Story Idea & Inspiration

This story is based on the World of Warcraft Video Game mixed in with my own imagination and frustration that I haven’t really found or read a good story about Warlocks in this genre. My inspiration for the story came from the culmination of several things occurring around the same time.  First, I had rolled a new Forsaken character.  If you haven’t played a Forsaken character and leveled them through the new revamped story lines created by Blizzard for the Cataclysm expansion then I recommend you do.  In particular there was one and story that occurs in the Tirisfal Glades area where I constantly found myself trying to fill in the gaps as to what could have happened.  I believe much of the macabre and horror from that questline didn’t occur from the dialogue or the quests but rather from what Blizzard didn’t spell out, show you or tell you.

Around this same time I was watching the news (sadly, I can’t even remember what the subject was about) and two historians arguing over how history should be written. In a nutshell, the main point the were trying to get across was that most history is written by those who become victorious and so it has a slanted view.  As time passes and the true facts and feelings of what actually occurred fade away, the only thing we have left concerning those events of history is the biased view that has been left behind.  This might sound pretty deep but if you think about it, history in its entirety, is really a biased point of view.  I found that interesting. (and no, I don’t do any drugs IRL although I do enjoy a good glass of wine on occasion)

If you play a Warlock in WoW you have probably also heard of the famous, Cynwise.  In one of his blog columns he goes into a very long and very deep detail in why he never liked The Forsaken race in WoW.  It opened a great discussion and some of the readers were quite vocal in how they felt.  You can check out his post at Cynwise’s Field Notes.  Both WoWinsider and MMOmeltingpot even had follow-up articles to his post. (Sorry I can’t find the link to the WowInsider one)

So, what you are about to read is what happened when I imagined filling in the gaps.

Love me or hate me…thanks for reading!

  1. I have a Warlock story for you, it doesn’t start with a Warlock though, so persevere.

    Back in the long-forgotten days before Naxxramas was forced to move to Northrend due to new zoning regulations in the Plaguelands, a group of concerned citizens asked the rulers of their land to “Please do something about that huge, floating thing in the sky”.

    So, Silvanas, being the closest ruler sent out a small party to negotiate with the denizens.

    They approached to door, knocked and a Warlock appeared in the opened doorway. (See, I told you we’d get there eventually.)

    The dignitaries from Undercity asked the warlock to please move his floating … whatever it was.

    The Warlock merely sneered and told them to go forth and multiply. (That may have lost something in translation).

    The dignitaries returned to Sylvanas and repeated what the Warlock had said.

    I understand their heads can still be seen adorning one of Lordearon’s sewer spikes.

    Anyway, Sylvanas was sufficiently wroth to send out a a large armed party to berate the denizens of Naxxramas.

    They duly arrived, and shouted up at the citadel. The warlock appeared at the doorway and said “Make me. There’s just me here.”

    So the large armed party entered Naxxramas.

    Time passed.

    None returned.

    Sylvanas then sent a whole army to force this monstrosity from her realm. It was upsetting her own monstrosities.

    The army gave the Warlock one last chance to surrender. He refused using words that made the army commander (A verteran of some 30 years) turn white.

    The Army entered Naxxramas.

    Time passed.

    None returned.

    Sylvanas in desperation then turned to the other leaders of the Horde and a huge army, thousands strong, assembled in the Plaguelands.

    The huge army entered Naxxramas.

    Time passed.

    One lone survivor finally exited Naxxramas, close to death, he reported to the stunned leaders of the Horde.

    “The warlock lied” he gasped.

    “There were two of them”

    • Barry,

      Ha! Yep, that’s joke is older than the game itself I believe. It’s still a good one though. Sadly, I’ve heard it told about 2 hunters, 2 pally’s and even 2 mages. It doesn’t really work when you put them in there, but I think it’s much more believable when it’s warlocks – don’t ya think?

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