Hail and hello my minions,

I am an avid reader and love a good story, but alas, I have yet to find any good stories about Warlocks.  I’m always looking so if you have any good suggestions I would love to check them out.  I am so disappointed in not finding any good warlock stories that I’ve decided to come up with one myself. So Another purpose of this blog will be to share my simple fan-fiction story concerning the life of a warlock and her struggles in finding her place in the world.

Trust me when I say that I have scoured the web looking for a decent stories about warlocks.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many stories that contain warlocks where the stereo-typical role of the character is to cackle loudly while being hell-bent on taking over everything and rarely are they highlighted with heroic traits.  Yes, it’s true that the goals of every good Warlock should really be a countdown to total world domination but when historians document our trials I think there also needs to be more motive, more back story and more character development.  Take your pick of any of the “infamous” and “renown” warlocks in the game and you get the same plain old cardboard cut-out of an over-the-top character portrayal of an evil manic with only a difference in name,  looks or an odd cackle laugh to differentiate between them. 

Are you listening Blizzard?  There is more to us Warlocks then just our good looks, cute laughs and memorable personalities and I know there are better ways at presenting our class both in-game and in your novels.

I plan to start posting chapters very soon once I am able to get some good screen shots to add some flavor to it as well.  So please come back and tell me what you think of it if your interested. Now, if only I could come up with a good name for it…

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