now honestly sympathize with how bacon feels when it has been cooked. Owie! Aloe skin lotion ftw!


Today, I’ve been honored to have Blutt, (@blutt_wow) join me in reviewing some warlock transmogrifications. I’m very excited to have her take part with her tmog comments and recommends, and I’d like to personally take the time to tell her “Thank You”. It’s always nice to consort with other warlocks especially when it comes down to the important things like looking good at being bad. And if you’re not following Blutt on twitter you should consider it because she’s funny, and she’s always up for talking warlocky stuff /em bows and salutes Blutt!

Now before I get to looking at some good and bad Tmog with Blutt, I’d first like to complain and rant discuss some warlock stuff and then touch on some of the latest news for just a bit…


Too much utility? Really?

While there still hasn’t been no official announcement date for the 5.4 patch release date, I’m really enjoying the time to play catch-up both IRL and in gearing up my alts. And while most of the warlock changes on the PTR have slowed down a bit, the only really big warlock topic that has created an uproar in the past few weeks (besides the changes to KJC) was the article over at WoWInsider written by Sara Pine called, Do warlocks bring too much utility to a raid? It’s a simple question that was sparked from one of Ghostcrawler’s tweets when he mentioned that warlocks might bring too much utility to a raid.


Without getting into too much of a heated discussion about this top, fwiw I’d like to offer my take on answering this question. Ghostcrawler’s tweet was cryptic in the fact that he didn’t specifically mention how much utility was too much, or did it point to what specific abilities were over-the-top or over-powered in his view. Was Ghostcrawler referring to our dps output combined with our raid utility? Or was he referring to our personal survival skills combined with our raid utility? If you read the article, and if you read Ghostcrawler’s tweet the discussion is about raid utility.

Do we bring too much?

I’ve tried to consider what specific categories of raid utilities Ghostcrawler might have been referring to and so I’ve tried to take a step back and consider the question of “Do warlocks bring too much raid utility?” from the view of a player who runs 2 hunters, 2 warlocks and 2 shaman. So here is a short list I came up with for your consideration:

Single Target Damage – I personally don’t view dps as a raid utility because I like to keep the conversation from being diluted, (apples and oranges) but I’m throwing it out there because it appears on some of the lists that people complain about in regards to warlocks lately. Rarely in LFRs do I see warlocks at the tops of the charts unless they’re over geared for the encounter. I can tell you right now, as I’m gearing up my healers, I’m seeing Rogues, Mages, DKs and Hunters sharing in the single target dps spotlight, not warlocks.

AoE Damage – Should we consider AoE damage as a raid utility? IMO, I don’t think so, but again it’s a major complaint I’m seeing people toss around as being too high with warlocks. Maybe some of these complainers view trash clearing as a raid utility? Like single target dps, I’m not seeing the AoE of warlocks topping the charts unless a particular toon is over geared and they’re slumming LFR farming valor. For high AoE damage atm, all I’m seeing is Elemental Shaman and Hunters topping the charts.  In particular, those two classes stand out for me because when it comes to AoE I’ve often been shocked to see some of the numbers Recount is recording on them. If spamming Chain Lightning doesn’t get nerfed I’d be very surprised.

Raid Stamina Buff – Another raid utility we offer via a warlock’s Dark Intent spell. Maybe I’m crazy, but wasn’t this changed to give a balance again for groups because some raid compositions might not be able to get the stamina buff? Okay, what-evs!

Healthstones – (a.k.a., our warlock cookies( The complainers see them as free health pots. Big whoop. Okay, so now we give them in stacks of three. Geez louise, go back to making it 1 again. Fine. Does anyone see them as a game changer utility? I don’t and maybe that’s just me? This one really surprises me because one of the longest running jokes I’ve hear from warlocks and non-warlocks players alike is when after a wipe we still hear people say, “Oh yeah, I forgot to use my cookie”. Even my own raid team that I hound every Tuesday night still forgets to use them sometimes even when I constantly remind them!

Battle Rez / Soulstone – These little gems used to only work for us, or on a person we decided to place it on. Of course common sense (and our raid leaders) often dictated that it was always placed on a healer, and a healer who could Brez always took first priority. Wasn’t the reason Blizzard gave the Brez ability to our Soulstones was there might be some raid compositions that would be without a Brez? Wasn’t the Brez ability for warlocks to help add a balance for raids? Okay, fine. Take away the Brez portion of our Soulstone and go back to how it was before and I have no problems. I rarely die to standing in bad stuff so this is not a concern for me. Sadly, newer tanks in LFR might not like that kind change. I know because I’ve battle rezzed a lot of them with both of my warlocks when I’m farming for valor and gear.

Raid Mobility / Demonic Gateway – If this was a discussion about PvP we could probably have quite a discussion about the changes to our gateways, but instead we’re talking about Ghostcrawler’s tweet about warlocks having too much utility in raids. When it comes to raids, rarely do I see our gateways used. Even when they are utilized I don’t see them being tools that would make them game changers. Can anyone name a fight where a demonic gateway was a key factor in downing a particular boss? Is there any fight I might be missing where a team had to bring a warlock in order to win using this niche spell? Maybe there is one and I’m just not sharp enough to see it. If you can think of any where a DG makes that huge of a difference in the outcome please let me know.

Crowd Control and CC – Other than questing, scenarios and 5 man dungeons, do any warlocks use their crowd control in raids? I haven’t needed to use mine very much and it’s because of a very good reason. For raiding, our CC is rarely needed because every trash group is just a tank pull and an AoE grind fest to follow. The only raid fight in MoP that I’ve seen that truly needed crowd control IMHO was for Wind Lord Mal’jarak’s adds, but when Blizzard gives anyone in the raid the ability to use Impaling Spear then who cares about using any of the usual CC?

Out of all of these abilities of what many would consider as a raid utility the only one I could see as being a little too much, or might be seen as over-the-top might be our Soulstone’s ability to battle-rez. Ha! I kid. I mean a hunter pet can brez and no one complains, but give it to a warlock and it’s OP. As for me, the only time I get to use my Soulstone’s Brez ability in a 10 man raid is when our resto Druid Teammate drops (which is very rare) or when I’m in an LFR and all of the other classes that can provide never use it. I guess the next time I have to battle-rez a newer tank in LFR because 2 of the other classes (that usually have 6 to 8 players represented as compared to maybe me and one other warlock) and they can’t use their battle-rez spells I’m going to screen shot it and send it to Mr. Ghostcrawler with a note explaining:

Dear Mr. Ghostcrawler,

It’s not that warlocks have too much utility, it’s the fact we’re the only ones who care to use them. Please see pic included…” <failedbrezzers.jpg>

My Best,


(PS – I do love your snarkiness)”

Okay, I’ve done enough ranting about too much warlock utility, but I’d love to hear your take on it. Do you think warlocks provide too much? I really am curious…


OMG! An in-game store and the end of the world

So there’s been data mining that shows Blizzard is playing around with micro-purchases available at an in-game store. *Yawns* Yes, some think the end is nigh because of this information. Believe me, everyone has been covering this news and from my PoV as long as you don’t need to purchase anything to give you an advantage to defeat a boss or give you an edge over others in battles or in raids, then I think it’s fair game. If it gets to the point where it’s a “pay to win” then the days for me and WoW will be probably end. We’re not even close to that point yet and I don’t think Blizzard is dumb enough to jump the shark for something like that. I know I for one would wish that some of the elusive TCG look could be considered for micro-transactions. Can you say Feldrake? I’m not saying I’d buy them all, but there are a few where I know I’d be willing to spend my money.


We can even carry this discussion over about micro-transactions as it leads to what everyone has probably now seen available for digital purchase over at the Blizzard Store. Transmog items. Yep! Three unique transmog helms are available over at the Blizzard Story that are account wide and running at $15.00 each. Now, if they were offered at $5.00 each I could see that as a reasonable offer especially since they’re account bound, but at $15.00 that’s too steep for my liking. I’m on the fence about seeing Tmog items available for purchase. Atm, Tmog items aren’t something I’d pay money for at least with the current offerings. If Blizzard is going to head down the path of micro-transactions then I’d much rather have them focus on things such as mounts, cool trinkets, or vanity pets. 

Alright, enough with the ranting! Let’s move along to some warlock Tmog review fun with my friend Blutt.


What Not To Wear For Warlocks

Starting off with some of the good Tmogs

Blutt: This gentleman looks dark and foreboding in his Gul’Dan’s Regalia, the warlock Tier9 set (which is so much better looking for Horde than Alliance)! His belt matches and looks great with the robe.

Amijade: Everything works for me except his shoes, but maybe he was on his way to fix that? For sets like this there’s so many MH + OH and MH only weapons. Even with the blue shoes he looks imposing and threatening.



Blutt: What is better than having Illidan horns? Having Illidan horns bigger than you, that’s what! This diminutive warlock looks fantastic and must have worked hard for his Betrayer’s Regalia, rewarded from Challenge Modes.

Amijade: This is a great set won from scenario challenge modes so hats off to this little guy for putting in the effort. This set looks great for all classes except for female Undead toons. The small boney frames of those models make the horns look too big, but for everyone else it works. Just remember if you’re anything other than a human or a Belf, you really need to make sure to wear this set with the helm showing.



Blutt: A+! I am a huge fan of revealing transmogs – when done well. This warlock managed to look sexy and sinister (bonus points for avoiding the overly-trendy Black Mageweave Leggings) with pieces from the Malevolent Gladiator Felweave set and Barbaric Cloth Vest and matching loincloth. 

Amijade: As many of you know, Rouge pictured above, is a role-player and she devises tons of great looks. It seems every time I bump into her on my server I have to stop and take pictures of her current tmog set. When you’re a female human, or a female Belf and you look better than your succubus then the take home message is that you’re doing it right. Rouge proves that point. Another fact I’d like to add is that if you’re a female human or Belf then showing any of your own skin is just fine. For all other classes of warlocks if you can see any skin or fur, then you’re doing it wrong.



Blutt: I personally am a huge fan of the Laughing Skull Shoulderpads. These petite black shoulders compliment a wide variety of armor sets and should be a staple in any fashion-conscious warlock’s void storage. This blood elf’s belt model, Girdle of Endemic Anger, drops in Temple of the Jade Serpent, and shares the same model of numerous other belts. This belt’s fashionable purple hue and its slim profile makes it a very versatile piece. But warlocks – do not forget to transmog your weapons!  I suggest she transmog her Loshan, Terror Incarnate to Latro’s Dancing Blade from Magister’s Terrace.

Amijade: This is great set and I’d have to agree with Blutt in regards to the weapon needing a better transmog choice. It’s hard to see, but her dagger is extremely green. The weapon also doesn’t stand out other than the fact that it doesn’t compliment anything nor does it look threatening. For outfits that are more plain and simple, and that don’t have a lot of fancy special effects, a good Tmog weapon that glows, spews fire, or whatever else to add some flash would really make a difference here! It’s a great start and it gives a good reason to use MogIt to find just the right weapon to compliment the set. With enough flash and pizzazz from a good weapon, this outfit would really be considered a classic.


The not-so-good and downright Terrible sad

Blutt: In most cases, revealing warlock transmogs should be left to female humans and blood elves. However, I will make an exception for this decidedly un-sexy worgen female. Why? Well, if you saw this warlock running toward you in a battleground, you would likely be so shocked by the combination of exposed furry thighs and alien-esque helm that she’d global you with a Chaos Bolt before you knew what was coming. Scaring the enemy should be every warlock’s goal!

Amijade: The gnome is wearing some of the latest pvp gear and is doing a great job of covering up and hiding looking scary behind a helm. It’s a simple, yet foreboding set and the main items such as the chest piece, shoulders and helm can all be purchases off the AH for usually under 1,500 gold. Good job little Gnome dude, I like it. He may have picked the wrong class for a warlock, but you’re making up for it with a good taste in warlock style. The Worgen’s tmog set reminds me of a mullet hair-cut. It looks like business in the front and party on the bottom. While the helm and shoulders are from the Vengeful Gladiators Dreadgear (the recolor set to the Malefic Rainment set), the bottom half appears to be lacking and takes away from the everything else. While I have to admit the Worgen’s staff is pretty cool, it really needs a good set to go with it. A simple fix to this outfit would be to complete the set from the chest down. I’m a little bit more strict as compared to Blutt because there is way too much fur showing for me, but that’s just imho.



Blutt: You sir, in the clown suit, is why transmogrification exists in the first place. For years players have equipped odds and ends from dungeons, raids, pvp sets, VP/JP purchases, and often looked as bad as, well, you. BUT NOW YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Run as fast as your little legs can take you to your bank and local AH and see if you can put together something that at least slightly matches, and stop shaming warlocks everywhere.

Amijade: Where to start? Well, maybe this little guy just hit level 90 and they been running dungeons and they haven’t had time to Tmog? We can only hope that is the case. We know he’s been doing something because he is wearing his gloves from the Sha so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and I’m going to say that he just hit cap.  If this Gnome is at cap he can do dailies and since he’s been running back and forth to his farm that means he’s growing crops. Having both dailies and crops available to him means he can make gold. So he needs to do what Blutt suggests and take his gold and go redeem himself (and warlocks everywhere) by spending most of it on a good Tmog set! And for Fel’s sake please change your helm option to Show Helm! 


Blutt: These two warlocks have been afflicted by the curse of the Firestrike Cord, which has been striking horror into transmog afficionodos like myself since 5.4. The belt itself is a quite attractive model, with the glowing green buckle. But since 5.3, a bug seems to be in place where the area above the belt wraps toons in a swatch of fabric from the Fire Support Robes, destroying any attempt at a nice transmog (and even slashing tabards in half, making them crop tops)! Warlocks – please take a look down and take note if your transmog is ruined by this unfortunate belt.

Amijade: First off, I love the vanity pet. Yes, it’s a cool pet, but sadly it looks more menacing than his Fel imp when they are both out at the same time. Also, even though the vanity pet is very cool it does nothing to help highlight his Transmog set. Please remember that unless you’re a human or a belf, then displaying your helm is a must. Now, I understand that it can be hard for Affliction warlocks to find a good Tmog helm because of the very annoying floating shards or verdant spheres that always get in the way. It’s one of the reasons why I think the Glyph of Subtlety should make their removal permanent and not just out of combat! I know some people love the little floating things, but all of you should know by now that I dislike them and for several good reasons. Sadly, the worst of all is that they really limit your tmog choices. I think a simple fix to make this tmog set stand out would be to find a better choice of gloves and a very imposing and shiny weapon.


Blutt: Now this just makes me sad. This warlock has a great outfit put together, with the Meteor Chaser’s Raiment and matching gloves and shoulders. It looks as if she has her pants transmogged to Kilt of Untreated Wounds. Tip: feel free to transmog your pants into a skirt model and pair with a matching vest or chest piece. However, if you then transmog your chest piece to a full length robe, the robe graphic will be cut off and your skirt underneath will show. You don’t want your petticoat peeking out! Let’s hope this warlock is on her way to Warpweaver Dushar to undo the transmog graphic of her pants.

Amijade: I agree with Blutt. The shoulders and the chest piece showing off her skin and her hair look great. However, the problems with the pants not showing the full robe is a major problem. The good news is that it’s a simple fix like Blutt suggests. You can’t see it, but she has a great looking orange and green glowing dagger that I believe comes from the Firelands raid. Once her lower half Tmog is fixed she’s on her way to dominate attention and respect.

Blutt: Not sure if trolling, or…? This warlock’s belt, robe and shoulders match. But that headpiece and gloves make her look like a sub-par Arcane Mage from Tier 11. Surely she is wearing Rittsyn’s Ruinblasters, but to my eye they just look like the bulky and unattractive reputation gloves I wore at the start of Cataclysm (that share the same model as Mage Firelord Regalia). Tread carefully here. The last thing any self-respecting fel-flinger wants is to be mistaken for a mage.

Amijade: Obviously, this is a former mage who re-rolled a warlock via an invite from recruit-a-friend request. As you can see, this person is confused in so many ways. Using a hodgepodge mix of current dungeon gear, and various colors of clashing retro pieces doesn’t work…at all. My best advice to this newer warlock is to start over and start with the basics. Grab an older pvp set, or farm for an older warlock tier set just to get a feel for what power with good looks can do for your respect factor. When you’re doing it right, people will love to hate you. When you’re doing it wrong (like this) people will love to laugh in your face. Being a warlock takes work. When your a belf warlock Looking like a force to be feared shouldn’t be difficult because they have more options than most warlocks. You’re free to show skin or not. You can even show your helm or not. There’s so many options at your disposal it’s just sad to know that this tmog what you settled on. Please, don’t ever do this again!


Ending this post with a simple tmog rule with examples

Warlock Tmog Rule: If you’re any race other than human or belf, you must always display your helm in public.


As you can see this little female gnome is wearing nothing that matches. It’s a terribad tmog outfit, but despite it’s lack of taste and coordination it still looks scary, creepy and it makes you feel uncomfortable. Why? This little gal covered everything up and left her helm showing. By covering up and displaying her helm she looks like rabid clown that most people will certainly try to avoid. Just looking at this pic gives me the chills because it makes you afraid that she might, at any moment, attack your ankles.


In this second example, this little gnome has a great warlock tmog set. She has mixed the Deathbringer Tier chest piece with a cool looking staff and some retro shoulders. What’s not to like about a warlock tmog set that is black with purple and dark blue? Everything looks great IMHO except for the fact that she’s breaking an important rule. She isn’t a human and she isn’t a belf so she should hide her cute face cover her face with a good tmog helm too. I mean she is so close to having a great set that even when it looks this good it can still fall short by breaking such a simple rule. Her enemies wouldn’t be fearful of her at all. In fact, most would probably want to pinch her cheeks and pull on her pigtails and then laugh about how kids are so cute these days.

Using the addon Mogit, the helmet from example #1 was added to example #2 and the picture below is a great example of how wearing a helm is so important for a warlock if they’re not a human or a belf. The only thing that wasn’t used in the MogIt display window was the staff from example #2 because I couldn’t find it in the MogIt database so I improvised.

Hail All,

It’s been a while since I have done some undercover investigative work on warlocks and their Tmog gear, so I thought it was about time to catch up. I was praying hoping that by now, most of our brethren ‘locks might have either viewed some of my previous articles on “What Not to Wear For Warlocks” or at least found out from a friend or guild member how to use the addon MogIt for better Transmogrification ideas. Alas, this does not appear as the case. When I say that these are some horrifying warlock Tmogs, I don’t mean in a good way :(

My fellow students of shadow, please feel free to follow along with me on this post as we review warlock Tmog gear and review unbearably sad horrible shots of those who are lowering the bar in warlock stature. Remember, it’s up to all of us to represent warlocks to the best of our abilities. We’re at the top of the food chain in WoW so let’s act like it please. I know, people want to “Ooh” and “Aah” over plate gear all day long; however, our goal should make other players flee from our imposing sight without having to cast FEAR.

Since I focused on the horde side during my last WNTWFW (What Not to Wear For Warlocks) post, this time I went Alliance to poke fun of review what others might be sporting when dressing to impress.

Caught in the act of Tmog Fashion Faux Pas

Okay, so our first victim or train wreck example is this poor fellow –

I have no words…the picture says it all

Can someone please tell me the look or evil mood he is trying to capture? At first, I gave him the benefit of doubt and thought maybe he was trying to match his Felguard in some way. Then, common sense told me I was being too nice and smacked me in the back of the head. Omg, this pic smites mine eyes! He’s got some badge gear so it’s not like he doesn’t have a some gold stashed somewhere to use for Tmog. Orange, grey, green and brown – Sorry my friend, this does not bode well at all. The only things I like are his staff, the Felguard, and remembering how clean the SW banks appear. Don’t you think maybe he should borrow that vest and shirt from the bank teller behind him because it would go much better with his helm and shoulders? Ugh, please don’t go out in public if you’re dressed like this warlock. Stay in the bowels of the Slaughtered Lamb until your bank-alt can mail you a matching set of greens to use until you can find a more appealing look.

For this clown warlock player, I’d recommend going back to the basics. Stick with black, light black or black when it comes to colors. No exception! If he does continue to walk around looking like this, my only hope would be that he dismissed his minion and told people he was a Spriest. Good idea leaving the Show Helmet option selected. It’s probably better if people didn’t recognize you.

A Worgen gone awry

The next crash and burn Tmog came from this person…er…worgen…

Does this worgen look like the epitome of gloom and doom? Or should he parked in front of a tent at the DMF collecting ticket stubs?

I would at least like to thank this guy for making sure he’s keeping his Felpuppy hydrated. Ya know, eating mages and their magic all day can leave them quite thirsty. Well, it’s either that, or the poor little Felpup wants to drown himself for having to follow such a laughable looking warlock as his master. /em Amijade grabs the Worgen by the snout and smacks him smartly across the face and screams, “Stand up straight, get some self-respect and please listen closely! Dude! You’re a Worgen! Dude! You’re a warlock! You’re a warlock with fur, ferocious teeth, and claws! What are you thinking? What are you wearing? What are you thinking and wearing? Don’t you know people can click on you and see your name and your guild’s name? Warlock Tmog gear isn’t a joke my fury friend!”

You’re not some Spriest with long white shoulder pads and you’re not a mage wearing an “I-dunno-where-this-ugly-cloth-dropped-in-the-Burning-Crusade-Expansion-so-I-thought-should-wear-it-dress”. Your goal should be to look like evil incarnate. Your presence should strike fear in your enemies. I’m sure you’ve used your Fear spell, so I know you have a sense for what it can do. Like our human friend above, stick with the basics. The only color you know from now on is black. That’s it. After your fashion sense becomes better skilled then you can blend black with maybe a few items. Until then, you’re only allowed to use any black item that has spikes, skulls, or fire on it. If the Tmog gougers on the AH are being particularly ruthless and you can’t afford a good Tmog set, then please go farm some badges and invest in a cheap PvP set (yes, get the entire set) to use instead. You have an image for both Worgen and warlocks to uphold. Make us proud and don’t ever appear in public like this again! Ever!

Sorry all, just give me a second to regain my sanity composure. (/em Amijade holds breath and counts to ten slowly) I apologize for the outburst, but I can’t help in getting passionate about Tmog and why you should do it right when you’re a warlock. Is Transmogging really that hard to do? No, it’s not. If you’re not going to uphold the warlock code and pride then please, for the love of all Hellfire and Fel energy, go roll another toon. Okay, now that my rant is over let’s move on.

So close, yet so far away…

Didn’t this Gnome appear in the Wizard of Oz? Yes, he’s the guy who stands next to the mayor and reads to confirm the death certificate about the witch. Oh noes! I’m so wrong about that because the guy in the movie at least looked intimidating and he dressed in black too! You know something is wrong if you’re a Gnome and a Munchkin looks scarier than you. Yes I know, it’s fun to tease and torment Gnomes as much as mages :)

This gnome is at least trying to make a difference with Tmog!

Now, I’m sure you can see the items this Gnome warlock is wearing are some of the tier and badge pieces and that’s fine. He’s so close to a great look, yet he is still far away. There are only two things wrong with this Munchkin’s Gnome’s Tmog set. First, he isn’t showing his helmet. As you know, both gnomes and goblins (but particularly gnomes) should always leave the Show Helm option turned on. This isn’t an every now and then rule, or a whenever you feel like it rule… it’s an all-the-time rule. His failure at not wearing his helm also caused his second problem.

The belt alone doesn’t match the rest of the gear. Sadly, he was actually wearing the correct matching helmet and chose not to display it. Showing the helmet would’ve tied the belt, and the outfit together the way the Blizzard developers had planned. I will give him a nice /nod of respect because he did have a Cockroach vanity pet summoned instead of a Singing Sunflower or some other embarrassing pets no self-respecting ‘lock should ever be seen using. It was a good choice due to it’s smaller size and it at least goes with his outfit! I feel sorry for Gnomes with their vanity pets out because most of the tiny pets are taller than them and that can’t be good for one’s ego. What will happen when pet battles come into play and a good size pet might take them out? Maybe Gnomes should hide now for the sake of safety and for preserving their race? However, I will say it’s a very good start my little Gnome friend. Keep striving for greatness and one day you’ll get there. Now, go to your Interface menu and select the Show Helm option and please forget you ever learned how to turn that option off. Tyvm!

Finding some hope on the Alliance side

Finally, I got some hope on my travels because I got lucky and found this guy below. It was late and I almost logged off just as he strode by me.

Although his set is mixed and matched from several different green quality item sets, it looks great. It was very distinct and shows his personality off quite well. As you can see he’s an engineer and he really liked the red goggles despite the fact that they didn’t match the rest of his Tmog. However, the staff he chose tied everything together nicely including the goggles. This is a great example of a simple Tmog set that sets a mood and shows others you care about your toon, and that you mean business when it comes to anything you do in-game. If you were on a PvP field, would you rather have to face this guy or the two failed jokers the worgen and the guy in the AH players we reviewed above? If this guy cares this much about how good he looks in Tmog, then we can be sure he cares about his class and how well he plays it. Trust me, people will be wary and avoid him based on this Tmog set alone.

Almost hitting the benchmark

Take 30 seconds and look at this next screenshot. Then read on so we can compare our notes on what this warlock did right and what they did wrong.

Another warlock Tmog on the verge of being great, but falling a little short (No pun intended)

I found this Gnome sitting near the fountain between the SW bank and AH. As you can he has the start of a unique and creative look utilizing this PvP set for Tmog. Being a funny looking Munchkin Gnome, he’s got his helmet on and he has all of the matching pieces to the entire set. It’s not bad, and clearly shows that he’s thinking about playing our class. However, it falls short in two areas. First, his weapon of choice doesn’t match or look good with the set. While it’s a cool looking staff, it doesn’t make the rest of his gear or the weapon stand out. Second, the notorious image of a warlock is ruined by the fact that he’s got his baby Polar Bear vanity pet out. You cannot strike fear in an enemy of you have a cute little waddling cub by your side. It even appears as if the poor cub is lost following the Felhound around as if it were his long-lost mother. Trust me, you cannot cackle laugh in a menacing way with a Polar Bear Cub by your side. It just won’t happen because what you think would be a memorable cackle laugh would actually be interpreted by your foe as someone who isn’t right in the head.  

Closing Thoughts on Warlock Tmog

Tmogging a warlock is not that hard. It’s not that expensive, it’s fun and it’s rather simple to do. First, go to and download the MogIt addon. We still have 6 weeks left before MoP comes out and there is still time to put together a couple of Tmog sets to help get your warlock looking it’s best. By using good judgement, a little common sense, and the addon MogIt – you too can transform your toon into a warlock of high reknown! Trust me on that one :P

I’m really going to miss the Soul Harvest spell in MoP :( Despite that fact, I hope you’re excited because the new expansion is almost here.

Representing the true nature of darkness and Fel flame should always be your goal for your Tmog look!

Hail and Howdy All,

Four days of failure in trying to get my copy of the MoP Beta running was starting to get me down. I’m not sure if I’m tired of reading the forums for a fix, or if I’m utterly exhausted of the repeated attempts to login. Here is a small list of problems I’ve had so far since last Thursday evening:

  • Error code #132
  • Error code #0
  • Demonology causing game freezes, and it’s still causing it whenever I can actually login
  • Having to rename my “Updates” folder
  • Having to download and reload my startup files
  • Having to completely download my entire Beta Client

    Remember: Action shots sell!

Where do I stand now for getting back into the Beta? No idea! I’m still trying to find out myself, but I’ll keep trying and I’ll keep you posted. Bah! Sometimes in life, it’s the small setbacks that can either motivate you or break your spirit down. So rather than mope around and have a pity-party about my problems, I’ve decided to turn my sad, unfortunate tale into something fun and positive. Who in the hell doesn’t love a good contest anyway? Am I right? You may have read a few of my other posts and segments called, “What Not to Wear for Warlocks” and I hope you enjoyed them. Don’t worry, I plan to do more in the future just to keep reminding everyone how important it is to look good while your being bad. You may have also participated or followed Saga over at Spellbound when they hosted, “The Worst Warlock” Tmog contest, and I’m sure we’ve all seen some pretty pathetic looking ‘locks making us shake our heads, and wishing those players would re-roll a mage or a spriest. After reading about Saga’s contest, I soon found found myself wondering why we don’t see more good warlock Tmogs? Hell, why don’t we see any great warlock Tmogs?

So the name of the warlock contest is called: The Epitome. For those of you like me, who have to dust off their Webster’s Dictionary, here is the definition of an Epitome just as a quick refresher course.

Epitome (e-pit-o-me) [ih-pit-uh-mee] -noun. 1.) a person or a thing that is typical of or possesses to a high degree the features of a whole class: She is the epitome of darkness 2.) a condensed account, especially of literary work; abstract.

Pretty simple, eh? Email me a picture of your Tmog outfits that you feel are the epitome of warlock greatness and how you believe our class should best be represented to the public. Like all contests though, there are some rules and of course, a great big prize for the winner.

Contest Rules:

  • Only one entry per person (1 picture only, so make it count!)
  • Contestants must email an in-game screenshot wearing the items on their warlock; MogIt and other addons don’t count
  • Only one item can be used from a full Tier set
  • Only one item can be used from a full PvP set
  • One one item can be used from a Tier recolored set
  • Only one item can be used from a green item set
  • Includes only characters level 50+ or higher
  • Entries must include a written list of the items being presented, correct spelling of avatar name and the server where the toon is located
  • Participants agree that I have permission to post a copy of the picture they send in for the contest
  • All entries must be emailed to amijadethewarlock @ gmail Dot Com
  • Deadline for the contest is Midnight, Saturday, June 16, 2012
  • The winner will be announced at Midnight, Sunday, June 17th, 2012

The winner, after the announcement, will be emailed their prize of a digital code for 1 (one) out of any of these three fabulous mounts of their choosing: Hearth of the Aspects Mount, Winged Guardian Mount, or the Celestial Steed Mount. As you can see by the contest rules, I don’t want to see several thousand Malefic or Rainment sets. Get creative with your Tmog and if you do plan to use any single piece from either a Tier, Tier recolored, or PvP set, I would suggest making sure it doesn’t override the rest of your “theme” or look. The contest is about showcasing ‘locks and not about highlighting a single piece of gear. Mix and match and go crazy with your creativity! The judges of the contest will be yours truly, along with two other anonymous warlock friends of mine who will remain unknown until the contest is over to help remain impartial in their judgements.

If you have any questions about the contest or its rules, feel free to contact me via email or Twitter and I will post your question here on this post in a FAQ section for others to view as well. Until then, have fun and good luck and don’t forget to make our class proud!

My Best…

Hail and Howdy All,

Here I am again with another segment of “What Not To Wear For Warlocks.” Last time I had fun with some on the Horde side, but this time we take it right to the Alliance capitol city of Stormwind, sweet Stormwind. I’m guessing that maybe, it’s all the pretty colors of this Alliance town that has these warlocks feeling like they should match their surroundings? I don’t know what the answer to that question is, but please take a look at the following so it can help give you valuable lessons in what not to wear for your ‘lock!

The only thing looking good in this pic is her succubus and maybe the green bushes in the background.

Names will be left out to protect the innocent, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not represent our class this way. Without getting too rough on this poor little gnome, I’ll try to point out the good qualities to stay positive. First, her Succubus looks good, and I’m glad she chose not to have the “pig-tail” option for hair selection as well. Okay, I’m done with the compliments. Warlocks do not have pink hair! How can people take your shrewd threats seriously if they are looking at that crop of cotton candy on your head? It won’t happen! While her engineering goggles were a nice attempt, they are sadly lost in the land I like to call “Ugh!”. This little mage ‘lock broke our Female Warlock rule #1. If you’re not a Belf or Human, then you shouldn’t have any skin showing. No exceptions! My advice to this young lass is to first find a helmet. Any helmet. The largest helmet she can find would be a fine recommend since it won’t matter matching that horrid outfit. Young lady, once you find your new headgear, please make sure to turn on the “Show Helm” option. Your next investment should be to purchase both a gown and a long sleeve shirt to cover up the arms and midriff. When your done, head straight to the barber shop and change your hairstyle just in case you forget and happen to remove the helm. Hey accidents happen right? That means, no stopping to look for balloons or buying any white kittens from Timmy while your on your way. Stick with the basics girl and you’ll be fine! For more inspiration you might head over to The Slaughtered Lamb tavern and look around. If you can’t live up to our warlock code of standards then luckily, the mage tower in Stormwind isn’t too far from where your standing. I hear they like outfits like that. okay I’m done.

Okay, here is our next I mean Warlock.

OMG is this a Stormwind elementary teacher or does she work at the SW orphanage passing out balloons?

It’s difficult to see from this snapshot, but this nice young warlock is touting a Withers vanity pet behind her. Hrm, let me take a deep breath and I’ll hit the positives first like I will always try to do. Ah-hem, okay now I’m good. First, Withers is a great pet for warlocks, who doesn’t love a ghoulish little tree? So her vanity pet choice gives me hope.

However, it appears she was trying to coordinate colors, albeit very bright mage-y and colorful ones. From there her outfit completely falls apart. Not only would I mistake this ‘lock for a mage, but she looks like my second grade school teacher. Oh noes! It’s the evil “School-Marm!”, “Look-out!”, “Flee, hide your children!”. If you were going for the mage look might I compliment you on the light purple hat and staff with the colorful feathers? What is very sad is that I didn’t quite capture the image of her Felguard off to the side of this picture. Now stop laughing. I know your laughing because like me, you can picture this pitiful-magey-school-marm-looking warlock with a Felguard standing next to her as her summoned demon of choice. Really it’s true. Here is my advice for finding a better style with a total transmog transformation.

First, good effort on keeping colors matching but think dark while your at the AH next time. No, let me rephrase that, think very dark. Think black, black and more black. If you forget what I mean then just turn around and look at your Withers if you need inspiration. Next, burn that ugly, mage-y, OMG-I-can’t-look-at-it blueish hat right now and don’t think twice about it. No thinking twice about it! Don’t farm with it, don’t quest with it, don’t wear it for fun. Burn it! The good news is if you want to show some skin, being a human (or a belf) you would be safe to do so. I know the staff you chose is big and might seem intimidating to a singing sunflower vanity pet, it just won’t work when fighting against your enemies. Always remember that when chosing a weapon, you need to think of things that are sharp, jagged, tearing, or painful in their presentations. That staff makes it look like she’s going to herd sheep in front of the SW gates! Would you really be caught flagged defending Goldshire in that set? Girl please! Next time I want some improvement please. Your making this harder than it should be…your a warlock!

Now, I don’t want to just pick on our female bretheren. Hrm, can I say that? You know what I mean. So here is a very nice male warlock who we can make fun of or Tease help give some time Tmog advice that will enable him the Master of Disaster he truly wants to be.

Good effort but why do I feel like I’ve seen this guy at the Dark Moon Faire collecting ticket stubs at the toy-tank booth?

Okay, first with discussing the good qualities of this outfit. This warlock appears to be wearing all drops that yes, could be used by warlocks. Luckily, since we have Tmog we don’t have to get cornered into thinking that a look like this would be smexy. It’s not. This style of clothing is for a mage or a discipline priest look. A few of the Spriests I know, love shifting to their Shadowform because it hides so much. Maybe in Shadowform, a shadow priest might be able to get away with wearing an outfit like this while being cloaked within dark shadows…but for you? Nada! He did a good job matching the shoulders and belt and that’s about it when it comes to attempting any kind of coordination with his individual item pieces. If this guy was on my team for PvP, I would either have to drop group or target him myself. My best advice to him would be to go back to the basics. Stop for a few hours and think about why he wanted to be a warlock? Wasn’t your goal for dabbling in the Fel-Arts to strike fear into the hearts of others? Do you really think that is what your accomplishing with these stormwind orphan hand-me downs? Here are some power words for you to ponder. Think: Black, Bones, Spikes, Pain and Fear! Don’t forget to think of fear! You want enemies to flee because of the fear you invoke when they see you, and not by instilling fear because they don’t want to look like you. See the difference? Next time, I hope he has earned enough JP badges to grab a good PvP set or anything from the Dalaran JP vendors to Tmog. What is that like 7 or maybe 8 heroics runs? Upon inspection, I also noticed this player was fully gemmed and enchanted. Being gemmed and enchanted is extremely important when it comes to your Rdps output, but really you couldn’t spend another 60-80 g for a couple of good transmog pieces? Please! I don’t want to hear it because that outfit screams fail loud enough!

Okay, enough with the bad Tmog stuff. Let’s see some warlock fashion ideas that work!

This young lady below shall remain nameless because of the soon to be adoring fans who see this picture. She was quite helpful and explained she wears a different outfit everyday and loves to mix and match her sets. I wish I could afford that! But if all of her outfits look along the lines of this red, black and orange yumminess then I’m sure she puts the “hawt” in hawtness on her server. People were actually trying to bribe her to /dance on the AH platform, and like a true warlock she didn’t give in. If you pay particular notice, you never once glance at her Succubus! Nice job girl!

A Demonic Angel! <;3 this! Wow, which one is the Succubus?

Wow, I can’t say enough about how simple and dominating her outfit is…it just screams, “Rawr!” With her nice mix of colors and the added fiery special effects on some of her items, that puts her outfit up there in the A-list with a great balance of texture, color, style and flair. She is a human warlock so yes, she can afford to show as much skin as she wants. I thought it was funny when she told me she still worried about not finding a good set of matching boots. Ha! Silly hawt warlock, no one will notice your boots! Trust me on that one! Good job!

Well this next warlock was so brooding he even ignored my command to stand so that I could take a better snapshot of his Tmog set. However, with the keen flair and style he was wearing, even sitting he still, he kept the impending doom of a good warlock presence! Nice job. All ilvl 403 gear I might add.

Matching ilvl 403 gear. Very nice, dark, forboding and it works.

This last player showed true worgen form and did a great job of representing warlocks. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the “Show Helm” option for this helmet, but it actually looked good from my view. Remember, only in rare circumstance should a worgen warlock ever wear a helmet. Nice job on the look and I hope to see more!

Nice job of covering up all the fur. Remember as worgens you should cover as much fur as possible and no running on all fours! Just don’t!

It’s the little things that really pull good warlock Tmog set together. Keep it simple, keep it basic. Focus others attention on one, or two really stand out items and then build your set from there. Good luck and have fun Tmog! Make us proud!

Here is where I will post Warlock Tmog sets that are bad. I’m sure I won’t have to point out the obvious choices for these choices but I will do my best to comment when I can.  I’m sure it will begin to look like the People of Wal-Mart website only instead of make us laugh it will be very, very sad because these are Warlocks!

Omg Wtf Goblin Warlock

Oh look! That fel-guard has a really ugly vanity pet. If your wearing more then 40 diffrerent colors your doing something wrong!

Bad Belf Fashion Choice

I was running to the AH and saw this guy standing outside checking his mailbox. OMG Dude have some pride!

A Great Warlock Tmog Set

This is a great example of being evil incarnate. People will flee just from the site of you without ever needing to cast FEAR.

Hail and hello my shadowy fiends,

Now listen up.  This is important.  As your Dark Arts Motivational Speaker and having bolded and underline the previous sentence for greater effect, grab a piece of paper and pen and get ready to take notes.  Yes, it’s true.  Today, we are going to talk about Warlock Fashion.  I know some of my fellow undead and most members of the troll race don’t care about this subject but I tell you it IS important!

First off, Blizzard has put us in a box.  They have created a set in stone image of evil-incarnate for us to live up to.  Learn it, love it, live it – that will be our motto for today as we discuss the finer points in this post of what not to wear for warlocks.  If you play a female warlock toon I have one word I want you to think of when choosing an outfit and that word is “Emo”.   You can even conjure mental images in your mind of  “Punk Rockers”, “Lady Gaga” or even “Amy Winehaus” as a your gold standard to find your demonic fashion style and you will be correct in your thinking.  For true inspiration watch any episode of Miami Ink, pick out any of the female tattoo artists or a female customers and you’re gtg ftw! 

Before we move on I think it’s important for us all to agree, so there is no longer any confusion,  that we should always refer to of our female members with the title of Warlock. We should NOT to refer to them as witches because everyone knows if we go around calling female warlocks the title of witches either with a capitol “W” or with a “B” they tend to get cranky.  Now that that point is cleared up let’s move on…

If your warlock’s race is either a Belf or Human female (on rare occasions Female Trolls too), anything resembling a G-String, chaps, or leggings is your best choice and it really won’t matter what you match to it because it will still look good. Being scantily clad will be your safe zone until you find your true sense of style.  It’s the lower garment that ties everything together.  Now for Belf females and Human females as far as chest coverings are concerned always go with something low-cut. The more skin you can show the better.  As long as you stick to the word theme of “Emo” you’ll be just fine.  Never let your Succubus steal your spotlight.  How can the world see your true evil power if they are drooling over your minion instead?  If you can’t look better than your succubus then please dismiss her and bring out your voidwalker.  Don’t worry if you haven’t quite found the right look it will come in time. Until then, stick with your voidwalker and just tell other people you’re a mage. If they don’t believe you explain that your also a vanity-pet collector and then point at your voidwalker and ask them if they think your “water elemental” is cute.  Don’t worry because by then you will have them convinced.   As far as wearing your helmets or displaying your cape it won’t matter since no one will notice due to your almost naked lower half. Wear them or don’t wear them the choice is yours.  Trust me, no one will notice.  If you can’t make up your mind about helmets or capes then I say go for what’s most comfortable.  Also, since G-strings, chaps and leggings do tend to chaffe make sure to pick up some Fish Oil supplies at the local AH. It really does help if applied correctly and it will help speed-up working on a good tan.


This is Rhouge and she's doing a great job of looking good while being evil. Since she's a is the way to go. All the pieces tie together and very nicely done. This says outfit screams, "I'm hot but don't mess with me". I'll send her an ingame mail to find out what she was wearing so I can list. Thanks Rhouge!

Now,  if your female warlock’s race is anything other than a Belf or a human (and rare occasions for some Female Trolls), then your choices will be much different.  If you are any other race other than Belf or human then please do not and I repeat, DO NOT wear a G-String, Chaps or Leggings.  Doing so will make the rest of us look bad and the our threat and respect meters will drop like a mage without friends in a bg. Seriously. I know the temptation is there but just don’t do it. While you will still keep the “Emo” theme like your demonic sisters your goal is quite different. Cover everything up.  I know mistakes can happen and it’s tough to always find what’s best but here is a simple test to check yo’ self and not wreck yo ‘self.  First, look down at what you’re wearing.  If you can see any shade of green skin or fur then you’re doing it wrong.  The only skin or fur that should be allowed to be seen is your feet! Sometimes you might have to allow your fingers or neckline to show, but that is it. No exceptions!  Also, just in case you haven’t already done so, make sure you to always keep your “Show Cloak” and “Show Helm” options selected. The show cloak option is there for safety in case you have anything that might be exposed on your backside. The longer the cape the better and you won’t go wrong. The show helm option is extremely important, particularly for our sister’s who unfortunately were born as a smaller race. Wearing a helm will allow them to look more dangerous and be taken more seriously than they otherwise would be.  Not to point fingers but our female gnome sister’s really have an uphill battle to look good at being menacing or threatening.  Here’s an example.  Remember the Olsen twins when they were little babies on Full House?  Imagine them running at you with daggers yelling they are going to kill you.  When you stop laughing I’ll get to my point. You done yet? Okay, now imagine them wearing a Malefic or Corruptor helm doing the same thing.  Creepy I know.  See the difference?  So, keep your helm and cloak showing and you too will always be gtg ftw!

Troll Females are the exception to the “More Skin Is Good Rule” that Belf and Human females can get away with. I think there may be some justification with showing something more revealing for our trolls sisters but it really has to be perfect, spot on…brilliant.  Otherwise follow the rules in the paragraph above.  

Finally, as female representatives of the Dark Arts you are hereby forbidden from dancing on any mailbox no matter how great you look in your Tmog.  This is no joke.  Mailbox dancing is something the lower caste classes of the world do.  Mailbox dancing is be beneath your our dignity. You’re a warlock and not a Nightelf or cheap nightclub entertainer or or possibly a Draeni (Yes, horns do look good on warlocks). I know this might be disappointing for some of you like our Gnome and goblin members but it really is all about respect.  Now don’t be so disappointed.  I never said you weren’t allowed to dance.  Are you kidding? As warlocks should LOVE to dance especially when we look good in a great Tmog outfit!  What I am trying to express is that dancing, like a good Tmog outfit, like casting yummy DoT spells, or knowing when to use your demonic portal all takes good timing.  Like channeling fel-energies you will soon get a feel for it.  Until then, here is some suggestions as when it’s best for warlocks to dance.

  1. If you are standing on an enemy’s corpse
  2. When you have cannibalized an enemy’s corpse
  3. When you killed a new batch or newly rezzed enemies at their GY
  4. After you’ve Soulstoned yourself when grouped with a mage or Spriest
  5. All Hallow’s Eve – Anywhere just not on a mailbox

 See what I mean? It’s all about timing.  Now enough with the dancing questions and let’s get back to talking about how hot and sexy imposing we can look while still being hot and sexy.       

Bad Belf Fashion Choice

Did a Chip-N-Dale dancer get lost and find his way to Ogrimmar. Really? I guess his strategy is to "Kill'em with laughter". He starts off nice with the staff and shoulders, after that it's truly sad and pathetic. Had I waited long enough I'm sure he would have summoned his White Kitten. For the love of Hellfire and green flames don't do this! If you look like this then go read the selected works of Edgar Allen Poe...then visit the AH.

Now, if you rolled a male warlock and you’re not of the Belf race, then there is a whole list famous names that should spring to your mind.  Think “Ozzy Osbourne”, “Alice Cooper” or any member of the bands including “Kiss”, “Slipknot” or the “Insane Clown Possee”.  For any of our male members who play the Belf class then there is not much hopechoice for you other than stealing ideas from any of the 1980’s big-hair Glam Bands like “Poison” or “Twisted Sister”. For Belf male warlocks it’s also an important reminder to never, under no circumstances should you ever buy a G-String, Chaps or Leggings. I know you think you look good and in some cases you might but honestly it just doesn’t work no matter how well it matches the rest of your gear.  I don’t think I should explain why.

For our Worgen bretheren you have two big No-No’s when it comes to fashion.  First, never wear a top hat.  Not ever!  If you have to ask why then please give up the Dark Arts and head to the back of the mage line.  If you don’t know how to get to the back of the mage line then just click here WWW.MYPRETTYPONY.COM.  Second, you are no longer allowed to click on your Running Wild ability. Just tear it from your action bar now and forget it ever existed. How can you strike fear or impose your will against an enemy when running around on all fours like your felhound?  Plus, in battlegrounds if you have any enemies with any sense (usually an Alt of a Warlock) they will go after your felpuppy pet first and you don’t want there to be any confusion between it and you. The other reason comes back to the respect factor again.  As male warlocks you really do have it easy when it comes to fashion, there really is no set theme or rules so have fun with your mogging.

Omg Wtf Goblin Warlock

This person shall remain nameless. Where do I begin? OMG really? Wtf? This pic looks like a Felguard with a vanity pet out. But I digress...On the positive side this warlock being a goblin is covering everything up. So they get an "A" for effort there. Don't be this clown er...warlock. Give your enemies a sense of foreboding and fear and not Youtube material to lololololololololo! Never!

Tips for what not to wear when shopping on the AH. As warlocks in general, when you go shopping on the AH or if you get lucky and the RNG gods smile down and grace you with winning a nice drop then there is a set list we need to follow to make sure we are upholding to the Warlockery Way.  (This is another good spot where you should be taking notes) Let’s play pretend that we’re at the AH and we happen across a good-looking Tmog piece that is being sold at a decent price and not by a player who has an insane markup value.  (Remember this for the future reference, when the warlock revolution starts – all AH players and market manipulators are the first to burn and will remain marked as KOS!).  But, before you click the “buy” button we need ask ourselves what I like to call the  “Is it Warlock Gear” Checklist:

  • Is this something a mage would wear?
  • Is this is something a Spriest who dreams of SWTOR and rolling a Jedi would wear?
  • Is this item any color other than black, dark black, light black, dark red or dark purple or dark green?
  • Does this item have more than 25% of any other color besides dark black, dark red or dark purple or dark green?
  • Did this item have +Spirit on it?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions then your doing it wrong  This is NOT acceptable!  Now,  if you are still gandering at the said item and were able to honestly answer “No” to the above questions then start by asking yourself if it would then fall under the “Is It Important For A Warlock Checklist”:

  • Would this item conceal blood stains?
  • Does this item have enough pocket space for any daggers, sharp objects, poisons, soulshards, your cookies and all of your gold?
  • Does this item have crude drawing or picture of a skull on it?
  • Does it have a real skull on it?
  • Does it have anyting that resembles bones, spikes, smoke or fire?
  • If I run destro is this item fire-resistant?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions then your still doing it wrong!  This is NOT acceptable!  If however, you were able to answer “Yes” then you’ll make yourself and our great class proud. 

Now we come to our last lesson in what not to wear for warlocks. This last section is quite easy but we must ALL agree to follow it.  It will cover the basics of the tier sets that many of you drool in anticipation to collect.  Malefic Rainment and the Corruptor sets for both the original and the recolor sets should only be worn once a year during the “All Hallow’s Eve” Event.  Yes, I understand their simplicity and beauty truly compliment our imposing stature, but if every warlock on your server was wearing them it will be quite confusing for all.  Plus, if we wear them too much they will lose their epic feel and will be reduced to the unimportance of something as a common a mage’s Lovely Blue Dress any other common items such as fel-cloth.  If you own any of the PvP Lvl 60 then please, wear that item all the time and wear them with pride.  Tier sets other than Malefic and Corrputor are safe.  All Dungeon sets are safe so go for it.  Green Item sets?  Possibly.  As long as your following the our rules of what not to wear you will be fine.

Here is my last juicy tip for the lesson – go to WWW.CURSE.COM and download their MOGIT addon. There is no better or faster way to get started on your gear collections. But before you thank me for passing along this wonderful tool and savy advice, I ask that you take the time to write the addon developers instead. If you can afford it, pass along a small donation. All of them are talented and deserve the accolades.