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Hail and Welcome my Fellow Fiends of Fear!

To start off,  I’ll be honest and admit that I’ll read anything or try anything to give me an edge, to put me on top, and to make my enemies fall before me.  I’m a Warlock what can I say?  If you rolled a warlock too then you, like me, have a “Morose Delectation” towards every other class in the game because they are truly beneath you. The mere fact that we enjoy playing the warlock class should be a big, red flag alerting everyone that they should take caution and to be wary of our presence. We shouldn’t apologize for our actions anymore than we should for apologize for casting FEAR on another player. 

This is not a “How to Play a Warlock for Dummies” or a step-by-step guide for warlocks in the World of Warcraft MMORPG .  There are numerous blogs and websites that do that already and I’m not about wasting your time. Instead, this webguide is a Dark Arts reference sheet leading you to some of the required warlock reading repositories already out there, along with some of my wanton thoughts and ramblings on playing our much-loved warlock class.   If anything, my main goal for this blog is to inspire you on your wise choice of learning to play a warlock. Consider me as a Dark Arts Motivational Speaker directing your yearning desire to build upon your greater goal of reaching  high renown. 

I want you to reach the greatness of playing a warlock so well, that other players truly hate you. Just by being warlocks they hate us already, but I think we should them countless reasons for their loathing despair of us. It’s easy to say they hate us because we always look good and we’re born to rule. It’s easy to say they hate us because we have Fear,  Deathcoil and Howl of Terror. Don’t fall into that trap. Have you heard the famous line “Hate the game, don’t hate the player?”  Well, we’re going to debunk that here. We want to be hated!  We should love to be hated! We should strive to be hated! Being at the top of the food chain, we should spend all of our time reminding others of why we are hated!

I do not claim to be an expert on Warlocks. I don’t claim to be best geared for the class and I do not claim to be a PvP superstar. What I do proudly proclaim is to be very passionate about warlocks and their play style.  Whether the class gets a nerf or a buff, I plan to stand by mine boldly and proudly with my head held high.  The reason I wanted to become more vocal about the Warlock class occurred to me the other day in a revelation. While channeling Fel-energy from the Twisted Nether to better hone the raw powers of my craft (a.k.a., searching google with a keyword Warlock followed by something else) I’ve come to find only a few viable resources that best exemplifies what our Master’s of Death and Decay need…positive affirmations of why our class is so great and so much fun.

For the younger warlocks out there I am going to begin your first lesson by teaching you a spell.  It’s a very old spell. It’s so old, that the name of the original warlock who penned this glorious incantation on a blog long ago has been lost to the courses of time.  Do not let the spell’s age or simplicity fool you. It’s uncomplicated nature is what makes it deceptively dangerous for most mortals to wield its magic. If you are faint of heart or feel that you are not ready to take this first step, then turn back now! Casting this spell will give you an unquenchable thirst for what you can accomplish as a warlock. With this spell, you will be thrust into your addicting journey of unlocking the secrets to all things warlockery.

When you are ready to begin, open your spellbook to the section called Macros.  I want you to then click the NEW button. When your new macro window opens I want you to click in the Macro Title box. Type in the letters W-I-N with no spaces.  Now, click and highlight the box with a “?” at the top left of your macro window.  In the body of the macro, I want you to type in the rest of this wonderful spell:

  • #showtooltip Fear
  • /cast Fear
  • /cackle (or laugh)

To make this timeless spell soulbound to you, just click the ACCEPT button in the lower right side of your macro window. Can you feel it’s fel-energy now surging within you? Good. Now, take the unbridled power of the WIN macro and I want you to combine it not only with your Fear ability, but for Death Coil and Howl Of Terror spells too.  Make sure to give each one a different name such as,  “OWN” and “POWN”.  Feel free to change the last line and make it more personalized to suit your needs.  Here are some ideas for you to ponder on how to be creative:

  • /em cackles madly at %t
  • /em laughs at %t for being an easy victim
  • /em laughs at all <target class>

Do you see where I am going with this now?  You’re a warlock dammit, so make us proud!  Here’s a quick list of other great warlocks of grand vision and notoriety who all started off just like you. All of them began their journey to ascension using the WIN Spell Macro just like you. So hold your head high, you’re in good company:

  • Archimonde The Destroyer
  • Charlie Sheen  <— really a trade-troll fail-mage wanna-be Warlock
  • Cho’gall
  • Cynwise
  • Elkagarosa
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
  • Fulgularis
  • Hydra
  • Kil’Jaedon
  • Medivh
  • Michelle Pfiffer
  • Morganélla
  • Nekros Skullkrusher
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Poneria
  • Rasputin
  • Samantha & her daughter Tabitha
  • Synapse
  • Spackle Thornberry
  • Jaylane Ayrole

Just glancing at that list makes my chest swell with pride and puts a tear in my eye. It should do the same for you.  So, to all of you my fellow warlock peers I will make this promise…this Blood Pact:  I will do my best to direct you to some of the most interesting articles, discussions, stories and yes even some theory crafting websites and blogs to sharpen your knowledge at playing the best rDps utility class in the game.  Whether you’re Alliance or Horde; Whether you’re into RP, PvP or PvE; Whether you’re just learning the warlock class or a seasoned caster of calamity, I hope that you find something to enjoy. 

Now, on to my ranting!

My Best,


Amijade's Picture

Your’s truly wearing a pure Silver-thread Tmog set and carrying my trusty torch.

  1. Heather says:

    Hey, Amijade, it is your fellow ‘Lock, Mkallah. The blog looks great and I LOVE the idea of a cackle macro- fairly brilliant!!

    • Hey MKallah,
      Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by the blog. I wish I could say I invented that macro but sadly, I didn’t. However, I will take credit for spreading it to our fellow warlocks as much as possible :)

      I know you have some great Tmog sets too so please send me some pics I can post!

      My Best –

  2. Evan Stewart says:

    Hey there Amijade….this is your fellow warlock Severun, love the page! will be checking in frequently.

  3. Possibly the oldest warlock stopped by to check on this blog… Bookmarked already.

  4. I love reading your blog. Your wit and tips have inspired me to get my lock back out and finish leveling her to 90. Hope you don’t mind, but I have nominated your blog for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. http://mydailyminefield.com/2012/12/29/very-inspiring-blogger/ Please keep posting!

    • OMG Jodie!

      You just made my new year! Thanks so much! The last time I was nominated for something it involved me going to some website that needed help getting money transfered from South Africa out of a frozen offshore account. All I had to do was send them my bank account info. Starting next week I’ll try to live up to the honor because hopefully by then I’ll have my computer up and running! /bows and salutes!

  5. whats up amijade…ive been slightly absent lately….the frustration of the green fire final boss and the elitist bastards whos only advice is “get better” even though as a lock im definitly running in peak performance lol…just wanted to check up on ya and see how things were in your dark corner….raiding and cursing profsly at kanethad ebonlocke on my end lol….ill be writing some new pieces hopefully soon,

    • Sev!

      Yep, I saw Navi’s post and was so glad you got lucky on your drop! Very nice. Well, for me I’ve made it to Mr. K and I can get him to 50%. I already know there has to be a trick with positioning and using some of the things that are available. I’ve made macros on those. I’m doing as Afflock and I’ve been told I’m doing it wrong already and that I should go Destro. Boo the Afflock haters!

      When you get time toss me your email and I’ll send ya the questionnaire, or just cut and paste what you see listed because it’s the same questions for everyone – and of course I’d love for you to fill one out!

      Keep me posted on your progress with K!

  6. amijade. my friend. i have finally downed Kanrethad. i am the proud owner of green fire…..im so glad to be done with that questline….thanks for your tips on the fel puppy phase. bella will be posting an article i sent her regarding it soon.

    • Heya Severun!

      I don’t know why, but WordPress thought you were a spammer and I found your comment in my junk/spam comments. I remedied that very quickly so no worries! Gratsie on taking KE down. Yep, if you get the Fel Puppy phase down then it’s all rinse and repeat from there. Despite it driving me crazy, I still enjoyed the fight. There are some things I didn’t like about it, but overall it was very challenging. You need to send me a screen shot too when you get time. I’d be more than happy to post it.

  7. sooooo amijade. ive been thinking of creating a hordie. always wanted to play horde side, but all my friends played ally. so its just where i ended up. i like my guild now, so i am not gonna faction switch sever however leveling up another lock isnt such a bad thing. just need an idea for a good server to do it on….and a good guild to join when i do :) wink wink lmao

  8. amijade my friend. i said it before but the idea is firmly planting itself in my head that i am most likely going to transfer severun to earthen ring…and i hear from bella i need to check out AIE. so you have my email address, if yo could sendme a link to the webpage where i might apply and all that fun jazz…im not entirely sure when since its so expensice to do all that, but it will be fairly soon.

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